Office Chair Bike

A recumbent bike with a very comfy seat.It's a 35 pound leather executive office chair connected to a 16" (little girl's) Princess bike re-welded into a recumbent (recliner bike) and using a piece of another donor bike frame. I built it in honor of "Bike to Work Day".If you like fun/unusual home built bikes... check out my hobby site Woodenbikes.comMake a cardboard cutout of your lower leg (with foot and pedal), thigh, torso, and straight arm (to a distance 2" back from your wrist). Use it to look for good riding position and clearances for knees to bars, heels to wheels etc. Use the CAD system to layout the riding position, cranks, wheels etc with attention for locating your hands, shoulder, seatback angle, butt, knees and feet. Also look for ways to arrange a straight chain line (at least for the tight side) by raising the Bottom Bracket (BB)(main crank bearing).

For detailed instruction on designing a sweet handling recumbent visit

Use a hole saw (toothed cylindrical drill bit) to simultaneously cut and miter the donor bike's former downtube to become a boom tube out to the Donor bike's BB. Carefully eyeball the angle but always wear eye protection when eyeballing.During and after filing the donor tube's mitered end, the joint is assembled and checked for correct angle, centeredness (meditation could help here) and plumbness (allignment by eyeball). When it all looks straightish, it is clamped or straped together to be tack welded.

Tack welds are small to avoid melting too much of the nylon strap. I use a little 110 volt MIG* welder. It is the red box. The weld is finished in this picture.*MIG = Metal, Inert Gas sheilded welding. however I use a cheaper flux cored feed wire instead of gas sheilding. It helps keep my weld quality low so I won't obsess as much. It looks so much more business-like after painting over the "Little Princess" motif.

I added internal steel tubing reinforcement to strengthen the seat post since I weigh more than most little princesses and the office chair lets me put lots of leverage (bending moment) on the seat post.

I split the office chair's own seat post and inserted the bike's reinfored post into the chair's seat post. I welded the split back together. After assembling enough chain in the length needed, hold a jockey wheel from a derailuer up to the frame with the chain on the jokey to see where you can position the jockey to take up slack and lift the chain over the front wheel. Mark that spot and drill a hole for a hardened bolt that will act as an axel for the jockey wheel to spin on. Assemble and lubricate jockey wheel and bolt passing through hole in frame boom. Use a large washer or a n orange juice can lid to guide chain and prevent it from falling off jockey wheel. I added an instructable all about using a chain tool to make long chain : had to reposition the chair lower and further forward so my toes could reach the ground.

The plywood board has holes for mounting to the chair and to the chair post platform.

The old brake cable wire in front is holding the front of the chair down and to keep it from rotating around the seat post since there is a lot of twisting leverage from the wide butt in the wide chair.

Here it is on its maiden voyage. I still need to lower the seat further so my feet can securely reach the ground given the chair's long seat pan extending forward under rider's knees and holding them up.

That little tail sticking out in back is a side view of a 3 foot long 1x10 wooden board between the chair and chair mounting bracket on the seat post. It allowed the chair to be offset from the post about 5 inches forward leaving a back shelf for storage. disclaimer: None of my 15 home built bikes (to date) are made from 100% wood. Wood is not my religion. Wood is a conveneint and entertaining construction material for some parts of my bikes. Your Apple computer may not be made of 100% apples either. Open it up if you don't believe me. "Sustainable shopping" is my new hobby.

Dumpster Dipping (no diving allowed, you could hurt yourself) is the way to go.

Sometimes I feel like "Dumpstermiah Johnson" while I'm "trolling the suburban trap-line". That's where I found the 35 pound leather executive chair, and the Princess bike, donor bike and paint and extra bike chains joined together to reach everything.

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The ending in particular prompted the writers to dub it "one of the most depressing films we've ever seen" and include a skit where the characters of the show "kill" each other with water guns to mock the fact that most of the major characters were killed in a brief moment of time, nearly one after the other.------Big Sunday of big & tall office chairBig Sunday is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1999, it is responsible for an annual community service event in Los Angeles, also called "Big Sunday", which has grown from its beginnings as a "Mitzvah Day" at a local Jewish temple to become the largest such community service event in the United States.------West Virginia Mountaineers men's basketball team of big & tall office chairThe 201112 West Virginia Mountaineers men's basketball team represented West Virginia University during the 201112 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. The Mountaineers, led by fifth year head coach Bob Huggins, played their home games at WVU Coliseum and are members of the Big East Conference. They finished the season 1914, 99 in Big East play to finish in eighth place. They lost in the second round of the Big East Basketball Tournament to Connecticut. They received an at-large bid to the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament where they lost in the second round to Gonzaga------Track listing of big & tall office chair"Midnight in Moscow" (Kenny Ball) - 4:16"Moon River" (Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer) - 4:38"Twistin' USA" (Kal Mann) - 4:49"Poinciana" (Nat Simon, Buddy Bernier) - 3:23"Love Me Tender" (Vera Matson, Elvis Presley) - 5:09"Green Eyes" (Nilo Menndez, Adolfo Utrera, Eddie Rivera, Eddie Woods) - 3:01"Fly Me to the Moon" (Bart Howard) - 4:07"San Antonio Rose" (Bob Wills) - 3:04------Too Big to Fail of big & tall office chairToo Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial Systemand Themselves, also known as Too Big to Fail: Inside the Battle to Save Wall Street, is a non-fiction book by Andrew Ross Sorkin chronicling the events of the 2008 financial crisis and the collapse of Lehman Brothers from the point of view of Wall Street CEOs and US government regulators. 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The latter generally have much larger heads and mandibles in comparison to their usually fairly modest body size.In addition, as in other ant species, a colony may contain one or several queens and also, in mature colonies, alates, virgin winged females and males.------Unfinished Business of big & tall office chairUnfinished Business is the fourth and final studio album by American rapper and Screwed Up Click member Big Moe. It was released on March 18, 2008, via Wreckshop Records, Koch Records and Doc Music Group. It was released posthumously, after Moe's death in 2007. The album peaked at #73 on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
Knowledge About Big & Tall Office Chair: Big Horn of Big & Tall Office Chair
Big Horn of big & tall office chairBighorn most often refers to the bighorn sheep. Big Horn or Bighorn might also mean:Places:Big Horns a mountain range in Wyoming and MontanaBig Horn Place a street in a neighborhood in Fort Wayne, IndianaBighorn River, in Wyoming and MontanaBighorn River (Alberta), CanadaBighorn Canyon National Recreation AreaBighorn Basin, in Wyoming and MontanaBig Horn County, WyomingBig Horn County, MontanaBig Horn, Wyoming, a census-designated placeBig Horn (Washington), a peak in the state of WashingtonMunicipal District of Bighorn No. 8, a municipal district in AlbertaOther:USS Big Horn (AO-45), a United States Navy tanker in commission from 1942 to 1946USS Big Horn (T-AO-198), a United States Navy fleet replenishment oiler in service since 1992Big Horn Academy Building, a school in Cowley, WyomingBighorn (Transformers), a fictional character in the various animated Transformers universesBighorn, a fictional town in One Piece, Oda Eiichiro's manga and anime seriesIsuzu Bighorn, an SUV------Film and television of big & tall office chairMcCarthy appeared with retired MMA fighter Bas Rutten in New Found Glory's video "Listen to Your Friends", where he refs MMA fights between the band members. The music video, which was shot on November 5, 2008 in Los Angeles, California, premiered on March 9, 2009. He has also appeared on the Fight Science episode Super Cops on national Geographic.McCarthy also appeared in the TV series Friends, season 3 episode 24 "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion" where he plays the referee of a UFC match between Tank Abbott and Jon Favreau.McCarthy also served as the referee on the MTV2 series Bully Beatdown, along with professional mixed martial artist Jason "Mayhem" Miller.McCarthy is featured in the award-winning mixed martial arts documentary Fight Life, the film is directed by James Z. Feng and released in 2013.He's also made a cameo as himself in the mixed martial arts movie Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown.