Menon: Snow Pants Standoff? Get Stephen Harper

This year I have only one resolution: To be more like Stephen Harper.

And you know what? We're only five days into 2010 and I already feel like a brand new leader inside the sham democracy that is my household. Tough, inflexible, secretive, ambitious, shrewd, vaguely evil - these are the qualities to which I now aspire.

On Friday, Day 1 of the Harper Resolution, the leader of the official opposition wandered into the living room. She wanted to know why a new bathroom storage unit was not assembled, as per a Boxing Day request (back when she was still Prime Minister - ha!).

This was it, the first real test of my Harper Resolution.

How would Stephen handle this situation?

I thought, tugging at my sweater vest.

Turn the tables! Zero in on her weaknesses! And if she starts hinting at some kind of bathroom storage unit inquiry, don't hesitate to prorogue anything that moves!

I looked her dead in the eyes.

"First, let me be clear. It's a little sexist for you to assume that I'm the assembler of furniture around here. Secondly, is this storage unit even going in the bathroom? You said it might look good in the hallway. You said it might work in the foyer. You mentioned the basement. Before I begin the arduous process of assembling - that thing has like 100 different parts! - it would help to know where exactly it is to be erected."

I braced for opposition wrath. I expected her to lash out and accuse me of stonewalling, of deceit, of tyrannical arrogance.

But, amazingly, my projected strength sapped her will to muster a coherent attack.

She apologized, smiled and wandered away to leave me alone with the NHL Winter Classic.

My God,

I thought.

Why didn't I turn into Stephen Harper years ago?

The next day, as I was bundling two small members of another opposition party into their tundra garb, I was met with the usual resistance and hostility.

"No hat!" shouted one member, ripping a toque with earflaps from her tiny skull and kicking it across the floor.

"I don't want pink coat!" shouted her colleague. "You give me purple!"

Now, before the Harper Resolution, this situation would have quickly degenerated into a fiery question period. Pointing tiny fingers at me, their faces contorting with diabolical rage, these pint-sized MPs would have risen from the dressing ottoman to grill me with indignant queries: Why we need scarves? Why you no wear snow pants? How we carry Little Pony with mitts?

"Mr. Speaker," I would have then replied. "Do I really have to explain wind chill to these power-hungry lunatics?"

But on Day 2 of the Harper Resolution, as I stood in the house of uncommons, I was in no mood for bipartisan co-operation. Compromise was not an option. I would be granting no interviews on the subject of appropriate winter attire.

It was my way or no highway to grandma's house.

I glowered. I ran a hand through my stiff hair. Then I swooped up the errant toque and spoke in a hushed tone that crackled with resolve and menace.

"Listen carefully," I said. "You are wearing that hat. You are wearing the pink coat with the big, fluffy hood. Little Pony can ride in my pocket or stay home. And when grandma asks if you want a second bowl of ice cream, you let me do the talking."

That was that.

In the parliamentary system that is marriage and fatherhood, I have discovered the joys of dictatorship. And I will stop at nothing to retain this new-found power.

