How Much Is a Real Leather Sofa? How Does One Go About Buying One These Days? and Are They Worth the

I prefer a leather couch. They are always cool and they dont pick up all the odors of the house like a fabric couch. If you maintain it with leather conditioner which is a quick wipe they look great for years. Mine is almost 10 years old and it look brand new because i take care of it and that's nothing fabric couch owner do. I have two small dogs and they have beds not my couch. I personally wouldnt have a pet that ripped up what i worked for. Id swat the cat and lay the fly swater their untill they learn. Look on Lazy Boy to check prices our power reclining leather chairs were $1700 and i think the couch was $2500 with 2 power reclining seats on each end. Yes i plan on it lasting 15 years or buy 2 fabric couches in that time frame. I would not buy on line i would go to the store and sit on it have it delivered and set in your house.

1. where do you find the fire tag on a 3piece leather sofa?

Bottom - flip it over. If not there, pull out the cushions and carefully feel around the frame to see if it's gone under. If not there, open up the cushion (if possible) to see if there's one inside. You should not have to disassemble the unit for this info. If not in these places will have to find manufacturer label/model and check web site/customer service. Photos come in handy in this case.

2. what accent color looks good with black leather sofa and love seat?

I like rust and olive green with black

3. how do you get a dimple out of a leather sofa ,somebody left a heavy weight on it and it left a dimple!?

warm water and a soft cloth. gently rub the dimple witht he damp soft cloth until the dimple is gone. if there is a special finish check with a cobbler. they still exist and are in ever city

4. Have 3 dogs. they are scratching my new leather sofa really hard, and i can't seem to train them to stay off?

You can go to the pet store they have this spray that you put on and the animals wont go on it. I think they wont go onto the couch/sofa because the spray smells bad or something

5. How do I remove permanent marker from a leather sofa without ruining it ?

My son wrote all over our beige leather couches with a pen and i still have not been able to remove it. I tried everything and some of it worked but it faded my couch or ruined the color. Hope you find something. Rubbing Alcohol and nail polish remover worked the best but it discolored the couch so what would you rather have pen marks or lighter colored couch. choose good luck.

6. Red loveseat denim fabric couch and faux black leather sofa?

That would look real nice

7. leather sofa cushions do not spring back up - is this usual after a year?

that is a leather couch....we just bought leather and looked hard to find the kind that wouldnt do this...some really soft leathers are worse than others

8. Leatherman jacket dry cleaning mishap. HELP!?

Look for leather cleaners where they sell horse saddles . Its called saddle soap and there are other treatments that will help there. You may even try leather products for leather sofa's. They know they are going to destroy the leather before they take it and that is why they make you sign the release. Did the same to my husbands jacket. Judge Judy, says just by writing they are not responsible doest make it so. Demand your money back.Next time use a company that does furs, its worth the little extra money.


Dilute a very small amount of thin bleach in luke warm water and use a soft sponge

10. my boyfriend wants to know:if u fart on a leather sofa, does the smell soak into the leather?

Tell him the best way to find out is to test it out for himself

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