More Than a Dozen Ways to Use Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery, at Home

Pantone selected its 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, based on research that shows everyone just wants a big, deep breath of air. "We don't all have access to the green forest, but we do have access to things we can bring into our home environment," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, which advises companies on color and forecasts trends.One way to do that is with this powerful color. When used on an accent wall, kitchen backsplash or throw, it will refresh and energize you. Pair it with warm whites and neutrals for a clean, tranquil vibe, or use a bright white for a fun, contemporary feel. It's especially nice in kitchens, where it's natural to want a fresh feeling, but also in entries and hallways, to transition between room colors. "It is a very optimistic color," says Lori Weitzner, a textile designer in New York and author of "Ode to Color." "Use it in the right way in your home, and it will keep your spirits high."● One of the best places to use a bright green, Weitzner says, is in the kitchen. Add plants and herbs, but also consider a green backsplash, an accentwall or even an indoor-outdoor rug. Dash & Albert's Samode Indoor/Outdoor Rug pairs a vegetal greencalled Sprout with a warm ivory - and spills come out with a quick hose-down ($48-$672,●Play with Greenery in a small way with the Miguel Green Highball Glass ($7, Depending on how you set the table, the color changes like a chameleon. With bright whites, "it could be terrific and energetic," Alexandria-based interior designer Victoria Sanchez said in an email. It could also counterbalance gray or, when paired with other brights, signal a party atmosphere.●Don't worry about this color being merely a fad. Our eyes never tire of green just as they never tire of a view of trees. Ikea's Fargrik 18-piece dinnerware set brings the timeless hue to your kitchen table ($25,●As Eiseman traveled the world to collect data for this year's color, she took note of people wanting a healthy diet, cooking with more herbs and embracing the green-tea powder called matcha, the color of which matches Greenery almost exactly. Sip your own green tea from the color-matching Pome Mug ($14,●"Greenery is also great to use as accents in rugs and throw pillows in an otherwise neutral room," Weitzner says. "They add uplifting energy and can elevate the mood - without creating too much intensity." The Antibes Throw pairs the color with orange, aqua, ivory and navy ($185,●It's widespread design wisdom that the best place to try out trends is in small accessories. A classic throw or pillow for a sofa will do, but why not go for the unexpected pouf? The Hand-Knitted Pouf by Chandra mixes green and cream, making the pattern lively yet serene ($164, Eiseman says she is seeing more light fixtures in vibrant shades of green. The ceramic Lauren Table Lamp, which has a traditional shape, reads contemporary in this glossy color ($129,●If you love Greenery but don't know where to incorporate it in your furnishings, Eiseman recommends taking an old, shabby chair and re-covering it in a solid-green or green-printed fabric. No lovelorn hand-me-down in your house? You can also buy that accent chair new. We like the overscale floral on the Frankie Cream & Green Armchair. ($450,●"Greenery feels hopeful, happy, new and crisp," Sanchez said. "Also, it is tying us into nature, which I believe is comforting, calm and yet upbeat, too." The tassels on the French Tassel Shower Curtain by Serena & Lily emphasize the playfulness of the color ($78,●Weitzner would pair Greenery with other fun colors, such as melon, lavender and sunny yellow, but she'd do it in small doses. "These happy and curious colors are easy to live with in small amounts," she says. "They are not too sweet nor too saturated." Bold color doesn't come in a smaller dose than on the hands of the Newgate Cubic Grey and White Alarm Table Clock ($40,●Greenery is more of a new-leaf green, not the deeper green of plants in summer, Weitzner says. Build on that springy feeling by potting houseplants in the Better Homes and Gardens Bombay Decorative Planter ($30 for a set of two,●Weitzner knows designers who love plastering a bright green on all four walls of a room. That can be too much for a bedroom, though, so try some fresh green bedding instead. The Parker Green Duvet's preppy white stripes are a fun touch ($194-$262,

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The guide of Contemporary Tea Table And Wooden Upholstered Sofa SJ002-25
The guide of Contemporary Tea Table And Wooden Upholstered Sofa SJ002-25
Beginning from 2006, FOSHAN SHUNDE SHENGYANG FURNITURE CO., LTD. is a professional coffee shop and restaurant furniture manufacturer company. We have been operating for over 12 years. Our clients spread all around the world. We offer table and sofa group. Contemporary Tea Table And Wooden Upholstered Sofa SJ002-25 is the best name product among them.Contemporary Tea Table And Wooden Upholstered Sofa SJ002-25 is created with qualified wood,Imitation leather. It is widely applicated to coffee shop and restaurant furniture and . It is delicately designed to comply with the industry standard. We present this product in different designs and sizes that meet on patrons's demand. It is characterised by High density foam upholstered in leather or fabric. Because of High density foam upholstered in leather or fabric and , . The cutting-edge methods of production makes it best suited to the growing market specifications. We are honored to mention that it has earned the . It can also be customized as per the varied demands of clients. It is within a guarantee period of from the dates when we make the deal. We offer a -day return policy. It is available in continued success of SHENGYANG FURNITURE has been built upon consistent and competitive pricing, quality workmanship, quick response time and outstanding customer service. At SHENGYANG FURNITURE, it is our goal to provide the highest quality products and superior service to our customers, both being our top priority. Our good service keeps our regular customers coming back for more. We welcome the opportunity to quote your next project, regardless of size, quantity or material and we look forward to working with you.
