Lil' Monkeys Indoor Playgrounds Inc.

Lil' Monkeys Indoor Playground

in Burlington, Ontario knows your child wants to have fun and explore - and it offers many safe and stimulating activities within its award-winning indoor facility.

The play facility is designed for kids aged 0 to 12, and is 15,000 sq. ft. of children's entertainment spread across five levels. Inside you'll find a number of fun things to do for kids of all ages, from super slides, a punch forest, rock climbing wall, enclosed basketball court, air hockey, full arcade, and so much more!

Along with a full arcade featuring new games, your little ones can also enjoy new features such as the Eyeplay Interactive Floor, as well as making their own furry friends through Teddy Mountain. If your little one likes to be in the spotlight, there's even a centre stage for young entertainers.

There's also a toddler section that offers age-appropriate play for younger kids, as well as a treat for parents - a relaxing lounge that offers a complimentary cup of tea or coffee while you watch your children play, with free wifi also available. You can also take advantage of the library on site to read a story together!

While the facility welcomes drop-ins (frequent player

passes and yearly memberships

are also available), Lil' Monkeys is also an ideal option for children's birthday parties of all sizes, and you can also

book your party online

for your convenience! Party options include pizza, tokens, refillable fountain drinks for adults, mascots, extra invitations, and more! You can also inquire about day camps, corporate bookings, holiday parties, and other special occasions.

You can have a virtual look inside the facility thanks to the

online photo gallery

, and read

what clients are saying

! Also be sure to see how

many awards

Lil' Monkeys has collected over the years.

The facility is wheelchair accessible, and is open seven days a week. To find out more, call 905-632-4200,

send an email

, like the

Facebook page

, or drop by in person at 3250 Harvester Road (Unit #5) in Burlington.

