I Have a Basic LED Light Kit, Help! Electricians Would Be Nice Here?

Put black wires to any piece of metal on car, the red wires are hooked to any fuse that gets power when the key is turned on

1. Blackberry pearl 8130 LED light color change?

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2. my LED light comes on to my laptop while the plug is in but it doesnt charge.?

sounds like you out of battery they do go bad i have a 5 yr old comp and I am working on my 3rd batt you might want to go into your power con-fig make sure you do not have it on hibernate mode

3. EL wire, LED light strips, on motorcycle helmets street legal?

you cant be in control of a light you can personally point

4. how do you wire a 12 volt flexible led light strip to a 12 volt motorcycle battery?

Red goes to the positive, black goes to the negative. :P Switches and splicing are up to you to figure out.

5. how many plants can I fit under a 90W ufo led light?

Any light will do if you are planting seeds in growing trays. Place it about 1 foot above tray and leave it on 24/7 until the plants get a few inches tall. Water regularly

6. Unconstitutional to force people to buy LED light bulbs?

Not unconstitutional but people find a way to work around it. Europe banned incandescent lights so somebody started importing them as "heat bulbs". People can be devilishly ingenious

7. What makes same wattage led light bulb brighter than the other? [closed]

There are a massive array of factors affecting LED brightness including quality of LED, color, human perception of that color, CRI, drive current and voltage, thermal dissipation and driver efficiency.In addition to these factors that actually affect results, LED lumen measurements differ to some degree between companies, and some will even add up the lumen ratings of the LEDs without measuring, giving higher than actual ratings. Some people really appreciate high CRI LEDs and almost everyone will not like extremely low CRI arrangements. This means if it is high CRI, you might like an 800 lumen bulb better than a low CRI 1000 lumen one, even with the same color temperature and assuming the labelled brightness is accurate.LEDs in general are more energy efficient than CFL and incandescent and in some cases there are factors that can even mitigate incandescent (If a house is entirely electric heated at wintertime, it makes no difference if heat comes from a lightbulb or a radiator.). Between electrical and thermal design, LED die improvements and advances in switching technology, manufacturers have still left themselves plenty of headroom for improvement even on more expensive bulbs. Where I live there is also no strong correlation between price and quality for many bulb types due to market factors. A19 bulbs can cost anywhere for $1.50 to $5 and the cheap ones can be quite good and the more expensive ones nothing to write home about.The best way to find a good bulb is to either evaluate it(if you are at a hardware store and they have a row of lightbulbs, turn them all on and take a picture. ), find out what is in it(A good bulb will have good quality/ high efficiency LEDS, more LEDS running at lower power as opposed to few at higher power, and a better driver in it(more efficient). Or read reviews to get an idea of your best options. I will sometimes buy $2 bulbs on sale just to test them out, but for more expensive socket types where bulbs are still $20 minimum, It could definitely be worth some effort to compare before you get a set of 11 new bulbs for the designer track lighting in your kitchen or something.

