How Do I Get the Smell of Cat Pee Out of a Fabric Sofa?

Well peeing or spraying two differnt things try washing best you can but if sprayed. You have hard time but to replace but wouldnt replace until the spraying or peeing is corrected first and super clean bleach everywhere cat peed or sprayed make sure you get fixed if not cause they still spray after fixed but if they dont smell old spots were they peed/sprayed they be less inclined to do in spot again make sure fresh. Litter box if not than could be a reason or behaviour anxiety or somthing my cats did ruined sofa had to replace couldnt get smell out.

1. How do I get the smell of cat pee out of a fabric sofa?

There is stuff called Urine-B-Gone--if they have it there it is worth the money

2. What is the best fabric for a sofa, to keep off dog hair?

Leather. it is so much easier to take care of when you have a shedding dog or have to deal with animal hair

3. Deoderize a fabric sofa???

You can get something called 'Kids and Pets' at Wal-mart. You will been to put it in a spray bottle so you might have to buy one of those too. Spray down your couch and let it dry. It will smell great afterward. I do not use Frebreze because I am allergice.

4. What is the best fabric for a sofa if I have pets?

leather but leather is not good with kids

5. How do I remove blood from a fabric sofa?

well first off you have to take the body off of it becuase the hooker you stabed will continue to bleed on it. then i would suggest clubsoda

6. How do i get gum off of my fabric sofa w/o putting a hole in it, or staining it w/ peanut butter & vinegar???

Baby oil is good but do it this way so as not to leave a stain-moisten your finger with a tiny bit if the oil rub your fingers to distribute it and then slowly work around the gum area and use your nails to pry it off then use a piece of rough cloth & as if you are using a eraser rub on the gum- A few times and it will ease off or peel off. Let the gum be a bit dry , it will be easier to get it off

7. how do you clean a fabric sofa?

And train those pups to poo and pee outside! and stay off the furniture!

8. How do I remove permanent marker from fabric sofa without ruining it ?

Resolve (for laundry) ,oxi clean, if they dont work i would consider getting the couch recovered

9. Spilled Something On Your Fabric Sofa? Here's How To Clean Fabric Sofa

Our couch in the living room is where we spend most of our time and it's bound to get dirty, stained and have spillages from time to time. It's where we watch TV, where the family hangs out and where you just want to sit down and chill. It's also a place where we sometimes have our meals, which means food and drinks can be spilled on the sofa if we are not too careful! If you have accidentally spilled something on your fabric sofa and you do not know how to clean fabric sofa, do not panic! Read on to learn how you can tackle the tough stains properly without causing any damage to the sofa. When a spillage occurs, the key is that you should get to it as soon as possible. Delaying the cleaning might leave the stain to soak in and set, making it even harder to clean them even if it's just for a few minutes. Always try to get rid of them immediately without thinking twice! We know - you might feel super lazy or tired to clean them once it happens. But trust us, it will be worth it once you see the stain disappearing within minutes! When we say get to stains immediately, we really mean it! Use a kitchen roll or a clean towel to soak up the excess spill. The number one mistake most people make is rubbing the stain. Always remember to blot them and not rub them as rubbing may push the spillage further into the sofa or spread the stain! It's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's recommendations before using any cleaning detergent. Read the manufacturer's instructions for care to avoid using the wrong products which could damage your fabric sofa. There are also cleaning codes on your sofa's tags that you can check to make sure you are doing the right thing for the stains. 4. Using homemade remedy to clean the stains Did you know that baking soda can be used as an effective cleaning treatment to loosen stains? Yes, you heard that right! Baking soda will probably be one of your favorite cleaning agents once you find out how amazing it is! Firstly, sprinkle the entire stain with baking soda. You can also make a solution using equal parts of baking soda and water. Leave the baking soda to sit on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. Once it has fully absorbed the stain, you can start vacuuming it up! 5. Using a recommended agent to clean the stains Now let's get to the cleaning part. You can start cleaning the stains using recommended cleaning products. However, if you are still not sure about using the cleaning product, it would be wise to test a small area first before cleaning the whole affected area. Always follow the instructions because every cleaning product works differently. The function of each one of them tends to be different as well. Nevertheless, the most common way is to use a clean cloth and blot the stain slowly. 6. Use a soft towel to dry your fabric sofa Pat dry the wet areas using a dry clean towel and brush off any remaining cleaning solution gently. Lastly, let your fabric sofa air dry overnight! You will have a fresh, cleaned sofa the next day without any worries. Let us do the fabric sofa cleaning for you! Sure, some stains can be too stubborn for us to handle. Know when to call in the professionals because they truly know the way to handle tough stains the right way. If you've tried cleaning those spills and you are still do not know how to clean fabric sofa, it's about time you hire a company that offers cleaning services KL to help you with the stains on your fabric sofa! At Made4u, you can trust us professionals with your fabric sofa cleaning! Our cleaners are armed with ample knowledge and training to get those stains off quickly! In just 1 hour, we will thoroughly clean your sofa with shampoo and extraction starting at only RM85! We will use an extractor machine to dry up your sofa up to 80%, brushed it thoroughly to remove dirt or stains, and use a fabric cleaner to wash out all the stains.

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