I Spilled Nail Polish Remover on My Beige Leather Chair and It Removed Some of the Color.?

put a pillow over it

1. How can i fix some scuff marks and scratch marks on my leather chair?

Sometimes just a little water on a clean cloth will make the scuffs disappear. You can also use a little shoe polish but, make sure you wipe it all off really well. If you tried the water first wait till it dries completely before you try the polish.

2. how do you get pen and markers off of leather chair?

A dry sponge or an eraser

3. Is there a way I can fix the wrinkles in my leather chair?

These are natural creases in the leather and generally there is nothing that will remove them. Often the cutting process of the leather will determine how much your leather will crease. Leather cut from the belly area of the hide will crease more than leather cut from the back bone area. It is very important to pay more attentin to these areas when cleaning as the creased areas will be moer prone to abrassion and if there is dirt trapped in the creases this will cause the finish to crack on those areas. Do not use creams and conditioners as these will generally attract more dirt to these creased areas.

4. How do I deodorize my executive leather chair from foul odors as a result of flatulence?

vinegar and frebreeze, set out in sunglight for a few hrs, rinse/wipe well

5. How do you remove pen ink stains from a cream color leather chair?

You can use alcohol or hand sanitizer. No bleach, it makes it worse

6. How do I get the smell of butt out of my leather chair?

Are you just looking up screenshots of funny questions and reasking them as your own? Wait a minute, I know the answer to that

7. My husband got paint on a leather chair while painting an office. How can he get it out?

If it's latex paint there's a special remover for that. You might be able to flex the material enough to crack the paint off. Ask an upholster how to do it. Do not put an organic solvent on it unless you test out on an inconspicuous area first.

8. My Red Leather chair is getting this brown substance by where youd rest your head at.?

It's probably dirt or grime from greasy hair

9. bought a bonded leather chair and it has a weird smell what is it?

Yes, it needs cleaned. Try some murphys oil soap

10. why does my cat ,Misty always want to lay in my leather chair?

There might be a few reasons: It's soft Comfortable Low enough to get to easily Maybe it reminds her of you (or someone else) Cat usually have areas where they think everything is theirs.

11. How do I remove ink from my leather chair? I have TRIED EVERYTHING" including leather cleaner,?

Test in an inconspicuous spot first, but I've found regular hairspray is the best thing for removing ink from just about any soft surface. And it usually does not harm the colors of the fabric/leather. I've used it before on my car's tan leather interior before for ink, worked like a charm.

12. how do i get scribble off my cream leather chair tried jif ,vinegar,lemon,polish,leather,cleaner,turps,white s

dampen a white T-shirt with water, add denatured alcohol make a couple of passes and then blend out, repeat up to 3 times before you have to leave the finish to cure back up as you will have softened it slightly and dont want to pull off color. (you can use a hair dryer to speed this up) Never rub hard or in just one spot- always blend out. When done apply a good leather conditioner with protectant in it to the surface This has worked for me hundreds of times in the field and save me from making color matches.

13. are there any ordinary household products that will clean a very dirty but nice leather chair?

Never use saddle soap, strong detergents or soaps, oils, furniture polish, ammonia, abrasive chemicals, alcohol, or other harsh clenaers to clean leather, vinyl or ultra leather. You can use warm water and a tiny bit of baby shampoo or woolite; then dry immediately.

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