LED Not Lighting Up, Micro Puck Driver Heating Up?

I would test the led without the driver to see if the led is ok (not shorted). With 4 AA cells (6 volts), put a resistor in series with the led. The resistor needs to be about 10 ohms at 1 watt or greater (for a typical 350 mA Luxeon led). The led should light up; be sure the led is connected in the proper polarity- they are not meant to be reverse biased. If it does not light up using the test resistor and battery pack, try another led. If it does light up, either the connections on the micro puck were backwards, or the micro puck is damaged inside. You could put a ammeter in series with the led to see what, if any, current is delivered to the led from the micro puck (when connected to the 3 volt battery pack).

1. Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Today's kitchens are the central gathering place in the home. Whether you are remodeling or building from the ground up, it is essential to plan your kitchen lighting to provide for a variety of functions - from a bright light for food preparation and cleaning to a softer, warmer light source for conversation and entertaining friends. The tremendous range of kitchen lighting and controls available today make it easy for homeowners to choose kitchen lighting that performs multiple tasks, from recessed lighting for general area lighting to bright light directed to food preparation and cooking areas. Accent lighting is also popular - providing a focus on cabinets or walls as well as providing additional lighting for task areas. Here are some design tips for kitchen lighting. Think about lighting controls Because your kitchen has so many functions, you will want to change the intensity of every light in the room. Do not just buy a switch. Your budget should at least include basic dimmers that allow you to adjust the lighting to suit the requirements of any moment. More complex wireless lighting control systems are now available that are easy to install and relatively inexpensive. No more flickering fluorescent Ever the old kitchen stand-by, fluorescent lighting, has undergone a sea change. No longer the pasty, flickering light of the 1970's, fluorescent lighting is quickly being replaced by LED lighting that can be selected according to color and warmth, from a natural white for food preparation or a bright white that mimics daylight for food preparation, cooking and cleaning dishes. Under Cabinet Lighting LED products have also revolutionized under-cabinet lighting. New products such as flexible tape lighting are easily installed along under cabinet edges, in toe kicks, and even inside the top edges of cabinets or ceiling molding. LED lighting is cool to the touch - so you do not have to worry about cabinets getting overheated and becoming a fire hazard. Pendants Pendants provide a directed light on popular task areas such as kitchen islands. Glass pendants are striking - especially in multiples - and make a unique design statement. The infinite array of glass choices and colors make it easy to pick up styles, finishes and colors from the rest of your home. Consult with a professional Homeowners considering a kitchen renovation should remember to consult with our lighting experts before undertaking any construction. Our professional lighting designers will work with you to create a lighting layout that covers all your needs and avoids expensive retrofits.

2. RDECOM Soldier Center's bright idea for lighting system improves illumination, saves energy

NATICK, Mass. -- The Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center's Expeditionary Maneuver Support Directorate, or EMSD, has developed a new lighting technology that provides better illumination while using less energy than fluorescent tube lighting. Under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Southern Cross Printed Electronics, Australia, and its U.S. representative BAM International, EMSD developed the Flexible Light Emitting Diode, or LED, Lighting System, which is also called MFLEX. The MFLEX system is part of EMSD's ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing the logistical footprint of expeditionary base camps. "Although there are several alternative LED lighting solutions available to the warfighter, all of which provide the benefit of saving energy, which ultimately translates into fewer or smaller supply convoys, the major benefits of these lights are reflected in three measures: 1) the amount of time necessary to setup and takedown a tent, 2) the transportation weight and volume, and 3) the quality of the lighting," said Melvin Jee, leader of the Soldier Center's EMSD's Expeditionary Command Platforms Branch. The Flexible LED Lighting System will replace the fluorescent tube lighting commonly used in the field. The system can be used in virtually any size tent, provides more illumination, and greatly reduces shadow area when compared to fluorescent tube lighting. "The flexible LED lights provide fairly even illumination, virtually eliminating heavy shadow areas, making the environment more comfortable for the warfighter by reducing fatigue due to eye strain," said Jee. By improving illumination and reducing the presence of shadows inside the tent, the system helps facilitate command and control functions. Soldiers often carry out various aspects of mission planning while in tents, including looking at maps and other information, and the improved illumination and reduction of shadows may help them better perform such tasks. Moreover, the system is more compact and weighs significantly less than fluorescent tube lighting. The Flexible LED Lighting System fits into a backpack-sized bag. This one small bag replaces up to four transit cases needed to light a single tent with fluorescent lighting. The cases weigh between 40 to 50 pounds each, compared with the backpack-sized bag needed for LED lighting, which weighs only 10 pounds. The backpack-size bag contains 12 meters of flexible LED lighting, complete with cables and hangers. The bag also contains the power supply and control circuitry, which allows the lights to be dimmed and/or switched from white light to blue/green blackout light. Warfighters do not require a specific Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS, to install and operate the lighting system. The LED system does not have to be taken down when moving to a new location, increasing ease of mobility and reducing setup and tear-down times. The system is being used by the 82nd Airborne Division. The Soldier Center has partnered extensively with the 82nd Airborne to gain insights into improving and developing appropriate tools, techniques, products and technologies for the warfighter. The division's feedback/input helped to shape the development of the Flexible Light Emitting Diode Lighting System. The U.S. Army Soldier Center is part of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, which has the mission to provide innovative research, development and engineering to produce capabilities that provide decisive overmatch to the Army against the complexities of the current and future operating environments in support of the joint warfighter and the nation. RDECOM is a major subordinate command of the U.S. Army Materiel Command.

