My Cat Scratches Furniture Even with Scratch Poles and Toys, Ruined My $2000 Leather Sofa and Chairs

IF she only does it to your furniture when you are not there, she is letting you know she is mad about being left behind. Cats scratch things, it is their nature.


did you get the stain out????

2. Leather sofa and fabric ottoman?


3. Should I write with a marker on my leather sofa?

The beige colored marker probably wo not work. I would suggest getting a leather cleaner or a leather stain remover

4. how to remove blue ballpoint ink scribble marks from my beige rexine(false leather) sofa seat?please help!!!

haved you tried W D 40?

5. How to stop my kitten scratching our leather sofa?

When the little "ripper" starts tearing away, give him a hit from a water pistol. Water will not hurt puss, but it will program him to associate clawing your furniture with an unwelcome squirt. We have a 15y moggy and a 10m kitten. This worked for them.

6. How do I get pee out of a leather sofa?!?!?

Clean with some murphys oil soap

7. how do u remove permenent marker from leather sofa?

There is a cleaner you can get for leather and suede, we have suede and it removes everythin it is great. I think it was called exceleron, or excelsion, or something like that. It is a white box with red letters and a cousch on the front. I am all out right now, but we got it from the furniture store we bought the couch at

8. Is there a do it yourself way to restore color on a black leather sofa? (faded in places)?

The same thing happened to my black leather purse. I used a black magic marker with permanent ink. It looks great and once it dries does not rub off!

9. i have a leather sofa, and it got pen stained yesterday?

hairspary then alcohol the more hairspray that might work if not ur sol

10. What's the proper method for caring for leather sofa and love seat ?

I cannot remember the name of the product off hand, but most stores carry leather wipes that work wonders

11. I just bought a bonded leather sofa what is the best thing to wipe it down with?

Bonded Leather Care

12. What color walls will work with forest green leather sofa?

It depends on what you want your room to feel like. If you want something outdoorsy, which from the sounds of your color choice you do, I would try some lighters tones, try greys, sea foam, blues or sage greens. Tans and brown would be a better choice for a more warm and homey room. Or you can go the oposite direction and try pastels to make it pop and then make all your other furniture in white or blacks. you should take a picture and then take a trip to your harware store and match it against paint samples. That's the easiest way to see what would look good with it.

13. I have a leather sofa that is just beginning to crack. How do I prevent it from cracking further.?

Had a leather Ikea sofa that came apart at the cushion seams-- I tend to blame poor tanning or inferior leather for your problem--no offense-- it's just that there is less and less good leather out there. They harvest animals that are too young and have thinner hides, etc etc. I would just buy a GOOD leather cream or balm to start---- prevent it from drying out further. My mate is an experienced seamstress and we could not repair ours even with industrial sewing needles, so do not even bother. You might also check out Tandy's product called "Hide Rejuvenator." We revived an ancient zebra skin rug with this stuff--it's pretty miraculous. ..can make the oldest dry leather look fabulous. But it may not be what you need... You may have to make friends with your cracks and regard them as graceful signs of age!! Hope something here helps

14. my friend gave me a leather sofa & chairs but they smell like smoke. how can i get the smell out ?

burn them. that will fix the problem permanently

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Something that compliments the Blue-orange, yellow orange, Rust, Salmon, red orange. look at the color wheel it also depends on what youre asking the colors for.. drapes, decor, rugs.. etc. Cream and tan matches almost anything1. How do you remove dried Paint, from leather sofa's?Try rubbing alcohol my daughter had the same thing and she use it and was successful2. How do I clean my dusty, leather sofa?Go to your auto parts store and buy premoistened leather seat wipes for autos. They work good and moisten the leather without getting on clothes3. what color would go well with chocolate brown leather sofa for a theater room in the basement?Go red or orange - not a wow tone but something more spicy4. My leather sofa has become sticky and dull. How do I replace the finish.?wipe it down, then use MOTHERS leather conditioner on it, you might have to go to a motorcycle store to get it5. How do you get stains out of a leather sofa?leather cleaner its oil based if you are in an emergency put a little olive oil on a cloth and gently rub6. what color would you perfer dark chocolate or light brown color for Majestic Licorice Leather Sofa?I would pick the dark chocolate because the color goes well with everything, is a popular color now and does not show marks or dirt. I do not like black leather because it looks too contemporary to me. Light brown is a good choice too, but it will show marks and dirt more. Dark chocolate goes with any style and any color palette7. How do I stop my cat from pissing on my $10,000 leather sofa set?Cover up the stench with your own urine. Works every time.8. what will remove a permanent marker"Sharpie"from a leather sofa and laminate flooring.?Try WD40 or vegetable oil9. Which colors blanket go well with Reina Green leather sofa?? Reina Green is difficult to match well.?How about red?10. will the cats use my new leather sofa as a scratching post?More than likely, you can avoid this buy buying a deterrent such as "Kitty No' it's an odorless non-staining spray that repels the cats. I am sure the furniture store has some if not try your local pet store11. How to paint a leather sofa?Leo, why in the world would you want to paint a leather sofa. Of course if you paint it, you will ruin it. I would suggest a slipcover for your sofa. There are variety of colors to choose from and its easy to put on. Good luck!12. How do i get green felt tip pen off my cream leather sofa?try hairspray and then water to get the hairspray residue off quickly, maybe a leather oil after to make sure it does not dry the sofa out there13. what color theme go well with a black leather sofa?Light blue. White - if you want a lot of contrast. Light pink - if you are a girl Red - if you are a guy, though this looks a bit evil to me Brown It really depends on the color of the other furniture in your room, your accessories, the floor color (light or dark), the wall color, etc.14. Can I use hand cream or lotion to condition my leather sofa?Cream Leather Suites15. Is that the same shoe use split suede leather and sofa use suede leather? we are a start-up leather shoes located in India?If you do not what the basic properties of leather are then you do not know near enough about leathers to be starting a shoe company. leather come in two types: vegetable tanned and chrome/chemical tanned. The differences are far to complex for a yahoo answer and you need to know these essential differences before you can even dream of a shoe making business. A shoe maker should know leather inside and out and not be asking such a very basic question on YA. At the very least you should know how to properly research resources with information relevant to the materials that are such an integral, important and fundamental requirement for your business16. How can i change color on my leather sofa?How about a slip cover
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