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2021 07 23
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Bed & Breakfasts near Dingle, Ireland
In the opinion of some, Ireland's Dingle Peninsula is the most beautiful place on the planet, and it is the perfect getaway from the stresses of city life. It offers a huge number of activities for the outdoor devotee: from walking and hiking the inlets and harbors to bird watching; from golfing, fishing and horseback riding to discovering 6,000-year-old archaeological ruins. A visitor can witness the wildlife of the Blasket Islands, try his hand at the largest climbing wall in Ireland or learn to play a whistle or drum at a traditional Irish music school. Whatever you've come to Dingle to enjoy, you'll delight in staying at one of the many excellent bed and breakfasts, which typify the warmth, intimacy and hospitality Ireland is known for.O'Neills Bed and BreakfastO'Neills Bed and Breakfast is a "shouldn't-miss" spot if you want to stay in Dingle Town proper. The hosts, Mary and Stephen, will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive, and guests can get a good feel for Irish culture there. You're just a two-minute walk to all the authentic pubs and great Dingle restaurants, but far enough away to feel the peace and quiet of living in a small Irish town without being surrounded by tourists. The breakfasts are superb, the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs a regular favorite, but the fare also includes local, fresh-caught fish, cereals, fruits and yogurts. The rooms are very clean, comfortable and spacious, and the off-street parking in back of O'Neills is a convenient bonus. With O'Neills as a home base, you'll be near everything you've come for.O'Neills Bed and BreakfastJohn StreetDingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland353 (0)66 915 1639Email: /oneills/Hazelbrook Bed and BreakfastHazelbrook Bed and Breakfast is a working sheep farm just a short walk from Dingle Town's great restaurants and pubs. At Hazelbrook, the sheep and horses are part of the experience, surrounding the house and grounds. Hosts Patricia and Mike are welcoming and warm, and guests find themselves coming back year after year. The rooms are very comfortable and clean, and the Irish breakfasts here will make you feel spoiled. This down-to-earth, clean and friendly bed and breakfast will give you a taste of the authentic Irish countryside experience, and you'll start missing it the moment you leave. Hazelbrook is convenient to Dingle Town with none of the bustle, and only a few-minute walk to the big rocks overlooking Dingle Bay. Hazelbrook Bed and BreakfastMilltown, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland353 (0)66 915 1589 Email: dinglefarm.comThe Lighthouse Bed and BreakfastThe Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast offers panoramic views of Dingle Harbour and the peacefulness of the peninsula countryside, yet is only an easy 15-minute walk to Dingle Town. The charming owners, Mary and Denis, will give you great tips on dining and things to do in town, and are always ready to chat. The rooms are comfortable, the views extraordinary and the breakfasts, of course, superb, including scrambled eggs and Irish bacon, salmon, black and white pudding, along with choice of fruit, cereal and yogurts. The Lighthouse breakfast, and watching the sun and clouds chase each other across the harbor sky, make a great way to start your day.The Lighthouse Bed and BreakfastThe High Road, Ballinaboula, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland353 (0)66 915 1829Email: /index.htmResourcesArticle Written By Jan LevineJan Levine is a published writer living in Oregon. She has a background in math, a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Cal Berkeley and is a recent Master of Business Administration graduate. She has worked extensively in non-profits, and also as an assistant director in movies and television.
2021 07 22
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The Home Front: Investing in Backyard Retreats
With housing prices at high levels in many parts of the country, there's been increased interest in backyard design, says Toronto interior designer Sarah Keenleyside, co-host of HGTV's new show Backyard Builds. Insteadof purchasing vacation homes or cottages - something that just isn't realistic for many people these days - homeowners are looking at building getaways outback, Keenleyside says."Tohave that retreat in your own backyard is a better way to invest right now is what we're seeing," she says.In Backyard Builds, which airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., Keenleyside and her "total babe" of aco-host, contractor Brian McCourt, design and build creative indoor structuresfor homeowners intheir outdoor spaces. (Season one is focused on backyards, but they have plans to expand this reach.)Working with budgets that start at $20,000, the pair aimto use every square inch of homeowners' backyards to make them as useful as possible. Oneexample of this is the "postage stamp"-sized Toronto backyard - roughly 40 by 20 feet - that they turned into a cake decorating studio, soccer pitch and large entertaining deck."Itblew their minds," says Keenleyside. "The homeowners were like 'we did not think there was room for one of these things in this