------Big West Conference Men's Soccer Tournament of big & tall office chairThe 2019 Big West Conference Men's Soccer Tournament, was the 12th edition of the tournament. It determined the Big West Conference's automatic berth to the 2019 NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Tournament.UC Davis won the Big West Tournament, giving the program their first ever Big West title, and their first berth into the NCAA Tournament since 2008. UC Davis defeated UCSB in the final, 20. UC Davis senior forward, Adam Mickelson, was named the tournament's Most Valuable Player.In addition to UC Davis, UCSB earned a berth in the NCAA Tournament. UC Davis earned their first ever national seeding and second round bye into the tournament, being seeded 14th overall. UC Davis were eliminated in the Second Round by Louisville, losing 10. UCSB won their first three NCAA Tournament games before losing to Wake Forest in the Quarterfinals.------Big House (band) of big & tall office chairBig House is an American country music band based in Bakersfield, California. Grounded in the Bakersfield Sound, originally, the band consisted of Monty Byrom (lead vocals, guitar), David Neuhauser (guitar, keyboard), Chuck Seaton (guitar), Tanner Byrom (drums), Sonny California (harmonica), and Ron Mitchell (bass guitar). Under this lineup, Big House recorded two albums for MCA Nashville: 1997's Big House and 1998's Travelin' Kind. These two albums produced four chart singles on the Billboard country charts, including the No.30 hit "Cold Outside."After the release of their second album, all of the band's members departed except for Monty Byrom and David Neuhauser. Benny Rappa was then signed as the band's new drummer, and Steve Vines assumed the role of bass guitarist. The revamped lineup recorded one album for Dead Reckoning Records before disbanding in 2000. The six original members reunited for concerts in 2007 and 2008, and released a fourth album in 2008 Never Ending Train.------Australian release (CD DVD) of big & tall office chairThe album Re-Entry was released in Australia on 17 March 2008 with a bonus DVD.Fan voteOriginally Big Brovaz ran a fan vote on their official site asking fans to pick their favourites. Below are the twenty tracks listed in that fan vote with their original titles. The songs in bold are the ones that made the final album cut and the ones that are not highlighted in bold have yet to receive a release."Hangin' Around""Screaming Out" (later re-named "Scream")"Must Be Crazy""What Ever You Need" (later re-named "I'll Be There")"Can't Hold Me Down""Hear Me Knockin'""Hard Core""Goin' On a Trip""Take Me There""Breaking The Cycle""Go Getter""Big Bro Thang""Deep in Love""Always Take You Back""Hey Hey" (later re-named "Hey! Hey (Take Me Home)")"Feelin' Freaky""Dirty Music" (later re-named "Duurty Music")"All I Ever Need" (later re-named "All I Ever Wanted")"Spring Rain""Double Trouble"------Writing and composition of big & tall office chairThe single "Labrador" as being about the Gold Coast suburb Labrador which frontwoman Maz DeVita described as a place where a significant relationship ended in her life. Speaking about the single "FU", DeVita said: "This song is about a situation with someone in your life who is taking advantage of you and finally having to acknowledge reality and stand up to them. I hope its as cathartic for the listener as it was to write." The track "History" details DeVita's experience in her teenage years wherein she suffered from an eating disorder. "Fade" is about a friend of DeVita's who went through a hard time being victim blamed and having no one believe them. DeVita explained the single "I Am" as being "about wanting to please someone so much that you forget who you are in the process.".------Offensive selections of big & tall office chairQuarterbacksBraxton Miller, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)Connor Cook, Michigan State (Coaches-2)Nathan Scheelhaase, Illinois (Media-2)Running backsAmeer Abdullah, Nebraska (Coaches-1; Media-1)Carlos Hyde, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin (Coaches-2; Media-2)James White, Wisconsin (Coaches-2; Media-2)ReceiversJared Abbrederis, Wisconsin (Coaches-1; Media-1)Allen Robinson, Penn State (Coaches-1; Media-1)Jeremy Gallon, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-2)Corey Brown, Ohio State (Coaches-2)Cody Latimer, Indiana (Media-2)CentersCorey Linsley, Ohio State (Coaches-1; Media-1)Cole Pensick, Nebraska (Coaches-2)Jack Allen, Michigan State (Media-2)GuardsJohn Urschel, Penn State (Coaches-1; Media-1)Ryan Groy, Wisconsin (Coaches-1; Media-2)Andrew Norwell, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-1)Blake Treadwell, Michigan State (Coaches-2; Media-2)TacklesTaylor Lewan, Michigan (Coaches-1; Media-1)Brandon Scherff, Iowa (Coaches-1; Media-2)Jack Mewhort, Ohio State (Coaches-2; Media-1)Brett Van Sloten, Iowa (Coaches-2)Rob Havenstein, Wisconsin (Media-2)Tight endsC. J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa (Coaches-1; Media-2)Devin Funchess, Michigan (Coaches-2; Media-1)------Wisconsin Badgers football team of big & tall office chairThe 1921 Wisconsin Badgers football team was an American football team that represented the University of Wisconsin in the 1921 Big Ten Conference football season. The team compiled a 511 record (311 against conference opponents), finished in fourth place in the Big Ten Conference, shut out four of seven opponents, and outscored all opponents by a combined total of 141 to 13. John R. Richards was in his fifth year as Wisconsin's head coach.Fullback Guy Sundt was the team captain. Halfback Al Elliott was selected as a second-team All-American by Norman E. Brown of the Central Press. Four Wisconsin players received first-team All-Big Ten honors: Al Elliott, end Stevens Gould, center George Bunge, and halfback Rollie Williams.The team played its home games at Camp Randall Stadium. The stadium's seating capacity was increased from 10,000 to 14,000 prior to the 1921 season. During the 1921 season, the average attendance at home games was 11,962.------Background of big & tall office chairThe main thing that I wanted to do with this record was to have as much classic, memorable melody as possible. The songs are all based on feelings and emotion, for each song had a particular vision. It covers all the colours we wanted to show with a first record. BigBigLove is built from that big hole I had inside. Its amazing how close this band has become and how fast we understand each other now. We have grown a million years in one year. Katy Steele, November 2004McKercher was selected to produce after Steele was impressed with his work on Augie March's debut album, Sunset Studies.We wanted a pretty classic-sounding album; we didn't want to do anything that sounded really now. Katy Steele, October 2004------Episode Two of big & tall office chairThe second episode of The Big Spell was aired at the later time of 5:30 pm on Sky One on 15 January. The episode began by showing a recap of the previous episode before a trailer of that week's episode. The team game for that episode was Spell Check, where the aim of the game is to identify the incorrectly spelt word from 6 on a big screen, buzz in and say which is misspelt, before spelling the word correctly. There were 6 groups of 3, and only 4 went through safe to the next round.The elimination round was Letter By Letter, where Moira says a word and each person says a letter of that word. If spelt wrong, that person has to step back and the last person standing is safe through to the next round. Out of the six in the elimination round, only 4 progressed, and Tiarna and Anna were the two to be knocked out of the competition.------XX of big & tall office chairXX is a compilation by Great Big Sea to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary. It is the group's final album to date, as well as their last recording to feature San McCann. It was released as a two-disc CD album, and also in a Deluxe Edition which includes a third CD plus a DVD with an hour-long documentary "Meet Great Big Sea" and other goodies.The XX Tour was a comprehensive tour which accompanied the release of this album, playing 38 shows across North America and featuring music from almost all previous Great Big Sea records. This tour began on March 5, 2013 with a show at The Grove in Anaheim, California, and concluded a few minutes after midnight on January 1, 2014, after a final New Year's Day concert at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. Following the XX Tour, San McCann officially withdrew from the band.