IHome IBT74 Speaker Review

I am a fan of unique Bluetooth speakers. A couple of years ago I discovered the JBL Pulse, which had programmable colored LED lights that danced with whatever music was playing through it. Ever since then, I've stopped to demo it in stores and marvel at its color spectrum. The problem with that speaker is its cost.

The JBL Pulse is priced at nearly $200 and has been ever since it was release in 2013. In my opinion, that just isn't an affordable option for most people. Fortunately, I found a very cool Bluetooth speaker with colored lighting by iHome that is affordable and is a fantastic product.

The iBT74 speaker is a color changing Bluetooth speaker that streams audio wirelessly from any of your mobile devices. It has a speakerphone included that includes a built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and phone call answer/end controls. Even though it features Bluetooth as its main method of connection to your devices, you can also connect via the auxiliary input.

The iBT74 speaker weighs under one pound and comes equipped with a carrying strap so it can go with you wherever you go.So, the very cool thing about this speaker is of course it's color changing ability. The iBT74 has six different color modes - slow fade, fast fade, favorite color, pulse to music, preset pulsing, or no color.

Also, the speaker will cycle through colors even when it's not playing music. It can act as a very unique nightlight. The lights are bright and they really light up a room.I've found that the iBT74 speaker is a very nice speaker in addition to its fun color changing novelty.

I was impressed with its sound quality right off the bat and love how easy it was to connect to. Something else I really like about it is that it stands upright and takes up less desktop space than some other horizontal oriented speakers.The iBT74 is a very nice Bluetooth speaker.

It's much more affordable than some of the other competitors in the market.For more information, visitiHome on Facebook and Twitter.Originally published at www.macsources.com on August 12, 2015


What are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?

Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...

A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.

2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.

3. A water bottle with some secret space.

4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.

5. A comb-cum-bottle

6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.


8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!

9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.

10. A shower with LED lights

that changes colour according to

the room temperature.


12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.

13. Carpet alarm clock.

14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.

15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!

16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...


18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...

19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.

20. Shark tea bags

Thank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))

I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.

21. Pizza box oven

22. selfie toaster

23. Cookie cutter tray


25. 3-D pen

26. Clear kayak

27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.

28. Planet plates

29. Galaxy night light

30. Weight measuring chopping board.

That's it for now... will add more later :))

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