My 2 Year Old Son Was in a Car Accident Hes now in a Wheel Chair Every Time I Look at Him Ic Ant Hel

i am sorry to hear that. i hope your boy will recover! it is really not your fault. and before these negative thoughts go any further, you should talk to someone (psychologist, care centre, etc.). wish you all the best

1. women out there, would you date a guy in a wheel chair who has only one leg?

Rich... dont worry bro... sea is full of fish. Youll find your other match... doesnt matter if its tomorrow or next month, or next year... Worry bout the inside.. not outside!! Good luck bro! -Luis

2. If I paid you a million dollars would you flip over a random cripples wheel chair?

Yeah, but i would make a deal with him first and give him a cut of my earnings

3. Ladies, would you date a guy in a wheel chair?

Sure, he's no different than anyone else

4. Options for school if my son is in a Wheel chair for the next 4 weeks?

I think that you should send him to school. you are going to have to take him to school though so that he can get his work. Somebody can help him out

5. If an atheist went blind, deaf or wound up in a wheel chair, would the reconsider believing in God?

on the contrary what did Job's friends encourage him to do? to be angry with God

6. MY 92 year old father was helping mom in her wheel chair?

This is the part of growing old that really sucks. If they can afford to hire outside help to come into the home that would probably be the most comfortable option for them at this point. Family and grandkids can be very helpful and as someone who provided help to my parents in later years I can vouch that there is no greater gift that you can give yourself than helping loved ones who need help.

7. i stole a paraplegic wheel chair while he was taking a **** in the waffle house bathroom?

I do not think you will try THAT prank again

8. should i have sex with a guy in a wheel chair?

huh depends is he paralized down there ask him if not do it

9. i need to find what wheel chair i have?

I would go to a drug store that carries wheel chairs and ask them to look it up for you

10. i am paralized and in a wheel chair how will if find the right guy?

Your Not alone. There are tons of people in this world who are in your situation or in a worse situation and still meet people. Cherish the fact that you are alive,and do not worry about dating right now. Once you get older I am sure the right guy will come along who cares about you and has the same interests and will love you for you. I promise he is out there. But for now,Cherish your life. And do not worry about the future.

11. A drunk man in a Wheel chair??? what do u think his punishment will be??

Probably he will get charged with public drunkenness and have to pay a fine

12. ?Which Gta San andreas myths are true and false?

Bigfoot = true, but very hard to find it. we have 1/10 chance to find them. UFO = maybe true, cause there is a lot of strange things in the sky. Ghost Cars = 100% true, i've found them more than 10 times. CJ's mom ghost = maybe false, and maybe some one had edited it. alien = i do not know, wheel chair = 100% true, the wheel chair is located at Fisher's Lagoon Leather Face = maybe true, but i think it's a mod or had been edited. hope this help :D

13. Which is more memorable, Michael Jordan's Flu Game, or Paul Pierce's wheel chair game?

Nah.....niether one. The most memorable was when Magic Johnson got Aids. Next to that would be when Barry Sanders quit playing. Then it would have to be when OJ Simpson was guilty of robbery and kidnapping. Then it was when Mike Tyson bit off an ear. Then it was when Lawrence Taylor took in a juvenile prostitute. Then it was when Luther Van Dross exited. Then it was was when Reggie White left. Then it was when that basketball guy was wearing wigs, makeup, lipstick and dresses off the court. ............. ............. .............. Oh boy, what a mess. Then you have Brett Hull retiring, Nolan Ryan left and Bill Clinton exited. ..... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... :))

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