8. How Many Watts is an LED light with Intensity MCD (typical): 600 mlm?

Post a link to the data sheet

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Are LED Lights Eco-Friendly?
Light-emitting diodes are an eco-friendly lighting choice. LEDs are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs, which waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat. Other energy-efficient lighting options include halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. All incandescent and fluorescent lights produce light that flows in all directions, wasting light as well as heat.LEDs are a rapidly advancing technology that uses energy more efficiently and can save energy in indirect ways, such as with air-conditioning costs (see References 1). LEDs use small, powerful sources of light that illuminate when electrons move through semiconductor materials. They shine in only one direction, produce a small fraction of the heat of fluorescent and incandescent lights, and lasting longer than other types of lighting.Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, labels LED lights that meet its energy-efficiency guidelines. Although LED lighting design creates efficiencies, poorly designed LED lights do not meet the potential of the technology. Energy Star guidelines require that LEDs consume at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer. In addition, the bulb must turn on instantly.LED low energy-usage saves money in utility bills. As of 2011, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb has an average operating cost of $1 per year. That compares to annual costs of $1.20 for an Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent bulb, $3.50 for a halogen incandescent bulb and $4.80 for a traditional incandescent bulb. In addition, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb's longer life -- ranging from a minimum of 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb to a maximum of 25 times longer -- means there is much lower turnover of bulbs in your house. (See References 2 and 3) Technological advances with LEDs raise hopes for significantly reducing electricity usage in the United States. LED lighting could cut the electricity demand in the country by 1/3, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The estimated savings from that adoption would total $265 billion, including preventing the construction of 40 new power plants.
I Was Thinking About Buying a NEEWER CN-76 LED LIGHT Would This Be Helpful for My Photoshoots in Pho
Shaud, if you mean outdoor photo shoots, no. The lights are not in the bright index for distances or darker shadows. Try going to a regular photography store and ask/look at some more professional equipment. Spartawo...1. What gauge wire should I use for my LED light?Here's a link to a chart:2. how could i hook up a LED light bulb (small) into a remote control car?All gentle beer, Zima, wine coolers, and those malt liquor drinks like Mike's troublesome Lemonade are sissy drinks. Mike's is okay in case you combine it with a shot of vodka. you need to dirnk a British Ale, a German lager, or a micro brew. P. S. never placed fruit in a lager.3. Can't a DLP lamp be replaced with a LED light?NOT possible. In addition someone will have to do a full TV calibration. TVs are shipped based on the characteristics of a particular lamp.4. Why is my webcam LED light on even if i'm not using the webcam?Turn off your computer and turn it back on,and your problem will be fixed. That happened to my other laptop 2 times.5. What size of battery should I hook up to a 120VAC mini red neon/LED light?There is a resistor in series with the light. Without removing the resistor, you have to have a voltage of 120 volts to make the light work The AA battery is 1.5 volts. There are power adaptors that will supply 120 volts AC from a 12 volt battery. These are normally used with car batteries.6. LED light temperature why does it matter?You can change the temp of the lights individually so that you can have different lighting on a shot.The white balance will enable you to set your baseline lighting/colour profile and then you can hit the shot with different light temps to change the look of it (higher temp = bluer light, lower temp = orange light) - it's a similar principle to using different types of light/bulb.So you light, set your WB for a neutral look, then change the lighting temps to alter the look/feel of the scene.7. Best Teeth Whitening Kit (2021) - iSmile vs. AuraGlow & more!The best teeth whitening kit with LED light will help give you that million-dollar smile in all situations. Teeth whitening kits help give you bright and shiny teeth, whilst reduced dental plaque enables teeth to grow stronger and stay whiter for longer - all of which are benefits of using these best teeth whitening kits. There are many teeth whitening kits with LED lights out there and finding the best teeth whitening kit can be a difficult task, so we've gone ahead found the best teeth whitening kits with LED lights (including iSmile vs. AuraGlow) that are for sale on Amazon right now! Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, All-in-One At-Home Easy to Use System for Whiter Teeth IDOLUSTER Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light at Home Use, Powerful Red and Bule Light Whitening Kit8. what are the advantages and disadvantages of a LED light bulb?Advantages: energy efficiency brightness long life Disadvantages: cost DC technology requires a power supply to operate from AC color - it is a technical challenge to get a true 'white' light9. My 4gb kingston data traveler did not show in my computer and device manager. The led is not light up. Help !?If you have other then windows XP .. u may need install the drivers try it with other machine if still there is problem ... u may need to replace the pan drive10. I have 2 led light strips is it possible to buy a blinker that i can wire to them?I think you will get pulled over a lot of you leave them blinking all time. Most blinker devices expect a higher current load than the LEDs will provide. You would need to do the math and buy some power resistors at radio shack. Or find a blinker that does not change speed with the load.11. Is there a LED light available that is equivalent to a 65 watt indoor flood bulb?You could probably make one, but it would be quite expensive, and you would probably need to combine several types to get a satisfactory color balance. Start at the reference for some ideas, then search the web
Can Anybody Explain to Me How I Could Instal Interior Underglow(led Lights) to My Car W/o the Cigare
Just run wires straight from the battery for positive and negative1. doesn't ohm's law applied to every thing? [closed]Ohm's law specifically deals with the relationship between direct voltage, current and linear resistance in the form V = IR. For AC circuits it can be generalised to V =IZ where Z is a complex impedance.Transformers convert an alternating primary current into an alternating magnetic field in the core which is then converted back to an alternating voltage in the secondary coil - This effect was demonstrated by Michael Faraday. (Google Faraday, transformer) He showed that the input and output voltages where connected by the turns ratio. For a 100% efficient transformer we get:We must also apply the conservation of energy rule - you can not get more out than you put in. Given that there will always be a loss of energy (heat, noise etc.) the power output will always be less than the power input. always greater Iin * Vin > Iout * Vout (Power in is always greater than power out)If a load is connected to the secondary coil a current will flow. The transformer will react by increasing the primary current in line with the transformer turns ratio in order to maintain the power in to power out relationship.A filament bulb works by heating the filament to a high temperature. Most of the energy used is radiated as heat rather than light, making this type of bulb inefficient. The colour of the light is determined by temperature. (Google black body radiation, Stefan-Boltzmann law).'Energy saver' bulbs use a gas discharge lamp and phosphor coatings to produce light. (Google - Electric discharge in gases) The current passing through the reduced pressure gas excites electrons directly which then jump from one energy band to another before decaying and emitting a photon. (Google - Planck-Einstein relationship) This means that they generate light energy directly without the need to generate lots of heat energy. This makes them more energy efficient that filament bulbs for the same power input. Hence the term 'energy saver.'LED lights (Google band gap, LED) use a similar principle (electrons jumping from one level to another) through a PN junction in a semiconductor.This is more efficient than gas discharge lamps giving LED lighting more lumens (light output) per watt.2. Sleep Peacefully at Night: How CCTV Keeps Businesses Safe in the DarkNight vision cameras were once the standard for the military, scary movies, ghost hunting, and those energetic wildlife enthusiasts. Nowadays, nearly anyone can make use of the technology, especially when protecting business properties. Night vision technology is instrumental when it comes to business security. Several burglaries and attempted break-ins occur at night, and there are many things you can do to improve your business's nighttime security. For example, installing motion-sensitive lighting and night vision CCTV cameras are the most feasible solutions to help you sleep peacefully at night. CCTV keeps businesses safe. Several surveillance cameras are motion-sensitive and can send alerts when movement is detected. You will instantly know if someone is trying to access your facility without your permission. Yet, typical cameras can not see in the dark, so they can not always pick up motion and send you the essential information you need. This is where the night vision comes in. So, how does it work? Infrared, or IR, is the most common type of night vision popular in outdoor security cameras. This kind of technology is brilliant; it can flood an area with light invisible to humans, but the camera's lens has no trouble picking it up. A possible intruder would see complete darkness while the camera would film in near-perfect clarity using the IR light produced. Humans cannot see IR light because it has a longer wavelength and frequency than normal light that's visible to the human eye. Red is the color with the longest wavelengths visible to humans, and infrared means 'below red'. On most infrared cameras, you will see a unique configuration of bulbs being