Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Slams Trial Attorney in Appeal of US Murder Conviction

VERNON, Conn. - Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel launched a barrage of criticism Thursday against the attorney who represented him at his murder trial, portraying an overly confident lawyer having fun and basking in the limelight while making fundamental mistakes from poor jury picks to failing to track down key witnesses.

Skakel testified in his latest appeal, arguing that trial attorney Michael Sherman failed to competently defend him when he was convicted in 2002 of killing his neighbour in 1975 when they were both 15. Skakel, the 52-year-old nephew of Robert F. Kennedy's widow, Ethel Kennedy, is serving 20 years to life for the golf club bludgeoning of Martha Moxley.

Skakel, who did not testify at his trial, seemed eager to unload as he took the witness stand more than a decade after he was sent to prison. When some of his answers wandered off topic, attorneys and the judge advised him to answer only the question.

"Just focus here," said Skakel's attorney, Hubert Santos. "I know you want to get this off your chest."

Skakel, heavy with receding grey hair and wearing a white shirt with a dark suit jacket, said Sherman told him he would never get arrested and that he would never go to trial, telling him, "you'll never see the inside of a courtroom." When he did, he said, Sherman put a police officer and a woman whose friend's mother knew the victim's mother on the jury despite his strong objections.

Skakel said Sherman took photos of the judge and jury with a pen camera and had him sign an autograph.

"I was flabbergasted at the nonchalant attitude," he said.

He said Sherman did not give him a chance to review evidence in the case. When Sherman visited Skakel at his Florida home, they would mostly talk about money and golf, Skakel said.

"He wanted a war chest. He said we needed $5 million bucks," he said.

Skakel's current attorney argues that Sherman had significant financial troubles at the time and didn't devote enough money to defend the case.

Sherman says he did all he could to prevent Skakel's conviction and denies he was distracted by media attention in the high-profile case. Sherman, who testified last week and sat with his arms crossed as Skakel testified, is due to take the stand Friday again to respond to Skakel's claims.

Skakel said Sherman referred to himself as a "media whore" and spent time with writers Skakel considered his enemies.

He said Sherman failed to track down a witness who supported his alibi and others who could rebut a claim he confessed to the crime.

Skakel said he was adamant that Sherman track down other former classmates to challenge a claim that he confessed to the crime while attending a reform school in Maine in the late 1970s, but Sherman failed to find them. One classmate, Gregory Coleman, testified that Skakel confessed to killing Moxley and said he would get away with murder because "I'm a Kennedy."

Skakel called Coleman's claim "laughable" and said Sherman failed to use an argument that a Skakel would never brag about being a Kennedy "because the Kennedys and the Skakels are much like the Hatfields and the McCoys."

Skakel said he demanded Sherman hire an expert to highlight brutal conditions at the reform school but Sherman didn't.

"It was imperative because there's no logical way a person who has never been there could possibly comprehend the magnitude of the insanity that went on in such a place," Skakel said. "It was a mad house."

After he was convicted, Skakel said, Sherman visited him in prison and admitted he messed up with his jury picks.

Sherman told him about a dinner he had with a former classmate from the reform school that was attended by actor Harrison Ford and singer Michael Bolton in which the classmate said in front of them that Skakel never confessed while at the reform school, Skalel said. He said Sherman could have called Ford and Bolton to testify.

Skakel's defence also argues that Sherman ignored a claim by a former classmate of Skakel's that implicated two other men in the killing. Skakel said he did hang out with that classmate in Greenwich in 1975, but on cross-examination he said he never saw the man the night of the murder.

A judge has rejected the claim as not credible.

Prosecutor Jonathan Benedict was limited to questioning Skakel about his testimony rather than the whole case.

"We were sitting back waiting for Mr. Skakel to make a slip and open something up, but he didn't," Benedict said after the hearing.

Dorthy Moxley, the victim's mother, has attended the trial every day and takes notes while listening with the aid of a hearing device.

"I don't think you can believe much of what he says," she said.

