I Got This Leather Chair for My Computer Desk but Its Hurting My a$$ Should I Ditch It Or Keep It?

ditch it you've got to buy an ergonomic chair

1. How can I keep my balls from sticking to the leather chair?

Put on a banana hammock or have someone lick them before you sit down-lol!

2. How do you get ink marks off a leather chair?

Denatured Acohol takes to the air maker elementary. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it may discolor the textile(something would) So positioned some on a bite of fabric unseen aand try it. It it does not discolor it is going to do away with the stain Use denatured Alcohol not rubbing alcohol.

3. How could I slipcover a leather chair and keep the fabric from slipping around on the leather?

Leather Chair Covers

4. Stain on brown leather chair REFUSES to come off!?

Have you tried WD40? I have a white leather jacket that gets stained very easily and I use Wd40 to remove the stains. So far, it has always worked without leaving a new stain. It's worth a try. ( I do not know if that brand is available to you. It's a lubricant spray commonly used on chains and gears and such)

5. I've been given a leather chair from someone who is a heavy smoker. How can I clean this to get the smell out?

Clean all you want to, but you will still get at least a whiff. Things shed their smoke smells naturally. Stick it in the attic for a month. Then smell it. If there is any smoke smell it will be faint at best. Clean it and enjoy it then.

6. Why is it when your wearing short shorts & you sit down on a leather chair & your legs get stuck?

Cause the water from your skin

7. Can I repair the arm of my leather chair? if so, how.?

You can recover it with new leather. The existing leather is toast

8. My upholstered leather chair is looking dry and dull. What will bring back the soft supple leather texture?

Armorall. I know, it's for cars. But I promise it's going to work. And it's cheaper than using the high priced leather cleaners, works just as good

9. How do you get the smell of a** out of a leather chair?

If it is real leather, you can use 'saddle soap'. Of course, this requires some elbow grease. Otherwise, maybe 'fabreeze'

10. why does my cat ,Misty always want to lay in my leather chair?

My cat does this too and it's because you warm the seat up for them. Creatures of comfort

11. I spilled nail polish remover on my beige leather chair and it removed some of the color.?

If it were me I would go to the section that has the shoe polish and leather shoe dye and try brown shoe dye if it is that color brown. If it's a different color I would talk to someone at a furniture store or maybe a store like Tandy leather about how to match it. Good luck!

12. My Red Leather chair is getting this brown substance by where youd rest your head at.?

What ever it is it is coming off your head. It could be what ever you put on your hair or even perspiration

13. how can I get a black ink stain out of a leather chair?

Call the chair company and ask "Hi im _________! I have a leather chair (include type of leather and color). Well, I got a black ink stain on my chair. I was wondering if you could give me any examples for household cleaning products. You know, to get the stain out?" Now CLEAN the chair!

14. How do I get the odor of cat urine out of a leather chair?

there is a special product you can get from the pet store. we have just bought it as we needed to get rid of cat urine smell. go to the pet store and ask for advice, if you dont want to try that try disinfectant but do a small tester patch first.

15. How to remove pen ink fom leather chair?

here we remove the marks with insect spray and then with a soft wet cloth

16. I just totally messed up my parents brand new leather chair!! Help Me!!?

I do not think this will help to cheer you up but ........Believe it or not, this might be funny in about 30 or 40 years or so. When my kids were growing up they made their father so mad that I feared for their lives. But now we laugh about some of those atrocities. Time really does heal all wounds. All of them.

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