used. Higher power infrared LED lights are positioned around the outside of the camera lens. IR is used for several different filming purposes and is typically used for wildlife filmmaking. This is because the invisible IR light does not bother the animals as they cannot see it. This makes for a very secretive, nocturnal filming opportunity. Another type of night vision filming technology exists. It's not something commonly used in homes, businesses, or even professional security cameras. Image intensification tubes are used in night vision goggles to collect and significantly intensify all available light, including infrared light. This allows the wearer of the goggles to see in low-light situations or even in total darkness. When an area appears to be completely pitch black, it never truly is. There usually is a source of light, even if the human eye finds it difficult to spot. The light entering the goggles is converted into a green tint, making people's eyes shine brightly in the image created, as human eyes are most susceptible to green light. Night vision goggles that employ this technology are most likely used in military and law enforcement operations. Night vision is instrumental in security cameras since it allows the camera to detect motion more adequately, thus picking up movements by an intruder with ease and alerting you immediately. Although, there can be occasions where you (or the police) cannot get to the location in time, and the intruder makes a getaway. If this happens, your night vision cameras become even more valuable. The clarity of the footage that they can record with IR light and night vision technology means that perps can be more easily identified and arrested. The footage then becomes very useful as evidence. In contrast, a standard surveillance camera would pick up a blurry image in poor lighting or absolutely nothing at all in the pitch dark. Most night vision CCTV cameras also come with extra features and functions to further enhance the footage's quality and clarity. These include: Capture Faces, Number Plates, Etc. With This Technology With this new technology, you can capture faces, license plates, and many other details to provide to the authorities. A lot of activity takes place under cover of darkness, and night vision cameras can help you keep a sharp eye on what is going on. This is very useful in legal cases, investigative matters, or just to provide everyday proof of suspicion.3. Why paintball marker is better?1. They are all under 2 lbs. You would never be able to tell the difference, though. 2. Egos are technically more air efficient but efficiency among high ends nowadays is such a dead topic because they are ALL more efficient than anyone could possibly care. 3. Better settings? Like ease of settings? Because they all have the same tourney modes. Egos are probably easier because they have an LCD screen instead of LED lights. 4. They are all easy to maintain but Egos are a little faster in the maintenance dept (less o-rings to lube). 5. I prefer spool valve guns over poppits, so i like the DM's more. Never shot an NT but i can not imagine it feeling too much different than a DM.
LED Light Bulbs: What to Look For
When you're shopping for an LED light bulb, it's important to find one that provides the amount of light you need, as well as the color of light you like. You'll also want to consider how the light emits from the bulb, and the dimension of the bulb and base. The bulbs in this review are comparable to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.FeaturesA standard 60-watt incandescent bulb puts off about 800 lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the light is. LED light bulbs provide many lumens for few watts compared to incandescent bulbs. Since this is the case, it's better to find a bulb that has low wattage but high lumens because it will save you on your energy bill.You also want to find an LED light bulb that offers a long lifespan. Most offer between 25,000 and 50,000 hours of light. When you look at a Lighting Facts label on the light bulbs, they typically list the lifespan in years. This is based on a standard of using the light for three hours per day each day of the year.When you're looking for an LED light bulb, another thing to consider is the color of the light. Depending on where the light bulb lands on the color temperature spectrum, lights can be all colors: red, yellow, green, blue and shades of white. The shades of white range from warm to cool white. The lower the color temperature, the more yellow your white light will appear. If the light is higher on the color temperature scale, it will appear to cast a cool, bluish hue. Another aspect of the color is the color rendering index (CRI). The higher the CRI number, the greater the number of objects lit by the light bulb that will appear natural.The bulb should also be UL listed and comply with part 15 of the FCC as a Class B device, meaning it won't interfere with radio frequencies. It's also an added bonus if the light bulb is Energy Star Qualified.DesignThe dimensions and weight of LED bulbs are not the same as a standard incandescent bulb. LED light bulbs are on average a quarter of an inch taller. The average diameter of these LED lights is similar to that of incandescent bulbs but varies depending on the model. LED