backyard, let alone three'."Keenleyside has been working as an interior designer in Toronto (Qanuk Interiors Inc.) for 15 years and says what she loves most about this show is that it's not about "reinventing the kitchen one more time" or "redoing the bathroom one more way", but instead creating something "brand new, every time" and travelling down a road neither she nor McCourt have been down."I think you discover more surprises in a backyard than you do in a home," she says. "Like in a home, we're so used to renovatingold turn-of-the-centuryhomes we can anticipate what'sbehind a wall. You can't always anticipatewhat's going on in someone's backyard so that was somethingthat was really interesting."McCourt says the show is called Backyard Builds because it's not focused on landscaping and decks; those come last. Rather, their focus is on building structures, such as the impressivetreehouse village they builton a property where the owners had an acre of forest."Thefamily has kind of a coolstory," says McCourt. "I guess they were bothdivorced and both had kids and bought this house together and moved in together and promised the kids they would build a treehouse."The project came with a big ask, which they met, says Keenleyside, and included a yoga space for the mother; a treehouse designed as both a family cabin and place the parents could use for a romantic getaway; a "kids-only cabin" and additional activities, like a zip line and climbing wall."Weeven ran electrical to that one," says McCourt. "Which was like half an acre of trenching, so they could enjoy the treehousesat night."Though it was a challenging project, the pair say it was one of their favourites because it let them tap into their childhood fantasies of treehouse building."We weren't allowed to use the words Ewok village," Keenleyside says. "But that's what it felt like. It was this amazing escape in the backyard."Taking it back to town, one of the Backyard Builds episodes mirrorsthe growing popularity of using shipping containers in residential construction, with Keenleyside and McCourt installing one in a family's backyard to serve as an office for a father."They havethree kids and he works from home," says McCourt. "So how awesome is it tohave your own home office in your backyard? You walk out, go to your office, no commute, but also no kids screaming in the background. It's kind of thebest scenario."
2021 07 22
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Business Idea: Addressing the Childhood Obesity Problem
According to a Center for Disease Control study , an estimated 16 percent of children and adolescents ages 6-19 years are overweight. And the number seem to be growing! In fact, this estimate represent a 45% increase from their previous study.Childhood obesity is caused by a myriad problems. But a huge part is attributed to young people not regularly engaging in vigorous-intensity physical activity. Participation in physical education classes has been dropping. Children are sitting more on the sofa watching TV or playing computer games instead of running around.Whatever the reason for childhood obesity, this is one market segment that could offer small business entrepreneurs significant opportunities. Here are some ideas:Create a gym/fitness center specifically for kids - sell fitness as a source of fun and enjoyment. Have a climbing wall and other facilities that will allow kids to exercise and play at the same time.Life coach - to help kids who need to lose weightSeller of kid size exercise equipment - kid size tread mill, trampoline, kid size dumbells, even hydraulic equipmentSeller of sports equipment for kids - junior golf clubs, children's tennis rackets, and children's bikes. Weight loss camps for children - one month camp to help children lose weight appeals to busy parents worried that their already overweight children might gain even more weight during the summer vacation. After school programs for kids - exercise programs that children can go to after school to have fun and lose weightFood products - instead of supersizing, go for the opposite end and provide smaller portions of foodI have seen some of these businesses in action - and it takes a while for parents to understand that they need to do something for their kids. But this is a growing market that should be considered by anyone trying to start or expand a business.
2021 07 19
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7 Cool Pool Accessories That Raise the Bar on Summer Fun
As summer heats up, a home with a pool can be dreamy -- and there are plenty of cool pool accessories that can up the "staycation" fun factor. Here's how to trick out your swimming hole for summer, from climbing walls to putting greens and beyond.Poolside climbing wallRock climbing is becomingly an increasingly popular pastime. As temperatures soar, you can climb right along with them on your own climbing wall (prices start at $3,770 on Say bye-bye to your belay device, there's no safety apparatus required. When you reach the top, simply fall back into the cool water below. -- -- -- Floating putting greenToo hot to hit the links? Practice your game and cool down at the same time. This 3-by-4-foot floating golf green ($249 on is a must-have for duffers. It even comes with buoyant golf balls so you don't have to dive to make a retrieval. -- -- -- Inflatable