How to Clean Leather Sofa?

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1. What is a good asking price for a black leather sofa at a garage sale?

Maybe figure about 20% of the regular purchase price. You can go a little higher because people will make an offer if they really want it

2. My cats are ruining my leather sofa with their rear claws. Is there a product/covering for leather sofa?

I commend you for looking into other solutions than to get the back claws declawed as well. I hate it when I hear that people get all the claws removed. Declawing the front is harsh tho is understandable, but the back claws as well? They need to scratch their cute little selves sometimes with their hind claws.

3. how do I remove ball point ink from my leather sofa?

First try a little Dawn dishwashing liquid in warm water on a cloth. Some of the newer inks come off pretty easy. Try to erase it with a pencil eraser, or a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip.

4. what color cushions will go well with warm brown leather sofa?

Green velvet with red beading edging

5. I have a 'high end' leather sofa (hancock and moore).What's best treatment for leather piping on the seats?

Piping is always a high wear area and subject to colour loss. It will depend on the type of leather you have as to what needs to be done. If you have a pigment coated leather (protected) you will need to have the colour replaced by a leather technician. It is a very tricky job and unfortunately one that cannot be guaranteed as the same wear will occur again. If you have an aniline style leather the areas would need to be redyed to replace the colour (actually an easier job than above) but again the same wear will happen. If the areas are only very minimal you could try Easy Colour which will just help to disguise the damage and make it not quite so noticeable. 'Conditioning ' leather is not necessary and could lead to problems if oil or waxed based products are used. The wear on the piping is not due to lack of conditioners but simply to abrasion on those areas. Keep your leather in good condition by cleaning on a regular basis with water based products and use a good quality protector which will help inhibit dirt and body oils and make it easier to clean. This will keep it in good condition.

6. how do i get biro of my leather sofa?

Try Surgical Spirits (basically Methylated spirits without the permanganate of potash colouring), but do not wait too long or the ink will take longer to remove. The longer you leave it, the more the leather will take on the discolouration from the ink. You can purchase it from your Chemist/Drugstore.

7. does anyone know the Code Word after purchase for the leather sofa company? ?

LONE STAR 92.5 Dallas, Texas Station Code Word => The Leather Sofa co Big Points: grand opening Station Code Word => The Leather Sofa co Bigger points: italian leather Thanks to shadouse for the code words

8. how to remove scuff mark from brown leather sofa?

If you are going to go over the scuffs, you need a lot of polish! Keep on wacking it on. Leave the polish on for a day before you start smoothing it down. Maybe after you've added a few more layers on you could try the cadet 'hot spoon' technique? I would agree with other posts that you need a second pair. Personally, I've got four pairs.

9. what can i use on my natural leather sofa - will give 10 points for best answer!?

Please do not use shoe polish as this will come off on your clothes and make repairing your leather impossible. From what you have said you have removed the top finish on the leather as well as the paint. This will need replacing. It may be that you cannot do this job yourself as it is a technical job to get it right.

10. How do you take the shine out of a leather sofa?

by some products and the store for takin out the shine ...hope u find it ..GOOD LUCK!!!

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Something that compliments the Blue-orange, yellow orange, Rust, Salmon, red orange. look at the color wheel it also depends on what youre asking the colors for.. drapes, decor, rugs.. etc. Cream and tan matches almost anything1. How do you remove dried Paint, from leather sofa's?Try rubbing alcohol my daughter had the same thing and she use it and was successful2. How do I clean my dusty, leather sofa?Go to your auto parts store and buy premoistened leather seat wipes for autos. They work good and moisten the leather without getting on clothes3. what color would go well with chocolate brown leather sofa for a theater room in the basement?Go red or orange - not a wow tone but something more spicy4. My leather sofa has become sticky and dull. How do I replace the finish.?wipe it down, then use MOTHERS leather conditioner on it, you might have to go to a motorcycle store to get it5. How do you get stains out of a leather sofa?leather cleaner its oil based if you are in an emergency put a little olive oil on a cloth and gently rub6. what color would you perfer dark chocolate or light brown color for Majestic Licorice Leather Sofa?I would pick the dark chocolate because the color goes well with everything, is a popular color now and does not show marks or dirt. I do not like black leather because it looks too contemporary to me. Light brown is a good choice too, but it will show marks and dirt more. Dark chocolate goes with any style and any color palette7. How do I stop my cat from pissing on my $10,000 leather sofa set?Cover up the stench with your own urine. Works every time.8. what will remove a permanent marker"Sharpie"from a leather sofa and laminate flooring.?Try WD40 or vegetable oil9. Which colors blanket go well with Reina Green leather sofa?? Reina Green is difficult to match well.?How about red?10. will the cats use my new leather sofa as a scratching post?More than likely, you can avoid this buy buying a deterrent such as "Kitty No' it's an odorless non-staining spray that repels the cats. I am sure the furniture store has some if not try your local pet store11. How to paint a leather sofa?Leo, why in the world would you want to paint a leather sofa. Of course if you paint it, you will ruin it. I would suggest a slipcover for your sofa. There are variety of colors to choose from and its easy to put on. Good luck!12. How do i get green felt tip pen off my cream leather sofa?try hairspray and then water to get the hairspray residue off quickly, maybe a leather oil after to make sure it does not dry the sofa out there13. what color theme go well with a black leather sofa?Light blue. White - if you want a lot of contrast. Light pink - if you are a girl Red - if you are a guy, though this looks a bit evil to me Brown It really depends on the color of the other furniture in your room, your accessories, the floor color (light or dark), the wall color, etc.14. Can I use hand cream or lotion to condition my leather sofa?Cream Leather Suites15. Is that the same shoe use split suede leather and sofa use suede leather? we are a start-up leather shoes located in India?If you do not what the basic properties of leather are then you do not know near enough about leathers to be starting a shoe company. leather come in two types: vegetable tanned and chrome/chemical tanned. The differences are far to complex for a yahoo answer and you need to know these essential differences before you can even dream of a shoe making business. A shoe maker should know leather inside and out and not be asking such a very basic question on YA. At the very least you should know how to properly research resources with information relevant to the materials that are such an integral, important and fundamental requirement for your business16. How can i change color on my leather sofa?How about a slip cover
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