lights are also heavier than incandescent bulbs, so you'll want to be sure that your light fixture can support the extra weight.Most LED light bulbs can't be fully enclosed in a light fixture because heat decreases the life of the light bulb. If you plan to use your LED light bulbs outside, you'll first want to verify that they can withstand damp outdoor conditions. If you want to dim your lights with an LED light bulb, you'll need to have one that the manufacturer has specifically designed to perform as a dimmer.The beam spread is another thing to consider. While incandescent lights put off light in all directions, LED lighting typically sends its light in one direction. The best LED light bulbs that are comparable to 60-watt incandescent bulbs distribute the light around the bulb as well as from the top.Help & SupportChances are you won't need to be in contact much with the manufacturer to use your light bulbs. However, having a practical return policy and warranty are importance since these light bulbs cost more than incandescent and CFLs. A good LED light bulb should come with at least a three- to five-year warranty.LED lighting presents a new, more environmentally friendly option. It's long lasting and can save you money over an extended period. These lights are heavier than other lighting options, and the bulb is on average a little taller than a standard light bulb; however, the base can fit in standard light sockets. These lights will keep going long after incandescent and CFLs would have stopped working, and they'll save you money on your electrical bill.At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To.more info you can visit: htm.·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
Acrylic LED Light Panel
light panel is widely used in hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial applications, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals where less energy conservation and high color rendering index lighting are required.The application of LED light panel1. Advertising. The application of Led light panel in advertising can be seen everywhere, such as the advertising board in the subway channel, the vertical billboard on the street, the product recommendation board in the restaurant, the self-illumination advertisement of the building, etc., all of which are backlight with LED light panel. It has changed the limitations of traditional billboards that are "stunned" without external light.2. Store tour guidance. The Led light panel is used as the door menu of the shop, the floor map of the shopping mall, the new notice board of the container, etc. The surface is bright, completely flat, luminous, uniform, and the illumination angle is wider, soft and not glare.3. General lighting. The Led light panel can be mounted on the ceiling as a lighting fixture. It is lightweight, has a variety of ways to embed and suspend the wire, and is easy to install. Environmentally friendly, safe and non-polluting. The start-up time is short and does not flash. LED panel has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, and even if they are frequently switched, they will not affect the life of the product.4. Space decoration. LED light panel is a green lighting product, which does not contain mercury, lead and other pollution element materials, so it is suitable for decorative purposes in offices, homes, hotels, conference rooms and other places. The LED light panel takes up a small space and can be integrated into the wall by installation. According to the needs of the spatial layout, various shapes, color temperatures, sizes, and the like are selected.5. Specific area lighting. There is limited space for cultural relics booths, merchandise display cabinets, and jewelry cabinets, and the subsidiary value of the products is very high. The LED light panel has no ultraviolet light and no infrared rays so that the object is protected from radiation damage. Moreover, the performance is stable, the maintenance rate is low, the versatility is strong, the installation is convenient, and the space is saved.6. As eye protection lamps. The use of soft light technology to expand the LED light panel into a surface light source, eliminating glare, visual fatigue, sublimation visual effects; no stroboscopic, pure DC work, eliminating the visual fatigue caused by the traditional flat lamp stroboscopic.7. Others.LED panel light, high color rendering index, strong color reproduction, clear vision, and no distortion of objects, suitable for high-end commercial lighting. In different occasions, according to the requirements of the customer, the installation of the LED light panel has an emergency function, and the power supply can be continued for 3 hours after the power is cut off.Maintenance of Led light panel1. Always turn off the power before cleaning the fixture.2. Clean with a dry or drier cloth.3. Do not use chemical or corrosive things to clean.Why choose us?1. Our LED light panel is equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency driving power supply. The appearance of aluminum alloy power supply drive is better than engineering plastics. Firstly, its heat dissipation is good. Secondly, the transportation and use process can effectively protect the internal parts. Not crushed and loosened, reducing the power drive failure