I Want to Make a Coffee Shop Bedroom...ideas?

I love the coffee bar in the corner! I would use coffee cups and mugs as accents, perhaps at the corner of the curtains with a scarf type draped over curtain and thru the coffee mug

1. redoing bedroom ideas?!?!?


2. What are some good TEENAGE BEDROOM ideas???

what r her likes? Music... fairies.... retro.... Bright.... Parisian.... what things does she like? Have her figure that out & then go w/ that as her theme. Look at covers/drapes & find something then pick 1 or 2 colors out of that to do the walls. Then get some clearance material that match w/ the colors.. does not have to b the same pattern as bed cover.. then cover pillows/cushions... etc... make a pin up board.. things like that. Ck out thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales.. etc.. for vintage or othr items if u go w/ retro/70's or something else. B kreative & have fun!

3. Decorating bedroom ideas?? ?

I think lavender with white sounds nice. or is you want it bright, try flashing yellow and green. deep red works well on my friend's room. pale yellow with electric blue is perfect. pale blue and pale yellow. peach and pale blue. dark blue and lavender. yellow and pink.

4. I need help with bedroom ideas/interior?

Well, it is small but still you can work with it. I like the light colored walls, cuz it will help you feel its bigger than it is, you can change the curtains in to shorter ones that only cover the window. and try to get simple plain ones. Patterned fabric would be nice in a bigger space. you can have your room really light gray and if you would like you can have your curtains either aqua blue or pink which ever You should also try to match your bedsheets with your curtains. The good thing about gray is that it's neutral and it goes with everything. I would recommend you removing the TV from your bedroom, cuz it sends off negative energy that wo not help you sleep properly at night and you do have your laptop so you might not need the TV that much. and instead get yourself a plant, like a bamboo any other indoor plant that does not need direct sunlight to survive. You can also repaint your chest of drawers into rusty white, It will go perfect with the gray background of the wall. I like your dream-cacher =) and it suits being on top of the bed, you can take off all these pictures that you have on the side wall and replace it with a beautiful landscape picture, it will be like a window over looking a beautiful, relaxing view. You can also replace it with any kind of artwork that you might like. You can also add a table lamp that will look pretty when lit at night. I hope this would help you with your room make over. =)

5. I need bedroom ideas fast!?


6. Does anyone know a website I can go to to get ocean themed bedroom ideas for teens?

Good luck!

7. can i have some cool bedroom ideas like a clap on clap off light or something?

I would say, buy TWO clappers for your bedroom. Then, take tap-dance lessons. Practice tap-dancing in your bedroom at night, and you will have "homemade strobe lights". In December, put one red and one green light bulb in your two clapper lamps. Be sure to keep the drapes open, so the neighborhood can all see your Christmas display. Now THAT would make you the coolest in your whole town!

8. Goth/Metal/Emo meets Stylish/Glam Bedroom Ideas?

a vampire inspired room

9. black and purple bedroom ideas?

Well, whilst I was once repainting my room I had an robust suggestion lol (i am 14 incidentally) and I was once going to color my partitions lime inexperienced after which take a depressing red and simply fling/splatter it all over the place the partitions. I inspiration it would seem cool however ultimately I transformed my brain on account that I desired calmer colours so I painted the partitions white and all of the cabinets and dressers red. So listed below are any other colour strategies red and white inexperienced and red turquoise indigo.

