Native American Bedroom Ideas

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which teenage girls bedroom idea do you like better?

I have my room painted a light lavender color now and a light mint ceiling and it was cute when I was little, but I can not stand it now that i am older. Better to go with the white, you can do more with it. Lavender/lilac is a little too kidish

which bedroom idea is better?

Go with the idea you like... Its your room and you have to live in it. You have to like it! Im sure your mom will understand if you do not use her color ideas. Show off your personality in your room. Good Luck!

which bedroom idea do you like better?

I like blue/brown and green, but I would have the 2 main colors being blue and green w/ chocolate brown accents, like a throw pillow or something. Maybe a blue and green patterned blanket over your bed w/ pillow cases, one in each color, a throw rug, or 2 rugs, one in blue one in green my husband and I are split over the painting. Green makes your color not look so good, and blue makes you feel cold (so good if you live in a hot state) or just paint one wall one of the colors. if you like bold, geometric patterns, you could do a diagonal stripe of brown seperating the other two colors.

can you please please please help me find a really cute bedroom idea for teen girls?

properly Ur Room Is Already colour Ful flow to Walmart And Get some green bedding Sheets..... And Get A Blur Or Yellow Jewelery Holder And placed It Up On ur Wall tell ur acquaintances to charm to U some eye-catching drawings and tape em to ur wall!

I need a proper answer from proper men. Some bedroom ideas...?

Hi Jessica L there is one that meany men respond to and that's the bondage scenario tie him to the bed blindfold and gag him so you have total control then take your time before you put any lube on him try a strip of silk wrap it round his dick once then draw it slowly and gently from side to side or use a feather duster on his balls

Can you help us with a bedroom idea for our 3 year old son?

The ideas are great. But I would stay away from the fish tank

Why do people get so snobby about this new bedroom idea of mine? Its insutling!?

It sounds like you want some more privacy and independence from your parents, and that you can not afford to do much better than this backyard cabin idea. I get what you are saying about the childishness, and I am wondering if this is related also to your Asperger's that feeling that you get from others. It's very easy to feel judged when you know you are different. I would say that if you want to get out and really be more independent, get yourself outside more, be as social as you can, and start volunteering to work for your community. If you do not already have a job, volunteering is a great first step. If you do already have a job, volunteering builds character and gives you more experience with what I know is usually difficult for people with mental illness and personality issues. Figure out where you fit in, and do what you love. That's where you belong. Go for it, and have fun. Good luck!

Why do people get so snooby about this new bedroom idea of mine? Its insulting!?

That sounds great. I am jealous :) I think it's worth it. Paint it how you want.

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