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Hi All,This is my first instructable, so be gentle. Appreciate any feedback/comments to help me out. Let me start by saying that this was inspired by Brad Justinen's ible located here can't weld and don't have access to a welder, so i made this bad boy out of timber, as i have a bit of it lying around.To do this you don't need much in the way of tools, and if you hunt around for parts, you can do this very cheaply.I used pine that i had already for the basic frame, but use what suits.I used some pine planks that i had for a base,Wood ScrewsGluePeg Board(obviously). I actually picked up quite a bit of this for nothing when a local retailer was having a re-fit and throwing it all out. It is a bit pricey to buy from a hardware shop, so hunt around.Old Cassette(remember those?) storage containerSome metal brackets(make your own style)WheelsAppropriate safety gear.I have a drop saw so i used that, but you could get away with a normal saw, jigsaw, or anything that will cut wood.Drill.Make sure to sketch out a rough(very rough in my case) planKeep yourself hydrated with some sort of beverage(no alcohol if you are using power tools.( should probably practice what i preach).I had smaller sections of peg board, so i was going to use a few to make a side of the A frame that i ended up creating. Pick a height that you want, but figure out how tall you want it to sit depending on your stature. I ended up using 4 of my board sizes for a side, as this gave me a good gap underneath for storage.Then just attach the sheets to your frame pieces. I used 4 screws per board and it is holding up fine. Drilling guide holes in your frame helps.Whip up a frame for your base to attach your sides to. Once again the dimensions of this are going to be largely determined by how tall you want the stand to be and what sort of angle you want it to have.I did a square frame first then attached the sides, as i wasn't worried about little bits of overhang at the bottom. Incidentally you can just clean these up later with a jigsaw/dremel/saw.Put the wheels on before or after attaching the sides, it doesn't really matter, but it takes up less room lying just the base over to attache the wheels as opposed to the whole beast.It's easier if you have a helper to hold it all upright while you do this, but mine didn't have opposable thumbs, so wasn't much help. Lots of moral support though.Once the bottom is sorted, i just used a piece of make your own bracket to attach both sides to each other. This stuff is dirt cheap in a hardware store.I ended up using four screws per side for stability.Keeps it all locked together and doesn't move or sway.I used another piece of bracketing further down on one side, as it makes a handy spot for tape measures(the ones that can clip onto your belt).The other side has a more sturdy metal bracket i found at a recycle centre, useful to hang spare clamps from.To finish it off, glue/screw some planks down across the base you made so that you have extra storage space.You can see the cassette storage unit, that sits on the base. It makes for very good storage, in my case for allen/hex keys, drill bits, and sockets. Very handy if like me you have many random ones that aren't part of a current set.You can also see i added cordless drill holder from a couple of screws and a bit of scrap pvc pipe.I painted one side with plasti-dip to see how it would hold up, and so far very well.It is much more full now, and has been going strong for a few months now.If you need extra hooks, you can get them from a hardware store. Incidentally, my local big green box has 2 areas for them, one with laundry/bathroom storage and one in hardware storage. For practically the same thing there is a surprising price difference if you buy out of the laundry/bathroom area. Sneaky buggers.I love this thing, as i can roll it where i need to, and it keeps my stuff organised, as i tend to be a messy bugger. It was never going to be the prettiest thing, as i am very function over form, but it works a treat.Thanks all for reading.
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Whether you have a small bathroom or large, the chances are that one of the following applies:1. You have items scattered around that have nowhere permanent to be stored or2. The shelves, cabinets or racks you are using look in need of replacement, either because they are looking old, or spoil rather than enhance the bathroom décor.If either of those does apply, then the same basic solution applies to both: some new bathroom shelving is needed. Once you have made the decision to add some new storage, then you might as well consider updating the bathroom decoration too! If your bath tub, basin, toilet bowl and other basics are still in good condition, there's no need for a complete renovation. A new coat of paint or some new tiles? Well, have a good think and envision your "new" bathroom with new storage and redecorated just as you would like it. Then, take things from there.As far as the new bathroom shelving is concerned, it can be quite fun having a look at what is available. There has been a marked improvement in recent years, not just in bathroom vanities, but in racks and cabinets too. It is important not to buy the first shelf rack that takes your fancy, as just down the road or online there may be something even better. Take your time and get yourself closer to that perfect bathroom where every shampoo, soap, toothbrush and other items have a permanent home, and a decorous one at that.First of all, assess what it is that needs to be kept in the bathroom for convenience. Then decide where it would best be located, and once that has been decided, compare the storage you have already and what additional shelving you need. You should at least by then have a sense of the scale of the problem. Mostly, bathroom storage problems have simple solutions.You have two basic decisions to make. The first is whether to have open or enclosed shelves, and the second is what material to use as the base. If you have children, you have an additional consideration: what needs to be enclosed, locked and out of the way of