How to Connect Speakers to Tv?

You cannot connect a 5.1 speaker system directly to the TV you have to connect the speakers to a 5.1 receiver first that has the amplifier to power them. You need to have a 5.1 receiver (preferably with HDMI video switching) If the Receiver does not have HDMI video input switching then run all your video cables directly to your TV and all audio connections to the receiver directly from the source components. You would then have to select the right video input source on your TV, and the corresponding audio input on your receiver. I highly recommend a universal remote so you can operate the whole system with one remote, and program macros to allow you to hit one button to run multiple commands. This makes it much easier to use the system, "but" does take someone with some decent programming skills. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist

1. Sony,Samsung or LG 32 LED TV?

You sure do sound 'Random' indeed Guy

2. Light Bulbs In Tv Sets?

diode in led tv

3. Samsung LED TV from Europe reads NTSC?

If you are going to use the RCA connector (the red white yellow cable) then you will be fine

4. How to get rid of light cones on Samsung LED tv?

ummm, if I had what appeared to be headlights coming from the bottom of my screen I would be returning the tv. Are these lights in the screen or under it in the bezel? If you are referring to the power and stand-by lights then it would be normal. If they are too annoying, cover them with electrical tape.

5. I have a 42-inch LED TV and a V-Guard LED TV stabilizer and pure sine wave inverter. Whenever I switch on the fan, the TV blinks for a second. Why does this happen?

well here is something which might helpMy LED Tv goes blank for couple of seconds while switching on/off only fan in living room. What could be the cause?

6. how much would it cost to replace a cracked LED TV Screen?

Probably about the cost of a new TV.. Suggestion..Do not buy another Vizio...Rather low on the totem pole of good brand HDTV's

7. Flickering Static when Connecting Macbook Pro to LED TV

I cannot comment your question, but maybe you can narrow the problem down by using gfxCardStatus to force the macbook to use either internal or discrete video card. I am thinking it may be a problem with either.Also, can you get rid of the flickering by forcing the plugs a bit in any direction with your fingers?.

8. Dead pixel on 2 day old Samsung LED tv! Please help!?

If it is that new, return it for a replacement..! Would NOT recommend Sony.. Samsung is far better! (Both in specs and features.)

9. Are there any 65 inch LED TV's that are NOT 3D?

Whether we like it or not, 3D will be included in new TVs from now on. I literally do not see why I would want it myself. All of the 3D TV images I've seen so far look like Viewmaster pictures with motion: flat cutouts spaced some distance away from flat backgrounds. I imagine better shapes and spatial relationships when I see an ordinary 2D image. Try to find a recently-discontinued 2D model. You should be able to get one for a good closeout price.

10. Are LED TV's the best type of TV?

Led is the better one

11. Is vizio a good brand for led TV's?

Only if you think Hyundai is a good brand for cars. In other words, its not ALWAYS bad. There are much better options out there. But if you cannot afford something nicer (FYI, you can always afford something nicer than a Vizio), than just make sure you invest in a protection plan

12. Seniors: How often have you had to replace your LCD/LED TV since you purchased it?

I would suspect dirt on the remote or the set sensor. Battery change after cleaning the electrodes and make sure nothing else is aiming signals at the TV

13. I need to buy an led tv sugeest me a good brand and not more than 50000?

i prefer sony but do not know price

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