Ok Heres the Problem..i Wired 4 Underdash Led Lights Directly to My Car Battery?

You drained the battery. First of all find your fuse block. Then locate a space in the fuse block that is not being used , Make sure it is only hot: meaning there is only power to this space with the key ON. Get a cuircut testor they are very cheap. Run the positive to the fuse block and find a good ground: bare metal not aluminum, steel and make a good ground. If you would like to install the switch, put it in the hot wire where ever you like. Hope this helps

1. What is the electricity situation in Zambia? Do people use LED Lights? cellphones instd of wired phones?

Go over to afrointroductions dot com and talk to local Zambians directly. Find out what social websites come out of their country and then get your direct, real time answers

2. Will my led lights blind or hurt my common goldfishes?

It may bother them since the light naturally comes from above. If you put the light on top you can have a cool shimmer effect like the saltwater tanks with metal halide lighting

3. How to make LED lights wire to batteries?

get wire from toolbox and put in to plug then wire up mouse eyes to wire and turn on


Only when the plant is a baby, once it starts to get bigger and more dependent on the light you will need a good grow light. I've used florescent's before but it takes a lot of them and they get really hot so ventilation is a must ,plus your forever having to by those sun bulbs and they add up after a while

5. My Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1 is plugged in but will not start nor will the LED lights come on?

Are you Positive the other outlet is Good? You may have tripped a breaker. Go and see. Also, a front loading washer, like yours and my Kenmore, wo not often do a thing unless front door fully closed and locked. My switch got broken once, I had to brace the door shut to make it work until I could get a new one. It could also be a GFI has tripped on the same line. Get a known working lamp or radio and try the outlets. Otherwise, let your Frigidaire cool off a while. It may have a thermal breaker inside. If it does not work after a few minutes rest on a good outlet, it may be toast. Especially if it tips a breaker .

6. LED lights - I don't know much about them...?

usually theres 4 lights a kit theyre about, a foot long.. each theyre really easy to install hook positive to battery negative to a metal spot then you can either use double sided sticky tape, or screw them into your car where you want them and its cali, pretty much everything there is illegal

7. what kind of wire am i going to want to use to run LED lights to my car battery?

i just dont want to look like an idiot Um how about clueless? Better get some help with that project. Now what could you use to turn lights on and off? a) Porcupine b) Candle holder c) Ham sandwich d) Excelsior e) Ron Paul s) A switch ) Free Masonry

8. how much more efficient are LED lights in comparison to CFL bulbs?

I think compact fluros are actually more efficient, but obvious more fragile and bigger. I also think fluros use a lot of power just as they are turned on so are not as good where they go on an off a lot

9. How are street lights enabling smart cities?

Street lights are playing a key role in the development of today's smart cities. With digital networks and embedded sensors, smart street lights can collect and transmit information that helps authorities to monitor and respond to different circumstances, from traffic and air quality to crowds and noise. Street lights also allow local governments to detect traffic congestion and track available parking spaces, among other key functionalities. Those digital networks can also remotely control LED lights, making them turn on and off, flash, dim and more, offering cities the possibility to maximize low-energy lighting benefits while also improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Smart lighting helps cities save energy, lower costs and reduce maintenance. Automation and networked control can further increase energy savings and reduce maintenance spending. According to Silver Spring Networks, a specialist in smart city and industrial IoT solutions, networked street lighting built on a scalable platform can reduce crime up to 10% and make roadways safer through improved visibility. The company also says a network-based lighting solution provides an ideal platform for multiple smart city services, including smart parking meters, traffic lights and traffic management systems. Municipal utilities also have the opportunity to leverage smart city infrastructure for smart grid applications such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), demand response (DR) and distribution automation (DA), the company said. Also, networked street lights provide continuous and accurate status information to operators, enabling them to identify outages immediately. Silver Spring Networks believes that operators who deploy a network to connect street lights are also in a good position to leverage a common communications and management infrastructure for the implementation of additional smart city applications. A clear example of the benefits of the implementation of smart street lights can be seen in Paris. In order to reduce public lighting energy consumption, the city government had selected Silver Spring to implement project pilot including integrated smart street lighting, traffic signal controls, and an IPv6-based multi-application network to achieve immediate savings, strengthen the communications fabric and reduce risk. For this specific project, the U.S company had expanded the functionality of its smart infrastructure platform to support smart city solutions such as intelligent street lighting, traffic signal control, and electric vehicle charging, among others. The company has also been selected by Florida Power & Light (FPL) to expand its networked street light project from 75,000 street lights to nearly 500,000 street lights across its 35 county service territory statewide. FPL has also leveraged Silver Spring's Streetlight.Vision software to control and manage the networked street lights. AT&T is also working in a number of smart street lighting initiatives across the country. The telco uses GE's IoT sensors, which are placed in the street lights and provide key information about traffic, crowds, crime, and air quality. In January 2017, AT&T teamed with Current, powered by GE and Georgia Power, to test intelligent lighting solutions in Atlanta. The companies are using the AT&T smart cities framework as the foundation to add intelligent lighting solutions throughout the city, the telco said. The City of Atlanta and Georgia Power will be piloting Current's new IoT sensor platform for cities and installing 1,000 wirelessly controlled LED lights. As part of the smart cities pilot, the companies will test these intelligent technologies to help the city make improvements in three key focus areas including mobility - reducing traffic congestion and decreasing average commute times; public safety - improving response time and reducing crime in defined areas; and environment - reducing emissions and greenhouse gases.

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