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PLEASE HELP!(homemade)room Ideas? Paris Theme Bedroom Ideas,what Are Other Ideas?
PLEASE HELP!(homemade)room Ideas? Paris Theme Bedroom Ideas,what Are Other Ideas?
I take it your 'hunny' is going along with all these theme rooms. I would advise getting his input in the bedroom. Take him to the paint store and ask him to pick out 3 colors that he likes. Look through magazines together and listen to what he likes. Keep it simple but cozy with pillows and nice lighting. Do not make it too girly and get him to help you look for a bed spread or comforter and work around that. Good luck and have fun!1. nicki minaj bedroom ideas???? please help!!?I am not sure I would want my daughters to mimic Nicki Minaj. Her main talent seems to be behaving outrageously. That wo not pay the rent for very long, to say the least.2. What are some good bedroom ideas?For the floor, I would get an Area Rug. You can find them pretty cheap at 'Big Lots'. It might take awhile as they sell pretty fast, or they do not have the colour you want but, be patient, eventually the one you want will show up. I just purchased a closed-out 8' x 10' Mohawk Area Rug (great Brand) that retailed for $400, (and would go no lower than $300 on sale at either JCPenny's or Home Depot), over at Big Lots for $150 bucks... so, the deals are out there. Keep your eyes peeled, *s* _______________________________3. anyone got any good bedroom ideas?I've just done a 'bird-themed' room with lime green walls. The quilts are a white background with embroidered flowers of pink, green and yellow. The curtains have little birds and birdcages on them and I bought some bird cages at Hobby Lobby for half price and painted them off white, filled them with branches and flowers and little feathered birds and hung them from the ceiling. I plan to paint some brown branches over the twin beds with two little birds on them. The headboards are those little metal garden fences. It looks cute so far...I am still working on it! If you like birds and gardens, maybe you can do it, too. The lime green and dark brown look terrific together!4. I need bedroom ideas for my new room? help!?Do zebra print across the ceiling, with splashes of purple on it, which look like dirt bike tracks and mud splashes =]5. basement bedroom ideas?Are you kidding? You can not sleep in a basement if it leaks. You can get sick. Why can not the basement get fixed for leaks? It must get damp too. Not a healthy place for anybody to sleep. I would have answered with some tips but sorry, get the basement fixed would be the 1st thing to do6. Help, I need bedroom ideas!?well, first id try ebay.com...then if that doesnt work try googling it a few times. then u can just guess websites, like cheapfurniture.com or something7. bedroom ideas for a teen?there are sooo many ideas that can be created with a teen bedroom. it all depends on your personality. for example: -leopard print things, with purple accents -spring colors: pastel yellow, with light green and pink -maroon gold with red -checkerboard walls with music records hanging around and red things randomly across the room -light blue walls with bright rainbow stuff everywhere there's really so many choices. just choose some of your favorite colors and things you like, and then mix 'em all together to create a totally awesome room designed just for you. =]8. bedroom ideas? (im re-doing my room)?hmmmmmm...i dont know your personality but you should go on the computer and type in the things you like. if your creative use bright differnt colours if your neat match a lil! look online at sites and watch interior deco on tv! hope i helped! :)9. Punk/rock bedroom ideas?If you want punk: Tear the wallpapers break glass and make stains all over, put up band posters everywhere and decorate one big side with spray paint. If you want emo: everything must be clean and orderly, make sure that your band pictures are not too big. decorate the walls black and or pink.10. Fashion-ie Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas?They room is like that and I put cool pictures on my wall saying things like coutureand tres chic with pictures of a model on it
Great Bedroom Idea for the Autistic Child
An autistic child needs a extra care and love to strive in life. As we know that about 80% of these child experience difficulty with sleeping. This typical sleeping syndrome leads to slow mental and physical growth. In worse cases, the child even becomes more emotionally aggressive and lazy.Nonetheless, does the bedroom environment has to do anything with this? The answer Yes!As the bedroom is the only place where your child spent its maximum of hours per day. The flimsy and a regular bedroom setup can bore your child. As the majority of therapist recommended to use multiple bedroom themes on the regular interval and makes its more appealing to the child needs. Even the small change in the bedroom setup or colour scheme can swing the mood of your child at the positive node.Reduce clutter and messThe autistic child has a tendency to walk around on the entire bedroom landscape. This can leads to a severe accident so it important to clear up the irrelevant thing from the floor to make it more like a freeway. Meanwhile, the item like toys, stuffed animal, and games should neatly stacked in a pre confined zone of the bedroom or some other place. The immaculate and neatly arranged room open the whole new possibility of adequate space