Is There Console Commands for Xbox 360?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Is there console commands for xbox 360? Idk if this will help but its for tes skyrim

1. What console should i get?

Hey, I am not going to tell you which console to get, I will just tell you the high points of each. The PS3 has much better hardware. Because of its blue-ray disc reader games made for it can hold a hell of a lot more content on a disc than any other console, as the blue-ray disc player is only made for Sony products as it is made by Sony. Anyways, this means its games are much larger and the game makers have the freedom to add new things and improve its quality. The Xbox 360 is so much more user friendly. Its interface is much more intuitive and is overall better. Most good games are made for Xbox 360 as it is currently the most popular console and so all renowned game designers use Xbox 360. Also most games that are able to play on both consoles are made originally for Xbox 360 and then are transferred to PS3 to cut the job in half. Anyways, its all up to you. Good luck, and whatever you get I hope you enjoy, :D

2. Pc graphics and console graphics?

As the first answerer mentioned, it depends on the PC and the settings of the game. If your PC is several years old, it might be necessary to reduce the graphics settings in order for the game to run smoothly. However on a newer PC (up to 3 or 4 years old), there is no comparison. The graphics and performance of the PC blow away the consoles. There are a few games which are made specifically for consoles (and therefore watered down to conform to console specs). These games will not look any better on a PC since the PC versions are ported from the console versions. My computer is almost 3 years old and it can play Oblivion on the highest settings and it makes the consoles (at least the PS3...which is the only one I've compared it to) look like VHS compared to bluray. Some games are more fun on consoles due to how they are set up. Games that utilise dual (or more) controllers are more suited to consoles. But for games like Oblivion, u can use a Xbox360 or PS3 controller on your PC (with interface software...such as Xpadder). And then the game will perform just like it would on the console (except u have the better graphics and performance of course). I like to use a game controller when I am sitting on a couch and do not have a table or desk in front of me. (I have a PC controller that is almost identical to a PS3 controller). Keyboard and mouse are a little clumsy without a solid table.

3. best gaming console?? no pc?

Game selection and price: (PS4 wins) The ps4 is cheaper and looks like its gonna have a killer selection of exclusive games. Unless ur a halo maniac in which case you should stick to the xbox one. Ultimately it comes down to the type of games you want to play. Also the xbox one needs the Kinect which has to be bought separately and not bundled with the console. GPU and RAM:(PS4 wins) The PS4 graphics processor is 50 per cent more powerful, with 1152 shader processors against the Xbox One's 768. Realising that this sounded pretty bad, Microsoft worked on upping the One's power a bit and on 2 August announced that its GPU speed from 800MHz to 853MHz. It's a nice tweak for the tech heads, but does not see the Xbox One match up to the PS4. Having extra processing power will let the PS4 perform more tasks simultaneously - which should in theory allow for more impressive visual effects. A more impressive GPU is matched with more impressive-sounding RAM. The PS4 uses GDDR5 RAM, while the Xbox One has more conventional DDR3 memory - and both have 8GB of the stuff. GDDR5 has much higher bandwidth than DDR3, designed for intensive applications such as in graphics cards, while DDR3 is 'bog standard' system memory. If DDR3 was all the Xbox One had, it would be in serious trouble. But it also has an eSRAM buffer that should help to bridge the 100GB/sec bandwidth gap between the two RAM types. It has a 32MB chunk of eSRAM that will function as a frame buffer. Processing power: (tied with the xbox one) The next Xbox and PS4 use extremely similar CPUs, made by AMD. Both use an APU setup, which links together both CPU and GPU into one package. They are 8-core chips using 'Jaguar' cores - a term picked by their maker AMD to denote their chipset generation. The Xbox One runs at 1.75GHz, which was bumped-up from their original spec of 1.6GHz. Sony has not actually confirmed the clock speed of its PS4 CPU. However, even it is set at 1.6GHz, slower than the Xbox One, it's the GPU that will really matter. Motion control: (X1 wins) The new Kinect is potentially more sensitive and powerful compared to the PS3 which will improve your online gaming experience. Online gaming: (inconclusive) Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus are the paid-for premium parts of the Xbox Live and PSN online services. If you do not look for a bargain deal online, a year's subscription to each costs you 39.99. Shop around and it's easy enough to find a deal for 29.99 a year. The more important issue - what does that get you? Traditionally, Xbox Live Gold was thought-of as the much stronger service. It has always had a stronger community. But that is starting to change. While Xbox Live Gold still makes much more of the social side of the service with things like visual avatars, a stronger achievements system and much clearer notifications of when your friends are about, you get better freebies with PlayStation Plus. At present, PlayStation Plus offers around 10 free games for PS3 and PS Vita - and a handful are rotated each month. Unless you are a hardcore gamer, this free stash may be enough to keep you busy year-round. Xbox Live Gold has done its best to emulate this, by offering two free games a month. However, the games selection and the number of titles on offer have not matched PS Plus's. Both Microsoft and Sony have said they plan to continue offering free games through their paid-for online plans. However, we will have to wait until the consoles are released to see what we actually get for the Xbox One and PS4 - 'legacy' games are currently offered, which the new consoles simply wo not have yet. Overall: PS4 would be your best bet.

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