How Can I Get "INK" Out of My Leather Sofa?

Try cheap hair spray. Aqua net if you can. Just test it on an inconspicuous area first

1. How do I stop my cat from pissing on my $10,000 leather sofa set?

Cover up the stench with your own urine. Works every time.

2. How can i get dye off a leather sofa?

Dye Transfer is the dyestuff transferred to leather from clothing, newsprint or from hair dyes and fake tans. It is more usually seen on light coloured, protected, leathers but it can occur on any leather, though not as noticeably. If noticed early enough it can be successfully removed from most pigment coated leather with a Jean and Dye Transfer Removal Kit. If this cleaning process does not resolve the problem it will be necessary to call in an experienced technician as early as possible. The longer the dye sits in/on the leather the harder it will be to remove. Using Leather Protect will help to inhibit dye transfer as the dye will sit on the protector and not on the finish of the leather. This also makes it much easier to clean off. Owners of pale and off-white leather are recommended to adopt a gentle regular cleaning and protecting regime using quality maintenance and protection products (not conditioners as these actually attract more dirt Please do not use just anything with alcohol in it as this will damage the leather if it has not been tested for use on leather Hope this helps Source(s): Professional leather care consultant to the cleaning, furntiure and automotive industries

3. What wall paint color goes with a beige leather sofa and loveseat?

I have a similar living room set up. I just painted my walls amber wave from Behr. It looks great! They have a really cool tool that will help you pick out the colors for your room

4. I have a leather sofa that is just beginning to crack. How do I prevent it from cracking further.?

There are leather treatments you can get at a furniture store

5. Leather sofa,can you use diff. color or texture in other furniture?

I would suggest recliners in a different color and you could do leather if you want or use microfiber. If you want a loveseat you would have to find a match for your existing sofa

6. the best way to remove pen marks from leather sofa?

you could try mr cleans magic eraser

7. Could you tell me how to clean a leather sofa?

they have a pledge for those types of chairs now

8. what thread would be better to use to sew soft leather for a sofa cover?

The thread has to be strong enough to withstand the tension the seams get, what with sitting. I would use minimum 50 wt. with small stitiches.

9. what color theme go well with a black leather sofa?

Sage green, turquoise and gold

10. How do I get pee out of a leather sofa?!?!?

You will need to kill the bacteria that will cause a smell and need to get to as many areas as you can. Use Em Clean which will kill the bacteria. Spray liberally all over the leather and any other accessible areas. It is tested and safe to use on rather and fabric. If you have Aniline style leather ( one that is absorbent) the urine is likely to stain the leather. You can use an aniline cleaner which will help with this if the Em Clean does not Please do not use household cleaners or soap as these may set the stain and also will not kill the bacteria. Hope this helps Judyb Leather care consultant

11. how do i get a stain outta a leather sofa???? help?

If the leather is a very absorbent one (it sounds as though it might be) the chocolate stain may be permanent. Try heating with a hairdryer which may dissipate the grease in the chocolate. DO NOT try any of the other suggestions as they could very well make matters much worse. Cleaning it with a good foam leather cleaner may also help (please do not use a conditioner as this will contain more oils)

12. Is it possible to paint or stain a leather sofa?

Painting and staining are 2 very different processes. Dyes (stains) can only be used on aniline style leathers that absorb moisture because the dye has to penetrate the leather. It sounds as though your leather is one that can be re pigmented (painted). In the UK we have excellent pigments to do this work (although it is not something you can do yourself) and you could change to whatever colour you want. These pigments at present are not available in the US. Do not be tempted by any DIY products on the internet the preparation processes in this work are crucial and should be done by a qualified technican.

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