The Unexpected Color That Goes with Everything
Becky Dietrich, Houzz Contributor I have just given you a magic wand. Cool, huh? Step outside and wave it over every bit of greenery you see. Say, "Abracadabra - I change you to beige!" Now peruse the result of your handiwork. All the life, vitality, joy and color have vanished, haven't they?Now wave your wand again and restore the green. Does this make you think any differently about what constitutes a neutral color?Nature's lavish use of the color green exhibits no regard for the need to match hues. She mixes lime green, forest green, yellow-green, blue-green, spring green, sage green and avocado green. There are simply no rules, only a cheerful and riotous surrender to any and all shades of green - nature's neutral color.Next consider sky, sand, flowers and even vegetables. Nature shows an equal lack of restraint when it comes to what colors work with green. Which is why I consider green a neutral.I propose that green is the truest of all neutrals - not beige, taupe, gray or cream. It can be used as a standalone color, without any need for repetition, as in this lively accent wall.How to work with the color green If a whole wall is too much for you to start with, how about just accenting a beam or the ceiling? The reddish purple and green accents in this bedroom illustrate how you can stick your toe in the water without totally immersing yourself in a color.Or go for broke and paint the entire room. If you need encouragement, just poke your head outdoors again.Anytime a room feels dreary or lifeless, consider adding green, like these high-gloss, hot-green accent cabinets, which bring this otherwise-restrained kitchen to life.Browse more beautiful kitchens on Houzz This leads to my second premise: Green knows no style boundaries. Whether your design tastes veer toward traditional or contemporary, green just works. Different hues of green give a room depth and vitality, while they introduce both oomph and whimsy.My third premise is that - because it's a neutral - green goes with any and all colors. I pay no attention to the color wheel when it comes to green (or any other color, honestly). Nature precedes that tool and mixes green without compromise. I adore how the mix of colors in this room works because of the use of green.How to pick the right green paint You might start introducing green in your dining chairs, or even with an accent chair or sofa. Remember, furniture style is not a factor.Green doesn't shrink from orange and grays, and it works with very traditional shades of apricot and cream.Punctuate an all-white space with green accents and art, or even with green pendant lights in the kitchen.
L'esprit Home in La Grange Embodies Kentucky
Entertaining, decorating and cooking are all passions of Cheryl Sabin, so the idea of opening her home to others as a bed and breakfast was a natural transition. Sabin pays homage to her mother's memory by showcasing sentimental heirlooms throughout the home. Surrounded by lush landscape, an equine theme and beautiful décor, the local B&B provides a welcome retreat to all who visit.EQUINE THEMEThe great room commands attention with high ceilings and a dramatic stone fireplace. A horse painting hangs prominently above the mantel while horse statues and collectibles adorn the hearth. Sofas with a leather inlay and nail-head trim are grouped with an accent chair. A cocktail table boasts a festive floral arrangement. Built-in bookcases host a television and variety of books. Horse photos line the yellow cream walls. The corner Christmas tree sparkles in the corner of the room.OPEN AND AIRYOpen and airy, the kitchen is a hub of activity when Sabin is preparing one of her delicious breakfast treats for her guests. The breakfast bar with a tea stained base and black granite countertop is embraced by accent chairs. Pendant lights illuminate the space. The perimeter of the kitchen features ornate trim that complements the tea stained cabinetry while the granite counters provide additional space for preparing one of her culinary delights.ENJOY THE VIEWA favorite room in the home is the bright and cheery sun room. Windows frame the room while views of the landscape and numerous bird feeders delight guests who can relax and enjoy the view. Yellow and white drapes dress the windows. Floral accent chairs surround the glass top table providing the ideal spot to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. The stacked stone wall features a nook to house the television and festive Christmas stockings along with a small fireplace to keep the room toasty on a cold, dreary day.nuts & boltsHomeowner: Cheryl Sabin. Sabin is the owner of Bluegrass Country Estate Bed & Breakfast and is also a Realtor. She is a director on the Oldham County Tourism Board, a board member for her community HOA and also has a decorator's certification for staging homes on the market. She shares her home with rescue dogs, Angel and Sammy; barn cat, Sassy; and horses, Dakota and Majestic Blue.Home: This home is located in L'Esprit, an equestrian community in La Grange, Ky., and it operates as a bed and breakfast with six beds and seven baths. This is one of three homes on the Crestwood Civic Holiday Home Tour slated for Saturday, Nov. 21.Distinctive elements: Outdoor living space with pool; hot tub and an outdoor kitchen; theater room; workout room; game room; sun rooms overlooking the pastures; gardens; horse barns designed to look like the home; bronze statue of a mare and colt located in the front of the home; and an open floor plan.Applause! Applause! Sabin was pleased with the pieces she purchased at the Las Vegas Market; Gallery 104; May and Company, for the mattresses and pillows; the talented artists that are her friends and riding partners; and friend Mary Austin for helping her find additional art work and introducing her to Joe Ley Antiques, where she found her inspiration for her logo and centerpiece, the mare and colt statue, which are displayed prominently to greet her guests.Crestwood Civic Club Holiday Home Tour and Luncheon: The holiday home tour and luncheon will be 10 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21. Lunch seating are at 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Three homes will be featured on the tour. Tickets are $20 with lunch and $17 without lunch. For tickets and more information, you may contact Laurie at 502-265-0376. The lunch will be held at the Crestwood Civic Club, 7215 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood, Ky.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Accent Chair