rate. In addition, our drive power supply has stable working performance and smooth output current, which provides a stable working environment for the light board.2. We have strictly selected heat sink materials and structures. LED lighting is very important. When the lamp is working at high temperature, the light decay will be great and the lighting life will be reduced. Good heat-dissipating material can prevent the LED light panel from being surrounded and affected by the heat generated by itself.3. We use our own design to reach high lumen·RELATED QUESTIONWhich LED panel has the best lumen?LED lighting's Luminosity depends on LED package technology. But for led package flux lm 80% decided by the chip, 10% decided by the phosphor, phosphor, glues and other material the remaining is determined by the packaging process. So the best lumen decided by the led package technology. Samsung, Epistar, Huga, etc both these brand has good technology of led package, most of quality led panelsuppliers are use this led chip to improve the lumens.Syhdeeis a professional led products manufacturer, mainly produceled tubes, led panel lights, led track light, etc
LED Lighting Is the Prime Choice of Interior Decorators
The growth of technology and necessity of better light sources gave us LED lights. The sources have evolved from the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights to LED. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights have the lighting consume 60% less energy and provide similar brightness. The architects and interiors designers are now having much better options with LED under interior lighting. They can now experiment a lot of new looks because the LED flexible strip can be operated on ultra narrow platforms. The LED strip lights can be installed anywhere without much of a trouble and produces warm or pure white light. They are extremely low profile and highly flexible to be bent in any degree. The LED lighting can be installed in many ways with the help of fixtures and give a much better glowing effect in the surroundings.The LED lights are widely used to enhance the look of the home or office. It is luxury form of LED interior lighting because they give a whole new outlook to the space where it is installed. The contractors and architects today use variations in the lighting to give attractive look. It is available in vivid colors; hence they can be used to suit the mood better according to the environment and color theme of the surroundings. They also give the facility to be modulated; hence the brightness can be controlled. This complements the area which is illuminated and hence has gone a step ahead as compared to xenon or incandescent lighting. The interior decorators always use new & better options to decorate the home, office or hotels. Be it a book shelf, garden patio, kitchen cabinets or ceilings, LED has become their prime choice because of brilliant color combination, less heat generation and low consumption. The LED flexible strip lighting can be accommodated anywhere without much of an effort.The LED interior lighting has become the first choice for many to highlight other sophisticated furniture. The dug in LED under cabinet lights are placed directly into the cabinet or shelf making them non noticeable. The LEDs are primarily installed in living room area for maintaining more artistic interiors. The LED lights can be installed in process hence the area should be chosen extremely wisely during installation. LED lights are also available in flexible strip and aluminium tube format that can be used in interiors for highlighting purposes. These LED aluminium tube lights operate on a remarkably less power. The LED tube lighting offers a variety of colors and can have their brightness modulated with dimmer as required. LED lighting can be used in extremely narrow spaces and still give the required luminance. The lights come as a bar or disk and can be chosen according to the requirement and the space available. The decorators also utilize the accent lighting to enhance the look and highlight the counter tops with LED lights. The LED lighting is also used as jewellery display lights because of their flicker free nature and no maintenance.Tired of traditional lamps that do not provide you eco-friendly lights, and consume so much energy as well? We at Bigeagle.com.au offer you LED lights that have ideal energy conservation with eco friendly solutions. We are the experienced expert for providing super bright LED lighting fixtures for interior design lighting applications. We aim to improve the quality of your home or business illuminations by installing high brightness led interior lighting. Find out more about LED interior lighting from at Bigeagle. com. au, where we offer valuable advises and tips for eco-friendly, energy efficient LED lighting productsWho does YOUR interior decorating?The pack of dust bunnies that live under my furnitureDoes anybody know of any great Interior decorating websites with pictures of painted rooms?a great one the best, I forgot how to spell it has 4 letters starting with b it advertises on tv, sorry best I can doDo your kids' rooms look like those in magazines and interior decorating books?As long as you and your kids are happy with the results, thats what matters. My kids room probably do look like they could be in an interior decor magazine. I enjoy decorating (its a hobby, not a profession) and I particularly enjoyed decorating my kids rooms. I let them have some input (my daugther just wanted lots of pink, my sons wanted superhero theme) and then I just went from there. I find its the accessories and window treatments that really pull a room together. Anyways, like I said, its a hobby for me, I look at a lot of catalogues and magazines and copy looks I like. As long as everyone is happy with teh room though, that is what matters.