which can be used for another purpose.The furniture in the bedroom should be neatly labelled with a marker and the drawers should enrich with intuitive pictures according to the child needs. The fragile and costly item should find their way in a locked closet which reduces the risk of scattering of this product after the breakage. Immediately remove the hard plastic toy with sharp edges or store them in some swoop bag.A light will brighten up the thingAutistic child sensory system is very sensitive to light, unsuitable and hard flash type light may ruin the overall mood and even cause vision-related illness. In short, take the lighting very seriously. Carefully analyse all the light sources of the bedroom and replace them with soothing LEDs. Try to relocate the computer in a place where it glare cannot enter the child room via windows.BeddingConventional bedding can leads to frequent fall and unfortunately, you might be experiencing it. Dont waste single second and look for a secure bed which can provide the full proof security to your child. While choosing the bed make sure that you look for some flexible bed with the zip functionality. This will prevent our child to roam around in the room during sleepwalking·RELATED QUESTIONteen bedroom ideas ?personally i like the purple and blue idea i have some links that have bedding and wall decorations if you need them i like the desk/bunk bed with the blue walls with blue and green bubble accessories with the bubble beding
Native American Bedroom Ideas
Native America Room Feminine Bedroom Bedroom Themes Cute Bedroom Ideas. See more ideas about native american bedroom, american bedroom, native american. Shop our high quality native american peace stripe turquoise fleece fabric with discounted pricing. Shop our large selection printed fleece materials available by the yards, bolts, or rolls. See more ideas about native american bedroom, american bedroom, native american. For thousands of years, cultural groups from all over the world have participated in ceremonial face painting for a variety of reasons.which teenage girls bedroom idea do you like better?I have my room painted a light lavender color now and a light mint ceiling and it was cute when I was little, but I can not stand it now that i am older. Better to go with the white, you can do more with it. Lavender/lilac is a little too kidishwhich bedroom idea is better?Go with the idea you like... Its your room and you have to live in it. You have to like it! Im sure your mom will understand if you do not use her color ideas. Show off your personality in your room. Good Luck!which bedroom idea do you like better?I like blue/brown and green, but I would have the 2 main colors being blue and green w/ chocolate brown accents, like a throw pillow or something. Maybe a blue and green patterned blanket over your bed w/ pillow cases, one in each color, a throw rug, or 2 rugs, one in blue one in green my husband and I are split over the painting. Green makes your color not look so good, and blue makes you feel cold (so good if you live in a hot state) or just paint one wall one of the colors. if you like bold, geometric patterns, you could do a diagonal stripe of brown seperating the other two colors.can you please please please help me find a really cute bedroom idea for teen girls?properly Ur Room Is Already colour Ful flow to Walmart And Get some green bedding Sheets..... And Get A Blur Or Yellow Jewelery Holder And placed It Up On ur Wall tell ur acquaintances to charm to U some eye-catching drawings and tape em to ur wall!I need a proper answer from proper men. Some bedroom ideas...?Hi Jessica L there is one that meany men respond to and that's the bondage scenario tie him to the bed blindfold and gag him so you have total control then take your time before you put any lube on him try a strip of silk wrap it round his dick once then draw it slowly and gently from side to side or use a feather duster on his ballsCan you help us with a bedroom idea for our 3 year old son?The ideas are great. But I would stay away from the fish tankWhy do people get so snobby about this new bedroom idea of mine? Its insutling!?It sounds like you want some more privacy and independence from your parents, and that you can not afford to do much better than this backyard cabin idea. I get what you are saying about the childishness, and I am wondering if this is related also to your Asperger's that feeling that you get from others. It's very easy to feel judged when you know you are different. I would say that if you want to get out and really be more independent, get yourself outside more, be as social as you can, and start volunteering to work for your community. If you do not already have a job, volunteering is a great first step. If you do already have a job, volunteering builds character and gives you more experience with what I know is usually difficult for people with mental illness and personality issues. Figure out where you fit in, and do what you love. That's where you belong. Go for it, and have fun. Good luck!Why do people get so snooby about this new bedroom idea of mine? Its insulting!?That sounds great. I am jealous :) I think it's worth it. Paint it how you want.
I Need Help with Bedroom Ideas?