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My Family Died with My Daughter - Hannah Cornelius' Father's Heartbreaking Testimony
Willem Cornelius believes his family died with his daughter Hannah, and was buried when his wife "walked into the ocean a short time later and didn't come back", the former magistrate testified in the Western Cape High Court on Thursday."Me and my son are not a family - we are the survivors who live in the ruins of what once was," Cornelius said during sentencing proceedings of the three men who raped and murdered his daughter.LIVE: Hannah Cornelius' father testifiesCornelius' body was found on the morning of May 27, 2017, outside Stellenbosch. She was last seen alive with her friend Cheslin Marsh hours earlier, when Eben van Niekerk, Geraldo Parsons, Vernon Witbooi and Nashville Julius accosted the two students in her car in Bird Street.Marsh was stoned and left for dead near Kraaifontein, while Cornelius was raped and later stabbed at Groenhof farm.Her VW Citi Golf was used in two armed robberies, before Witbooi and Parsons were apprehended after a high-speed chase.Van Niekerk, Parsons and Witbooi were convicted on 10 charges, ranging from murder to rape.READ: 'It's not a happy day for anybody' - Hannah Cornelius Foundation after guilty verdictJulius was found guilty of robbery and kidnapping, as he had fled before his accomplices drove off with the students that night.Cornelius, before speaking of his daughter, apologised that he had not been at proceedings before, explaining that the investigating officer had taken him through the docket before the trial and he "did not feel up to going through the evidence again".'Sense of fairness and compassion'Wearing a white rose pinned to his suit jacket, Cornelius spoke proudly of his only daughter, of whom he was "immensely proud"."I suspect all parents believe their children are exceptional, and we were no different. Almost from birth, Hannah proved to be different from what we believed was the norm. There were no feeding problems, no terrible twos, no teething difficulties - in fact, the first time she cried without an obvious reason, we were so anxious we asked our family doctor to attend to her in the middle of the night."We were mortified when he informed us that she was having her first tantrum."After the birth of her autistic brother, Hannah became in a sense "part of management, with a share of duties and a say in decisions".She never gave her parents any "drama and difficulties" and excelled in school, the proud father said.His daughter was diligent, almost always cheerful and had a sense of fairness and compassion he envied, he reminisced."I recall an incident in her early teens when she gravely informed us that she did not want to attend our church anymore, as it did apparently not make provision for her Muslim friends to go to heaven," Cornelius said.Friends and family of #HannahCornelius as well as community organisation representatives carrying white roses in the gallery. @TeamNews24 Tammy Petersen (@TammyPetersen87) November 8, 2018 'A remarkable child on the cusp of growing into a remarkable young woman'She declined a birthday party for her 16th birthday, because she "could not in good conscience spend money on herself while people around her were living in poverty".Instead, she made up gift packs for children for the children of the Red Hill informal settlement, and continued doing this on all her subsequent birthdays."When she enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch, Hannah informed us - somewhat to our dismay - that she had no interest in pursuing a career in law, but that she wanted to do something that would actually help people," he said.She wanted to major in languages, literature and philosophy and pursue post-graduate studies in France."The theme of helping people was a constant in her life and I understand this may have led indirectly to the reason why we are here today."Even so, both me and her mother were immensely proud of raising a child for the new South Africa, a child without the baggage of our generations, with little interest in money or material things, with no prejudice regarding race, religion or social standing. A remarkable child on the cusp of growing into a remarkable young woman."Sentencing proceedings continue.Sentencing proceedings against the men convicted of the murder of #HannahCornelius and the attempted murder of Cheslin Marsh is expected to commence shortly in the Western Cape High Court.
2021 07 23
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Jonah Gadjovich, Prospect/blogger
