How Do You Turn Off the LED Light next to the Webcam in an HP Entertainment Notebook?

It skill that the Theftlock II gadget built into the producing facility radio is lively. Theftlock is a GM anti-theft gadget that locks the radio applications if that's utilized in a various vehicle than the single wherein it replaced into initially put in. The gadget on your radio is progressed sufficient that it may study the vehicle's VIN for the duration of the suggestions bus gadget. meaning it would paintings effective on your vehicle, whether you lose battery skill for a whilst, yet wo not paintings in the different vehicle till that's reset via a GM broking. in short, it is not something you will could be hectic approximately till you p.c. to circulate your production facility radio right into a various vehicle.

1. a small round battery powered led light flew off my dresser on the ground and broke exactly when my sister in law walked by my room. How?

Big lady tipped the house over. No, just coincidence. Do not tell her I said that. I do not want her turning me into a frog

2. LED light bulb replacement for chandeliers and wall sconces that currently use 20w incandescent bulbs?

Yes...lowes or home depot

3. What Are The Side Effects Of Red Light Therapy For Skin?

LED light is simply visible light which can be filtered to only let a certain color of light through. If LED light is used for red light therapy, there are usually no adverse effects. If side effects do occur, they are usually minor and do not last long. Such responses may include: These effects are generally associated with the glare from the red light, which you may find intense. To reduce the chances of suffering from the side effects, do not stare directly into the light source, particularly if it uses a laser, and wear appropriate eye protection. You should seek medical advice before using red light therapy if you have a bipolar disorder as it can cause mania.

4. LED light help again! hooking it up..?

finding blue is all it takes. The kit ought to declare purple and it wo not remember. production facility geared up in lights are not getting tickets through fact they are no longer the incorrect shade. purple is permitted on the rear, nowhere else. Underglow is not meant to be on whilst on the line. Why do no longer your cops value ticket? Beats me, they ought to. you have not any longer any danger in courtroom.

5. Powering an LED light strip?

Amps * volts = watts 1000 milliamps is the same as 1 amp So 1 amp at 12 volts is 12 watts. Your transformer is about half the power you need. Sorry

6. What kind of and how many resistors should I use for this LED light project?

You can get this to work, but only with selecting a resistor value carefully. The problem is that you have only partial specs. The 3.2 volts is a typical. The full spec would be something like: minimum 3.0, maximum 3.4 volts. Or it could be min 2.9 max 3.5 volts. No way of knowing. Next problem, is that you are missing a spec for max current, or max power dissipation. Let's guess at a max current spec of 20 mA. The problem is, you only have a fraction of a volt across the resistor to work with, and that can vary a lot. If Vf is actually 3.4 volts, and the battery is 3.6 volts, that is only 0.2 volts across the resistor. So R = E/I = 0.2/0.02 = 10 ohms. But if the actual Vf is 3.0 volts, then you have 0.6 volts across the resistor, and the current is I = E/R = 0.6/10 = 60 mA, enough to burn it out. You need to get a selection of resistors in the 10 to 50 ohm range. Start with the 50 and see how bright it is. If it's too dim, try a lower value of R. If you have a meter, measure the voltage across the resistor and calculate the current from that. .

7. is it illegal to have a green led light on my bike at night?

Check the state vehicle laws where you live. I am in Ohio and here the only color light you may not display is blue. Blue is reserved for law enforcement. So here in Ohio green is as legal as white or red.