"1. What is the popular interior design trend "less is more" all about, and how can I achieve this look in my home?Minimalist furnishing and decorating means keeping your furniture and home accessories to a small amount, and furnishing with total intention and purpose.Adopting a minimal approach to life or interior design is all about making conscious choices and is about living with less. This in turn is to boost the functionality of your room and your overall mindset and feeling in this space. Minimalism is about stepping away from over-cluttered and over-stuffed spaces.A great way to do this is to always plan and think about the purpose of a space and what it requires to bring it into simple balance. You could add one of two minimal touches such as: an accent chair, a mirror to open up the space, some plants to add vitality in a plain corner or a wall clock to add height and dimension into the room. On the other hand, if you're working with an already furnished space, question what you could remove from the set-up that will still achieve the same look and feel, but without so many items?Minimalist interior is a great way to ensure yourself a clean, stylish and modern space.For more inspo and product details, please feel free to check out our Website and Instagram.What is the popular interior design trend "less is more" all about, and how can I achieve this look in my home?.------2. Why is this definition for optimist false: An optimist is anyone who believes that optimists exist?This is supposed to be a definition: An X is anyone who believes that Xs exist Let X Human. All humans, except babies, humans in a coma, and humans with strange philosophical beliefs, believe that humans exist. Let X golf player. All golf players believe that golf players exist. Let X serial killer. All serial killers believe that serial killers exist. No, its not a definition of optimist------3. Which color Accent Chair would look good with my Taupe sectional sofa?Taupe color goes well with blue-gray shades; this creates a soft, but contrasting combination with a vintage flair. This soothing combination has a natural charm, and will be an excellent color scheme for any room.Taupe sectional sofa will be combined with light beige furniture. For example, the contrast of gray-brown sectional and beige accent chair is less aggressive than black and white, but also creates an interesting combination. Both colors are neutral, they are quite calm, but harmonious.For more contrast, you can dilute your taupe sofa with an amethyst or emerald/teal armchair. It also goes well with brownish colored palette.Which color Accent Chair would look good with my Taupe sectional sofa?------4. What colors match with brown?It's important to note that brown will always be enhanced when contrasted with crisp white. The tall wainscot in this bathroom is a winning combination with the chocolate brown color above it, the two working together to increase the drama. Without the white wall treatment, the bathroom would feel too dark, but with it the walnut stain on the vanity becomes a focal point. Brown and blue are made for each other since the cool tones in the blues harmonize the warmer ones found in wood furniture. The judicious use of bold blue on the upholstered dining room chairs and decorative vases adds modern flair to these traditional furnishings. Restful shades of blue and pink pretty up a sitting room but a good dose of brown will ground these pastel hues and lend a sophisticated touch. Pale pastels will never appear juvenile when dramatic brown fabrics or wood furniture are near. Kelly green and pale blues are cooler colors that contrast nicely with the warmth of brown and energize this family room. Choose patterned accent chairs, window panels, and colorful pillows in these hues to rejuvenate a space anchored by a brown sofa. What colors match with brown?.------5. What is the accent chair?Finn Avenue accent chair Singapore is often available in a different style. It is not part of a suite of furniture and is often upholstered in a different patterned fabric than the rest of the furniture in the room. An accent chair Singapore often adds a sculptural element to a room. Accent chair Singapore is crafted with a hardwood frame, features a inviting silhouette with smooth velvet upholstery choices that lures your thoughts from Singapore to Old Hollywood glamour. An accent chair is more compact and features well either as a dining chair or a study room chair, or a dressing chair.Your home tells your story. What you surround yourself with says something about you, the places you have been, the people you love, and the things that inspire you. An armchair is also an accent chair that accentuates life within a living room or a bedroom. An accent chair is something that not only will add style to your room but also you will feel relaxed after a long tiring day.What is the accent chair?------6. What are some unique features I can add to my room to make it look modern?To achieve a modern look, focus on furnishing with innovative and aesthetic designs. This doesn't mean you need to add a lot of pieces to your room to create a chic look, it means carefully selecting and curating your furniture and decorative pieces to achieve the above.A modern home showcases a lot of natural curves and dramatic lines. Think about keeping your space open and minimally decorated. This will allow for easy mobility and add a luxe look feeling to the room. Think about the look, style, and colour palette you would like to furnish in and implement these elements into your own space. Modern interior styles include Modern Mid-Century and Scandinavian design.Decorate consciously and with purpose. Adding a handful of items will have a much greater modern affect than a room that is over-decorated and cluttered. Think about featuring unique home accessories such as a designer sofa, a colourful accent chair, or a gorgeous marble coffee table. Other decor pieces to feature, include: flowers, plants, wall art, and a statement mirror.For more inspo and product details, please feel free to check out our Website and Instagram.What are some unique features I can add to my room to make it look modern?.------7. Understanding Rhythm with Time SignaturesI have a method that I use for myself. It is more time consuming than I like, but for my purposes, it is quite effective in helping me understand otherwise confusing points in my studies. My method is to write out the material I'm studying, sometimes I copy word for word, other times I write out in note form. For some reason, writing it out causes my brain to process the ideas and they become more coherent to me and it helps me to see a much bigger picture of what is really going on. I still have to memorize things but it's much easier for me because the understanding is there for me. I don't know if it works for everybody, but I've found it works that way for me. I appreciate your question------8. Being harassed by a department chairIf the harassment really is for reasons of "e.g. gender, skin color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, accent, etc," then the federal government could get involved. See the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website ( for more information.------9. What accent colors go well with grey?Grey is very much a neutral colour, which is great as it opens up pretty much endless possibilities for accents colours, textures, patterns and other furnishings.When starting with grey as your base colour think of where you would like the final look to go as this will influence the further colour choices you make.For a calming, neutral finished look add colours of the same value yet different tones. Sticking to other neutrals will create a cohesive, relaxing environment. Think of other greys, browns, off-whites, beiges, etc. Adding some natural elements like a wooden coffee table of shelves will look amazing in a space like this. Though mixing different colours would be advisable as keeping all elements in the room grey can make the space look quite bland, adding other neutrals bring life and depth to the space.That said. Grey as a base also allows you to go bold and choose vibrant, popping colours to add a funky, interesting and playful edge to an interior.Think of dark grey walls with a big neon art piece. Grey walls and floors with a bright orange accent chair. Neon signage, lime green rugs, pink velvet sofas. The possibilities are endless and so fun when taking a little leap and going for that unexpected item. Grey can give a very sophisticated look, which makes it all the more fun to break that up with something unexpected. Keep that sophisticated look but add funk, add fun, add that unexpected edge and let it shine!Grey gives you an incredible chance to go bold, to try something new and unexpected. Go for it!What accent colors go well with grey?What's the best accent color for a gray room?.