------Celly Cel of big & tall office chairMarcellus McCarver, better known by his stage name Celly Cel, is an American rapper from Vallejo, California. He released his first single, "Lifestyle of a Mack", on his independent record label Realside Records in 1992. He released his debut studio album, Heat 4 Yo Azz, in 1994, and released a second album, Killa Kali, a year later.In 1996, he appeared on the Red Hot Organization's compilation CD, America is Dying Slowly, alongside Biz Markie, Wu-Tang Clan, and Fat Joe, among many other prominent hip hop artists. The CD, meant to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic among African American men, was heralded as "a masterpiece" by The Source magazine.His next appearance wasn't until 1998, with his third album: The G Filez. Deep Conversation followed in mid-2000.Celly has collaborated with fellow Bay Area rappers E-40 & B-Legit on several occasions.------Big Lake (Missouri) of big & tall office chairBig Lake is a 646-acre (2.6km2) oxbow lake in Holt County, Missouri near Big Lake, Missouri.It is believed to have formed from the Missouri River sometime before Lewis & Clark visited the area in 1804. It is the largest oxbow lake in the state of Missouri.Big Lake State Park, a 407-acre (1.6km2) state park was established on the lake's northeast side in 1932. The State Park also includes the largest marsh in a state park in Missouri. The remaining two-thirds of the lake shore is occupied by privately owned cabins and residences. The lake is also known for being very shallow (usually only five feet) in most areas. Residents say you can walk across the lake if you are careful. The only known major deep spot in the lake is under the railroad trussel at the south side of the lake. This spot is almost 30 feet deep. The majority of the lake's fish reside here in winter.
Introduction to Big & Tall Office Chair | 201617 Purdue Boilermakers Men's Basketball Team of Big &
Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team of big & tall office chairThe 201617 Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team represented Purdue University in the 201617 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. Their head coach was Matt Painter, in his 12th season with the Boilers. The team played their home games in Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Indiana and were members of the Big Ten Conference. With their win over Indiana on February 28, 2017, Purdue clinched their first Big Ten Championship since 2009, 22nd overall. With Wisconsin's loss on March 2, Purdue clinched an outright championship, their 23rd championship, the most in Big Ten history. They finished the season 278, 144 in to win the Big Ten regular season championship. In the Big Ten Tournament, they lost in the quarterfinals to Michigan. They received an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament as the No. 4 seed in the Midwest Region where they beat Vermont and Iowa State to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. In their first trip to the Sweet Sixteen since 2010, they lost to No. 1-seeded and No. 3-ranked Kansas------Big Freeze (disambiguation) of big & tall office chairBig Freeze is a hypothetical scenario where the universe continues to expand forever and eventually all matter reaches a final uniform state.Big Freeze is also a hypothetical scenario in the future the universe in which the Universe is infinitely filled with phantom energy.Big Freeze may also refer to:The winter of 194647 in the United KingdomThe winter of 196263 in the United KingdomThe winter of 200910 in Great Britain and IrelandThe Big Freeze (film), a 1993 silent film by director Eric SykesThe Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze, a 2001 direct-to-video animated adventure musical film, directed by Charles GrosvenorThe Big Freeze, a book by Philip Reeve in the Buster Bayliss series"Big Freeze" (song), a song by Muse, from the album The 2nd LawThe Big Freeze (album), a 2019 album by Laura Stevenson------The Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion of big & tall office chairThe Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion featured sixteen competitors from previous seasons of The Big Break returning to compete for PGA, Champions and LPGA Tour exemptions at the Reunion Resort & Club in Orlando, Florida. The series premiered on The Golf Channel on February 25, 2007 and was won by Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey, who originally competed on The Big Break IV: USA vs. Europe.Competitors included:Mark "Moose" Farnham, The Big Break IDon Donatello, The Big Break IIMike Foster, Jr., The Big Break IIDavid Gunas, Jr., The Big Break IIPamela (Crikelair) Garrity, The Big Break III: Ladies OnlyCindy Miller, The Big Break IIIValeria Ochoa, The Big Break IIITommy "Two Gloves" Gainey, The Big Break IV: USA vs. EuropeEdoardo Gardino, The Big Break IVNikki DiSanto, The Big Break V: HawaiiKim Lewellen, The Big Break VAshley Gomes, The Big Break VI: Trump NationalLaura London, The Big Break VIKelly Murray, The Big Break VIGary Ostrega, The Big Break VIBriana Vega, The Big Break VI women's championLaura London indicated in her interview that The Big Break VII was actually cast well before the completion of filming of The Big Break VI and before London herself had been eliminated.------Big D (song) of big & tall office chair"Big D" is a song about Dallas, Texas, written by Frank Loesser in 1956 for the musical The Most Happy Fella. It was introduced by Susan Johnson as "Cleo" and Shorty Long as "Herman". The song's refrain spells out "Dallas": "Big D, little A, double L, A, S."Bing Crosby recorded the song in 1956 with his son Lindsay Crosby for use on Bing Crosby's radio show and it was subsequently issued on the CD New Tricks - 60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2017).Jo Stafford also recorded the song in 1956 for an album called Hits from 'The Most Happy Fella'.Edmund Hockridge recorded the song for his EP, The Most Happy Fella (1960).Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews performed "Big D" in 1961, while Burnett was a regular and Andrews a guest star on The Garry Moore Show. The success of this appearance led to the development of a 1962 CBS television special, Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall, in which the pair reprised their duet.------Exhibitions of big & tall office chairDuring his life Carter exhibited widely in galleries and museums - usually around the Mid Atlantic - including in exhibitions with major African American artists, including painter and collage artist Romare Bearden. He also exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Freer Gallery of Art, both in Washington, D.C, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, and the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Portsmouth Museum in Virginia, and the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC, and the Alexandria Black History Museum in Alexandria, VA. Soon after his death, a retrospective of his works was staged at Vanderbilt University's Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy. In 2015, 80 of his paintings, sculptures, drawings, and assemblages were exhibited at the Arizona State University Art Museum.A more recent retrospective was held in 2019 at the Fred Schnider Gallery of Art in Arlington, VA.Carter's artworks are in permanent collections at the Smithsonian Museum and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, both in Washington, DC. He also created public murals in Roanoke, VA, Washington, DC, Asheville, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC.------The Big Money Game of big & tall office chairThe Big Money Game is a game show, broadcast on RT One on Saturday nights during the summer months of June, July and August as a seasonal replacement for Winning Streak. The successor to Fame and Fortune (19962006) and The Trump Card (2007), The Big Money Game was first broadcast on Saturday, 14 June 2008. As with Winning Streak, production costs for the programme are paid by RT and the prize money is funded by the Irish National Lottery. Entry to the game show is based on getting three "lucky stars" on associated National Lottery scratchcards and submitting them for a televised drawing. Contestants can win cash prizes up to 250,000, as well as cars, holidays, and other prizes.The first series was presented by Laura Woods. The Big Money Game returned on 13 June 2009 for a second 13-week series with Derek Mooney as presenter. Within a few weeks, Ciarn Hyland, the Wicklow Gaelic footballer, had won 124,000 during an appearance on the game show. The third season, also with Derek Mooney presenting, commenced on 5 June 2010. Derek Mooney stepped down as presenter in 2011; he was succeeded by Brian Ormond and Sinead Kennedy.On the 17 August 2013 edition, Ormond's wife Pippa (ne O'Connor) stood in for Sinead Kennedy, who was attending her close friend's wedding.The show was cancelled in 2013.