I think a teal or blue would look stunning. If you look on a color chart, blue is the direct opposite of orange, and tan is an offset of orange. The two together will amplify the blue tones and make it look incredible.1. Teen Bedroom Ideas!? *Help Fast Please*?in the journey that your into the rocker/skater woman element Abbey first mild mattress contraptions are are quite solid thought and a few of them are quite amazing. As for adorning your room as you mom and dad to hold you around city to bypass to community storage revenues for the reason which you will discover some quite cool issues which you would be able to paint your self and upload on your room. in case you will get skate board decks that are undeniable and paint your guy or woman artwork on the they might make quite cool products to hold up on your room. merely use your mind's eye and that i be attentive to it is going to prove great.. 2. CUTE GIRLIE bedroom ideas for a 15 yr old girl...?the only way you can make ur room cute for cheap is by going into bargains or stores that you know that sell stuff cheap3. Any got any bedroom ideas?mattress room layout| mattress And mattress ideas risk-free domicile progression provides mattress room layout video clips featuring the main modern tendencies(pictures) of bedrooms that are nicely geared up with mattress And mattress... examine greater4. I need help with bedroom ideas?You can make your wall half blue and half yellow. Or have one wall yellow and the other blue. Which means you are color theme is blue and yellow. You can get furry carpet flooring, those are really cool. And i personally love platform beds. You can also get like a really cozy couch and get lots of cushions.5. EMO/ Punk/ Gothic bedroom ideas?Masking your wall with posters would be fairly cool :) and the colours you had been considering of are a good alternative. Find a big blockmount of your favourite band a put it on an empty wall, maybe above your mattress?6. Teen bedroom ideas? please suggest some!?Some Cute Ideas : Zebra Theme Cheetah Theme Pink & White Yellow & Orange Never do too dark colors, it will make it gloomy, Brights Colors are nice and CHEERY :)7. bedroom ideas for a teenage girl?i would paint a mural8. Cool Bedroom ideas for a 14 year old guy?my friend had painted his room black or dark blue one of those and put glow stars all over i mean the whole thing was covered with glow stars even on his fan it was real cool he like made his own constellations and stuff it was neat9. Cute teenage bedroom ideas?My friend is the same, and I love her room! She has a bed that's like 3 times HIGHER than my bed. It has stripes on one side, and polka dots on the other. Make sure your bedroom is bright pink. [[ugh i hate bright pink]] Lots of posters everywhere, and make sure at least one half of the one wall is chalkboard. Lots of posters of boy bands. Like Jonas Brothers and stuff. And hot guys like Rob Pattingson everywhere. And if your not a pink girl, bluegreen and teal will do :)10. Goth/Metal/Emo meets Stylish/Glam Bedroom Ideas?a vampire inspired room11. 15 year old and 5 year old, bedroom ideas?What i would do, is get everything white. Then im going to assume that the double bed is yours, so you pick your favorite color, and make that color your sheet color, but you get a white duvet. You can get thaat color as a throw blanket too. It can look classy for you, and young at the same time for your sister. She can get multi-colored sheets, and a pretty lamp. The idea is to make the color in the room come from the minor assecories. So it can look fun for her, and at the same time mature for you. Hope this helps:).12. Little girl playroom/bedroom ideas?Alice in Wonderland Mystical forest13. Music bedroom ideas ?you can get some musical note wall stickers to put around your room, and also pic 1 wall (this could take a long time-ish) and make a collage of pics of all bands &artists on that wall, when its done it would look amazing,or for a quicker idea you could get a biggish photo frame and fill that , wont take as long! hope i helped :)
Bedroom Ideas? :) Please and Thank You!!?
choose a soft yellow1. does anyone have good leopard bedroom ideas?My daughter had a leopard room in our last house..we picked a colour from her bedding and did the walls in that..I just saw a leopard print broom in one of our sale sheets here. .you could get that for cleaning! Anyway, she picked an orangey colour from the leopard..if you do this colour or similar colour be aware that it can overtake the room and make it warm and darker...she liked it..we just put in really good lighting for homework time. I would just pick a colour from your bedding..that way everything will match up nicely..you can take a colour and lighten the hue up so your room wo not be dark but it will still match2. anyone have any cool bedroom ideas?A must have is fairy lights around the bed head or window frame, and get some fabrics to make your own cushion covers for your bed, you can put a peace sign on one and polka dots on another3. I need to ask another question on Bedroom ideas for teens?First of all, you do not need to paint a room to get a great effect with colors. However, if you do want to do something to the wall, but live in a rented house, you could always go look at fabric. Pick something out that is the color you want and use tacks to apply it to one of the walls. If you like pink & blue or pink and yellow, go with one of those combinations, or use all three of those colors together. Just stick to the same type of color, like all brights or all soft. Do not use 2 bright colors and one pale, I do not think that will give you the funky look you want. I personally love the look of bright pink