------10. Where can I buy this chair?Hi,Buy Accent Chairs, Armchairs Online in Singapore:The variety of Armchairs Singapore has witnessed over the years reveal the great love city dwellers have for seeking comfort in an accent chair reading a book, playing games on the phone, or watching Netflix. Not only is an armchair functional in its purpose, but it also doubles up as a haven for rest from the long day at work. In many cases, an armchair is also an Accent Chair that accentuates life within a living room or a bedroom. Aside from armchairs, one may also consider beautiful stools or benches as alternatives to accent chairs. Buying the right armchair is important to set the mood you are creating in a room.This statement accent chair is crafted with a hardwood frame, features a inviting silhouette with smooth velvet upholstery choices that lures your thoughts from Singapore to Old Hollywood glamour. Or you could consider an accent chair that is more compact and features well either as a dining chair or a study room chair, or a dressing chair.Click Here To Get More collection Of Accent Chair SingaporeWhere can I buy this chair?------11. Where can I find a good site to purchase some home furniture?For US | An Undiscovered World of Luxury DesignStressless HomepageBeautiful Home Decor, Beautifully PricedSUMMER FURNITURE SALEMarcella Velvet Rivet Allyson Mid-Century Modern Two-Shelf Adjustable Coffee Table, Walnut: Kitchen & DiningGraphite Woven Noelle Sofa and OttomanWood Dining Table & BenchMid-Century Storage Bench - AcornMarcelle Charging NightstandModway Response Fabric BenchDonna Plush Modern Tufted Accent ChairTransmit Coffee Table | Contemporary & Modern Furniture | LexModPrepac Monterey Full Wood Storage Bed WBD-5600-3K - The Home DepotHailey UK wayfair. co. made. lartdevivreonline. furniturevillage. co. habitat. co. ukfurniture123. co. nest. co. ukevemattress. co. uksofa. comloaf. comarloandjacob. comswooneditions. amazon. co. uk u203a Some u203a categories u203a can I find a good site to purchase some home furniture?"
Small-space Furniture Looms Large at Hudson's Bay Flagship Store
Were seeing across the country . . . that people are downsizing and trying to make better use of their space. Arren Williams Hudsons Bay Home creative director Theres lots to like about the recently refurbished, 20,000 square-foot furniture department on the sixth floor of the Hudsons Bay Queen St. flagship store. To start, natural light floods in through banks of massive windows a boon to anyone trying to gauge the colour of a textile or material. There are interesting exclusive imports, such as Natuzzi Italia, which is made with leather hand-tanned in Italy, as well as in-house collections, such as the quietly elegant GlucksteinHome line by Brian Gluckstein. Then theres the diverse mix of wall decor, which is several steps up the ladder from the selection so often found in mass chains. Just as noticeable, however, are the number of pieces designed for small spaces handsome, slim-hipped chairs, sleek sofas with narrow arms and low backs, and transformable or stackable coffee and side tables with dainty legs. That, says Arren Williams, creative director for Hudsons Bay Home, is because small spaces have become incredibly important for the giant retailer. Were seeing across the country whether urban or suburban that people are downsizing and trying to make better use of their space. Its a huge push and youll see us speaking to that more and more. In fact, says Williams, every home-related category under his watch is looking for opportunities around small space from furniture that balances style, size and design to coffee makers that dont gobble up counterspace to ergonomic housewares from companies like Joseph Joseph, , which makes colourful, stackable bowls and storage gear for the kitchen. For customers outfitting small spaces, the biggest stumbling block is often deciding what to buy first, says Williams. It always comes down to buying the thing you are going to spend the most time on or with, and that is usually the sofa, he says. Its especially important for the small-space dweller to carefully consider how theyll use that central piece. Do you need a sectional because you want to lounge? Do you want something cleaner and more contemporary? Either way, a sofa that really speaks to you is a great place to start, says Williams. So-called condo-sized sofas about 70 inches in length, such as Hudsons Bay new 70-inch, made-in-Canada Ringo sofa from Brentwood are a good option, suggests Williams. A larger sofa is doable, he adds, but it will leave less space for floor lamps, occasional tables and accent chairs pieces that are key to defining the look of a room. Its where you get your style hits, so you want to have room for a fantastic statement chair that can sit in the space and look great from all angles in a small, open area, he says. This spring, Hudsons Bay has several options that fit the bill. They include the Skien swivel chair, whose curving lines evoke Danish designer Arne Jacobsens famous Egg Chair and Patrik, a graceful mid-century design executed in American Ash. Furniture that can work equally well on the balcony or a living room is always a good choice for an apartment or condo, says Williams. For an accent chair that lives indoors or out, he suggests the stunning Acapulco chair, with its shiny handwoven black flexible plastic cord and sexy copper frame, from local designers Innit, . Small space homeowners should also consider using multiples of the same accent piece, especially if theyre multi-functional, says Williams. Stackable cubes, for example, work equally well as coffee, end or bedside tables. Sometimes you dont want to have a different table in your living room and your bedroom; you want something thats consistent. It almost disappears in a sense, so your eye has a moment to rest on those things that are really important, that make the big style statement, he explains. Further defining small spaces with toss cushions, art and collectibles is another time-tested design trick. Thats your opportunity to add personality, your own point of view. Without that, a space will always be a bit of a blank slate. Typographic wall art from Canadian manufacturer Celadon, would work, as would Royal Doultons graffiti-inspired Street Art collection found in the Hudsons Bay china department. Williams says the relaunched furniture department will help homeowners with both the broad strokes and finer details of furnishing spaces with economical footprints. Its an edited point of view, says Williams. Thats what our customers want: they dont want to go through hundreds and hundreds of sofas. They want to understand how things to go together, and for us to help them create that ebb and flow that makes a space no matter what size feel layered and sophisticated. More from Vicky Sanderson at . Also the DIY editor for Reno and Decor magazine, Vicky is on Twitter: @vickysanderson or email a .