Hello Vancouver!Jonah Gadjovich here, I've been asked to write a blog during Vancouver Canucks Development Camp and although I was too busy over the weekend to collect my thoughts, it's go-time now!I got into Vancouver on Thursday, June 29th and it's my first time to this beautiful city. It was a clear day when the plane was descending and I was amazed. Looking out the window I couldn't believe the mountains, trees, ocean and city itself; I knew it was going to be a great week as soon as I stepped off the plane.Friday was filled with a rink tour, checking out the Canucks dressing room, meeting the staff and getting to know the other prospects. It was a bit nerve-wracking coming in, but I saw some familiar faces right away. Petrus Palmu and I were roommates for the last three years in Owen Sound, Mike Carcone and I grew up in the same hometown of Whitby, Ontario, during this year's draft combine I got to know Michael DiPietro well, Brett McKenzie and I have the same agent, so we're trained together for three or four years, and I grew up playing against Matt Brassard.After going through some medical testing, concussion protocols and getting fitted for gear (which was like Chritmas morning for all the guys!!), we took the bus to Whistler, BC, for the weekend.And I thought Vancouver was beautiful. Whistler is epic!The rugged backdrop is unlike anything I've ever seen and the village was hopping, as it was Canada Day. We had some more evaluations in the morning before taking part in a scavenger hunt.Divided into four teams of five or six guys, we had one hour to complete 26 tasks, with photo proof needed. The list had everything from milk a cow (real or fake) and hold a dog, to take a photo in a hot tub and give a piggyback ride to a tourist. I was not on the winning team, but we sure had a great time. This was exactly the type of fun activity we needed to take part in to get to know each other better.Saturday night we were on our own for dinner and we ate and explored the village more. It was early to bed after a tiring day - with another adventurous day on the horizon.Sunday we were on a bus at 10 am heading to Squamish area for some white-water rafting! What a thrill, it's tough to really describe what a rush it is. We had three boats, six or eight guys in each. Wetsuit, wet suit jacket, life jacket, booties and helmet, we were fully equipped. Paddle in hand - always hold the T grip - we were off down the rapids. I did some rafting like this three years ago in Ottawa, but this was a much different experience because of the scenery. I'd be gazing up at the mountains and we'd hit a class 3 or 4 rapid. That ice water hitting you snaps the daze away in a hurry!I was asked to write about 500 words and I'm at 522, so I'm signing off.Thanks for reading!Cheers,Jonah
2021 07 23
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Things to Wear for '80s Day
The 1980s introduced us to Pac-Man, MTV and a host of trendy fashion styles. Some schools invite students to dress in period clothes for a day by hosting an "'80s Day." Both men's and women's fashion in the early 1980s featured bright-colored oversize shirts and tight-fitting pants. Choosing the right clothes for the day can be fun and somewhat challenging. Consider some 1980s-inspired fashions to wear on "'80s Day."Pop culture, including the television show "Miami Vice," had a big influence on 1980s men's fashions. The leading men, Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas, wore pastel colored suit jackets over casual T-shirts. This trend caught-on in mainstream fashion and young men started sporting similar outfits. Wear a T-shirt under a suit jacket for '80s Day to look like the men of the era. Wear deck shoes without socks and Ray-Ban Wayfarer style sunglasses to complete the look.Madonna, the pop singing sensation, greatly influenced women's fashion in the 1980s. Madonna burst onto the music scene with her song "Like a Virgin" and the accompanying music video. Madonna wore lace bras and bustiers as outerwear and accessorized with over-sized jewelry. She also wore lace gloves, which were sometime finger-less, fluffy skirts made of lace or tulle and chunky belts. Girls started dressing in a similar fashion in the 1980s. Choose this style of clothing for an '80s Day outfit. Wear a lot of lacy clothes over leggings. Accessorize with chunky necklaces and belts and wear stacks of rubber bracelets.Heavy metal of the 1980s introduced both a music and a fashion style. Heavy metal rockers sported "big hair" hair-dos, black leather pants and shredded band T-shirts. Some rockers wore tight, tattered jeans and leather jackets. Create a heavy metal style for '80s Day by wearing theme-appropriate clothing and by sporting a "big hair band" wig. Mullets were also a part of the rock scene of the 1980s.Another way to dress for '80s Day is to wear a T-shirt with neon-colored sayings or images on it. Or wear an oversize sweatshirt with shoulder pads and acid-washed jeans. The 1980s prime time soap opera "Dynasty," starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans, made displaying wealth a trend. The stars of the show wore expensive dresses and suits and accessorized with extravagant and flashy jewelry. The women of Dynasty wore extravagantly adorned, batwing sleeved dresses with large shoulder pads. The men wore tuxedos and business suits with silk ties in a solid color such as red or gold. These were often called "power ties." Look for these types of outfits at thrift stores. Designer names such as Ralph Lauren and Guess became popular too. Wear sweatshirts and other clothing items displaying these names and logos for '80s Day attire.