3. Is it better to use DC appliance in solar home rather than AC, such as LED lighting, TV, fan etc... for decrease power loss in inverter?

Existing grid tied home with existing appliances, new solar, just grid tie the solar and get your incentives. DC appliances would be lots of not needed costs. Go for things like LED bulbs that are bright and consume less than 10w and fit normal AC sockets. New solar OFF-grid home, can be all DC. No inverter required. Get all new DC appliances. Make sure the home is wired to minimize losses. Current is the limiting factor. Since you are probably working with 24v DC, you will have higher currents for the same power as a 115vAC system (power equals current times voltage) Definitely need good low power stuff like LED lighting

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LED Lighting Is the Prime Choice of Interior Decorators
The growth of technology and necessity of better light sources gave us LED lights. The sources have evolved from the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights to LED. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights have the lighting consume 60% less energy and provide similar brightness. The architects and interiors designers are now having much better options with LED under interior lighting. They can now experiment a lot of new looks because the LED flexible strip can be operated on ultra narrow platforms. The LED strip lights can be installed anywhere without much of a trouble and produces warm or pure white light. They are extremely low profile and highly flexible to be bent in any degree. The LED lighting can be installed in many ways with the help of fixtures and give a much better glowing effect in the surroundings.The LED lights are widely used to enhance the look of the home or office. It is luxury form of LED interior lighting because they give a whole new outlook to the space where it is installed. The contractors and architects today use variations in the lighting to give attractive look. It is available in vivid colors; hence they can be used to suit the mood better according to the environment and color theme of the surroundings. They also give the facility to be modulated; hence the brightness can be controlled. This complements the area which is illuminated and hence has gone a step ahead as compared to xenon or incandescent lighting. The interior decorators always use new & better options to decorate the home, office or hotels. Be it a book shelf, garden patio, kitchen cabinets or ceilings, LED has become their prime choice because of brilliant color combination, less heat generation and low consumption. The LED flexible strip lighting can be accommodated anywhere without much of an effort.The LED interior lighting has become the first choice for many to highlight other sophisticated furniture. The dug in LED under cabinet lights are placed directly into the cabinet or shelf making them non noticeable. The LEDs are primarily installed in living room area for maintaining more artistic interiors. The LED lights can be installed in process hence the area should be chosen extremely wisely during installation. LED lights are also available in flexible strip and aluminium tube format that can be used in interiors for highlighting purposes. These LED aluminium tube lights operate on a remarkably less power. The LED tube lighting offers a variety of colors and can have their brightness modulated with dimmer as required. LED lighting can be used in extremely narrow spaces and still give the required luminance. The lights come as a bar or disk and can be chosen according to the requirement and the space available. The decorators also utilize the accent lighting to enhance the look and highlight the counter tops with LED lights. The LED lighting is also used as jewellery display lights because of their flicker free nature and no maintenance.Tired of traditional lamps that do not provide you eco-friendly lights, and consume so much energy as well? We at Bigeagle.com.au offer you LED lights that have ideal energy conservation with eco friendly solutions. We are the experienced expert for providing super bright LED lighting fixtures for interior design lighting applications. We aim to improve the quality of your home or business illuminations by installing high brightness led interior lighting. Find out more about LED interior lighting from at Bigeagle. com. au, where we offer valuable advises and tips for eco-friendly, energy efficient LED lighting productsWho does YOUR interior decorating?The pack of dust bunnies that live under my furnitureDoes anybody know of any great Interior decorating websites with pictures of painted rooms?a great one the best, I forgot how to spell it has 4 letters starting with b it advertises on tv, sorry best I can doDo your kids' rooms look like those in magazines and interior decorating books?As long as you and your kids are happy with the results, thats what matters. My kids room probably do look like they could be in an interior decor magazine. I enjoy decorating (its a hobby, not a profession) and I particularly enjoyed decorating my kids rooms. I let them have some input (my daugther just wanted lots of pink, my sons wanted superhero theme) and then I just went from there. I find its the accessories and window treatments that really pull a room together. Anyways, like I said, its a hobby for me, I look at a lot of catalogues and magazines and copy looks I like. As long as everyone is happy with teh room though, that is what matters.
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