slideNot interested in the permanence (or price tag) that accompanies anchoring a slide to the side of your pool? Now you have another option. The Intex waterslide ($75.69 on inflates for hours of fun and then just as easily gets folded up and stashed away. -- -- -- Underwater speakersGrab the snorkel and host an underwater dance party with underwater speakers. And if you want the absolute best, go for models from ($650 and up), which have been used by the U.S. Navy and even synchronized swimming during the Summer Olympics. -- -- -- A floating cabanaWho needs dry land when you can sail away in this floating cabana ($179.95 on It's shaded, so it's a perfect way to enjoy the pool without your fingers and toes turning into prunes. (You're welcome.) -- -- -- A multicolored fountainAre you at the Bellagio? No, you're home. Enjoy cascading water in an array of colors courtesy of this LED color-changing fountain ($67.99 at Brookstone). The best part: It runs on water pressure -- no batteries necessary. -- -- -- Inflatable pool barHate leaving the cool comfort of the pool to fix yourself a drink? Now you don't have to. This AhhQua Bar ($39.99 on may quickly become your favorite new drinking buddy. If only it came with its own inflatable bartender.
2021 07 13
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All Wooden Climbing Wall (with Interchangeable Wall Parts)
So it is very common to build climbing walls with wood, even in the big climbing halls normally the wall itself is made from plywood. much rarer is that everything is made from wood including the holds.The room in which we build the climbing wall is the common-room for a housing community of around a hundred and fifty people. we needed something that was functional, diverse, but also nice to look at, since the room is normally used for yoga. and those doing yoga they were very reluctant to the idea of a climbing wall with the typical look, a white wall, that gets dirty with time and has lots of coloured climbing holds on it.Another reason why we used wooden holds was that this way it is possible to climb barefoot. this way the many kids, but also those adults until now not into climbing can use the wall without the need of extra climbing shoes.After using the wall for almost half a year, we are really happy with our choice, so we would like to share the details here.So the first step is to decide where to put your wall. a couple of things to consider:a good wall doesn't necessarily have to be big, check out the moon board for example...its important to have enough space in front of the wall for fallingbuild a model!!!! I cannot stress this enough, it was a huge help for us. We made a model out of cardboard and made it to scale (1:10). It helped us decide on the construction, calculating material, visualization and so on. of course you could do this digitally, and that might be a good idea also, but I still think a cardboard model gives you a better understanding of structural weaknesses of your design.If you can, use corners, or as we had the possibility to do: put it into a kind of niche....this means that it is way easier to have a self reliant construction and overhang, meaning the wall can stand by itself and doesn't rely on the strength of the wall behind it.Some good examples can be found here, like this one: are a lot of instructables out there, but anyway, let me just say a couple of thing about the basics.1. Obviously you want a system where you can change holds to different positions. This is normally done by drilling a lot of holes in the wall and adding t-nuts in the back. then you screw your holds into these holes.2. You need some space behind the wallpanels! Screws will stick out the back and also its very difficult to screw the panels onto your existing wall directly. so you need some kind of construction unterneath the panals. Most people do this with standard sized construction wood (in our case we used 6*8cm beams, but in the US you would probably use 2*4 Inch beams).3. DONT use OSB. its cheaper, but unless you paint it or do something with all of the surface, it wont be nice to touch. We used 21mm birch Plywood. it is strong enough that your construction can be 1m apart. it also looks nice.4. Use a standard size for your t-nuts, in europe this is M10There are basically to ways of building a wall:1. as a static wall, so all the flexibility comes from changing holds2. as a wall in which all, or parts of it can be tilted to different angles. We wanted to do this at first, but then decided against it. You need a titling mechanism and this needs a lot of planing and isn't that feasible in a project were a lot of different people use the wall.So our "3rd" way is this.The wall consist of to sidewalls that are straight, as well as a lower part that is straight. on top of this sit four elements each of which has a different profile with different angles. (eg. a lower part with 10 degrees, and an upper part with 20 degrees). These for elements can be changed around, so in total the wall has 24 setups.Additionally we divided our wall into segments of 1*1m panels. These panels are also interchangeable. This way we can make panels with huge volumes on them or sculpture wooden panels in much greater detail than would be possible with just screw on holds.Another advantage is that we can easily replace parts of