How Long Do I Wait Between Coats of Oil Based Paint on a Bookshelf?

As long as the label on the paint can suggests. You may want to add a bit more time to account for the humidity but in 90F weather it may dry in good time regardless

1. I want to paint a wall bookshelf. I was told I should use an oil based paint. Because I have a Parrot I don't

Lightly sand the wood. Clean all dust off of the sanded wood. Apply a latex primer and let the shelf dry. Then use latex paint to paint the shelf

2. Who is the most frequent author on your bookshelf?

Has to be T.C. Boyle.I own most of his books and have been a fan of his for a long time. However, his more recent works are not as good as the oldies. I was not too fond of When The Killing's Done or Talk Talk. Things improved a bit since The Harder They Come.His older releases though are some of the best novels I've read in my life. I was stunned by the story of the Mexican immigrant in the Torilla Curtain and amazed by the quest of a few weirdos to become rich in the Marihuana business as described in Budding Prospects. My personal favourite though is World's End - I always saw this work as some kind of a modern-day American epic

3. rat cage made out of a bookshelf?

it does not sound like a bad idea. however, I would rather make a book cage out of a ratshelf

4. how would u react if u found a book about witches on ur bf/gf's bookshelf??

And this is a big deal why? I would be far more concerned to find a book on Satanism

5. Provide A Programmer Bookshelf With Your CV

Fantastic idea, perhaps we can include some form of ISBN auto-lookup as well

6. I want to paint a wall bookshelf. I was told I should use an oil based paint. Because I have a Parrot I don't

Why not just paint it outside or in the garage?

7. What books should a teenage girl have on her bookshelf? classics, series etc?

For a teenage girl (or anyone regardless of age or gender) they need to have books that they like. What I like could be something completely different from what you like. I do not like Twilight, but some of my friends are all over it. Would I have it on my shelves? No.

8. Stocking 6.6 gallon bookshelf Aquarium...?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Stocking 6.6 gallon bookshelf Aquarium...? I just bought a bookshelf aquarium (by Petco) to put in my dorm room... It's supposedly about 7 gallons, but I expect that I can put alot more fish in it because the dimensions are like a 20 gallon long. It is only 6" deep and 6" tall, but it is a whole 24" (2 feet) long. I also...

9. What's the best pair of bookshelf/monitor speakers for under $500(US)?

When in the market for speakers, you should always demo them with your own source of music and listen to only one song on each speakers. Paradigm is a very good speaker in the higher end of the audio. Here are some other brands to consider: Bowers & Wilkens, Thiel, Focal, Monitor Audio, PBS, Canton and Sonus to name a few. Hope this will help you out.

10. What is the best approach to painting a bookshelf?

spray it with a gun. it will look so much nicer

11. How do I test whether my bookshelf home stereo speakers are damaged or blown?

Play music loudly. If it sounds bad, it's busted

12. Impossible to sort iBooks PDFs in Bookshelf view?

Problem seems to have been insufficient RAM, since only iBooks was receiving a memory warning and dumping nonvital objects, or something which would have similar behavior.It would be nice if it iOS was a little louder about this sort of situation. Oh well.Belated Edit: Closing some other apps in the background is what fixed it. Yeah.

13. What steps would you take to care for your pinky toe if a bookshelf fell on it?

That sounds terrible. How recent was the injury?Likely, I would vent the pain via my mouth and ensure that plenty of loud swear words were said. However, after that, I'd try to strap my toes together as a kind of splint and put my foot into a sock, then a plastic bag...and then into as much ice as I could get hold of.Well, I'd like to think I would. In reality, I was once having a meow-conversation with my very cute cat, fell down the steps and broke my big toe but did very little about it. I was OK in the end, but the toe is still crooked, so I'll never forget Liberace the cat for as long as I live.What steps would you take to care for your pinky toe if a bookshelf fell on it?

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