2021 07 22
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Reddit Users Share Outrageous Tales From the Tackiest Weddings They've Ever Been To
WE'VE probably all been to a wedding in our time where we've secretly disapproved of the bride's dress or the choice of venue.But some of these horror storiesfrom people's nuptials are guaranteed to make you cringe.Reddit users have taken to the social media site to share tales from the 'trashiest weddings' they've ever been to.One told how the groom turned up in a Hooters T-shirt, adding: "Turns out they had actually been divorced for six months at the time of the ceremony."Another recalled her horror when themother-in-law-to-be turned up to thewedding reception wearing a tracksuit.She joked: "The kicker is the track suit looked like it was from the 90s."One Reddit user confessed:"My aunt married her third husband in Waffle House in Atlanta Georgia."They chose the booth where Kid Rock was once arrested."Another told how they once worked at a very high-end golf clubinSeattle that regularly hosted expensive weddings.They shared a tale of a Samoan weddingin which the bride and groom "got into a fistfight right before the ceremony, delaying it a bit until bruises could be covered with makeup".The wedding party then ordered in Domino's pizza which people brazenly atein the fancy restaurant, despite their nuptials contract stating they must order from the golf club.One Reddit user who works as a wedding photographer told how on one of their jobs, thebest man "screwed the groom's mother between the meal and the dancing".The groom the foundout and punched the best man, breaking his hand. The best man then droveaway and got stopped by the police for drunk driving.Another told how onegroom- a plumber by trade- got his groomsmen to wear a rather strange accessory.They wrote: "The flowers the men wore on their lapels were mini toilets with flowers in them."The centrepieces were plungers. No, I'm not making this up."Meanwhile one shared the story of how theirgrandma-in-law went to a 'giraffe-themed wedding' for a blokewith "three baby mamas and an uncountable amount of kids".They wrote: "The bride and bridesmaids were in giraffe print dresses.There was also a giraffe cake and various sized giraffe ornaments scattered about."Another woman recalled her cousin's 'hunting-themed' wedding.She revealed the groom "wore a camo suit jacket and everything" while his bride ended up "hammered drunk" shortly after the reception started.Have you been to an incredibly 'trashy' wedding?Or did yours put any of these nuptials to shame? Share your story with us by dropping an email to Earlier today we told how a mum who scrounged thousands in handouts by claiming she was a single parent was unmasked as a benefits cheat after pictures of her lesbian wedding were posted on Facebook.
2021 07 16
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Hoodie in the House Leads to Shouting in the Capitol
On the floor of the House this morning, Rep. Bobby Rush's effort to call attention to the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin turned into a contest of wills between the Illinois Democrat and the presiding officer because Rush donned a hoodie while speaking.It's against the rules to wear hats in the chamber when the House is in session. But Rush slipped a hood over his head in an symbolic act of solidarity with Martin's family and supporters, who say the 17-year-old African-American was the victim of racial profiling by a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot him on Feb. 26. They also argue that local police failed to appropriately investigate the claim of the shooter, George Zimmerman, that he acted in self defense.Martin was said to have been wearing a hoodie at the time of his death. Hoodies have become an important symbol to those who believe an injustice was committed.The scene today on the House floor, which you also can see thanks to this clip at Rush began to speak to the House, he removed a suit jacket to reveal that underneath he was wearing a hooded jacket."Racial profiling has to stop," he said. "Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum." It was then that Rush pulled the hood over his head and Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., who was in the presiding chair, tried to stop him.Bang, bang, bang went the gavel. "The member will suspend!" Harper said several times.Meanwhile, Rush turned to quotes from the Bible. It teaches us, he said in a rising voice, "to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.""The spirit of the Lord is upon because he has anointed me to proclaim the good news!" Rush continued.Then, as he said "may God bless Trayvon Martin's soul, his family," Harper declared that Rush was no longer recognized and the lawmaker's microphone went off. Harper then reminded lawmakers of the rule about hats.Update at 3:45 p.m. ET. Rush's Personal Experience With Tragedy. As The Associated Press points out:
2021 07 13
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Are You Having a Mid-life Wardrobe Crisis?
By Megan Nicol Reed The words you are reading were written on Monday. I was trained, originally, to report the news. I did it for a spell, but it never was my forte. Still, sometimes I should like to write about topics more topical. Like Metiria Turei's benefit fraud revelations. And how I admire her - not for her wrongdoing, but for her honesty and humanity. When I read those who would have her banished to the naughty step, outrage frothing at the corners of their mouths, I marvel how anyone has lived such a stainless life they can claim to have never stretched either the truth or the law in the hope that, ultimately, their actions might be found forgivable. This is the kind of thing I would now and again like to address, however I always fret come Saturday my thoughts will have been rendered redundant, or worse, incorrect. And so I am left with more fanciful subjects like fashion, as this week's magazine is dedicated to. Sometimes a crisis has blurred beginnings, a series of small happenings running into and across the top of each other eventually engulfing you, but I can date this particular one precisely to June 30. A Friday. Lunch with friends. A long overdue cut and colour beforehand. (I've been going blonder as the grey proliferates; more benign merger than hostile takeover.) I'd planned to wear a cream silk suit jacket, narrow black pants, stiletto slingbacks. Although as I hauled it on - I never seem to slip into anything anymore - something about the combination of my newly blow-waved hair and freshly-pressed outfit filled me with desperation. I felt not sexy and sharp as imagined, but rather true blue Tory, like the helmet-headed, armour-wearing president of some conservative political party. In haste I traded the blazer for a leather jacket and ramped up the black eye liner. I fear the effect was more Theresa May channelling her inner rock chick than desired, but I figured it had to be an improvement. When I got to the restaurant, however, I found myself in a room of women in their 40s and 50s, all skinny jeans, high heels and biker jackets, all patently paying their hairdresser through the nose. It was like a uniform. And now wherever I look, I see women dressed just like me. With our leggings and puffer vests on the school run, it is as if we are foot soldiers in some amorphous army, putting up a fruitless fight as time marches unstoppably on. I thought I'd dealt with this, I said to a friend. I rid my wardrobe of anything too short, anything too revealing, when I turned 40. But now I find everything I bought with the long view to being able to wear it into middle age, what I had deemed sophisticated, mature, just makes me unhappy. Ignore what they say about black washing you out, said the husband of a friend, with unusually specific ideas about womenswear. Make it your friend. He's right, pale greys and blues, long a staple of my wardrobe, now make me look like I have the flu, as does going without makeup. Wear trainers, said two stylish friends. Or boots. Rarely heels. They, too, are right. Heels, my old flame, now make me feel like an ageing, slightly tragic, female impersonator. I feel much edgier in something more casual, and edgy has to be sexier than feeling like the trollop I do when all frocked up. In a fortnight it is my husband's godson's 21st birthday. It is the first 21st I have been to since I was 21. There will be many people there I haven't seen in well over a decade, since we were all firmer, fresher, and I am all in a quandary as to what to wear. In the weekend I pulled out some leather shorts. No, I told myself, you are one of his parents' friends, not his. I considered a chiffon dress. No, I told myself, you are not yet in mother-of-the-bride territory. And so on it goes ... and when not indulging my petty mid-life wardrobe crisis I think of Turei, of how I hope her intention to shed light on the paradox that we expect people to lift themselves out of poverty without providing sufficient means for them to do so is not lost in the sea of spittle and shaming.
2021 07 12
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Stunning Silk Camisoles for Men