Is It Possible That Some Baskeball Courts Are Smaller Than Others?
Is it possible that some baskeball courts are smaller than others?Yes, definitely!!! I've been playing my whole life. Usually outdoor courts are all smashed together so they are very small because they try to fit as many courts as possible. Indoor ones like at gyms are usually bigger and more accurate because there is only one or sometimes two in a large area.— — — — — —The Iraqi Government wants to prosecute Backwater employees in their courts...?Pulling Blackwater's license may be all the Iraqis can do. Should any Iraqis ever seek redress for the deaths of the civilians in a criminal court, they will be out of luck. Because of an order promulgated by the Coalition Provisional Authority, the now-defunct American occupation government, there appears to be almost no chance that the contractors involved would be, or could be, successfully prosecuted in any court in Iraq. CPA Order 17 says private contractors working for the U.S. or coalition governments in Iraq are not subject to Iraqi law. Should any attempt be made to prosecute Blackwater in the United States, meanwhile, it's not clear what law, if any, applies. "Blackwater and all these other contractors are beyond the reach of the justice process in Iraq. They can not be held to account," says Scott Horton, who chairs the International Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association. "There is nothing [the Iraqi government] can do that gives them the right to punish someone for misbehaving or doing anything else." L. Paul Bremer, then the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, the initial occupation government of Iraq, issued CPA Order 17 in June 2004, the day before the CPA ceased to exist. "Contractors," it says, "shall not be subject to Iraqi laws or regulations in matters relating to the terms and conditions of their Contracts." The Iraqi government has contested the continued application of this order, but because of restraints that inhibit the Iraqi government from changing or revoking CPA orders, Order 17 technically still has legal force in Iraq. Furthermore, as Peter W. Singer, an expert on private security contractors who is a senior fellow at the center-left Brookings Institute, points out, in order for the Iraqi government to prosecute those contractors, the U.S. government would have to accede to it. And that, Singer says, poses a whole new set of thorny questions. "The question for the U.S. is whether it will hand over its citizens or contractors to an Iraqi court, particularly an Iraqi court that's going to try and make a political point out of this," Singer says. If the United States is not willing to do so because of concerns that the trial will be politically motivated, he adds, there's a new question at hand. "If we really say that openly, does not that defeat everything we heard in the Kabuki play last week with [General David] Petraeus and [U.S. Ambassador Ryan] Crocker, that everything was going great? What happens if we say, 'No, we do not think you can deal with this fairly in your justice system?'" That leaves international and U.S. law. But international law is probably out. Even before the Bush administration, the United States had established a precedent of rejecting the jurisdiction of international courts. The United States is not, for example, a member of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. (In 2005, the government of Iraq announced its decision to join the court; it reversed that decision two weeks later.) U.S. law, meanwhile, is hopelessly murky. More so than in any of America's previous conflicts, contractors are an integral part of the U.S. effort in Iraq, providing logistical support and performing essential functions that were once the province of the official military. There are currently at least 180,000 in Iraq, more than the total number of U.S. troops. But the introduction of private contractors into Iraq was not accompanied by a definitive legal construct specifying potential consequences for alleged criminal acts. Various members of Congress are now attempting to clarify the laws that might apply to contractors. In the meantime, experts who spoke with Salon say there's little clarity on what law applies to contractors like the ones involved in Sunday's incident, and the Bush administration has shown little desire to take action against contractor malfeasance.
Even Gravity Is a Space Geometry Deformation. If It still Creates Motion, then Why Is It Not a Force
A force applied, causes a charge to radiate. Gravity applied does not cause a charge to radiate the same way.Any finite force applied to a massless photon, should have an infinite effect, yet a finite effect is seen, different than even the fastest, lightest mass particles. The last 100 years of experimental results, show that gravitation is only "sort of " like a force, in the weak field limit. But you lose the ability to describe the spindown of binary pulsars, the advancement of the perihelion of Mercury, gravitational time dilation, gravitational lensing, frame dragging, and gravitational waves. So a better question is, why you did not remember that Science deals with models / approximations, and that Newtonian gravitation is an approximation. As to what a force is in General Relativity (besides a mistake):Gravitation is not force?1. deformation and obstruction of a pair (X, D)From another point of view, the isomorphism classes of first order deformations of the pair (X,D) are isomorphic to the 1st hypercohomology group of the 2 step complex from the tangent sheaf of X to the normal sheaf of D in X.The 1st order deformations of just D are given by the 1st hypercohomology group of the 2 step complex from the restriction of the tangent sheaf of X to D, to the same normal sheaf of D in X.By the long exact sequence induced by the natural map of these complexes, the forgetful map from T^1(X,D) to T^1(D) is an isomorphism whenever the first 2 hypercohomology groups vanish for the 2 step complex from the ideal sheaf of D in X times the tangent sheaf of X, to zero. This happens for instance if X is a principally polarized abelian variety of dimension 3 or more, and D is the theta divisor, by Kodaira (or abstractly Mumford) vanishing.ref: Compositio Math 76(1990) pp. 367-3982. Law of conservation of energy and kinetic energy: deformation of a spring [closed]Actually, in the first situation(elastic impact), the block A will stand still after the impact and the block B will continue at 5m/s. You have to make the summary of momentum(quantit de mouvement) and kinetic energy to solve those problems.For the spring deflection, the maximum deflection will occur at speed 0, 0 kinetic energy, as all the energy will be store in the spring. You need to calculate the kinetic energy of the system then calculate how much deflection you need to achieve that amount of energy. The energy stored in a spring is define E=.5*k*xHope it helps3. Can we harvest energy from constant gripping?No, gripping something with your hands will make you feel tired because that is how muscles work: blood is pumping, cells are working...But imagin the gripped object on a table, and on it a pile of heavy books. The effect on the object is the same (more or less) than when you grip it with your hand, but the books never get tired. You could harvers energy from pressure, but you have to give something in return, so that the laws of conservation are kept. For example, you can get energy from deformation of a crystal lattice. See the piezoelectric effect for details.4. Why does this hollowtech crankset have play?The marks on the splines look about normal. It's hard to tell absolutely from the pics. You are looking for any sign of deformation or rounding, which occurs if the pinch bolts are loose while riding. Always make sure the pinch bolts are nice and tight, 14Nm or about as much as you would ever put through a long-handled 5mm L-wrench.You need to be able to torque-check your BB cups to go further. If one is loose that can cause all the issues you are experiencing. Replacing the BB entirely at this mileage is within reason too, although if it still works and feels great then by all means keep with it. Note they can have issues with looseness that's not accompanied by poor bearing feel. For example, the black plastic "top hat" of an HT2 BB can get cracked or come apart and preload will be erratic like you are experiencing even if the bearing feel is good.5. Easy nonlinear model for large deformation of a beamYou have not mentioned what load you intend to apply for so much of bending / twisting deformation. Fiberglass (S-glass) has around 2 percent elongation and is used in Elastica/ pole vaulting/ Bow Archery/ automobile propeller shaft and similar large deformation applications, is a material choice that can be considered. Since twisting is large,The analysis requires consideration of in-plane/ bending forces occurring together. Interaction formulae involving EI/GJ are also used for structural dimensioning. With ANSYS you should use large deformation analysis
What Will Take Ink Pen Markings Off Leather Shoes?
