High School New Wardrobe Style Help?

I am not much help but I do want to say dress like a man. Skip the tight emo jeans and the sagging wanna be cool look. Polo's are nice, rugby shirts are nice, avoid shirts with words. However the main thing is to find what you like and just be you. From the style you listed I would browse American Eagle, DC, Quicksilver

1. what colors should be in my wardrobe?

Try putting some outfits together on Polyvore, that will give you some ideas

2. Childrens wardrobe?

Sounds about right. Since kids outgrow things so fast I usually do: Jeans - 5 Sweats - 2 Cargos - 1 Corduroys - 1 Shirts - 9 Sweaters - 4 Hoodie - 2 Shoes-2

3. How do I organize my wardrobe?

seperate pants, shirts etc and color code so you can find stuff easier

4. Does Anyone Else have this kind of Wardrobe?

Yes I do, I have other things but those are my favs

5. Need help with the wardrobe?

Go to Buckle or something . Make sure you find something that fits you nice. Do not go for the high school kid look or the ***** look with pants hanging down. Find a nice pair of jeans, not tight but not too lose, Hurley shirts are in, that's what my husband wears the most he's 21. Find a color that looks good on you. Me I like dark blue,grey,black. Find a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in and that look nice AND CLEAN most of all. Keep a clean look. Always shave and cut your hair. Guys with short hair and a clean face stand out. It gives you the impression of a clean ,well kept guy and you shave and shower ect. Find a nice cologne. It is the number one thing that drives girls crazy. Go for Armani Code or Cool water,or unpredictable desire by glen perry is my one favorite. Just keep the NEAT CLEAN look. Do not wear hats and stuff like that. it is childish. A nice pair of jeans, not black.... nice clean looking shirts, maybe a black jacket, nice clean shoes,fresh hair cut,no designs,shave,smell good and keep it up ;)

6. What is the most vital part of the cougar wardrobe?

The bellbottom/flare jeans they wear in order to feel like a teenager again. Some older are always trying to get in their daughters jeans. Oh yeah and a 30 y/o guy !!!!!!!

7. What will be in your wardrobe this summer?

Plaid shorts A couple of polo's Hoodies Bright colored sandals Combat boots (for Warped Tour, of course!)

8. My New 2010 Spring Wardrobe?

This is just kind of what I've observed people wearing. Shirts: 'Baby-doll' style shirts, tank tops, graphic t shirts. layered bright, fun colours and patterns. Shorts: 'Bermuda' style, or short-shorts. Some plaid, etc. Accessories: Cute and creative bracelets (the braided/etc. ones people make are in style), necklaces, sunglasses Dresses: Sun dress style, somewhat short but not too much. Good luck! Hope that helps (:

9. What should I get for a scene wardrobe?

You gotta get your hair done scene too. Just look up scene haircuts. Wardrobe, go to Hot Topic, Zumies, PacSun, Spencers and Journeys. Some things to make sure you have: Skinny jeans with every color and pattern imaginable (as well as some plain black ones) Lots of bright tee shirts and tank tops. Band tees... You can get these at concerts or Hot Topic. Just make sure you actually like the bands, otherwise that would be really poser-like of you. Hoodies.... You can get these at PacSun and Hot Topic for sure... At PacSun you may even want to get the guys' hoodies, the neon ones are great. Animal prints in neon colors (zebra, cheetah, leopard, do not do giraffe). Graphic tees You could get big neon colored sweatshirts and wear them off the shoulder with skinny jeans. I love how that looks. Lots of bracelets, studs mainly. Go to jacvanek.com and get those bracelets, I love them. Her too. Journeys is good for shoes, get brightly colored Nikes and really any type of Converse. Hope I helped!

10. How much should a NEW Wardrobe cost?

FOREVER21!! love that store!! A whole new woredrobe including jeans, t-shirts, tanks, shorts, shoes owuld cost about $500-$1000! (depending how many clothes you need.

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