There's very little in the worldprettier or more "innocent" than the camisole, and there'scertainly no material more sensual than silk. Silk camisoles caneasily become part of a man's everyday wear as they are largelyunobtrusive under a shirt of any sufficient weight and are certainlycompletely undetectable under a suit jacket. (Unless, perhaps, youhappen to live in a repressive dictatorship which requires you toundergo intrusive x ray technology just to get on a plane.) Don't letthat stop you from wearing lingerie though, if you do that, theterrorists have won. Silk Lace CamisoleThis silk lace camisole fromWintersilks combines the best of both worlds. Experience the softpleasures of silk whilst also enjoying the feminine look of a lacybust. The baby pink color adds to the whole affair with such an airof sweetness that diabetics might want to take caution when wearingit. Juliana Rae Silk Lace CamisoleIt's always nice to find pieces thathave an element of originality about them, and this Juliana Rae silklace camisole is certainly original. Its triangular dart design iscertainly very angular, but not without cause, the visual effectcreated by two triangles of lace complimented by a solid silk is aslimming one. 100% Spun Silk CamisoleAlso from Winterwilks, this is a verypretty, very plain silk camisole that you might just get away withwearing as a compliment to your usual male attire. It comes in black,'blush' and cream, catering for most tastes and outfits. There is adelicate one inch charmeuse panel lining the top of the camisole,adding a little extra touch of luxury in a non ostentatious fashion. Farr West Silk Charmeuse CamisoleA traditional camisole with two and ahalf inches of lace trimming the bodice, this camisole from theLindsey Luxe collection of Farr West features accented designs overthe bust. It's long line fit makes it good for men with longer torsoswho often find that camisoles sit up around their belly button. It isalso cut to conform to a womanly shape, giving a male wearer a morefeminine appearance. Silk CareIt is worth noting for the uninitiatedthat silk is better off cleaned by hand, or by dry cleaning if thatis noted on the label. (Some silks are dry clean only.) Tossing silklingerie in the washing machine, even inside a delicates bag is avery bad idea, and given the relative expense and fineness of thematerial, also a terrible waste.
2021 07 10
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On Track for Fashion Glory! Kirsty Gallacher and Lady Kitty Spencer Lead the Glamour at Royal Ascot
TV presenters, models and society beauties led the glamour as Royal Ascot kicked off in style today.The Queen, Kate Middleton, Lady Kitty Spencer, Kirsty Gallacher and Charlotte Hawkins were among the well-dressed racegoers who pulled out all the fashion stops and refused to let a bit of rain dampen their fun.Crisp white summer dresses, statement jumpsuits and hats decorated with bees were all on display as thousands of revellers descended on the Berkshire racecourse this morning.Royal Ascot, the jewel in the crown of the UK racing calendar, starts today with the Queen Anne Stakes and will run until Saturday.The Queenofficially kicked off today's festivities with the royal carriage procession at 2pm, after racegoers were pictured getting the party started.Dressed in a powder blue suit jacket adorned with a diamond brooch and a pearl necklace, the Queen coordinated her floral hat perfectly with the ensemble.The royal, who completed the look with red lipstick and pearl earrings, was seen wearing white gloves as she waved at excited bystanders.Kate Middleton mirrored the Queen's style in a chiffon pale blue dress by Elie Saab which featured a pussy bow tie, teaming it with a wide brim floral hat.The Duchess of Cornwall, who was also pictured in the carriage, opted for a pale blush pink suit jacket and coordinating hat, along with a multi-string of pearls.Queen Maxima, who attended the Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle alongside the royals on Monday, was also seen waving from the carriage where she sat alongside the Queen.Wearing a dramatic floral head dress and coordinating coral dress, she smiled widely as she waved to crowds on their journey from Windsor Castle to Ascot Racecourse.Meanwhile Princes Charles and William looked dapper in top hats and grey suits, along with patterned ties, as they tipped their hats to crowds.Princess Eugenie also joined her family in the carriage, and was pictured wearing a silk turquoise shift dress and yellow fascinator.Elsewhere Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer was seen at Ascot, wearing a white lace dress with puff sleeves and sheer black court shoes.Kitty, 28, who recently confirmed her relationship with divorced £80m Whistles founder Michael Lewis, 68, continued to flash a sizable diamond ring on her wedding finger.The Bvlgari model confirmed her romance with the divorced father of three children - all in their 30s - who owns a £19 million Central London mansion where Lady Kitty has also been spotted, when they left The Mark Hotel with him earlier this year, where a penthouse costs £50,000 a night.Zara Phillips was also seen chatting to Kate and Eugenie, dressed in a floral maxi dress and matching blue top hat - a colour which seemed to be the royal theme of the day.Meanwhile Viscountess Emma Weymouth also opted for a blue feathered ensemble, and Royal Albert Hall singer Natalie Rushdie stood out in red.Former Made In Chelsea and I'm A Celebrity star Georgia Toffolo was pictured donning a white dress and black court shoes for the occasion.Royal Ascot is a much a social occasion as a sporting event and racegoers take the opportunity to turn on the style, from chic hats and summer dresses to sharp suits.Visitors to the