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Explain the Key Points of LED Lighting Driving Power Supply in Detail
In order to save energy and power, LED has been greatly promoted, but led needs a power driver, which will directly affect the service life of LED. Therefore, how to do a good LED driving power supply is the top priority of LED power designer. This paper introduces some problems of LED driving power supply, hoping to provide some help to engineers.1. The driving circuit directly affects the service life of LEDThe LED driver we mentioned includes digital driver and analog driver. Digital driver refers to digital circuit driver, including digital dimming control, RGB full-color change, etc. Analog drive refers to analog circuit drive, including AC constant current switching power supply and DC constant current control circuit. The driving circuit is composed of electronic components, including semiconductor components, resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc. these components have service life. The failure of any device will lead to the failure of the whole circuit or some functions. The service life of LED is 50000-100000 hours. If it is continuously lit according to 50000 hours, it has a service life of nearly 6 years. The service life of switching power supply is difficult to reach 6 years. The warranty period of switching power supply sold on the market is generally 2-3 years. The power supply with 6-year warranty is military grade, and the price is 4-6 times that of ordinary power supply. It is difficult for ordinary lamp manufacturers to accept it. Therefore, the faults of LED lamps are mostly driving circuit faults.2. Heat dissipation problemLED is a cold light source, the working junction temperature cannot exceed the limit, and a certain margin should be reserved during design. The design of the whole lamp should consider many aspects, such as beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light distribution, heat dissipation and so on. It is necessary to find a balance point among many factors, so that the overall lamp is the best. The development time of LED lamps is not long, there is not much experience to learn from, and many designs are constantly improved. The power supply used by some LED lamp manufacturers is outsourced or purchased. The lamp designer does not know much about the power supply, so the heat dissipation space for LED is large and that for power supply is small. It is generally to find a suitable power supply after designing the lamps, which brings some difficulty to the power supply. It is often encountered that due to the small internal space or high internal temperature of the lamp, and the low cost control, it is impossible to allocate a suitable power supply. Some LED lamp manufacturers have power R & D capability. The above problems can be solved by evaluating at the initial stage of designing lamps and designing power supply synchronously. In the design, we should comprehensively consider the heat dissipation of LED and power supply, and control the temperature rise of lamps as a whole, so as to design better lamps.3. Problems in power supply designa. Power design. Although the LED has high luminous efficiency, there is still 80-85% heat loss, resulting in a temperature rise of 20-30 degrees inside the lamp. If the room temperature is 25 degrees, there is 45-55 degrees inside the lamp. The power supply works in a high-temperature environment for a long time. In order to ensure the service life, the power margin must be increased, which is generally reserved to 1.5-2 times.b. Component selection. When the internal temperature of the lamp is 45-55 degrees, the internal temperature rise of the power supply is about 20 degrees, and the temperature near the element should reach 65-75 degrees. The parameters of some components will drift at high temperature, and the service life of some components will be shortened. Therefore, the devices should be selected that can be used at high temperature for a long time, with special attention to electrolytic capacitors and wires.C. Electrical performance design. The parameter design of switching power supply for LED is mainly constant current parameter. The size of current determines the brightness of LED. If the batch current error is large, the brightness of the whole batch of lamps is uneven. Moreover, the change of temperature can also cause the output current of the power supply to shift. Generally, the batch error is controlled within / - 5% to ensure the consistent brightness of the lamp. There is deviation in the forward voltage drop of the LED, and the constant current voltage range of the power supply design should include the voltage range of the LED. When multiple LEDs are connected in series, the minimum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the lower limit voltage, and the maximum voltage drop multiplied by the number of connected in series is the upper limit voltage. The constant current voltage range of the power supply is slightly wider than this range. Generally, 1-2v margin is reserved for the upper and lower limits.d. PCB layout design. The size of LED lamps left for the power supply is small (unless it is external to the power supply), so there are high requirements in PCB design and many factors to be considered. Enough safety distance shall be reserved for the power supply requiring input and output isolation. The withstand voltage of primary side circuit and secondary side circuit shall be 1500-2000vac, and at least 3mm distance shall be reserved on the PCB. If it is a lamp with metal shell, the safety distance between the high-voltage part and the shell shall also be considered for the cloth plate of the whole power supply. If there is no space to ensure a safe distance, other measures should be taken to ensure insulation, such as drilling holes on PCB, adding insulating paper, potting insulating glue, etc. In addition, the heat balance shall be considered for the cloth plate, and the heating elements shall be evenly distributed and cannot be placed centrally to avoid local temperature rise. The electrolytic capacitor is far away from the heat source to slow down the aging and prolong the service life.e. Certification issues. At present, there is no standard for LED lamps in China. Relevant national departments are studying and formulating. The certification of lamps sold in China is based on the standards of lighting lamps, while those sold abroad are CE or UL certification, and some are based on foreign LED lamp standards. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is difficult for the design of switching power supply to meet the above standards at the same time. We can only meet different certification according to different requirements.4. Use parameters.The selection of purchased power supply mainly depends on the voltage range of constant current and constant current. The constant current value is lower than the standard current of LED. The selection of voltage range shall be moderate, and try not to select a large range to avoid power waste.
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