It depends on the leather, but this is what I do on our leather sofa: I take a q-tip and lightly apply a bit of perfume to the ink stain to dissolve the ink, then I quickly use a leather cleaner and remove the perfume from the leather so it does not damage it. You have to use a small amount so it doesnt break down the finish of the leather. I then apply a leather conditioner to soften it. Professionals may not recommend this but it works for me.1. Is it possible for you to shine your shoes to the point that they look like choroframs?Corfam shoes really suck. This is from a Marine who served before Corfam became popular. They do not breathe at all so you do not want to march in them. If Corfam gets scratched it is almost impossible to get out. I do not know why the Corps issues them, maybe they get a kickback from the manufacturer. If you spend some time on leather shoes you can bring them to a mirror finish. They can look better than Corfam. That may be a lost art today. There is another type shoe called Corcoran which is a bit more forgiving than Corfam. Corfam is just a money pit. Unfortunately, all services allow Corfam.2. How do you remove odor from leather shoes?The herb Sage. Buy some and sprinkle in shoes. Leave a while and toss out. You can buy sage oil but it is very very strong, so a mere dot of that would do the job.3. Leather shoes, bags, and belts... Does it have to match?good question!! aha. well your shoes and your belt should definitely always match, and matching shoes and bags look cute but it's not always totally necessary. just make sure that you are not wearing like black shoes with a brown bag or something like that. I do not think it really matters that much if your belt and bag match. . again, just make sure they do not clash. and that's my opinion.. hope it helps!4. why is it illegal to wear patent leather shoes in public, in ohio?2 possibilities: 1) It is not illegal and you should not look to a "page about strange laws" for legal advice. 2) It is illegal and it is because at some point legislature passed a law saying so.5. Do you remember patent leather shoes ; and using Vaseline to clean them?That trick is still being used in the military and on Police Departments for dress uniforms and shoes. I preferred a good deep spit shine but it takes a while to build that up and a slight scuff means a lengthy repair.6. How do I get cat urine out of leather shoes?I have a couple of suggestions. First, get some Nature's Miracle from the pet store. This is an enzyme that will break down the bacteria that comes from urine and causes the smell. Soak a rag with the Nature's Miracle and insert it into the shoe. Do not make it dripping wet, just damp. Leave it inside the shoes for an hour or so. This should remove enough of the surface bacteria so that when she puts her foot into the shoes the heat of her feet do not reactivate the bacteria, thus making the smell reoccur. Next, buy some activated charcoal and Borax. Put the shoes in a cardboard box that has a lid (a shoe box would work). Sprinkle Borax in the bottom of the box, maybe 1/2 inch thick. Put the activated charcoal in a plastic container inside the box with the shoes. Put a rubber band around the box and leave it sit for 3-5 days, maybe even a week, undisturbed. Activated charcoal absorbs smells and because leather breathes it should pull out the odor from the leather. Borax works well also to remove the smell of urine, so you are doing double duty smell control. I do not think that it would even hurt the shoes to fill them with some borax. Good luck, this worked on a very expensive Coach purse that my neighbor's cat sprayed and I filled the purse up with Borax without damaging the fine leather.
Where Do Frogs Live in the Winter?