How to Add Turn Signals and Wire Them Up
How to Add Turn Signals and Wire Them Up Want to add turn signals to your hotrod? You should! It's not that hard... 3. Make your own switch system. (It's easy!) Factory switchMost of you will have a hotrod that uses a steering column that has a turn signal switch built in. What you need to do is find the wiring diagram for the vehicle the column came from. Just find it on the internet. It will show you which wire should go where... Some of you will have a hotrod that does not have a factory switch in the column. The easiest way to add on turn signals without a factory switch is to use an aftermarket unit like these universal types: You can get them at places like Napa or here: However, some people do not like the look of it so they want to hide it. It's easy to put that unit under your seat, by the shifter, etc. Still others would like to run their turn signals with a simple toggle switch on the dash. There are two ways to wire it in... -Wiring in turn signals that have their own seperate rear bulbs. -Wiring in turn signals that share the rear bulbs with the brake and tail lights. Let's start with the first... What you will need is a toggle switch and a flasher unit. For the toggle switch you will need a SPDT (Single Pole Dual Throw) toggle switch. They look something like this: They work something like this: You can get them at places like Napa or here: Next you need a 2 pin flasher unit. They look like this: You can get them at places like Napa or here: NOTE: If you want to run LED lights or bulbs, you will have to run an electronic flasher unit. You can get them at places like Napa or here: Now, wire them in like this: Ok, now to wire in turn signals that share the rear bulbs with the brake and tail lights, you have to get a little creative... What you have to do is make the brake light wires and the turn signal wires combine in a way that the turn signal wires can override the brake signal. There are complicated ways to wire in multiple relays to do it, and aftermarket units that will do this but there is an easier way... A quick and cheap way that works just as good is a tail light wiring converter for trailers. They will combine the brake wiring and the turn signal wiring so they will work. You can get them at places like Napa or here: Some have the tail light wire running through them (4 wire into 3 wire), and some do not (3 wire into 2 wire). It does not make any difference, as the tail light wiring is not affected. All you are worried about is the brake and turn signal wires. Note: Do not try to run them with LED's. The converters are not made to run the extra voltage. Just stay with regular bulbs and it will work great. Now wire it in like this. (This version uses a 4 wire into 3 wire converter. For a 3 wire into 2 wire converter, just take the tail light wire past it.) No problem, you just need another toggle switch and flasher unit. The toggle switch is different than the other though... For the toggle switch you will need a DPST (Dual Pole Single Throw) toggle switch. They look something like this: They work something like this: You can get them at places like Napa or here: Now you need another 2 pin flasher unit. Now wire them in like this: Return from Turn Signals to Hot Rod Wiring Return from Turn Signals to How-To-Build-Hotrods1. what household items contain led lights?Desk top computer front panel and its enthernet card beside the plug input ; DVD player; Game device : remote control has IR LED in its front ; USB drive ; monitor front panel ; printer panel ; LED bulb ; LED tube ; garden solar light ......so many2. No video imput when computer turns on?Your computer is not running POST. As it's a fresh build, you need to double-check the power connections (there should be TWO of them) from your power supply to your motherboard. If all the connections look good, the most likely problem is a dead power supply. Even if the power supply appears to turn on, it can still be dead. In other words, LED lights lit and fans spinning does not mean that your power supply is good.3. What's the difference between fluorescent & led lights for aquariums?Theres lots of difference. The main one would be that LED last longer, penetrate deeper, and uses far less energy. Beyond that the type of lighting, colour, and effects on fish and plants depends entirely the type of LEd and bulb used. Theres lots of variations between different fluorescent or LED lights. I have some LED's on one tank that are a slightly daylight yellow colour. They grow my plants well. However I have another equal sized stip of LED that wouldnt grow anything if I tried. I use them as moonlights. So in the end it just depends on what the individual person wants..
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