How Do You Clean a Chenille Sofa?

A solution of warm and mildly sudsy water and a very light touch as to not pill the chenille. You could rent a cleaner that will make it easier and it will dry faster. Spot test it first in an inconspicuous area!

1. How can i clean stains off a sofa?

i am stil attempting to discern a thank you to get odors out permantly with out having to apply the steamer each time. Dont have my very own. yet what i do do to refresh and it does help for a brief together as is while Im completed doing laundry i take the clean out of the dryer , dryer shett, hose down it and rub my sofa down. does help for together as actual with out haveing to moist it reason i am getting anxious approximately moldy odor.

2. Can someone buy generic sofa legs ?

drive around your neighborhood . some one is always putting one out for the junk man .just ask if you can have the legs . then just unscrew them. and replace all of the old one's with the new ones. if you are brave enough slice the back side . there is always some kind of treasure that fell under the cushions

3. how to deep clean carpet and sofa?

Hoover is better and does not cost much more. I bought a Bissel cleaner and returned it because I was not satisfied with the results. I now own a Hoover shampooer. It's definitely worth the cost and in the long run you will save on cleaning costs and rug and furniture replacement. Here's a tip to save even more $$, instead of buying those expensive carpet shampoos, try using 1/4 cup of amonia instead. It works really good for normal dirt and grime. For the puppy stains, try Urine-be-Gone or some other product developed specifically for that type of stain (and odor). I have two cats and a dog but my house does not smell like it

4. Are you sofa king stupid?

Why, NO, Sugar, I am the Sofa Queen Smart A** Gal.... but I might ask around if I can find the king....

5. Does this work with sleeper sofa?

I would suggest you look at the size of the mattress you are covering and check the size of the mattress pad

6. Cleaning crayon off of a sofa?

This is SURE to work. Scrape excess crayon off with a dull-edge knife or metal spoon. Spray with WD-40 (yes, on your white couch!!) and let stand for a few minutes. With a small, stiff bristle brush, work into the stain and wipe with paper towels. Respray with WD-40 and apply detergent solution to the sprayed area; work in with the brush, and blot. Then rinse out with a wet wash cloth

7. how to ship a sofa to an online buyer??

the person who pursued it should arrange for shipping, and payment souled go directly into a holding account in bank. unless you are a shop owner selling it , all costs souled be on the pursuer

8. What is a reasonable price for a sofa/love seat set?

some human beings dont have the money for a motor vehicle seat so no must be rude while answering. i might quite purchase a used one that is secure than a miles less costly $20 one that is risky and uncomfortable to my newborn. in case you do 50 for the two you will a minimum of come again a million/2 of what you spent on them. then there is often room for negotiation. and you likely ought to teach how previous they are with the aid of fact they are no sturdy after 5 years. i think of they could have the date imprinted on the plastic someplace i meant 50 for each.

9. What are the essentials to get for my 1st apartment?

umm well it depends. is there a fitted kitchen? if not...get the obvious, a microwave, althought optional, will be infinatly usefull! then stuff like plates, glasses, mugs, cutlary can be 'borrowed' from parents who usually build up extras over the years... cookware, pots/pans. you will probably have to buy living room furnature...a tv(unless you can bring one from your room at home) sofa or two...(get big bean bags if your on a budget) a good, big desk is essential, a bed. umm, you may need some lamps, end tables, a dining table(a small one) somewhere, umm... then theres the less obvious...will you need curtins, light fittings/shades, bedclothes, chairs for the desk/dining table. chest of drawers/shelves. clock for the wall, stuff like extention cords, alarm clocks, hairdryers, irons, are handy to think of in advance although you can live without them once you get there.... also if you, like myself. are a poor cook, i would recomend a george forman grill...

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