Passthrough Page Fails to Redirect in Service Console

This will always happen with VF in the service console.The workaround I have found is to use a component instead of a VF page. The downside is you will lose the standard controller functionality, but you can always pass in the record in question and any other attributes using attributes. Also, another thing to note is to undersatnd if your VF/Component is going to be used in both Service Console and non-service console scenarios, in which case you will need to use the force console integration toolkit to open any links in your page as tabs vs taking over the screen (as is normal functionality)

1. Which next gen console is better?

you should just save your money and wait until they stop puting the same games on the ps3 and 360 and by than their will also probgably be a price cut

2. Some sort of console "notepad”

The first is that it is not portable to other operating systems which you may or may not care about now. The second is that it's a security hole, which you absolutely must care about. Specifically, if some program is defined and named cls or pause, your program will execute that program instead of what you intend, and that other program could be anything. First, isolate these into a seperate functions cls() and pause() and then modify your code to call those functions instead of system. Then rewrite the contents of those functions to do what you want using C. For example, if your terminal supports ANSI Escape sequences, you could use this:If you must have stdafx.h, consider wrapping it so that the code is portable:

3. Why are there no big Indian PC game companies?

Probably because of investment. There are not too many Indian investors who will be willing to put their money into creating the next big RPG like AC or Far Cry because they feel the risk would be too high considering the Indian market for gaming. While you may seek out investment related to mobile gaming companies, the console generation would certainly not attract big bucks. Int terms of Steam downloads, India's percentage of the global traffic is only 0. 1%. If we had the money, developing a game requires a lot of skilled people in art, design, programming, management.etc. A skilled workforce who have the imagination to produce a AAA title would be hard to find in our country. If we choose to recruit from abroad, the costs would substantially go up. Console, PC gaming is still seen as a luxury in many parts of India. Generally the middle-upper class and upper class have the money to buy them. The majority of the Indian public cannot afford to get into gaming because of the costs related to the same. While NASSCOM reports suggest that the Indian gaming market is set to cross 890 million dollars (Exciting Times Ahead for the Indian Gaming Industry), the main agenda looks to be on QA testing, outsourcing and collaborative development.Why are there no big Indian PC game companies?Why are there no big Indian pc game companies?

4. Game of the year for console will be?

its already skyrim with the amounts of preorders and every year bethesda has made a game it has had a game of the year edition

5. What's the best gaming console?

I ll Give you Some Advantages and Cons of The PS3 and Xbox 360. Me personally I am a PS3 guy but own both consoles, both have advantages and disadvantages. Xbox 360. Advantages: Bigger Game Selection Bigger Gaming Community Disadvantages: 56% Failure Rate ( Breaks Easily ) Have to Pay for Online Play, 7.99$, 1 month, 19.99$, 2 Month, or 59.99$, for 13 Months Ca not Play Blue Ray Noisy when playing Games Ca not Use the Internet ( Youtube, Myspace, etc ) Pleanty of Kids and Jerks Online. PS3 Advantages: Free Online Play ( No Subscriptions ) Able to Play Blue Ray 6% Failure Rate Slim Version is Lightweight and Portable Quiet when Playing Games Can Go Online, ( Myspace, Youtube, are Examples ) Less Kids and Jerks with Mics. Disadvantages: Smaller Gaming Community Smaller Choices of Games In The Long Run The PS3 will Save You The Most Money. I Can Only Give You Facts, I Ca not Influence You, The Choice is Yours About What Gaming Console You Want.

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