the wall, should they be damaged (or a t-nut is loose) and we can easily reach our construction behind the panels (and for example put lights behind it).The first thing we made where the straight parts on the sides of the wall. These were simply plywoodpanels cut to the right size and construction wood (8*6cm) which was attached to the wall. Then we made two Elements that make up the lower part of our main wall, which is also straight, because we didn´t want to "steal" any space from the yoga people, so our wall starts of straight and then tilts at about 1.4m height.We also prepared all of our 1m-panels. for this we made one template with holes in rows of four and five, each row 10cm apart and each hole in one row 20cm apart. also we added eight holes for the panels later to be attached on the elements (these holes do not get T-Nuts!) When the template was ready we drilled through the template into the other boards.When we had installed the sides, we put one large 12*14cm beam across, that gives the profile elements something to "lean against"This is how we made the main elements:Each Element consist of two sidepanals, construction wood that is clued to the profiled side of the side panels and front parts that are positioned so that two 1m*1m panels fit in between.First we cut out the sidepanels. we used one sheet of plywood (2.5m*1.25m) for four sidepanels, but you could do this anyway you wand. what is important in our design is that the bottom and top they meet again.In order to be able to put holds on these panels we made holes in them as well and put t-nuts in.Then we glued 6*6cm construction wood to the sidepanels. wehn the sides were ready we clamped our 1m*1m panels on to them so that they had the corect distance and then "filed" the space around the panels with woodstrips. Then we drilled holes trough the 1m*1m panels all the way through the construction wood and put t-nuts in from the back. This way each element is stable in itself also without the 1m-panels and the panals cna later be atached, switched and so on.When all four elements were ready it was time to install everything.we put all four elements on to the lower part of the wall and then attached them each with six screws to the wall, by gluing threads into the wall. This way we can take out the screws, take down the elements and put another element in, switch elements or simple leave an element out in the future.When we were happy with how the four elements were positioned we made a last element, that filled the gap, since out elements were 1m in width but the wall space was a little more than 4meter.The last step was to put lights behind the wall, which makes for really nice lghting.And next up: how we made the holds.The easiest holds are those made of plywood piecesthey are just cut to a nice shape, then sanded to a have good angles and grip and then drilled two holes into them, a small 10mm hole all the way through for the screw and a larger 20mm hole so that the screw head doesn't stick out.A disk sander is really nice for this work, especially if you can tilt the base plate.You can glue several layers of plywood together to make larger pieces, in this case a bandsaw is good to make interesting shapes.If you want even more complicated shapes some kind of craving machinery is good, like the arbortec stuff that I want to win with this instructable or chainsaw blades for the angle grinder.Another way we made holds was on the lathe.As you can see, we also decided to attach some holds to the panels directly and in the future we want to make large volumes attached to the panels as well.We give all of our wood a light coat of thin oil. this doesn't make the holds slippery, but helps them stay nice for a longer time.When the holds get dirty after some time you can wash them of or sand them off. sometimes we also reshape certain holds.a side note: Wood is anti bacterial and I can really say they are great for barefoot climbing and even then don't start to smell. we also don't need any chalk!!!Thats it, all you need then is a crushpad!!!For any questions feel free to ask and hopefully videos about the project will follow shortySo obviously this is a big question to consider.Wood (21mm birch Plywood construction wood): 1200€Screws,T-nuts, etc.: around 250€Chemical Anchors for the wall: 50€Holds: 0€, we used mainly the leftover plywood as well as scrap pieces of maple that we got from two instrument makers who live in our community.Total Cost: around 1500€Wall area: Height: 3.9m, length of left side: 1.2m, length of right side: 0.9m, length of central wall: 4.5m, total (6.6*3.9): 25.74 square-meters.Cost per Square-meter is around 60€ Crashpads: 1000€ (you can make your own, but we needed some that can be stored away easily and so bought two standard boulder-mats at first that we moved (as you can see in the foto), then later bought two more so that we can cover the whole ground and don't need to follow the climber with the mats)
2021 07 13
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Attractions for Kids in Nashville