and bright orange together. I love going to the Salvation Army or Goodwill and finding things I can "fix up". You can paint most anything and give it a totally new look. The great thing about thrift store shopping is the price. Now is a really good time for garage sales too. If you can find an old mirror with a cool frame, you can either paint it or glue bits of fabric in your colors around it. Piece the different colors of fabric so it almost looks like a quilt. Then spray it with a glossy clear finish. If you can find a cool looking clear vase fill it with marbles or glass stones of the colors of your choice. You could even set a small candle in the center of the stones or marbles. Buy an old chair and paint it the colors of your theme. If you can find a small table or desk you could paint that one of the colors and do some trim or drawer pulls in another color. Then get a piece of glass the same size as the table or desk top. Place pictures of your family and friends under the glass. White walls are not such a bad thing. You can always re-paint the furniture when ever you find that your bored with things the way they are. It's much easier to get new curtains and a comforter than it is to re-paint an entire room. The easiest way to choose colors is to go to a paint store and grab a handful of the paint chip samples. Take them home and see what they look like in your room. Then you can easily take the paint chips with you when you go shopping for sheets, curtains, etc. Have fun choosing your colors. You will know whats right for you when you see it. Good luck! Jill Marie4. cool bedroom ideas for teenage girl?do the cat cave, like the bat cave. dripping ceilings, screams in the night, imported slime on the walls.5. awesome bedroom ideas please help!! ( 10 points )?somewhat cool quote? hmmm... JUMPY JELLY COW? in case you seek confusing adequate you may desire to discover a turn table cuz i i think of that could desire to be somewhat superb and to hold you chalk only get a basket/bucket element and glow at evening paint! OMG that could desire to be so cool
Scene/Emo Bedroom Ideas?
something that must be cool is to paint the partitions black, then placed stretches of painters tape over the partitions, get a can of gray or silver spray paint and form of make traces with a fuzzy/glittery side, in all distinctive instructions and lengths. that ought to make a funky history for the posters. consistent with risk get a blue or marroon mattress unfold/comforter, with black pillows. .. that must be a start up. .. consistent with risk some black sheers on your window?1. 'Old Hollywood' themed bedroom ideas?Hollywood Themed Bedroom2. redoing bedroom ideas?!?!?mirrors on the celing3. new bedroom ideas ?Flowers on the wall, maybe chinese paper lamp on the ceiling, a lime green throw pillow, a mirror propped up on the dresser, maybe lime green/pink/orange covers and bedsheets. A Fuzzy cool pink lamp would complete it all. You can look at IKEA, Wal-Mart, or Target. hope i helped!.4. Ballet themed bedroom ideas?get a fusion of light and dark colors with lots of flowing fabric to give an idea of ballet, get silks and satins to make a wonderful effect in the room, you can also go for flowing curtain and soft carpets which make your feet comfortable and give a dream like effect5. 16 year old girl bedroom ideas?i am sure there is a better category for this question -410-6. Decorating my bedroom.. Ideas??I would choose something gold, but a pretty purple goes good with black and silver7. teen bedroom ideas please :)?you could try painting the walls a bold color and having the rest of the colors in the room be black in white with small accents (such as pillow matching your wall color) in the room. this will really make the color pop and truly stand out. It is also a simpler room look that more classic looking.8. teen bedroom ideas PLEASE HELP?i think u should try shiny colors like shiny red9. cool bedroom ideas for teenage girl?You should do a platform bed because those are realllly in right now. and also it is in to have one like main wall that's a vivid color. and like the rest are base color. and if you want to do a movie theme, then you could have like the epic like Marilyn Monroe poster up or the famous Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffany's poster. :) shag rugs are in too! hope i helped!.10. HELP! Throw your dream bedroom ideas at me!?Sounds like a fun project, sounds like you have all the major things how about paint , book shelve(s) , picture frames11. How should i decorate my new teen bedroom ideas please?!?do not go on pbteen.com its too expensive and i already know that every one is going to tell you to but do not .at Dollar Tree they have nice plastic flowers so get like orange,red,yellow,green,and pink then put them in a nice pretty vase that you can get a Micheals.also get a nice pink bread spread and buy lots of furry type of pillows to put on it. go on YOUTUBE. COM then type in OTHERJUICYSTAR07 click on the one with the bedroom tour12. Colourful Teen Emo Kawaii Bedroom Ideas?I do not know about the other stuff, but for an emo bedroom try getting some black stuff, like black bedding etc. and then contrast that with some crazy bright neon type colours etc. Also, try and find cult stuff like those blow up chairs which have the Starwars characters on them, those are amazing. Hope I was helpful.13. 15 year old bedroom ideas ?U can design it under a theme like African decor..Rustic materials such as stone, clay, copper and other metals, as well as wood can add warmth and coziness to any African influenced room or space. The key is finding and using pieces that harmonize with a rooms surroundings Teens want their bedrooms to express individual style.. Invest in furniture that's going to last from teen to college.. Painting walls lime green...Posters are a staple of teen interior design. You can class them up by purchasing some inexpensive poster frames. Lighting is another inexpensive, non-permanent way to change the look of a teen's room.
