Las Vegas Victim Overcomes Leg Injuries to Struggle Out of ...

A Las Vegas shooting victim climbed out of his hospital bed to meet Donald Trump despite being badly wounded in the leg.

Thomas Gunderson was hailed as "tough" by the US president after struggling to his feet for a handshake in a mark of respect for the President and First Lady.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania were touring the hospital ward meeting some of the hundreds of people shot by Stephen Paddock at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival.

Mr Gunderson, fromCalifornia, said he was shot in the leg as he tried to help victims of the massacre and credits tolice officers for saving his life.

In a video posted on Facebook, he can be seen attempting to sit up in bed as the President and the First Lady arrive in his room.

"Hi, Thomas. How are you? No, don't get up. Don't get up," Mrs Trump can be heard saying in theclip which has been viewed more than 10 million times.

"Hey, this guy looks tough to me," the president adds as Mr Gunderson rises to his feet.

He later wrote on Facebook: "I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand! There may be plenty of issues in this country but I will always respect my country, my president and my flag.

"Shot in the leg or not, I will stand to show my President the respect he deserves!"

Mr Trump described shooting victims as the "most amazing people" and praising medics for doing an "indescribable" job after visiting University Medical Centre on Wednesday.

Some of the patients Mr Trump and first lady Melania Trump met with "were very, very badly wounded," the President said, "and they were badly wounded because they refused to leave."

He added: "They wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over."

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