where do frogs live in the winter?I have 3 frogs. One is an African Bullfrog and 2 PacMan Frogs. All 3 burrow in the winter, beneath the soil, where they stay safe. In the wild, a frog will climb above the water level if it's going into hybernation,(called estivation when it's hybernation of a frog), and they will find a burrow, or place to hide. Sometimes, they burry themselves in the soft mud above a pond, and sometimes they stay in the water. There are different, varying levels of amphibians. Some never leave the water, but most do. They stay moist through the place they choose to burrow. Some go as deep as a foot underground and grow a hard skin to protect themselves during estivation. I really hope this helps.:— — — — — —Please HELP I am scared of tree frogs and frogs but especially tree frogs?well dont go climbing any trees anymore— — — — — —List of TCU Horned Frogs in the NFL DraftThis is a list of TCU Horned Frogs football players in the NFL Draft— — — — — —How many african dwarf frogs!?on a 29 gal its best to have only one. 2 can live there, but they will not be very confortable— — — — — —Sex Frogs (joke my boss sent me)?LOL Thank you so much for the smile!— — — — — —Can i put crickets in with frogs?If you put in too many (more than your frogs will eat in a matter of a couple hours) they can deffinetly start eating your frog. I suggest you only use young crickets, and only put a few in at a time, depending on how many frogs you have, if there are still crickets in the tank after a few hours, get them out for the safety of your frogs. You can keep crickets in almost anything, as long as its ventilated and they have access to water (can buy gel speciffically for crickets) and a food source (again can buy cricket food), and give them something to hide in ( cardboard egg carton pieces work great). If you look around your local pet shops i am sure you can find containers with crickets (look like margerine containers) and they will live quite contently in that, till you feed them to your frogs anyways. Hope i helped. :)— — — — — —What species of poison dart frogs can be housed in a group?Dendrobates terribilis, Dendrobates vittatus, and Dendrobates auratus are all great species that can be kept in groups. Terribilis are especially great because they almost stay out in the open— — — — — —Are frogs considered lucky in Asian cultures?yes money :) meaning wealth— — — — — —Need information about African Dwarf Frogs?ADF's do best if kept by themselves. They do not compete well with fish for food. They are slow movers and any fish can steal food from them rather easily. They need 2.5 gallons per frog. If your getting a 5 gallon, then your stocked at 2 frogs. The ideal temp range is 74-78 degrees, so use a heater. Give them hiding places and also some floating plants. They need to breathe air so they sometimes hang at the top and stick their noses out of the water. For feeding use live or frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. Do not use freeze dried foods because it makes them bloat. One cool thing is the males will sing. A male will have a small bump on his sides by his front arms, it looks like a pimple. If you really want a fish, the only option would be 1 betta and 1 frog. To feed the frog, get a Turkey baster and use it to get the food in front of the frog so the betta can not steal it all. - But ADF's do better kept by themselves.— — — — — —How to stop frogs laying in my fish ponds?I do not think there is anyway to get rid of them. Maybe taking them to a nearby pond or lake?— — — — — —1992 TCU Horned Frogs football teamThe 1992 TCU Horned Frogs football team represented Texas Christian University (TCU) in the 1992 NCAA Division I-A football season. The Horned Frogs finished the season 2-8-1 overall and 1-6 in the Southwest Conference. The team was coached by Pat Sullivan, in his first year as head coach. The Frogs played their home games in Amon G. Carter Stadium, which is located on campus in Fort Worth, Texas
History of the South Asia Collection at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries
History of the South Asia Collection at the University of Pennsylvania LibrariesProf. Morton W. Easton, Professor of Comparative Philology (1883-1912), taught Sanskrit courses at the University of Pennsylvania. He had studied Sanskrit at Yale under W.D. Whitney (1827-1894). Upon completing his dissertation on the evolution of language, Easton was awarded the first American doctorate in Sanskrit in 1872. The University of Pennsylvania was one of the first American academic institutions to offer courses in Sanskrit; already during the 1880s, the university offered a major and a minor in Sanskrit. Easton retired in 1912 and was replaced the following year by Franklin Edgerton. After Edgerton left in 1926, W. Norman Brown was appointed in his place. Brown was responsible for the creation of the Department of South Asia Studies and expanded well beyond his own Indological interests. From 1916 to 1919, Brown had held the position of the Harrison Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. He organized the American Oriental Society in 1926. By the summer of 1947 Brown's summer program, "India: A Program of Regional Studies" was being offered at Penn. In 1948, he established the Department of South Asia Regional Studies, the first area studies department in North America. Offerings continued to be expanded until a full program was available in the 1949-1950 academic year. He brought together a number of eminent scholars such as Holden Furber, Stella Kramrisch, and Ernest Bender, ensuring that the Department of South Asia Studies at Penn became, and continues as, one of the most important places in the world for serious research on South Asia in general and Sanskrit in particular. Scholars such as George Cardona, Ludo Rocher, Rosane Rocher, and Richard D. Lambert worked at Penn throughout their careers, and ensured a rich collection was developed for the libraries. W. Norman Brown was also responsible for helping to establish the well known PL 480 program which in its various permutations over the decades supplied us (and many other institutions) with literally hundreds of thousands of volumes from South Asia. During the course of the PL 480 program from 1954 to 1998, the library acquired material actively through the Library of Congress field offices (New Delhi and Islamabad), and also through various vendors in South Asia, Europe and North America. Since 2013, the South Asia Librarian also manages acquisitions from the Library of Congress Field Office in Jakarta. The Library of Congress still continues as a major vendor to supplement the activities of collecting all material including monographs, serials, film, and digital formats. Because of the history of the University of Pennsylvania Museum in the field of archaeology, the Penn Libraries also have one of the largest collection of material for archaeology in South Asia. The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) was founded by W. Norman Brown, and it operated out of the Van Pelt Library till it moved to its present location in Chicago. Since 1958, the University of Pennsylvania has had a Title VI National Resource Center for South Asia (South Asia Center). In 1992, the Center for Advanced Study of India (CASI) was launched. The two centers and the Department of South Asia Studies are supplemented by faculty with interests in South Asia, in various departments and schools across campus such as Anthropology, Architecture, Comparative Literature, Economics, Education, English, History, History of Art, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Sociology.— — — — — —Shared librariesA shared library or shared object is a file that is intended to be shared by executable files and further shared object files. Modules used by a program are loaded from individual shared objects into memory at load time or runtime, rather than being copied by a linker when it creates a single monolithic executable file for the program. Shared libraries can be statically linked during compile-time, meaning that references to the library modules are resolved and the modules are allocated memory when the executable file is created. But often linking of shared libraries is postponed until they are loaded.