I Think Someone's Watching Me Through My Webcam Because the Led Light Is Always On?

First things first I would put a piece of sticky tack over my webcam so no-one could be watching me. As for the links get a good anti-virus like WebRoot (I have this one) it stops pop-ups. If not then I am pretty sure there is a way you can disable pop-ups in your browser as well as free downloadable ad blocks (they do the same thing).

1. Top 10 Best Magnetic Charging Cables in 2021 Reviews Electronics

Magnetic charging cables is a design-led item which has soared in popularity in recent years. The cables are known for enhanced performance through faster charging and quick data transfer. Some of the best models even feature anti-dust/anti-corrosion properties and offer added visibility at night. Eager to learn more? Here's a glance at the top 10 best magnetic charging cables, their significant features, and some buying tips. Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 6-Pack ft/3ft/3ft/6ft/6ft/10ft], 3 in 1 Nylon Braided Magnetic Phone Charger, Compatible with Micro USB, Type C, iProduct and Most Devices Magnetic Charging Cable -Pack,1ft/3ft/6ft/6ft], Terasako 3-in-1 Nylon Braided Cord, Compatible with Mirco USB, Type C Smartphone and iProduct Device 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable, (7-Pack,1.5ft/3ft/3ft/3ft/6ft/6ft/10ft), Compatible with Mirco USB, Type C Smartphone and iProduct Device (Black). Ficabil Magnetic Charging Cable 7-Pack, Nylon Braided 3 in 1 Magnetic Charger with Led Light, Compatible with Micro USB, Type C and iProduct (Black, 1ft3ft3ft6ft6ft10ft10ft) LSGAE USB Magnetic Charging Cable, (5-Pack,1.5ft/3ft/6ft/6ft/10ft),Compatible with Mirco USB, Type C Smartphone and iProduct Device (Black) 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable (4-Pack), YKZ QC 3A Fast Charger Cable Nylon Braided with LED Light, Multi Magnet USB Cable for Micro USB/Type C/1Phone (Black,3.3ft,6.6ft) Aralana Magnetic Charging Cable 5-Pack, 3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Charger, Nylon Braided with Led Light (1ft3ft3ft6ft10ft), Compatible with Micro USB, Type C and iProduct (Black) Magnetic USB C Charging Cable, KUULAA 2 Pack 3.3ft 3A Magnetic USB Cable Support QC 3.0 Fast Charging Data Transfer,Magnet Phone Charger Nylon Braided Cord for Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 & USB C Charger List Of Best Magnetic Charging Cable Reviews on Amazon 2021: Big Plus is a fantastic magnetic charging cable that you can afford. In fact, this product consists of the dust-free function whenever you attach the magnetic adapter to the interface and it can avoid abrasion. Moreover, the 360 rotatable magnet head allows you to charge your phone spontaneously with every angle. With this option, your gaming experience on your phone will be better than before. More importantly, the cable uses the full current of 2.4A that enhances your charging to be more rapid with any type of phone. Besides that, the cable can be used with just one hand. Plus, the LED light with the cable allows for added visibility in darkness. To be clear, this item works with any devices since there are Type-C, USB-C, Micro-USB, and i-Product ports. If you are seeking an incredible magnetic charging cable that looks appealing while charging, TOPK might catch your interest. Firstly, TOPK supports 3A fast charging which is really great as a charging cable. Additionally, this one includes the high speed data transferring up to 430Mpbs with the Type-C head. Furthermore, the LED glowing light adds an eye-catching appeal to the charger and for those who frequently steams, this gear is just simply perfect for you. This product uses a pretty durable magnet material plus the dust proof properties, so your phone will securely stay charged without any easy disconnection. By the way, one hand operation will make your driving less dangerous. Crozziz is one of the useful magnetic charging cables and an ideal companion for your device. Technically, this product comes in an 90 L shape and 360 rotation head which is helpful for gaming and other usage. What is more, this item contains a durable magnetic adapter which brings convenience in terms of one hand operation as well as keeping the phone charged. When there is no sign of brightness, the LED light will be lit up and you will be able to charge your phone or anything uncomplicatedly. Besides that, it is dust-free