How Do You Get a Kitten to Stop Clawing Couches, Doors, Etc?

There are a couple of things you can do to retrain the kitten, and a couple of things you can do to retrain yourself. Let me start with the kitten. At 5 months, the kitten is still a baby and needs a lot of love and attention. Cats being nocturnal animals, of course want your attention at night. Needless to say, since we humans sleep at night, there's a conflict. What you can do to minimize the fooling around is to make sure the kitten gets a lot of exercise in the daytime. Self-amusing toys are a great investment. Let me now get to the scratching . What I always do when I get a kitten is to confine him/her to a small room like the bathroom) with her bathroom, food, scratching post and water. Demonstrate to her how the scratching post or pad is used (I use rubber tiles) by taking her paws and running them over the post in a scratching motion. Leave him there for the day, but be sure to check on him every half hour or so. The next day, you can let him out into the kitchen, and only the kitchen. Observe his behavior . If he goes for anything else, just pick him up and put him back on the scratching post saying 'Here' not loudly, but firmly. The general rule is never to yell at a cat (or any animal for that matter, including human children), and never hit him. All they learn from violence and screaming is the you are someone to be feared. They will simply loose trust and the sitation will deteriorate. The spray bottle which is basically an aversion technique is also not desirable. Positive reinforcement is the best. If after about two days he has demonstrated that he is a good boy, you can let him out to other parts of the house. You will however need something for him to scratch on in every room. A cat does not say, 'Hey I gotta scratch, Now where is that scratching post?" When the urge strikes, he scratches, so have rubber tiles strewn around in every room. You might also get some nail clippers to clip just the very tips of his claws so that they are not so sharp. You have to do it very gently otherwise the cat will be scared and you will have a lot of difficulty. When we adopt an animal, we must remember that we become a mama to that animal. We therefore must also become a lot more flexible and learn to compromise. They grow up so fast and we have them for such a short ttime, so perhaps we should enjoy them while we can.

1. I just got 2 8 week old kittens, now my older cats (10 and 14) are urinating on the couches and the floor?

It sounds like your older cats (and maybe the kittens, also) need to be "fixed" (no, they are NEVER too old to do that-assuming they are in good health) The "new" cats are invading the "old" cat's "territory",and the "old" cats are trying to KEEP their "territory", hence the spraying... As far as the smell is concerned; You NEED to get the spray from the pet store, yes, it's more expensive, but worth it...

2. My dog probably had a few fleas, what else should I do?

there is flea powder that u can buy at any pet store or in a pet aisle for your carpet, it really helps. Just sprinkle it over the carpet, wait 30 mins, then vacuum. There is also a flea spray for couches and other furniture too.

3. my cat wont stop scratching our couches!?

Scratching posts are not 100$. I bought mine for about 15 or 20 dollars. And if she doesnt use it you can always return it. But try getting a spray bottle and spray her paws everytime she scratches the couch and say NO in a firm voice.

4. How would I clean leather?

Go to an Auto Supply store. They carry good quality Leather cleaner that is used for car seats and works great on purses and couches

5. Can you use Clorox wipes on couches?

DEPENDS ON THE MATERIALCan you use Clorox wipes on couches?

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