the children. Then the fun starts, as there really are some attractive bathroom shelving racks and cabinets available. You may even be lucky and find a set that fulfils all your needs.I saw one such set recently that was in powder coated metal wire. Robust and smart, the shelves were framed in a decorative ornate, much as you see achieved with wrought iron, only this was white. What caught my eye was the idea of a long legged stand that spanned the toilet cistern, utilizing space that would otherwise be wasted. It came with two other parts, a free standing rack and a wall mounted rack, both matching the decoration of the long legged rack. All had open shelves.Bathroom cabinets with enclosed shelves are commonplace, so once you have decided on material, then that is more enjoyment in choosing the cabinets you need. Modern wood treatments make wood cabinets more suitable for the bathroom than you might think, so do not rule out wood because of dampness in humidity. However, modern polished chrome wire and glass can make attractive bathroom shelves and cabinets. Whatever you choose, choose well and thoughtfully, not on impulse.
5 Ways to Add Extra Storage to a Small Bathroom
By: Mady Dahlstrom, Senior Editor for Porch.comLooking for a few easy tricks to keep your tiny bathroom organized? We've got you covered. From wicker baskets to coat racks, these five ideas for adding storage to your super small bathroom are effective and effortless. Living with a small bathroom can be difficult, but less space means you just have to get a little creative with your storage solutions.Check out these bathroom storage ideas from the Blogger Community at!1. Install a wall cabinetDon't waste the space above your toilet in your tiny bathroom. Install a cabinet on the wall for storing toiletries, tissue paper, lotions, and more.Image Credit: Liz Marie Blog2. Add a storage ladderA storage ladder is one of the easiest ways to add extra storage and charm in a small space. Hang baskets and towels on your ladder for a fun bathroom storage solution that will help you add space and stay organized.Image Credit: Duchess of York via Hooked on Houses3. Bring in basketsBaskets, baskets, and more baskets. Affordable and efficient, baskets and bins can be placed underneath your sink, beside the toilet or on shelves for additional storage in your small space.Image Credit: Shades of Blue Interiors via City Farmhouse 4. Hang a coat rackTry hanging a coat rack in your tiny bathroom to hang robes and wet towels instead of towel rods. A coat rack with five or six hooks will make your small bathroom less stuffy and more appealing.Image Credit: Blesser House 5. Put a shelf above the doorUtilize dead space by hanging a shelf above your bathroom door. Display decor and store toiletries, towels, and even extra toilet paper rolls. Image Credit: My So-Called HomeDo you have tips and tricks for adding storage to a small bathroom? Comment below!
How to Get All the Needed Space with Small Bathroom Storage
There never seems to be enough space inside the bathroom because we always need store a lot of assorted products, cleaners and accessories. It always seems to be limited space as far as the bathroom is concerned. Thus, it is essential that we are creative and adept at improvisation when we are considering the small bathroom storage system that we are going to use. The way to go with bathroom space design and utilization is to find the answers for some direct questions about your needs, fancies and lifestyle which we want to bring inside the bathroom. Further, we want to achieve and maintain an appropriate functionality in the storage system especially if we are sharing stuff with a partner or even a large family. However, you don't have to be an architect or an accomplished interior design specialist to be able to come up with an ideal small bathroom storage design and layout. All you need to have are a few tools and a lot of creative ideas in order to come up with a plan.The first thing that you have consider is your available space. You have to determine the available space that you have for additional fixtures like wall storage systems inside the bathroom. While doing this task, keep in mind the normal flow inside the bathroom and other existing furniture and objects that are inside or will be included in the plan. Be extra careful to concern yourself with the doors and windows, measure them very carefully. Consider the swath of space that is covered when you swing the door open. You don't want to over stuff the space inside your bathroom in a way that it impedes in your movement and the movement of your door. You can do these by taking a measure of the overall layout with an ordinary measuring tape. Aside from the doors and windows, take note of the location point of switches, lighting fixtures and wall sockets.Look at the unused space. The perfect and most effective way to see the real available space is to look at your bathroom shell from different perspective. First survey the bathroom at floor level. You may consider the space needed for objects and small bathroom storage that are normally place on the floor. After this, carefully survey the possible open spaces above the bathtub, the toilet, under the bathroom sink and behind the bathroom door. The purpose of the procedure is to check the nook and cranny inside the bathroom where you can put small cabinet, shelves, rack and hook system. Make a checklist of the things you want to have inside your bathroom and make the appropriate of the items you want displayed and the things that you want to be concealed.After you have a thorough assessment of the available space inside your bathroom, the next part of the process would be to determine your essentials needs and requirements while you are inside the bathroom. Consider the space requirement of large towels and linens which you want to store and have inside the bathroom. Decide if you are going to install bathroom hooks for your dressing gowns or not. How about towel racks and shelves? Weigh their importance against the available space that is available for such small bathroom storage system. The best way to do this is to prioritize the items and things that you want to put inside the bathroom and also do the same procedure with the furniture and other storage system that you are planning to have in your bathroom.Once done with all of these tasks, the next step is to layout your plan based on the result of assessment of available space and the things you need inside the bathroom.