and also compatible with any phones. As a reminder, this item requires you to insert the arrow up side into your device to charge. Without a doubt, this Digital Ant is a fantastic phone accessory as a magnetic charging cable. With the ability of both fast charging of 3A current and speedy data transmission of 480mbps, this tool is fully an innovative product. What is more, the entire charger is made of sturdy plastic cast attached with an aluminum alloy steel case which strengthens the product's durability. More importantly, it is compatible with many phones since it has Micro-USB, I-Products, and Type-C magnetic heads except some that use PD protocol. In case you are in a dark place, this item is equipped with LED beautiful light that allows you to find the cable easily. Single hand function is also available in the product for customers' safety and for enhanced stability of the connection. TOPK is another top pick. This one is something more advanced in terms of the design and benefits. The product is designed to be very creative and allows you to charge your phone flexibly at any angle. For superior performance, the one hand function plus the LED light bring you convenience and security in a busy situation. The strong magnet can connect your phone to the cable without falling off easily. Furthermore, the anti-dust feature prevents your phone from tiny dirt which is very thoughtful of the company. To clarify, this magnetic cable is totally compatible with most devices because it offers 3 charging heads such as Type-C, micro USB, and I-product. It seems like TOPK again never wants to disappoint their customers, and here's another top-rated model from the, the TOPK 2 pack, 10ft/10ft. This item is absolutely something else. The smart chip in this cable will instantly change into a smaller current charge when it is fully charged in order to reduce the possibility of your device getting damaged/ To be clear, this product requires you to charge with the front of the up arrow side. Lastly, with a 180 rotatable head, your gaming time will be even more fun than ever. A magnetic charging cable that improves your room beauty as well as your charging experience is from Le Tide. The specialty of this product is the LED light which is absolutely gorgeous at night. In addition, the 360 charging is also included in the cable as a useful function to customers. Moreover, this one is able to charge and transfer data as well; except for I-Products, it can only charge the battery. More importantly, the charger is compatible with just about any device because of the three durable magnetic heads offered. Here is one of the TOPK products again, and it is on the top 3rd. In fact, this product uses the 3A current which makes the cable fast charge and rapidly transfer data. Likewise, this item still features the 180 rotatable head for further usage. On the other hand, the company still equips the dust free function and super magnetic head in since it is very important to keep the phone safely charged without a hassle. Moreover, the LED light and one hand use are also enabled for easy charging and finding the cable at night time. However, it can be widely paired with any device of yours. Over here, we have TOPK again. This one also features the dustproof property and 360 rotation head. However, you do not have to worry about what type of device you use because this item comes with 3 different types of connectors. What is more, you can use just one hand to charge your phone while driving and when you are in the dark, you can just follow the LED light to find the charger. With the sticky magnetic head, your device will securely stay connected with the charging. In addition, this item uses 3A current which fastens your phone battery charging. The top 1 best product is brought to you by Terasako. Without a doubt, this one consists of one hand operation and an LED light which are to ensure your safety while driving at night. Furthermore, universal compatibility is found in this cable. By the way, the anti-rust feature protects your phone from dirt. One more factor is that this item has a 360 head, but it is not available for syncing data. Besides that, you can use one hand to charge your phone and at night, there will be LED light which glows to show where the cable is. More importantly, this whole cable is very sturdy and is totally safe to use in any situation for a long period of time.