Tips to Choose Ideal Cheap Bedroom Sets in Las Vegas
Living room furniture asks for a lot of thought, but your bedroom furniture requires complete understanding of what will fit, and what will not. Most people tend to go big with their shopping list, and end up stocking up too many things in their bedroom, resulting in congested area. It is important to first define your space, what will go best in that small space, and then go for shopping.It is always good to select Cheap bedroom sets in Las Vegas for your bedroom, as you will have the essentials in one go, and it will be more affordable as compared to buying each furniture piece individually. But, selecting furniture requires a lot of planning and thought. Here are a few tips that might help you choose bedroom sets for your home.Size of your BedroomThe first thing that you need to consider before even planning the furniture would be the bedroom size. If your size doesnt accommodate a lot of things, even planning it would be futile. The bedroom size will help determine whether you need small furniture or, should you opt for bigger furniture. The idea is to furnish it in a way that gives you enough space to move around.The Style you DesireWhat style do you want to drape your bedroom in? Would you want to give it a contemporary look or, would you want a more retro style for your bedroom? That would act as a deciding factor when you go shopping for bedroom furniture. You will realize that the style helps you shop for classic, retro or, chic furniture, which goes with what you have planned.Colour MattersWho says colour does not matter when shopping for furniture? It plays a pivotal role in making the right choice. If the furniture does not go with the walls of your home or, the style that you have painted it in, then it wont match your needs. When choosing cheap bedroom sets, make sure the furniture pieces go with the walls and comfort environment established in your bedroom.Save the SpaceA lot of new bedroom sets come with beds that are attached to drawers and bookshelves, making it compact and space saving. You could opt for such an alternative that not only takes up negligible space but also accommodates to your bedroom needs. You could combine these bedroom sets with dressing tables and other small pieces of furniture that make your small room look nice and spacious, giving it the tidy look you set out to achieve.BudgetWhile quality plays a predominant role when choosing bedroom sets for your home, it is the budget that finalizes your purchase. So, if you have been struggling between quality and budget, you could choose cheap bedroom sets that qualify for quality as well. You would need to hunt down stores that sell them though.Durability of the cheap bedroom sets in Las Vegas will also play a role in selection. Once, you have considered all these factors, you are ready to make the purchase·RELATED QUESTION"Rocker" theme bedroom ideas?? Please help!?You could cover your current lampshade with black satin ribbons or fabric (if it's a shade and not a ceramic figure, etc)Paint is the absolute cheapest way to transform a room. No one's gonna go for black walls, but maybe deep purple. I'm sure 1 can of paint would do the room and that runs about $15, plus supplies. You could put a silver glitter finish on the paint.You could string together old CD's with the shiny side out to make works of art. Use your creativity, but if you need some help, just do a web-search for "crafts with CD's".The thrift store can offer old leather jackets, chains, and whatever else you need to accessorize for really cheap.Good luck to you!
15-18 Year Old Bedroom Ideas?
Well, I think find a balance between what you would really like, reasonable cost and what will be practical for when you move out of home in a few years and then the room might be used for something else. Dark colours seem cool, but can make the room pretty dark. You might be better to go with a paler, lighter colour - might seem boring, but you could decorate around it. Also, feature walls seem to be popular, where one wall is painted a stand-out colour. Do not go for fake books, have real ones or store other things on the shelves I think. The less clutter the better. Maybe work out what would be peaceful for you and be conducive to studying when you are in there and need to study. Maybe you could get some cork noticeboards and pin posters and the like on them. That way you can change your posters around a fair bit. I think do not make the bed too big, it will reduce the room you have for other things. Maybe you could get a bed that has a trundle bed underneath it for when you have friends over. Lighter coloured sheets are going to be easier on the laundry, maybe you could get a cover and top pillows you do not have to wash in royal blue etc. and maybe fine striped or checked blue and white sheets that match or something like that. Anyway, good luck and hope you have heaps