------Slivnica (mountain) of big & tall office chairSlivnica (pronouncedsliunitsa; 1,114 metres or 3,655 feet) is a peak in the Dinaric Alps in Slovenia, southeast of Cerknica on the edge of the plain defined by Lake Cerknica. Its southern and western slopes are covered in deciduous and pine forests, which also obstruct the view from the highest peak, Big Slivnica (Slovene: Velika Slivnica).A karst cave below the summit of Slivnica, known as Witches' Cave (Coprnika jama) was described by Valvasor in his The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola (1689) as a hole where storms were made. Warm air rises from the cave in the cold winter months and condenses to form mist, a phenomenon that contributed to the creation of the local legend about the Slivnica witches, traditionally blamed for all misfortune by local farmers from hail storms to various ailments.------Background of big & tall office chairWriting and recordingBig Isn't Beautiful was recorded at Great Linford Manor in Great Linford, Buckinghamshire in the first half of 2000 and was produced and mixed by Chris Sheldon. The song featured the first use of piano by King Adora and also included drum machine samples, which were credited on the single's sleeve to "Roland".ThemesBig Isn't Beautiful is written from the point of view of an anorexic male, the band stating it was about "self-obsession and self-loathing at its most destructive". Singer Matt Browne responded to criticism of the song, saying "just because youre not singing about something safe, people say, you cant do that. People just misunderstood the perspective I was writing from. The title supposed to be tongue in cheek. Its just a song". He went on to say Big Isn't Beautiful "just deals with that obsessive compulsive sort of personality, it's not meant to be offensive in the slightest, it's very heartfelt and sincere as far as I'm concerned and I'm very very proud of what I wrote".------Taukihepa / Big South Cape Island of big & tall office chairBig South Cape Island or Taukihepa is an offshore island of New Zealand to the west of the southern tip of Stewart Island/Rakiura. The island has no permanent inhabitants but muttonbirders visit the island to catch the sooty shearwater, known in New Zealand as a "muttonbird".Mori named the island "Taukihepa" and Europeans, who arrived later, called it "Big South Cape". The island was given dual names in 2001 as part of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement with Ngi Tahu.The island is the largest of a group of islands off the southwestern coast of Stewart Island/Rakiura, from which it is separated by a 1,500-metre (4,921ft) wide channel. Surrounding smaller islands include Poutama Island to the south, Putauhina Island and the Putauhina Nuggets to the northwest, and Solomon Island to the north. The island rises to a height of 235 metres (771ft) at its centre, and numerous small streams run to the coast. Named features on the island include two inlets - Murderers Cove in the central east coast and Puwai Bay in the island's southwest. It has an area of about 900 hectares (2,200 acres).------Significance of big & tall office chairThe song was considered symbolic of the Vietnam War and President Lyndon Johnson's policy of escalation, then widely seen as pushing the United States deeper into the increasingly unpopular war. Like the Captain's demise, Johnson was eventually forced to abandon plans for re-election due to the war in 1968. The captain's criticism of a dissenting sergeant as a "Nervous Nelly" in the song's third verse appears to mimick Johnson's epithet for critics of the war. Seeger often performed the song at concerts and rallies, and in late 1967 he was invited to perform on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Seeger chose to perform "Big Muddy," and sang the song on the taping of the CBS show in September, 1967 but CBS management objected to its political tone, and censored the song prior to broadcast. Following the strong support from the Smothers Brothers, the show's hosts, CBS later relented and allowed Seeger to come back and sing the song on the Brothers' February 25, 1968 show. At the time, Seeger was under contract to Columbia Records, which was owned by CBS, and he had just recorded the song in an album titled Waist Deep in the Big Muddy and Other Love Songs. The broadcast is included on the DVD The Best of the Smothers Brothers------Big River (Missouri) of big & tall office chairThe Big River is a tributary of the Meramec River in east-central Missouri. The river rises in western Iron County near the summit of Johnson Mountain just north of Missouri Route 32 and approximately 3.5 miles southeast of the community of Enough. It flows through Washington, Saint Francois, and Jefferson counties. It forms part of the boundary between Jefferson and Saint Francois counties and also part of the boundary between Jefferson and Washington counties. It empties into the Meramec River opposite Eureka where the Meramec forms the border between Jefferson and Saint Louis counties. The river flows through Washington State Park, St. Francois State Park, and the Lead Belt mining district. The elevation of the river at its source is approximately 1,300 feet (400m) above sea level and at its mouth about 400 feet (120m). The length of the river is approximately 145 miles (233km), while the airline distance between source and mouth is about 56 miles (90km). Its watershed area is 955 square miles (2,470km2).The river flows through or near the communities of Belgrade, Irondale, Park Hills, Bonne Terre, Morse Mill, Cedar Hill, and Byrnes Mill.Tributaries of the Big River include Flat River, Belews Creek, Turkey Creek, Mill Creek, Mineral Fork, Calico Creek, Heads Creek, Terre Bleue Creek, Ditch Creek, and Jones Creek.
Want to Buy Sofa for Living Room. What to Do About Cats?
You're unlikely to be able to make the sofa inhospitable to the cats without also making it inhospitable to yourself, but there's steps you can take to minimize the damage they'll do.Ensure they have sufficient approved scratching surfaces; if they don't have many yet, add more before you get the sofa, so they get used to them and their locations, and are less likely to go looking for additional surfaces.Discourage scratching on target surfaces (typically the corners, back if accessible, and sometimes the top of the sofa) with materials they don't like. These include double-sided tape (often sold under the name "Sticky Paws"), aluminum foil, and heavy plastic sheeting (similar to what's used for office chair mats). Depending on how clever your cats are, the clear materials are better, because they won't be able to easily see if and when they're removed.Additionally discourage targeting those areas by putting a scratching post nearby. You may also need to redirect them if you catch them scratching at an unprotected part of the sofa. By having the appropriate target close to the inappropriate one, it's much easier to redirect their attention.If there's a corner they just won't stay away from, consider a long-term solution. It may not look as nice as the untouched sofa, but it'll certainly look better than a shredded one. Look into plastic corner protectors as a way to discourage interaction, or try a sisal scratching mat (like the LURVIG mat sold by Ikea) attached to that area for a durable, appropriate scratch spot.And if all else fails, find a way to embrace concealing the damage; there are many examples of how to use lace, fabric, or other techniques to disguise damaged corners and surfaces on a sofa that can look quite nice when finished, and add some unique personality to your furniture.I want to buy a new sofa for our living room. After I buy it, I'm 100% sure my cats will also want to sit in the new sofa and sharpen their nails in the new sofa and ruin the new sofa. I've talked to them about the issue, but they seem to ignore me.I guess my question is: What type of sofa should I buy to minimize this? Or what can I do so that they stay away from the sofa? IS there a specific material that cats particularly dislike?The living room doesn't have a door, so closing the area off is not an option. I also prefer not having to spray the sofa.