high-profile racing event this year also have a wider choice of garb, as organisers say they are free to choose a gender dress code they 'feel most comfortable' with.Under the changes, women will be allowed to dress like men and vice versa - as long as they stick to the rules.This year's Royal Enclosure dress code says 'Gentleman' must wear black or grey morning dress with a waist coat and tie.'Ladies' are not allowed to wear strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses, while mid-riffs have to be covered and fascinators are also banned.In previous years, it has insisted attendees cover their midriffs and avoid wearing fascinators and that still stands.While in previous years there has been no official style guide for the Windsor Enclosure, except to dress for a formal occasion, now female attendees are requested to wear fascinators, like those in the rest of the enclosures.Royal Ascot has put in place strict dress codes since the early 19th century .The race gathering's famously strict clothing rules hark back to sartorial trailblazer Beau Brummell, who dictated the dress for men in the Royal Enclosure at the turn of the 19th century and was fond of cleaning his shoes with champagne.Two years ago, the event broke with convention by allowing racegoers to wear jumpsuits in the Royal Enclosure for the first time.Organisers also announced they would try to draw in a new breed of visitors by putting on a 'party atmosphere' and a 'more vibrant feel'.Meanwhile, no changes have been made to rules for 'Gentlemen'.Juliet Slot, commercial director of Ascot, said: 'Fashion and style are an important part of the Royal Ascot experience for all of our customers.'
2021 07 10
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Big Ten Fashion: Best Dressed and Introducing the 'hat with Suit' Look
undefinedundefinedAndrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for Roll out the red carpetIn May, Rutgers student-athletes like football star Sebastian Joseph got to walk an actual red carpet at the 'R' Awards ceremony at Rutgers Athletics Center.Big Ten media day in Chicago this week didn't feature an actual red carpet, but some of the league's biggest stars got to show off their fashion sense.From bow ties to baseball caps, there were some noteworthy ensembles.(Click the share button to share with a fellow Big Ten fan.)TwitterDeAngelo YanceyThe Purdue wide receiver borrowed a page of former Michigan State star Shilique Calhoun's playbook by going with a bow tie, but he cheated by using a clip-on.TwitterDimitri CamielThe Indiana offensive lineman said he learned how to tie his own bow tie by watching a YouTube instructional video, but the Hoosiers-themed lining on his suit jacket put him over the top.David Banks | USA TODAY SportsChris AshUpon his hiring, the Rutgers coach joked that he needed to upgrade his car now that he is making a bigger salary. Perhaps he upgraded his wardrobe, too. Ash's dark-colored, well-tailored suit paired with a scarlet tie was named the best on display by Big Ten Network.David Banks | USA TODAY SportsJim HarbaughThe lightning-rod coach made the strange decision to wear a Michigan hat with his suit to the podium for televised interviews. At least he bent the brim a little bit and left his trademark khakis at home.David Banks | USA TODAY SportsDarrell HazellIs that a yellow dress shirt with a white collar A yellow vestEither way, the Purdue coach flashed his school colors as well as a black and white checkered pocket square underneath his suit. Don't sleep on the Purdue pin on the lapel.TwitterRaekwon McMillanThe Ohio State linebacker looked sleek in all-black, highlighted by the solid color tie.Perhaps if he had a little more flash to his style, former South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier wouldn't have slept on the former five-star recruit.Courtesy of Wisconsin football Dare OgunbowaleThe Wisconsin running back threw it back to the 1970s with a paisley tie.Ogunbowale also had one of the conference's top annual honors, as the one player representative invited to speak at the 2016 Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon.Twitter Vince BiegelDark suits are the easy choice.The Wisconsin linebacker went a little bolder with the lightest suit among the 39 players in attendance. Plus, Biegel revealed plans to regrow a mullet that he had to shave off for a summer internship.TwitterWes LuntAgain, a solid color shirt is the easy choice and thus the most popular.Props to the Illinois quarterback for donning a plaid shirt and orange tie under his suit.David Banks | USA TODAY SportsPat Elflein Paging Conan O'Brien: What do you call this hairstyleThe Ohio State center probably spent a good amount of time in the morning getting it just right.Steve Woltmann | Courtesy of the Big TenThe coaches13 of the 14 Big Ten coaches pose for a group shot. Not pictured is Nebraska's Mike Riley, who did not attend media day due to the tragic death of his team's punter Sam Foltz.
2021 07 08
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