OOP Battleship Console Game in Java

Thanks for sharing your code.Doing OOP means that you follow certain principles which are (amongst others):Interfaces, abstract classes, or inheritance support hat principles and should be used as needed. They do not "define" OOP.IMHO the main reason why your approach fails OOP is that your "Model" is an array of an primitive type char. This ultimately leads to a procedural approach for the game logic.I would think of an interface like this:where Result would be an enum:And I would have different implementations of the interface:This should be enough, hope you get the idea...Finding good names is the hardest part in programming. So always take your time to think about your identifier names.On the bright side you follow the Java naming conventions.But you should have your method names start with a verb in its present tense.E.g.: shipWasHit() should be named hit(). Or distanceBetweenPoints() should be calculateDistanceBetween(). Here the parameters reveal that the distance is between points, so no need to put that in the method name. Be verbose in your variable names. instead ofthis variables should rather be named like this:Take your names from the problem domain, not from the technical solution. eg.: SHIP_ICON should be SHIP only unless you have another constant within the Ship class.Comments should explain why the code is like it is. Remove all other comments. comments should only be used on interface or abstract methods where they contain the contract that the implementer must fulfill.Put things together that belong together. Define constants in the class that uses them.

1. how is the wii a next gen console?

One could argue that the PS3 and the Xbox 360 just have better graphics- therefore they are just previous consoles with a better picture- thats not exciting at all. The Wii is affordable- has an awesome control system- can download older games to play- the Wii is awesome and it is a next generation console

2. What is better PC or Console Gaming?

Hardcore gamers choose PC. PC's though get old after 2-3 years? Consoles will last till the next version of it comes out (3-7 years). I prefer PC. it's a personal preference though

3. Safely using console.* in browser

I do not see any problems with that. It's similar to this answer on SO.Just a couple minor things:You do not need args in the empty log functionYou should make the entire function anonymous and execute it immediately (as it's being done in the answer I linked to); I do not think there's any usecase for calling it otherwiseDo not forget var in front of the i variable, otherwise it becomes global

4. xbox 360 is the best gaming console?

Joseph right on! lol Im not saying that the PS3 sucks, because it doesnt. It has really good graphics and every1 goes crazy about the Blu-Ray. Like its no big deal, does it really matter if you watch movie more clearer? You can watch it on your 360 and it will look just as the same. I will say te PS3 does not have really good games. The only games good on there that I like is Resistance and MGS4 [never played it] Other than that I dont really talk about it because for me the 360 is much better Sure it gets the RROD and the PS3 doesnt but ppl stil prefer the 360 no matter what happens to it. The games on it are much better and they have better online stuff to do, its has great graphics and the online is awesome! 360 is just awesome, that is why I bought one!

5. What is the most popular console in Japan?

I would say the 3ds. A while ago, the 3ds overtook the ps2 in Japan sales.Japan was the only market that continued to support the ps vita during its final years. Games were being developed for it; and the vita sold more than some other consoles on a weekly basis. In regards to home consoles, it is a close match between the ps4 and the switch

6. Which is a better console?

Xbox 1

7. Nextgen console or PC?

TBH do not be part of this CONSOLE/PC war thing, if you like a game, buy it and play it. Now in terms of what console to get first, IMO you should get a console that has a game(s) that does not last 20hours. Something that will last 60hours

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If You Are Talking About "the Console Only" on a "phat" Xbox 360, Would "console Only" Include the H
Console only means no hdd, thus the term console (the Xbox) only (nothing else)1. Best game of 2013 for console?Here are some great 2013 games that are already out or coming out soon... Watch Dogs, Crysis 3, The Last of Us, Tomb Raidar, Rainbow 6, The Walking Dead, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Dead Space 3, Gears of War : Judgement, Command and Conquer 2, GTA V(CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME), and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 22. OSX Sierra constantly logging to consoleThis is clearly by design and not at all abnormal to have tens of thousands of messages per hour now that Apple has transitioned from logging to text files in /private/var/log to using database and Apple's unified logging SDK/API going forward on all OS (macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS).I too miss the days of tailing a log file from the command line and being able to see what is happening (or keeping console app open) and have started the process of setting up saved searches so I can see the log information I care about in the console app. However, over 8 days uptime, logging similar volume of messages - the daemons responsible for logging have accumulated under 2 minutes of total CPU time. In practice, it's just not a measurable load on the system to be this chatty. Unless you have a specific issue with keychain or open directory, I would just filter those results from your view in console (or filter for just the messages you need to see). Once I was convinced there was not a performance issue (no leaks, RAM stable, CPU usage and filesystem usage extremely reasonable and efficient), here are links that helped me decide to stop (and perhaps rationalize) worrying about chatty logs and just start filtering what I needed:ASL is really a different beast entirely from syslog even though they ultimately do the same thing and we need to consume the output of both from time to time.3. XBOX 360>> BUT WHICH CONSOLE?There are 3 different 360 consoles: the Arcade, Pro (Premium), and Elite The Arcade comes with the base console, 256 MB memory card, wireless controller, and standard AV cables. The Pro has the console, wireless controller, 20 or 60 GB hard drive, a wired headset for Xbox Live, and standard/ HD cables. The Elite is the console, 120 GB hard drive, wireless controller, HD cables, and headset. It's also black. The difference between the Pro and Elite is the bigger hard drive which can be purchased separately and added to any of the 3 consoles. Most people own the Pro and it's the best deal in my opinion.4. If someone makes a profile on my console can they use my sub on their console too?No, they can not access your account or membership from their console unless you log into their console.PlayStation Plus is only applied to a console when an account that has a subscription is logged onto the console. In order for all accounts on the console to benefit from the PlayStation Plus membership, the account with the subscription must activate that console as their Primary PS4. Here is the online manual page for activating a Primary PS45. Which console should I get?This may not tickle your fancy, but i've got a big suggestion for you: Go back to the classics, you could easily pick up a super nintendo/n64 on kijiji for a very low price, and the games sell for about 5$ a piece nowadays. The classic games are where it's at, in my opinion atleast. Xbox360/ps3 games revolve around the online play. Everyone seems to buy these consoles simply to play online games, and the storyline of games seem to be going down hill. Personally I feel a lot more satisfied beating an old zelda game, or a SNES game. Since there is no online play on these consoles, games were made only for the storyline of the game which makes them usually much more in depth and magical feeling. Edit: Upon reading posts, i've realised how pointless your question is because the answer is simple: People who own a ps3 will preach for it and say xbox sucks, go with ps3. People with Xbox360s will go the opposite way. Go with the one that more of your friends play if you are looking for online play. As for the guy ragging on the Wii, he's right about it having bad graphics but graphics mean basically nothing if you truly enjoy games. I guess it also depends on your age, if you are younger you would not get the same great nostalgic feeling I get when playing through an older game like Super Mario Brothers or Castlevania. These types of games are a lot less time consuming also and usually leave you in a great mood. Where online games such as call of duty tend to leave you feeling angry, and almost require you to play every day to get where you want to be, or to make your way up the leaderboards. Also the older consoles are so much more reliable! I've had the same consoles since when I was a kid and they run like a charm (Besides needing to blow cartridges, but that's a given) where as my friends go through an xbox360/ps3 almost anually due to all the technical bugs/problems! Again, this is just my opinion and it's very biased, but i am determined to get people back into old school gaming - it's so much more enjoyable of an experience.
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