Shot in the Back: the Dangers of Being an Opposition Candidate in Bangladesh
NOAKHALI, Bangladesh (Reuters) - At a library inside a small district court in southeastern Bangladesh, barrister Mahabub Uddin Khokon stood up to take off his coat and scrunched his white shirt up to his shoulders to reveal a back covered in bandages over several shotgun pellet wounds. Settling back into an office chair, the 62-year-old smiled. "You see, my fight is not against the Awami League. It's not them I am running against," he said, referring to Bangladesh's ruling party. "It's against the police, the Election Commission, and the entire government machinery." Khokon, who is contesting Sunday's parliamentary election as a candidate for the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), alleges he was shot on Dec. 15 by a senior police officer in Noakhali, a mostly-rural district in the country's southeast. At the time he says he was out canvassing for votes along with hundreds of supporters, of whom about 40 were also injured. "I thought the police was there to protect us," said Khokon, who is also secretary of Bangladesh's Supreme Court Bar Association. The top election official in the area, who also oversees the police, has dismissed the allegations. Police, the government and the Awami League also deny opposition allegations of intimidation, and say the election campaign period has been fair. While violence during election campaigns is not new in the South Asian nation, the attack on Khokon and his supporters has fed into the opposition accusations. Sprawling paddy fields and coconut trees flank narrow roads in Noakhali's Sonaimuri, about 100 miles (160 km) south of Dhaka, where Khokon is contesting. The town was the scene of bloody violence on Dec. 15. "The (police) officer-in-charge asked Khokon to leave the place immediately and then abruptly fired pellet bullets at the petitioner (Khokon)," said a lawsuit Khokon has filed at the Dhaka High Court against specific police officers, the government and the election commission. One pellet hit Khokon's chin, five his back and two his legs, the suit alleges, adding that 40 other opposition activists were also "grievously injured by illegal and unjustified firing of bullets by police" in that attack. Tanmoy Das, the returning officer in charge of overseeing elections and police in Noakhali, said Khokon had made exaggerated claims and it was not the police but others, perhaps people from Khokon's own party, who shot at him because of internal discord. H. M. Ibrahim, the Awami League candidate Khokon is running against, echoed those statements. "Some violence is usual in our politics," Ibrahim said, adding that Khokon's supporters had attacked an Awami League office on the same day and in the same area that Khokon was attacked. "He is a lawyer, he is trying to make a fool of the public. His own party people must have fired at him." Das said an investigation was underway, and the police officer in charge in Sonaimuri had been "replaced" on orders of the Election Commission "due to pressure." He declined to say who the pressure was from. "I think the situation is good here. There is a level-playing field," Das said, adding that he had received no complaints of Awami League workers threatening or attacking anyone.
Memory Foam Office Chair - Buy Ergonomic Or Lumbar Support Office Chairs
There can be no doubt that if you spend much, or even all, of your day sitting at a desk you will suffer from neck or back pain, or both, unless you can find a chair that really suits you. There are a number of ergonomically designed chairs available, including a number that are memory foam office chairs, which would be as suitable for use in your own study at home as they would be in an office. The reason that we tend to suffer from discomfort if we spend many hours working at a computer is mainly due to the lack of support that most chairs give to the lower back. If this lumbar region is not supported - and generally speaking it is not well-supported if you are typing more or less continuously - the muscles in the upper back, neck and shoulders have to take on additional strain in compensation, thus causing the familiar back-of-the-neck pain that so many of us suffer from. Standing up, stretching and ruefully rubbing the back of the neck and shoulders is all too familiar a scenario.The main purpose, therefore, of the ergonomically designed chair is to support the lower back since most health professionals agree that this is the area that causes problems if you spend most of your day in a largely immobile sitting position. There is a staggering variety of these chairs and you would do well to look into the matter very carefully before deciding which one would suit you. There is some excellent, and apparently independent, advice given on which can be recommended .The question of whether or not you should choose a chair with memory foam is a rather vexed one. The whole principle behind memory foam is that, although it is a firm foam, it slowly adjusts to the shape of your body and then remembers that shape - hence the "memory". This has been thought to be of enormous advantage over other foam fillings for mattress design, which has been its main use.Clearly a chair is rather different, but one can see that a more or less personally tailored chair, adjusted to one's one body measurements and idiosyncrasies, may well be a most attractive proposition. The disadvantage of memory foam is that it does indeed have a long memory. It works by the weight of your body compressing the foam and once compressed, it remains compressed for a considerable length of time, needing time for the air to penetrate and, as it were, decompress it. If, therefore, you are in the habit of constantly shifting your position in your chair, there would be no advantage to having a memory foam office chair.The ergonomic chairs do not come cheap. While you can buy an ordinary swivel office chair from, for example, Staples, for around $100 or even less, the ergonomic chairs start at $180 and go up to $600 or even more. It probably is, moreover, very much a question of getting what you pay for and the cheaper range may not be very satisfactory. Staples only offers one chair that has memory foam filling and that comes in at $329.92 plus the carriage charges. There are literally dozens of offers on and some of these are well worth looking at. As always with shopping on Ebay, you have to filter through them. A lot of their "ergonomic" chairs are only labelled as such because they have a back!An alternative to the normal chair is a posture kneeling chair. If you don't know what these are, take a look at - a British company which specialises in these and has several good illustrations, as well as a wealth of information. This is an interesting concept. Instead of the lower back being supported by the chair back, the weight is thrown forward and the back muscles are gently strengthened. Thesse chairs have not become very popular but probably deserve more attention. Interestingly enough, the only memory foam filled chairs that currently has are posture kneeling chairs. Here, however, even more than with normal chairs, it is vitally important to buy the very best that you can afford. The kneepad in particular needs to be of the highest quality.
