Is There Any Way I Can Install LED Lights Inside My Car Without Going Through the Firewall?

If you are asking if you can plug it into your OBD2 connector, that would be a very bad idea. You could put in a toggle switch and pick up a hot wire from the fuse box. Check state law before you do it though, some states do not allow certain colors of led lights in the car.

1. where to buy LED lights for XBOX360 controller and console?

You Can Get Them Proably At Radio Shack Is What I Think But Hey Plz Comment My Questoin And Send Me A Letter If U Have A Free 48 Hour Trial Of Xbox Live U Want To Give A Way(:

2. What color LED lights should i get for my car?

Try a green with a red car

3. What's the real Pros of using LED lights?

They last a long time and are very durable

4. How do I power LED lights for my car?

No, you do not hook lights to an amp. Run a wire from your battery with a fuse link and put in a switch, or run a wire from your Fuse box with a switch.

5. how to install fading led lights dim and brighten according to engine rpm?

loose ground somewhere

6. How to install a computer cases LED Lights?

And WHY do you need this? To make it pretty? Buy a string of Christmas lights and wrap the whole case in it (or the whole house...) THIS will be pretty! ------------------ To Joe K: I think you might be right... Now I know why airplanes have those blinking lights at the tips of their wings.

7. My subwoofer tube LED lights are always on... draining battery?

dont worry about it... those 4 LED lights take less power to run that your lights lighting up your dash at night takes

8. Where do they put the LED lights to make rims glow?

Lights For Rims

9. Do LED lights cause epileptic seizures?

This would show up on an EEG with strobe lighting. Ask for this to be part of the procedure

10. what store would carry led lights for a xbox 360 controller?

online stores

11. Can AC adapter for LED lights handle a 30-amp 110v circuit?

If you are asking can you plug the adapter into an outlet on a 30 amp circuit, the answer is probably no. I doubt it, the plug on the adapter will match the outlet. If the outlet is wired to code a regular plug will not go into it.

12. No boot, no beep codes. MB LED lights up and fans come on.?

if there is a bad stick of ram...are they all 128's or 256's? take 3 of them out and leave one in bank 1. read the manual to make sure the Mboard uses RDRAM... try replacing the bios battery may want to grab the manual and double check all the jumpers on the MBoard, you can make sure the bios jumper is on the correct pins.

13. Where do i hook up wires for cobra eyes by pilot LED lights?

do not use a fuse that looks soooooo ghetto!!!! get a wire tester kit for 3-4 bucks....test wires under your dash NEAR the fuse box and hook power up there and ground to a nearby ground...(grounds will be black wires bolted directly to the body of the car. ..good luck and do not leave the wires hanging, use cable ties of some sort.....remember do not go ghetto when fixin up your ride!!!

14. Where can you get LED lights professionally installed?

Led lights for what area in or on the vehicle ?? Check with the laws in your State regarding illumination of the vehicle, whether inside or outside - their are restrictions as to the kind of lighting a vehicle can have ( and if legal, then do a Google search for light installations in your area )

15. where can i find 1" or 1/2" round led lights with grommet to use as clearance lights on my truck?

Try a heavy truck parts store, most truck stops will at least have a small selection of lights. They may only have the larger ones you are talking about though

16. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?

Not in Michigan or any other state that I am aware of

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