Hobart Airport One of Six Airports in Australia to Receive Level 2 Carbon Accreditation

To mark Earth Day on Monday, Hobart Airport has announced it has received Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Hobart Airport is one of six airports in Australia with a Level 2 accreditation from the global program that encourages and rewards airports for neutralising their carbon footprint.

Environment Manager Kirsten Leggett said she was thrilled to see their environment work recognised on a global scale.

"It is a real testament to our entire organisation and the commitment or our team towards becoming a more environmentally sustainable airport," Ms Leggett said.

"With our Carbon Management Plan now in place to guide and measure our future environmental efforts, we hope to keep up this momentum.

"We have our sights on achieving a Level 3 Accreditation in the coming years." Hobart Airport was awarded Level 1 Mapping Accreditation in 2017, and were upgraded to Level 2 following a reduction in energy and water use, fuel consumption and waste generation.

The airport has recently introduced a three-stream waste management in the terminal, segregating recycling, organics and general waste and was the first airport in Australia to introduce a low-power High Intensity Approach and taxiway system, using Light-Emitting Diode lighting in the runway extension project.

Ms Leggett said the airport has already observed outstanding rates of success in segregating waste generated within the terminal and diverting waste from landfill.

"We have also been working with our food and beverage tenants to introduce compostable packaging and coffee cups at all outlets, which is now disposed of as organic waste," Ms Leggett said.

"Moving forward, we plan to implement more sustainable practices including arrangements to phase out plastic straws." The airport will release its Annual Environmental Report summary by the end of the year.

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