Guide to Choose the Most Comfortable Office Chair
The office chair you pick for your office needs to be ergonomic for you and provide you with the most comfort possible. Of all the different parts that make up your office space, office chairs in UAE are ostensibly a standout amongst the most imperative. Picking the best ergonomic office seat, according to your requirements is the key to guarantee that your well being and profitability wouldnt be adversely influenced by an inadequately suited seat, to help with this weve assembled a rundown of the absolute most essential elements to consider while picking an office seat. Mahmayi offers you comfortable executive Office Chairs, office chairs which are made of aesthetic designs. It believes that the design and structure of an office seat should be ergonomic, i.e. intended to minimize distress and strong anxiety while sitting, especially when will be sitting in the seat for broadened timeframes, a percentage of the real seat auxiliary components to consider while picking an office seat are: It should integrate with your workspace and cultureAn ideal office chair should coordinate your innovation and advanced proficiency. Remember your gadgets in the office like the PC and the printer with it; consider your land line phone and the wires, camcorder or tablet. A decent work area incorporates wire administration to keep those unattractive lines out of perspective. The work areas are tough. Ensure that you pick an ergonomic work area seat with suitable backing. Your back will much oblige! It should go well with the dcor of the office tooIs it accurate to say that you are searching for something customary or contemporary? Wood furniture, office chair has a more conventional feel, but they lack in comfort. Our comfy office chairs are made of cutting edge and modern technology. For a transitional domain, consider a blend of these materials. A top notch office needs a predictable look, so pick a typical stylish for your work areas, which fits well with space and enhance its vibration too. Look for comfortable armrests alsoFlexible armrests can have a gigantic effect to how agreeable an office seat is, having the capacity to draw armrests nearer or facilitate separated and in addition all over to suit your specific details is vital, disgracefully situated armrests can prompt your arms and bear muscles being always tensed. The suggested armrest position ought to permit your elbows and bring down arms to sit softly on the armrest when writing. It should allow easy movementIn office spaces, youll frequently need to move around to look for things around your work area, an office seat that swivels will permit you to move and go after things without straining or extending to get things out of your prompt range.We invest a considerable measure of energy in the workplace. Also, an excess of us endures in an official domain that is not all around planned, with whatever furniture is stood for us. In any case, did you know a powerful, customized workspace and keenly designed office chair has all the effect in efficiency and general viability? Whether you are setting up an expert corporate space or a little home office, there are sure contemplations to remember.Mahmayi in UAE offers its patrons some best in class office chairs and other furniture which are comfortable and economical at the same time.Matching with the past point, a wheeled office seat is gigantically desirable over a stationary one, having the capacity to effortlessly move about your work range without lugging your seat around or continually get here and there will lessen muscle and spinal anxiety. Read more about office mahmayiofficefurniture. com/office-furniture-uae/office-chairs-uae.html RELATED QUESTION What is a locksmith and its benefits? Locksmiths offer a collection of services such as rekeying locks, lock replacement, office lockout, lock installation, master key systems, file cabinet locks, keys by code, safe combination changes, door closers, electronic locks, key control, cash boxes, and Safes.Benefits of Locksmith:-Fast Response Time:- Professional locksmiths are trained to respond quickly to all types of emergency situations. They can provide a variety of fast solutions like creating a new set of home, office or car keys, changing a lock within minutes or entering a secured safely. Availability:- Locksmith services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you wont have to panic if you find yourself in a lockout situation.Specialized Services:- Locksmiths are trained to specialize in specific fields such as forensic locksmithing.Remote Locations:- Vehicles often break down in remote and hard to reach locations, on freeways and roads far from brick and mortar locksmith locations. Locksmiths are equipped to reach you at any location with all the tools necessary right on the spot.Extensive Training:- A certified locksmith undergoes extensive training. They are tested on a number of various locks and learn in detail how each of them works. This type of training better prepares them to be able to fix almost any kind of lock even if theyve never encountered the type they may be called upon to fix
Mesh Office Chair - an Ergonomic Office Furnishing
Due to its bio-mechanical support mechanisms and well ventilated seat and back, mesh office chair is one of the most comfortable office chairs. It's no wonder they are an office favorite nowadays. Scientists and health experts have been able to identify the major causes of neck and back pain for the majority of office workers: repetitive movements and poor posture while sitting. The long hours many workers put in, sometimes 10 plus per day, have compounded the severity of neck and back pain for many workers. In order to correct this common problem, scientists started to develop ergonomic furniture, such as mesh chairs. Much of the early ergonomic furniture worked very well, but was very clunky and unattractive. If you look at current mesh office chairs, you can how far ergonomic furniture has advanced in alleviating pain while still being stylish. So what makes a mesh office chair more people-friendly than other normal office chairs? The special construction and support mechanisms that allow the chair to mold to the shape of your body, is the chair's most distinguishable quality. Your posture is supported by the chair, and takes most of the strain out of prolonged sitting. Furthermore, since the seat and back are ventilated, you don't have to worry about becoming too warm and being uncomfortable throughout the day. This will make workers more productive since they won't be uncomfortable. A mesh office chair may have both, its seat and its back, made of a mesh air grid. Other types of mesh chairs have an air-grid back and a leather seat. There are also chairs with an air-grid back and an imitation leather seat. Make sure your mesh chair comes with the following features: 2-to-1 synchronized tilt, an adjustable lumbar cushion, adjustable arms, adjustable arm height, as well as a no-swivel or swivel chair. If you are looking for a stylish mesh office chair, you may consider such attractive designs, as a mesh chair with a chrome frame, platinum finish accents, and contemporary or traditional style chairs. Color range of mesh chairs is not that wide. Generally, available colors are black, gray, brown, blue, red, and green. You can also select different fabrics for your mesh chair: layered leather seats, woven mesh backs, fabric seats, woven mesh seats, nylon fiber seats, sled base, and so on. One of the most important features to consider is the height of the back of your chair. Most models come with different back heights; some have mid-back, while others have high backs. Make sure to physically test them (sit down in the chair) before purchasing to find one that you're most comfortable with. A mesh office chair is among the most comfortable ergonomic office chairs. When picking your mesh office chair, make sure to compare the additional ergonomic features of the chairs you are choosing from. Your mesh office chair will provide you with the style and comfort to work for prolonged periods of time without the chronic neck and pain. Make sure you go down the checklist of things you need out of a chair before settling on one. This chair can be expensive, so make sure you select a chair you would be satisfied with sitting in for 9 plus hours a day.
Comfortable Office Chair - Reduces Your Back Pain
Certain day to day activities such as sitting in an office for a long time, slouching down into the chair or even stretching the spine ligaments or straining the spinal column discs can actually aggravate your spine and eventually cause major health problems - that is why as much as possible we should use a comfortable office chair. Comfortable chairs can be enjoyed in the form of an ergonomic chair - it is an important furniture that everyone must have and use especially if he sits all throughout his office hours. Such chairs help maximize support for the back area. It can even help in the maintenance of right body posture as one sits in comfortable office chairs. Of course, owning this furniture is not enough, it is also important that it is adjusted to the proportion of the body structure. Even if you are comfortable in your chair, long static posture is actually not good for the back as it can contribute to muscular strain and lumbar problems. That is why every so often, you must get away from the furniture and stand, walk and do some stretches for some minutes. It is good to have a break from sitting in your ergonomic chair and go have a drink or a trip to the comfort room. If you decide to walk for a few minutes, this is certainly beneficial as it will get you blood to circulating. Albeit a lot of office chairs are styled to reduce possible lumbar pain, going up and moving around your room several times a day is simply the best that you will do for the back and your general health. Even while many establishments possess such furniture with standard features, there are actually a good number of other styles and designs available for them to consider and use if only because of health benefits. Traditional chairs might be cheaper and therefore great for the budget - still they might not be effective in preventing health problems such as back pains. Needless to say, it is a must that you ensure your purchase of a chair is one with ergonomic features as it will be for your best health advantage. It helps the body especially if you have current lumbar problems. Just remember that if your job needs you to be seated for a long time, must sure that it is a comfortable office chair with ergonomic features.