2. Unconstitutional to force people to buy LED light bulbs?

No it would not be Unconstitutional, even if we forgive the misuse of the word. You can go back to using candles and let more houses burn down, or continue to use what pollutes the landfills. When we learn that technology has errored in creation of products we need to correct the mistake.

3. Does an LED light bulb convert AC to DC?

In a way yes. LED stands for light emitting diode - and diodes can be used to convert AC to DC. However these diodes are not made for that purpose and drop more voltage (about 2 V) than a normal silicon diode (about 0.7 V) so they would not be good for that purpose.

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Explain the Key Points of LED Lighting Driving Power Supply in Detail
In order to save energy and power, LED has been greatly promoted, but led needs a power driver, which will directly affect the service life of LED. Therefore, how to do a good LED driving power supply is the top priority of LED power designer. This paper introduces some problems of LED driving power supply, hoping to provide some help to engineers.1. The driving circuit directly affects the service life of LEDThe LED driver we mentioned includes digital driver and analog driver. Digital driver refers to digital circuit driver, including digital dimming control, RGB full-color change, etc. Analog drive refers to analog circuit drive, including AC constant current switching power supply and DC constant current control circuit. The driving circuit is composed of electronic components, including semiconductor components, resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc. these components have service life. The failure of any device will lead to the failure of the whole circuit or some functions. The service life of LED is 50000-100000 hours. If it is continuously lit according to 50000 hours, it has a service life of nearly 6 years. The service life of switching power supply is difficult to reach 6 years. The warranty period of switching power supply sold on the market is generally 2-3 years. The power supply with 6-year warranty is military grade, and the price is 4-6 times that of ordinary power supply. It is difficult for ordinary lamp manufacturers to accept it. Therefore, the faults of LED lamps are mostly driving circuit faults.2. Heat dissipation problemLED is a cold light source, the working junction temperature cannot exceed the limit, and a certain margin should be reserved during design. The design of the whole lamp should consider many aspects, such as beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light distribution, heat dissipation and so on. It is necessary to find a balance point among many factors, so that the overall lamp is the best. The development time of LED lamps is not long, there is not much experience to learn from, and many designs are constantly improved. The power supply used by some LED lamp manufacturers is outsourced or purchased. The lamp designer does not know much about the power supply, so the heat dissipation space for LED is large and that for power supply is small. It is generally to find a suitable power supply after designing the lamps, which brings some difficulty to the power supply. It is often encountered that due to the small internal space or high internal temperature of the lamp, and the low cost control, it is impossible to allocate a suitable power supply. Some LED lamp manufacturers have power R & D capability. The above problems can be solved by evaluating at the initial stage of designing lamps and designing power supply synchronously. In the design, we should comprehensively consider the heat dissipation of LED and power supply, and control the temperature rise of lamps as a whole, so as to design better lamps.3. Problems in power supply designa. Power design. Although the LED has high luminous efficiency, there is still 80-85% heat loss, resulting in a temperature rise of 20-30 degrees inside the lamp. If the room temperature is 25 degrees, there is 45-55 degrees inside the lamp. The power supply works in a high-temperature environment for a long time. In order to ensure the service life, the power margin must be increased, which is generally reserved to 1.5-2 times.b. Component selection. When the internal temperature of the lamp is 45-55 degrees, the internal temperature rise of the power supply is about 20 degrees, and the temperature near the element should reach 65-75 degrees. The parameters of some components will drift at high temperature, and the service life of some components will be shortened. Therefore, the devices should be selected that can be used at high temperature for a long time, with special attention to electrolytic capacitors and wires.C. Electrical performance design. The parameter design of switching power supply for LED is mainly constant current parameter. The size of current determines the brightness of LED. If the batch current error is large, the brightness of the whole batch of lamps is uneven. Moreover, the change of temperature can also cause the output current of the power supply to shift. Generally, the batch error is controlled within / - 5% to ensure the consistent brightness of the lamp. There is deviation in the forward voltage drop of the LED, and the constant current voltage range of the power supply design should include the voltage range of the LED. When multiple LEDs are connected in series, the minimum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the lower limit voltage, and the maximum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the upper limit voltage. The constant current voltage range of the power supply is slightly wider than this range. Generally, 1-2v margin is reserved for the upper and lower limits.d. PCB layout design. The size of LED lamps left for the power supply is small (unless it is external to the power supply), so there are high requirements in PCB design and many factors to be considered. Enough safety distance shall be reserved for the power supply requiring input and output isolation. The withstand voltage of primary side circuit and secondary side circuit shall be 1500-2000vac, and at least 3mm distance shall be reserved on the PCB. If it is a lamp with metal shell, the safety distance between the high-voltage part and the shell shall also be considered for the cloth plate of the whole power supply. If there is no space to ensure a safe distance, other measures should be taken to ensure insulation, such as drilling holes on PCB, adding insulating paper, potting insulating glue, etc. In addition, the heat balance shall be considered for the cloth plate, and the heating elements shall be evenly distributed and cannot be placed centrally to avoid local temperature rise. The electrolytic capacitor is far away from the heat source to slow down the aging and prolong the service life.e. Certification issues. At present, there is no standard for LED lamps in China. Relevant national departments are studying and formulating. The certification of lamps sold in China is based on the standards of lighting lamps, while those sold abroad are CE or UL certification, and some are based on foreign LED lamp standards. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is difficult for the design of switching power supply to meet the above standards at the same time. We can only meet different certification according to different requirements.4. Use parameters.The selection of purchased power supply mainly depends on the voltage range of constant current and constant current. The constant current value is lower than the standard current of LED. The selection of voltage range shall be moderate, and try not to select a large range to avoid power waste.
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