Bathroom Storage Cabinets
Bathroom Storage Cabinets - Take a Look at What's New!Bathroom storage cabinets are a godsend to all of us who like a neat and orderly bathroom and they can also add a touch of style to the most ordinary bathrooms. Take a look at this selection from the cheap and cheerful to the outrageously expensive and get some bathroom design ideas for your own home.The Bauhaus collection is an inexpensive range of bathroom storage cabinets which still has plenty of contemporary style to enhance the look of your room. The base cabinet is made from strong hollow board and has a white glossy finish. It has a cupboard with two doors and an open cubby shelf on top where you can store your shampoo or put a little decorative item. This bathroom storage cabinet measures 27.5" x 27.13" x 11.75" and costs $99.99 discounted from $134.99 from Accent Furniture online.There is also a very smart high cabinet in white in this range and if your bathroom is quite small it's always best to use the storage space available above the floor, so you can keep the limited floor space free. The high bathroom storage cabinet measures 59" x 15" x 11.75" and has three useful shelves over a base cabinet. It looks clean and fresh and you can buy it from online for $169.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond online.My next choice is something that will add a touch of ancient Greek style to your bathroom design ideas. It has a classical look combined with the contemporary which will fit in any modern bathroom. This white cabinet has a cupboard with half the door in glass and the other half decorated with a Greek key-molding and will match any bathroom curtains. It's made from MDF and has metal hardware. The dimensions are 32" x 16" x 13" and the three shelves provide plenty of room for towels or toiletries. The Greek Key bathroom storage cabinet costs $104.63 from The Homewares' Place online.If you like to create a comfortably relaxed beach house atmosphere in your bathroom, then you'll like the White Nassau Louvered Towel Safe. It's decorative and useful with a cabinet containing two fixed shelves that give a large storage space. I love the louvered style which always reminds me of summer holidays spent in the Caribbean. If you team it with some tropical patterned bathroom curtains you can pretend you're on vacation as you take your shower. The Nassau bathroom storage cabinet measures 23 ½" x 11 ½" x 37" and you can buy it from Sear's for $119.25.If your taste runs more to luxury bathroom furniture, you'll love this River's Edge 'Whitehall Lane' bath storage cabinet from River's Edge. It's made of solid cherry hardwood and has a wonderfully rich Bordeaux color finish which would harmonize well with some warm-colored bathroom curtains. It doesn't look at all bathroomy and furniture like this means you can extend your good taste all the way through your home. It's got sleek lines with two drawers at the top and a cupboard underneath. The cupboard has got lovely decorated glass doors which give it the old-style nostalgic appearance of fine old furniture. The cabinet measures 21" x 18" x 38" and would add heaps of character and luxury to your bathroom. The price of the Whitehall Lane bathroom storage cabinet is $677.34 discounted from $983.43 which is a pretty good deal! You can buy this cabinet from Plumber's Surplus store online.The majority of the bathroom storage cabinets that I've checked out are plain white and this means that they'll fit in easily with your bathroom curtains. So you can always freshen up your bathroom without having to change the shower curtains etc. and if you buy online you'll be able to find good-quality bathroom storage cabinets at the lowest possible prices!
Bathroom Vanities and Sinks Come in a Variety of Options
Bathroom & Kitchen Galleries in Burlington offers a great selection of bathroom vanities and sinks to create the focal point for any bathroom size or decor.Before choosing a vanity or sink from the myriad of choices offered, it is a good idea to consider the functional needs and how much space you have first. For example, a family bathroom will need far more vanity space and storage area than a guest bathroom or small powder room. Men and women have different grooming needs, so having two separate sinks and vanity storage areas is a good idea if your space and budget will allow. Wall-hung vanities are currently in fashion and take up less space, making your bathroom seem roomier. Another advantage to this contemporary look is the height is not dictated; you can hang them at any level you want. Linen towers are also popular. They add lots of bathroom storage and work great as a divider for vanities with his and hers sinks. Freestanding vanities are typically less expensive than built-ins and are incredibly versatile, coming in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, and can be easily moved.Sinks also come in an assortment of styles. Integrated sinks blend seamlessly within the vanity. Pedestal sinks stand alone, and are perfect for a powder room as they take up very little space. Undermount sinks require more room and a hard countertop, making them a more expensive option. Vessel sinks are cutting-edge even though their design is based on wash basins that were used before houses had running water. These free-standing sinks come in a variety of shapes and materials, and sit directly on the countertop. Wall-mount sinks are another great option for small bathrooms, as they allow you to use the floor space beneath them for other purposes.Bathroom & Kitchen Galleries is located at 3411 Fairview Street in Burlington. Store hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact them at 905-634-6567 or 1-888-634-6567, or visit their website to fill out their online form for more information.