Perceptual Similarity and the Neural Correlates of Geometrical Illusions in Human Brain Structure
Geometrical visual illusions are an intriguing phenomenon, in which subjective perception consistently misjudges the objective, physical properties of the visual stimulus. Prominent theoretical proposals have been advanced attempting to find common mechanisms across illusions. But empirically testing the similarity between illusions has been notoriously difficult because illusions have very different visual appearances. Here we overcome this difficulty by capitalizing on the variability of the illusory magnitude across participants. Fifty-nine healthy volunteers participated in the study that included measurement of individual illusion magnitude and structural MRI scanning. We tested the Muller-Lyer, Ebbinghaus, Ponzo, and vertical-horizontal geometrical illusions as well as a non-geometrical, contrast illusion. We found some degree of similarity in behavioral judgments of all tested geometrical illusions, but not between geometrical illusions and non-geometrical, contrast illusion. The highest similarity was found between Ebbinghaus and Muller-Lyer geometrical illusions. Furthermore, the magnitude of all geometrical illusions, and particularly the Ebbinghaus and Muller-Lyer illusions, correlated with local gray matter density in the parahippocampal cortex, but not in other brain areas. Our findings suggest that visuospatial integration and scene construction processes might partly mediate individual differences in geometric illusory perception. Overall, these findings contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms behind geometrical illusions.Fifty-nine healthy volunteers with normal or corrected-to-normal vision participated in the study. Average age: 27 (MSE: 0.71) years; 30 females. All participants signed an informed consent form. The study was approved by the ethics committee of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Israel). All the methods were carried out in accordance with the these guidelines and regulations. Participants received either monetary payment or psychology course credit points for their participation in the experiment. All experimental procedures were performed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the ethics committee.Samsung notebook (NP350U2A), screen size 12.5, 1366 768 resolution, and refresh rate 60 Hz, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Edition, Service Pack 1 operating system was used. The experiment was programmed as a Web application, running locally using an Apache 2.2 Web server () and Google Chrome browser. During the experiment, participants sat in a comfortable office chair; their distance from the monitor was 40 cm.Four geometrical illusions (i.e., vertical-horizontal, Ebbinghaus, Ponzo, and Muller-Lyer) and one non-geometrical illusion (i.e., contrast illusion) were used. Illusory stimuli are shown in . The stimuli were grayscale and were presented in the center of the screen. Illusory stimuli could be adjusted within some boundaries (i.e., a spectrum of possible adjustments). The boundaries were measured in a preliminary pilot experiment (different participants). In other words, the boundaries reflected the reasonable spectrum of variability across participants. While adjusting the stimuli participants were not aware of the boundaries (i.e., the adjustment limits). In addition, the boundaries were not reached by any of the participants in any of the illusions. The parameters of the stimuli were as the following. In the vertical-horizontal illusion the length of the horizontal line was 12 and the vertical line was adjustable, the minimal and maximal height was 12 and 17. In the Ebbinghaus illusion, the radius of the inducers was 0.25 (left side) and 2 (right side). The radius of the left target circle was 0.9 and the right target circle was adjustable, and the minimal and maximal radius were 0.9 and 1.5, respectively. The distance between the central circle and inducers for the left side was 0.1 and for the right side it varied between 0.5 (largest central circle) and 1 (smallest central circle). In the Muller-Lyer illusion, the total length of the line was 18. The position of the central arrow was adjustable, and the maximal and minimal length of the left segment was 9 and 6.5, respectively. The arrows had a length of 2.6 and a slope of 57. In the Ponzo illusion, the length of the bottom horizontal line was 4.6, and the top horizontal line was adjustable, with the minimal and maximal size 3.45 and 5.2, respectively. The length of the surround lines was 18.7 and the slope of 21. In the contrast illusion, the horizontal and vertical length of the whole figure was 20 and 12, respectively. Left and right rectangles were of the same size and the circles were located at the centre of the rectangles; the radius of the central circle was 0.85. The luminance of the surrounding part at the left and right side was 36.55 cd/m and 5.73 cd/m; the luminance of the left central circle was 12.7 cd/m and the luminance of the right central circle was adjustable between 5.9 cd/m (most dark) and 15.9 cd/m (most light).Participants were shown an illusion figure with a short instruction text. Their task was using two buttons on the screen to adjust an element in the illusion figure until the two elements (fixed and adjusted one) appeared to them as perceptually equivalent. Adjustment was achieved by clicking buttons displayed on the screen with a computer mouse. In particular, for the vertical-horizontal illusion they had to change the length of the vertical bar so that it would appear to them as equal to the horizontal bar; for the Ebbinghaus illusion they had to resize the right circle so it would appear to them as equal in size to the left circle; for the Muller-Lyer illusion they had to move the central arrow to the center of the horizontal segment; for the Ponzo illusion they were asked to change the length of the top horizontal bar so it would appear to them as equal to the bottom horizontal bar; and for the contrast illusion they had to change the brightness (i.e., variations of gray) of the right circle so it would be the same as the left circle. Upon completing adjustment for a given illusion, participants clicked on the presented OK button that was constantly present on the screen. Then, they proceeded to the next illusion figure (see below). Participants were forbidden to approach their hands/fingers to the monitor or to use any auxiliary devices (e.g., ruler) while doing the experiment. The experimenter closely monitored the participants to ensure they performed the experiment based strictly only on their vision. Participants were also asked not to make calculations in their mind (e.g., mental rotation of the vertical-horizontal illusion), but to go with their intuitive perception (i.e., gut feeling). Each illusion was repeated several times (see below), while the starting configuration (e.g., arrow position of the Muller-Lyer illusion) varied between rounds. The starting configurations were uniformly sampled through the whole spectrum of possible configurations (i.e., the possible boundaries, explained above). By initiating the illusion adjustment from different starting positions, we minimized the influence of the starting position on the perceptual decision. Twenty-three participants completed four repetitions for each illusion and 36 participants completed five repetitions. The order of the illusions and the order of the starting configuration for each illusion were pseudo-randomized. No two examples of the same illusion appeared in direct succession. Before the main experimental session, participants performed a short training session, where each illusion appeared once. All participants confirmed they understood the instructions.Structural MRI data (SPGR sequence) were collected for each participant using a 3 T GE MRI scanner (8-channel head coil) located at the Sourasky Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Scanning resolution was 1 1 1 mm, providing full brain coverage, with TE = 3.52 ms, TR = 9.104 ms.Data analysis was performed in MATLAB (R2009B version). The raw result values across several repetitions of the illusion were averaged. This resulted in a single raw value per participant/illusion. The magnitude of the illusory effect was calculated as a ratio between participants perceptual estimation and physically correct stimulus properties. The ratio values were subsequently transformed using the binary logarithm (base 2) to correct for potential non-linearity of the data. After transformation, values larger than 0 reflected an illusory effect. Specifically, for each illusion the illusory magnitude (i.e., the ratio) was calculated as follows. For the Ponzo illusion, the length of the bottom horizontal bar divided by the length of the top horizontal bar. For the vertical-horizontal illusion the length of horizontal bar divided by the vertical bar. For the Muller-Lyer illusion the length of the right horizontal segment (until the arrow) divided by the left horizontal segment. For the Ebbinghaus illusion, the radius of the right center circle was divided by the radius of the left central circle. For Ponzo, the vertical-horizontal, and Muller-Lyer illusions the illusory magnitude was calculated for the length of the segments. Accordingly, for consistency, we also used the length measure (i.e., radius) for the Ebbinghaus illusion. We validated that when an area of the circle was used instead of radius, very similar results were obtained in all subsequent analyses.Behavioral correlation analysis between the magnitude of the illusory effects was conducted using Spearman rank correlation. Spearman correlation is less sensitive to potential outliers than classical Pearson correlation. In addition, Spearman correlation is a more preferable method because it can accommodate any monotonic relationship, whereas a Pearson correlation assumes a linear relationship. We also validated that qualitatively similar results were obtained when the robust skipped correlation and Shepherd correlation methods were used. We calculated significance p-values and confidence intervals using the bootstrap method (10,000 bootstrap sets). To assess the significance of the correlations between illusions, Bonferroni multiple-comparison correction was applied based on the number of illusions. Confidence intervals were calculated for the percentiles by taking into account the Bonferroni multiple-comparison correction (i.e., 99.5% confidence interval for ten comparisons). Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for the magnitudes of the illusions (five illusions) was conducted using princomp MATLAB function (the input matrix: 59 participants 5 illusions). Prior to submitting the data to PCA, for each illusion separately, the log-transformed magnitudes of the illusions were z-standardized (mean = 0, standard deviation = 1). The explained variance of each component was calculated as an eigenvalue of each component divided by the sum of eigenvalues. The scores of the first principal component (i.e., the representation of the input data in the principal component space) was used as a regressor in VBM analysis (see below).The structural data processing pipeline was the same as in our previous publications. The data were analyzed using mainly SPM 8 (Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, London, UK; ), except for the localization of significant clusters, which was performed using the Non-Stationary Cluster Extent Correction for SPM toolbox in SPM 5 (see below). Structural anatomical images were segmented to gray and white matter using a unified segmentation algorithm. Then, an inter-subject registration of the gray matter images was performed using Diffeomorphic Anatomical Registration through the Exponentiated Lie Algebra (DARTEL) SPM toolbox. The resultant gray matter images were smoothed using the Gaussian kernel (FWHM = 8 mm) and then transformed to the MNI coordinate system (using a transformation matrix of segmentation step). Multiple regression model was estimated for first principal component (covariate of interest: scores of first PCA component). In addition, for each of five illusions separate multiple regression models were estimated (covariate of interest: magnitude of the illusory effect). Covariates of no interest (i.e., influence that was regressed out) in all models were age and gender of the participants and global gray matter density. Given our predictions that the illusory processing of the tested geometrical illusions might be related to visuospatial and scene-integration processing, we focused primarily on the parahippocampal cortex and hippocampus. To define this region, a single binary mask of the bilateral parahippocampal and hippocampus was constructed based on the aal masks of these regions (). The models estimated for the main analysis () were restricted to this binary mask. To establish statistical significance, in all analyses we applied cluster-level correction using the Non-Stationary Cluster Extent Correction for SPM toolbox (). We applied non-stationary correction, since it has been suggested that the use of standard cluster-based random field theory might be inappropriate because there is local variation in smoothness in structural images. In the VBM analyses of individual illusions, localization of significant clusters was conducted using Bonferroni multiple comparison correction for the number of illusions (p When no significant clusters were found at this corrected threshold, data were inspected using a more liberal threshold (p 05, corrected is specified explicitly in the text. In accordance with recommendations, in all analyses the primary threshold was p In addition to the main focus of our study, the parahippocampal cortex/hippocampus, we conducted VBM analyses for additional regions. This permitted us to establish regional specificity of the results found in the PHC. The regions included scene-selective parahippocampal place area (PPA), retrosplenial cortex (RSC), and the transverse occipital sulcus (TOS), object-selective lateral occipital (LO) complex, and the inferior intraparietal lobule (inferior IPL). These regions were defined as a sphere with a radius of 8 mm, centered in coordinates previously reported in the literature. In particular, the coordinates (in MNI space) for the PPA and RSC were used from ref. and were as follows: left PPA: 27,46,15; right PPA: 30, 44, 14; left RSC: 16, 64, 13, and right RSC: 20, 63, 17. The coordinates for the TOS were used from ref. and were as follows: left TOS: 33, 80, 19; right TOS: 34, 77, 19. The coordinates for the LO and inferior IPL were used from ref. and were as follows: left LO: 43, 82, 8; right LO: 43, 82,8; left inferior IPL: 31, 86, 23, and right inferior IPL: 31, 86, 23. Note, that similar coordinates for these regions were reported in many other previous studies (e.g., refs , , , ). To search for neural correlates outside the a-priori regions, for each illusion we estimated a model without anatomical restrictions.For the significant clusters found using VBM analysis we extracted gray matter density using the MarsBar region of interest toolbox for SPM and custom code. The extraction of gray matter was performed for each participant, resulting in one data point per participant/per cluster. The extracted gray matter density was correlated with the behavioral illusory effect of each illusion. We took special precautions to avoid potential circular (double-dipping) analysis. Our general strategy was as follows: For the clusters that were identified using the same or partly the same behavioral data (i.e., non-independent correlation analysis), no statistical inference was conducted (i.e., no p-values or confidence intervals). These analyses were used only for qualitative (i.e., visualization and inspection) assessment of whether there was an association between the two variables. For the clusters, which were identified using different behavioral data (i.e., independent correlation analysis), we calculated correlation Rho, p-values, and confidence intervals. In general, our analysis pipeline included two types of VBM analysis: a) analysis where the first principal component of illusion magnitude was used as a regressor, and b) a set of analyses where each illusion magnitude was used as a regressor. For the clusters identified using the first principal component (), no statistical inference was conducted for the correlation analysis between local gray matter and individual illusion magnitudes (i.e., the behavioral data was partially dependent). Despite this partial dependence, inspection of the association between two variables was still informative. That is, while relatively high correlation could be found for some illusions, no correlation was found for other illusions. For the clusters identified in the VBM analysis using the Muller-Lyer illusion, no statistical inference was conducted in correlation analysis between local gray matter and Muller-Lyer illusion magnitude (). For the two clusters that were identified Muller-Lyer illusion, we conducted set of statistical correlation analyses using four remaining illusions (). There is no circularity in this type of analysis because the identified cluster reflected strong correlation between local gray matter density (i.e., variable 1) and the behavioral scores of the Muller-Lyer illusion (i.e., variable 2). Then, gray matter volume in this cluster was correlated with the behavioral scores of the lets say Ponzo illusion (i.e., variable 3). Because variables 2 and 3 are independent, the selection of a cluster based on the correlation between variables 1 and 2, does not introduce a bias for the correlation between variables 1 and 3. In the supplementary material, we provide a MATLAB simulation code that illustrates this idea. Finally, for the clusters identified using the Ebbinghaus illusion, no statistical inference was conducted in correlation analysis between the local gray matter and the Ebbinghaus illusion magnitude (). The statistical analysis was conducted for the correlations between local gray matter and four remaining illusions (; the same logic as for the Muller-Lyer illusion described previously). In all correlation analyses Bonferroni multiple comparison correction was applied to correct for the number of illusions (n = 5). Correlation analyses were conducted using the same methods as explained in the behavioral data analysis section.
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