How Much for a New Wardrobe?

Close to 2000 dollars probably. I would save accessories. JC Penny's, Target, any consignment stores, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, Claire's, Goodwill (it can have cute cheap stuff), I can not think of anywhere else. Hope I helped!

1. Is my wardrobe okay for my trip to California?

Ya, I live in southern California and that's what I wear. No one really cares what you wear, it kind of depends on where you go in California. Where I live, it really does not matter. There are lots of sun dresses and tube tops but I like wearing jeans and just a plain shirt and no one cares. So you are good...have fun in Cali!

2. is this good for a teen girls wardrobe?

I would take away the bras. They really are not required. That alone would save you At least $50 Also drop the cardigans. There is another $100-$150 savings. You are now down to $500

3. What outfits can I make with a simple wardrobe?

layer the teeshirts and tanks then try wearing cute tights underneith the skirts [ if they are short enough] make sure to use at least 2-3 different tights, you can find them at stitches [ in canada ] or also arden. They are not the expensive :)

4. Girls what are musthave wardrobe items?

-Jeans: A pair in every shade/cut and style that you like. So a pair of flares, low rise, bootcut, jeggings and skinnies. Always have a pair of nice black slacks and khakis. -Have a floral skirt and a nice black skirt. -Also a black dress if not the skirt - for shirts you need: a jean/leather jacket, a nice peacoat. Also have shirts that are plain. Like a plain white and black shirt. - you need scarves! in blacks,greys and other colors you wear - a signature pair of boots/sandals and sneakers

5. Can vapors be used to disinfect the wardrobe of clothes?

A "dry gas" vaporized hydrogen peroxide system that utilizes 30 % hydrogen peroxide has been shown to be effective against a variety of pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycoplasma, Acinetobacter, C. difficile, Bacillus anthracis, viruses, and prions

6. what can you decorate your wardrobe with?????

oooh i love renovating my closet! :) here are some of the things i've done (not only in my closet, but in my room.. but you could for sure transfer these ideas in your closet) - i have my shoes lined up on the floor (or you could use shelves) in order of colour - i have my jewlery hanging on display on these fun hooks i got at ikea for like $1 each - i have some fun sculptures/ hangy things from ikea for like $10 - i've made a huge collage of celebrities/ models from magazines that i've posted in my closet you can always get fun trinkits from places like the dollar store, ikea, target, wal-mart, etc. Fun things like boas, mirrors, wall decorations, posters, stickers, fabrics, etc. can all be found at good prices and creatively incorporated in your closet! :) for pictures, you can always search online, or check out some home magazines with good ideas! a lot of teen magazines also have neat ideas, such as Teen Vogue often has a lot of fun tips :) hope i helped and hope it turns out good! :D

7. The Lion, The Wich and the Wardrobe questions?

You should do your own homework or ask this under homework help

8. Help with wardrobe for school?

I agree no shorts with boots! Big no no!!

9. How to have an inexpensive but chic wardrobe?

if you want a unique look that costs a lot less, go to stores like tj maxx, ross, marshalls, h&m and nordstrom rack. bargain shopping tip: go every week before the weekend if you can so that when you get to the shop everything is not picked over. also, being a good shopper does not mean buying something everytime you go to a store. Go regularly so that you can see the whole selection and pick what you like best, not to buy something every week.

10. Essentials for teen wardrobe!!! HELP!!!?

The essentials are: 10 pairs of jeans (all styles: cropped, destroyed, capri, light wash, embellished etc...) 4 tanks (in ur basic colors white, black, pink, and blue) 15 good t-shirts (this includes knits, polos, and logo tees from popular teen stores) 2 denim minis 2 denim short shorts 2 or 3 good regular cotton skirts A couple of jewelry, bracelets, earrings etc 3 pairs of sweatpants sets 5 pair of tennis shoes (converse/vans) 2 flats 1 pair of flip flops

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