The lively music scene attracts adults to Nashville, and the city also puts out the welcome mat for kids. Nashville is filled with entertaining attractions, including children's theaters and museums, amusement and water parks, an aquarium, and a zoo. After all the action, kids hopefully will be ready to sit down and enjoy a show at the Grand Ole Opry.With dozens of interactive exhibits, it's hard to know where to start at the Adventure Science Center. The Adventure Tower covers several scientific areas--in the Health and Energy section, you can take a trip through the human heart or try out the Skin Climbing Wall; in Creativity & Innovation, you can explore inside a guitar and play a piano with your feet. The center also features a planetarium, a medical display with a real ambulance, an outer-space simulation and an interactive exhibit showing daily obstacles facing the physically disabled.Adventure Science Center800 Fort Negley Blvd.Nashville, TN 37203(615) 862-5160adventuresci.comYou easily could spend all your time at the Nashville Zoo admiring animals and their habitats. You'll find amphibians including African clawed frogs and marine toads; birds such as Eastern screech owls and Toco toucans; mammals from red river hogs to white-cheeked gibbons; and reptiles such as American alligators and eyelash vipers. But leave time for the zoo's other activities, too. The shows are educational and interactive; the keeper talks describe what it's like to work with animals; and the jungle gym and carousel let kids swing and ride to their heart's content.Nashville Zoo3777 Nolensville RoadNashville, TN 37211(615) 833-1534nashvillezoo.orgFrom mid-May through early September, kids like to get all wet at Nashville Shores. This water park, located on J. Percy Priest Lake, features several water slides, climbing walls and water trampolines. Families also can enjoy boat cruises, banana boat rides, kayaks and jet skis. On land, you'll find attractions such as a treehouse playground, oversize sandbox, miniature golf course and areas for volleyball and basketball.Nashville Shores4001 Bell RoadHermitage, TN 37076(615) 889-7050nashvilleshores.comTake your kids to a live play designed just for them. The Nashville Children's Theatre performs plays such as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "Charlotte's Web," "Miss Nelson Is Missing" and "The Diary of Anne Frank." The theater also offers camps for youngsters of different ages and abilities, and it hosts birthday parties that include signs, decorations, a party room and a birthday announcement from the stage.Nashville Children's Theatre25 Middleton St.Nashville, TN 37210(615) 254-9103nashvillechildrenstheatre.orgBarbara Dunlap is a freelance writer in Oregon. She was a garden editor at "The San Francisco Chronicle" and she currently specializes in travel and active lifestyle topics like golf and fitness. She received a master's degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been a Knight Foundation Fellow.
2021 07 11
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There's Plenty of Fun for Non-skiers
When we moved to Alberta from Ontario, one of the first things we wanted to do as a family was ski. Except for my 14-year-old daughter, who wasn't interested.If resorts offered the options then that they do now, she would have come along and found her own fun. Non-skiing activities include snowshoeing, ice skating, ice climbing - even a "snow limo." The snow limo is just one of dozens of creative ways ski resorts in Western Canada are making sure no one gets left out in the cold during a ski day or holiday."When you have a playground that's always in the snow and customers that come from all over the world, you offer activities that are unique to your individual resort,"says Michael J. Ballingall, senior vice-president of Big White Ski Resort.Big White, the recent recipient of several international awards including Best International Family Ski Resort from Out & About with Kids magazine, is where you'll find the snow limo. The "chauffeur"-driven, gravity-powered ride is open air and non-skiers get the sensation of schussing down the slopes.Here's a roundup of resort activities across Western Canada catering to the non-skiing and ski crowd.Big White: You could spend an entire week at this resort 60 kilometres south of Kelowna, B.C., and not ski or board once. Dog sledding, ice climbing, wining, dining and snowmobile tours are all on the activity roster, as well as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.Nakiska: It seems families can't get enough of tubing, so Nakiska has added one more lane for this season.Kimberley: This resort offers two snowshoe tours. Make fresh tracks on snowshoes like the early mountain explorers did and learn about the history of the area. Or, pair the snowshoe adventure with the traditional Swiss chocolate fondue. Both activities, plus skating, gondola tours and cross-country skiing can be booked at Kimberley, B.C.Fernie: Check out the new Nordic and snowshoeing trails in Fernie, B.C., at Mt. Fernie Provincial Park. A half-day outing suggestion: cross-country ski up to Island Lake Lodge and enjoy a hot chocolate in the cosy inn.Kicking Horse: You'll be hard pressed to find many people who can say they've been walking with wolves. This unique program with wolves born and bred in captivity is offered through Northern Lights Wildlife, near the ski resort. Also available: two snowshoeing and cross-country ski loop trails, snowmobile tours in Golden, B.C., and skating on the village pond.Sunshine Village: While your kids are harshing the gnarl, you'll be far from the maddening crowds at the