of fun1. What are some good bedroom ideas?color it in light rose and decorate it with mirror works2. (:!!!!!!!i need teenage bedroom ideas!!!!!!!:)?Use proper English and then we will talk. Do you have elbows for fingers? Are you new to this country? No, and no. So learn to write.3. Teen bedroom ideas ??? Please help?Walk in closet4. Any teen bedroom ideas?Make a huge colage of your pics of you and your friends on a wall. You could also but a long string attached from one wall to the next kind of like a clothing line and pin pictures on them. Or if you want to go overboard ask for permission first but put all of your pics on the ceiling so you can go to sleep with good memories or something like that lol hoped i helped!.5. Harry Potter inspired bedroom ideas?You should go for a Room of Requirement style, but if you are set on Snapes office, have dark Wooden Furniture, dark Lighting, some Cauldrons and lots of Bookcases and Books6. Bedroom Ideas For a 13 Year Old Girl?i have not seen the room, but i have an idea what your talking about. You should look at places like target and ikea. They have really good tween stuff7. Cool bedroom ideas (for a teenage girl)?you can take old or ugly shelves that hang on the wall and cover them with material like animal print ect... and you can trim things with feathers or rhinestones its easy to do just need stapler and glue gun if you like animal print or ocean theme you can also get cheap bamboo rolls and put it half way up on your wall or on top of your dresser to tie themes together8. "Rocker" theme bedroom ideas?? Please help!?My daughter went with the deep purple, and I have to admit I really like it9. What are some really good teen girl bedroom ideas/floorplans?Hi, you must use light pink color to paint your room wall, add some teddy and girly wall decals. Hope it's a good idea. To buy cheap product shop online and save money & time10. Teenage girl bedroom ideas?Oooh cute (: I do not think yew should make it a "theme" because what if, like, let's say one day you do not wanna be a director but then you want to become a veterinarian? You will be stuck with a room you will hate and you will have to live with it. I think baby blue walls would be cute but if it were me I would do one wall a focal point of a bright turquoise color and the rest a crisp white color Also the wall decal idea is really cute (: I am thinking of putting up two chandelier wall decals for my room too My room right now is in a transition stage because it was green and yellow (:/ uhh i know ) and now its going to be an edgy old victorian purple room with black and white! Make sure that yew choose a color theme or a theme that yew will like forever and that yew would be happy with forever until yew have to change or move out of course! Hope i helped a bunch (:
Sophisticated Teen Bedroom Ideas?
Idea #1: colours- tiffany blue, chocolate brown, a little white Walls: all walls brown, get a stencil of a pretty design from the dollar store or HomeSense and paint it blue over the walls Bed: keep bed frame u have Tiffany blue sheets Chocolate brown bedspread (with any extra details u want) Whatever throw pillows u like (fuzzy, polka dot, animal print, etc) Furniture: glass desk with modern one legged chair Chocolate brown night stand with glass top Keep the shelving unit u have Chocolate brown/ white dresser 2 Tiffany blue or white beanbag chairs OR 2 Cool white/ tiffany blue chairs Decor: tiffany blue cute little rug Cool modern vase with tiffany blue or white flowers in it (on nightstand) Cool fishtank on desk Tall modern lamp Artwork & posters & paintings on walls Long mirror hung up This idea is very chic and sophisticated Idea #2: colours- royal blue, grey, bright red, yellow Walls: grey walls with a thick horizontal yellow stripe painted across them Bed: same bed frame Yellow bedspread Royal blue sheets Whatever throw pillows u want (preferably with red accents like a grey pillow with a red heart) Furniture: white / brown desk with whatever chair Same shelving unit White dresser White/ brown nightstand Royal blue beanbag chairs Decor: colourful paintings on walls Vase with one fresh red rose or tulip on nightstand Full length mirror hung up Silver and white modern analog clock This idea is for the fun and playful girl! Other ideas can be: violetblacklittle bit of whithe, neons/brights, hot pinkblacklittle white, pastels, warm colours, cool colours, dark purplemustard yellow, different pinks, themes (the beach, butterflies, etc) Hope I helped!!!!! -alicia1. Gothic Bedroom Ideas?This sounds like our sort of question. How about asking your mum if she will let you paint the walls dark green with black skirting boards? That would look gothic and you can use dark or black furniture to offset the green walls. A set of black covers for your bed with dark green pillow cases would add to the effect. We are a fan of swords, but parents tend to dislike it when their kids hang swords on the wall, so perhaps try for a shield or something instead. A few black dragon statues, black metal candle holders, etc. would complete the effect.2. Help need baby bedroom Ideas for a baby girl that likes Dogs!?!?Collaborate ideas and decide on a bright color theme where he choses one color and you chose another and they look good together (ex. lime and yellow!) Some ideas for a dog theme: Sponge different colors of paw prints on the wall. Buy large dog stuffed animals for placing on top of shelves. Get some large dog and