[dubious - discuss] Most modern operating systems[NB can have shared library files of the same format as the executable files. This offers two main advantages: first, it requires making only one loader for both of them, rather than two (having the single loader is considered well worth its added complexity). Secondly, it allows the executables also to be used as shared libraries, if they have a symbol table. Typical combined executable and shared library formats are ELF and Mach-O (both in Unix) and PE (Windows). In some older environments such as 16-bit Windows or MPE for the HP 3000 only stack-based data (local) was allowed in shared-library code, or other significant restrictions were placed on shared-library code. Memory sharingLibrary code may be shared in memory by multiple processes, as well as on disk. If virtual memory is used, processes would execute the same physical page of RAM that is mapped into the different address spaces of the processes. This has advantages. For instance, on the OpenStep system, applications were often only a few hundred kilobytes in size and loaded quickly; the majority of their code was located in libraries that had already been loaded for other purposes by the operating system. Programs can accomplish RAM sharing by using position-independent code, as in Unix, which leads to a complex but flexible architecture, or by using common virtual addresses, as in Windows and OS/2. These systems make sure, by various tricks like pre-mapping the address space and reserving slots for each shared library, that code has a great probability of being shared. A third alternative is single-level store, as used by the IBM System/38 and its successors. This allows position-dependent code, but places no significant restrictions on where code can be placed or how it can be shared. In some cases different versions of shared libraries can cause problems, especially when libraries of different versions have the same file name, and different applications installed on a system each require a specific version. Such a scenario is known as DLL hell, named after the Windows and OS/2 DLL file. Most modern operating systems after 2001 have clean-up methods to eliminate such situations or use application-specific "private" libraries. Dynamic linkingDynamic linking or late binding is linking performed while a program is being loaded (load time) or executed (runtime), rather than when the executable file is created. A dynamically linked library (dynamic-link library, or DLL, under Windows and OS/2; dynamic shared object, or DSO, under Unix-like systems) is a library intended for dynamic linking. Only a minimal amount of work is done by the linker when the executable file is created; it only records what library routines the program needs and the index names or numbers of the routines in the library. The majority of the work of linking is done at the time the application is loaded (load time) or during execution (runtime). Usually, the necessary linking program, called a "dynamic linker" or "linking loader", is actually part of the underlying operating system. (However, it is possible, and not exceedingly difficult, to write a program that uses dynamic linking and includes its own dynamic linker, even for an operating system that itself provides no support for dynamic linking.) Programmers originally developed dynamic linking in the Multics operating system, starting in 1964, and the MTS (Michigan Terminal System), built in the late 1960s. OptimizationsSince shared libraries on most systems do not change often, systems can compute a likely load address for each shared library on the system before it is needed and store that information in the libraries and executables. If every shared library that is loaded has undergone this process, then each will load at its predetermined address, which speeds up the process of dynamic linking. This optimization is known as prebinding in macOS and prelinking in Linux. Disadvantages of this technique include the time required to precompute these addresses every time the shared libraries change, the inability to use address space layout randomization, and the requirement of sufficient virtual address space for use (a problem that will be alleviated by the adoption of 64-bit architectures, at least for the time being). Locating libraries at runtimeLoaders for shared libraries vary widely in functionality. Some depend on the executable storing explicit paths to the libraries. Any change to the library naming or layout of the file system will cause these systems to fail. More commonly, only the name of the library (and not the path) is stored in the executable, with the operating system supplying a method to find the library on disk, based on some algorithm. If a shared library that an executable depends on is deleted, moved, or renamed, or if an incompatible version of the library is copied to a place that is earlier in the search, the executable would fail to load. This is called dependency hell, existing on many platforms. The (infamous) Windows variant is commonly known as DLL hell. This problem cannot occur if each version of each library is uniquely identified and each program references libraries only by their full unique identifiers. The "DLL hell" problems with earlier Windows versions arose from using only the names of libraries, which were not guaranteed to be unique, to resolve dynamic links in programs. (To avoid "DLL hell", later versions of Windows rely largely on options for programs to install private DLLs-essentially a partial retreat from the use of shared libraries-along with mechanisms to prevent replacement of shared system DLLs with earlier versions of them.) Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows checks the registry to determine the proper place to load DLLs that implement COM objects, but for other DLLs it will check the directories in a defined order. First, Windows checks the directory where it loaded the program (private DLL); any directories set by calling the SetDllDirectory() function; the System32, System, and Windows directories; then the current working directory; and finally the directories specified by the PATH environment variable. Applications written for the .NET Framework framework (since 2002), also check the Global Assembly Cache as the primary store of shared dll files to remove the issue of DLL hell. OpenStepOpenStep used a more flexible system, collecting a list of libraries from a number of known locations (similar to the PATH concept) when the system first starts. Moving libraries around causes no problems at all, although users incur a time cost when first starting the system. Unix-like systemsMost Unix-like systems have a "search path" specifying file-system directories in which to look for dynamic libraries. Some systems specify the default path in a configuration file, others hard-code it into the dynamic loader. Some executable file formats can specify additional directories in which to search for libraries for a particular program. This can usually be overridden with an environment variable, although it is disabled for setuid and setgid programs, so that a user can not force such a program to run arbitrary code with root permissions. Developers of libraries are encouraged to place their dynamic libraries in places in the default search path. On the downside, this can make installation of new libraries problematic, and these "known" locations quickly become home to an increasing number of library files, making management more complex. Dynamic loadingDynamic loading, a subset of dynamic linking, involves a dynamically linked library loading and unloading at runtime on request. Such a request may be made implicitly or explicitly. Implicit requests are made when a compiler or static linker adds library references that include file paths or simply file names. Explicit requests are made when applications make direct calls to an operating system's API. Most operating systems that support dynamically linked libraries also support dynamically loading such libraries via a run-time linker API. For instance, Microsoft Windows uses the API functions LoadLibrary, LoadLibraryEx, FreeLibrary and GetProcAddress with Microsoft Dynamic Link Libraries; POSIX-based systems, including most UNIX and UNIX-like systems, use dlopen, dlclose and dlsym. Some development systems automate this process.
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