Restorative Yoga and Snowshoe retreat. Several weekend dates are available throughout the season. New this year is the Historical Snowshoe and Fondue Tour, where guests make fresh tracks in the footsteps of the First Nations trade routes and early European mountain explorers. End the day with a fondue at the Chimney Corner Lounge and Wine Bar.Lake Louise: Choose from three snowshoe tours daily along Ptarmigan Ridge, at an elevation that offers spectacular 360-degree views. Or opt for a diverse selection of cross-country ski trails. If you'd rather get your downhill thrill while sitting, there's always the Sunny Tube Park.Silver Star: Located in the Okanagan, 22 kms from Vernon, B.C., Silver Star offers dozens of activities to keep non-skiers busy. Choose from mini-snowmobiles for the kids, sleigh rides, a climbing wall, 55 kilometres of Nordic ski trails, 16 km of snowshoeing trails, ice skating and bowling.Panorama: Guests can be as busy or laid-back as they like. The cosy Summit Hut is the venue for a delicious way to reconnect with your clan at the end of the day. Take the chairlift to the top of the mountain for a fondue or four-course meal. On-site activities also include snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. After working your muscles, hit the spa for a massage.
2021 07 11
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Hundreds of Parents Demand Refunds From Absolutely Awful' Fortnite Festival in Norwich
Hundreds of parents have demanded refunds after visiting a Fortnite festival that was branded "absolutely awful".Visitors to the two-day Fortnite Live event at Norfolk showground near Norfolk were forced to queue for hours to enter the site on Saturday.And once inside, parents said the computer game-themed event was a "shambles", with depressing attractions and a shortage of staff.Organisers Exciting Events had billed the festival as the "ultimate Fortnite Battle Royale" with "crazy competitions, awesome activities... and much more".Visitors were charged up to £22 for a ticket and a further £20 each for wristbands to take part in the attractions.Justine Petersen, 44, from Bradwell, Norfolk, travelled 25 miles to the event with husband Martin and their nine-year-old son Richard, after paying about £40 for tickets.She said: "We queued for about 45 minutes to get through the gates, then joined another queue to get wristbands."After having waited another hour, the family decided to walk around to see what was on offer.MORE: 'Killer' illegal car seats on sale for just £8 on eBay and Amazon MORE: 27-year-old appears in court accused of killing three pensionersShe said: "There was a climbing wall that could only fit about four kids on it, the sort of thing you would only see at a school fete."Another attraction included on an itinerary handed to families was the "Cave Experience".Mrs Petersen said: "It was some sort of truck with a tarpaulin over the sides, then they had stuck a grey plastic slide on the back."It wasn't even slippery. The kids were using their arms to push themselves down it."In front of that there was a merchandise stall. There were baseball caps with cannabis leaf logos on them."She added: "We then went to the main building. There was a big inflatable llama with a crowd barrier around it, pushed against a wall."The main stage where they were meant to be having a dance competition was tiny."Mrs Petersen said there was also a "Dusty Diner", a location from the game where players can collect resources.She said: "It was two or three tables and a couple of ladies with tea urns and they had three or four cakes in front of them."Everything had a massive queue. There were thousands of people and only about six things to do."The disappointed family left within an hour.Mrs Petersen said: "There were children upset everywhere. There was not a single person who seemed to be happy about what they saw. It was horrendous."@EDP24 fortnite live event. 1 climbing wall between 3000 children. 4 go karts between the same amount, nobody dressed up as characters, people still queuing 2hrs after gates open. Absolutely awful #fortnite #fortnitelive #OfficalMarcSmith (@marc0835) February 16, 2019Liam Buddle, 32, went with his three sons Tyler, nine, Riley, six, and Dylan, also aged six.The father-of-three said he paid £67.50 for tickets and a further £15 on tokens that could be used for the activities.The supermarket manager from Norwich said: "For me, the big disappointment was the lack of entertainment and the dreary look of the place."There was really nothing to do there and the things that were were there were of a poor standard for the money we spent."A lot of things were either not open or just completely not there. My children love Fortnite and after half an hour they were disappointed and wanted to leave."Event organiser Shaun Lord said the long queues were a result of staffing issues and claimed it had been a "fantastic show".Writing on their Facebook page, the organisers said that "so many happy children have enjoyed a great day at Fortnite Live Norwich today".They added: "However, these happy visitors have been accompanied by a mixed bag of feedback with the queues wearing thin on some visitor's patience and we sincerely apologise to those visitors who gave feedback regarding the queues."
2021 07 11
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