Clifford The Big Red Dog picture books. Stick large posters (look at Walmart for cheap ones) of puppies on the wall.3. Pink/Brown/Music Bedroom Ideas?how about painting the wall in back of your bed pink then in brown a few bars from your favorite piece of music it would be fairly simple to recreate the staff and notes(does not take artistic talent) maybe even angled upward towards the ceiling would be cool .as for the rest tag sales,consignment stores.junk shops even most music stores often have used and sometimes even damaged unusable instruments for sale cheap you can buy some of them spray paint them all either pink or brown(and paint the wall the opposite color)and hang them on the walls for artwork. linens and curtains etc. should then be kept simple and within your color scheme.sounds like a fun and different way to show off your love of music4. Zebra Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas?I think pink walls (not hot pink) and zebra or leopard prints work really good! I have rosy pink walls, pink sheets with some leopard print hearts and writings on it and my other stuff are white ( like closet and desk ) and i have a little lamp decorated with cream, hot-pink and pale pink roses and a white sofa decorated with rhinestones ( not everywhere of course lol ) on the arms and etc. I do not like a crowded room, if you are a teenage i think a simple, elegant yet fun room would make you happy :)
Bedroom Ideas for 14 Year Olds?
Sense your still a teen and your tastes will change soon i would stick with something more simple and easier to change. Check out sears.com though they have a virtual room designing thing you can do!1. Have any bedroom ideas??? 10 Points?If you do not know how to decorate your room then you fail at being 172. Chinese bedroom ideas?you can paint the walls red with gold accents and hang those cool little fans on your wall and put those umbrellas from your ceiling that would be cool! You can put like dragons and stuff and have scrolls on your walls! Maybe have a glass dish and keep fortune cookies or chinese candy in there! Go to flea markets, asian supermarkets for the candy and stuff and Earth Bound has a lot of really cool stuff! Oh and paper lanterns would be awesome!3. Black and White bedroom ideas?Well, since your going for the dungeon look.... Think dungeons!4. Beach themed bedroom ideas?Get a large glass jar and fill it with sea shells. Also decorate with a large rough rope monkey's fist (aka "sailor's knot"). White frames - esp. frames that you rub with sandpaper so they look a bit used. Get a mirror and glue small white starfish around the edges to make a frame. Make tie-backs for your curtains out of rough cord with large star fish attached. If you have room, get a white adirondak type chair.5. Bedroom Ideas for teen girl?maybe if u were a little more specific i could help more but my little sis is having hello kitty removed and having purple and pink paint will matching accesories i prefered a cream and black room when i was a teenager. have a look on ebay abd see if u find anythin u like and u can build ure theme from there6. anyone have any cool bedroom ideas?if it were me.... id keep my room a simple color, nothing neon cuz if ur family ever decides to sell the house its way harder to sell it. but anyway, i would have black furniture, not too much tho maybe one or two pieces and a comfy chair in a bright color also get desk organizers in fun colors that would brighten things up that way it offsets the dark furniture hope that helps7. Arty-Clutter bedroom ideas?What is Arty Clutter?8. Any really awesome bedroom ideas for teens?Splatter paint the walls. Newspaper comics on the ceiling . Nice carpeted floor. ? A bean bag chair. Show your own personality in the room ?9. does anyone have good leopard bedroom ideas?i wouold try a dark gray, tan , tope, or brown it will bring out the leopard prints - if it looks like this unless its a colored leopard print10. country bedroom ideas?countryliving.com realsimple.com houzz.com marthasteward.com housebeautiful.com also for even more picks do a search type in country bedroom images it will give you tons of pics to inspire you... for a really rustic look check out these websites for ideas but the sites are expensive still you can copy for the cheap: blackforest.com kingsranch.com crowsnest.com11. Teen Girl Rockstar BedRoom Ideas?sounds really cool! although i would not fancy sleeping on a futon every night.I think purple would go nicely with pink and black, probably ebay for bedding and accessories. hope you love the finished product. good luck :-)12. please help give bedroom ideas?fun!!! i redid my room a few years ago and i did a light lime green wall and it has been very calming and relaxing. maybe like a purple and brown, purple and green for more colors.. light deep purple is really calming and a really cool color that you wont grow out of maybe just brown wood and like green or something as accent colors. good luck!! :)13. bedroom ideas for a teen?Ew, why Paris? France smells like pee14. I need black,white and purple bedroom ideas!?Hit the charity shops. Whether you need fabric, beads or ornaments you will find something. Just think outside the box...old curtains can make great chair covers, box covers, bed spreads, headboard covers. Plain vase filled with junk jewellery in the right colour. Plastic pots painted and used for storing niknaks. Ideas from the net too
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