Here Is Part Two of "the Canada" If You Feel Led to Read It.?

Nice,scary,engrossing story/poem. Seems exciting as life should be. Thanks

1. What led to the decline in popularity of Zoroastrianism as a religion?

Two key points: You can only be Zoroastrian through birth (it is not possible to convert in) As a Zoroastrian must marry within the religion the pool of options is small. If a Parsi elects a mate from outside the religion they are out

2. I think that i led him on?

Do not email him tell him face to face. Let him know you like him as a friend but nothing more

3. led zeppelin vs black sabbath?

Sabbath is better than Zeppelin IMO

4. What things led to the creation of ISIS?

The Arab Spring or Democracy Spring was a revolutionary wave of both violent and non-violent demonstrations that force democratic countries to covertly participate in supporting rebels forces to bring down dictators. These Rebels went to Syria and became Isis. The culture of men in the middle east is what makes it so difficult for democracy to have a strong hold in the region. Their hatred for woman to get any freedom from the movement of the Arab spring is what created Isis and Open the doors for the Islamic state a butchery backward mentality that have not been seen since the 12th-century, the Secret Society of Assassins that extended it Control from Syria to Babylon which is today Baghdad.Is so sad seeing so much hope in the eyes of the people during the Arab spring movement that was started by woman and Arab millennials that was hijacked by a evil brutality that have not been seen since the 1200 century.Culture of ignorant man fought back against the Arab Spring which created Isis. Isis was their desire to make an Islamic state that controls females and forces millennials to continue their backward tradition. Unfortunate that the military Rebels that consist of Generals and military personnel were man that did not want to have democracy for woman and embrace the ideology of the Islamic state.Isis were prepared to take on the cloak of Democracy Spring or Arab Spring to trick the world to support them in Syria in-order to bring them further power. The rapid growth of Isis was cause by conflicts of Shiite and Sunni in Iraq, The muslim citizen intense feeling of being alienated in Europe and Bashar al-Assad brutality producing violent division in The country so the amount of people Isis could recruit was astounding, especially in Europe.Secret Society of Assassins where the first caliphate that Isis Imitate astonishingly.More pictures of the Arab Spring fighting for Freedom. What has caused the rise of ISIS?.

5. What was the actual incident that led to PEC being banned at IITK festivals?

I was in my second year at that time and we covered this incident extensively for Meander, the student's magazine of that time. I will tell my own findings.On October 01, 2004; duringthe IITK Sports Festival, Udghosh, a women's basketball match was going on between the teams of PEC and IITK. There was a particular girl, who was kind of obese and was cheeering very loudly for PEC. Few IITK guys, led by a third year student at that time (withholding the name for decency reasons), passed some extremely lewd comments against her. On this provocation, she invited her college friends to handle the situation. The IITK guy was thrashed by the PEC guys and the match was called off. When the news reached the then DOSA (a Prof. of Aerospace Department, withholding name again) he reached the spot. He delivered an impromptu speech there, blaming the whole IITK fraternity of letting him down. He also threatened of severe action on everyone involved. Surprisingly, he acquitted the PEC guys entirely and did not speak a word about their conduct.Now, this particular DOSA had a very strained relationship with the then Student's Gymkhana officials; especially with the President. All of a sudden, the President of Hall 3 (on instructions of Gymkhana President) took it in his own hands to take revenge. He led a group of students to Hall 3 quad and threw the belongings of the PEC students out of the Hall 3 TV room (they had been accommodated there). Some of their stuff was broken and burnt in front of their eyes. The whole thing was presented as a spontaneous reaction of angry students, while most of them were not even aware of what had happened.Soon, security was deployed and some kind of a curfew was imposed in Hall 3. DOSA visited Hall 3 and again got hold of some students who were going to get water. He snatched their I Cards and threatened them of termination and all.After that, suddenly, a news came that DOSA had called everybody to VH gate for some kind of a identification and going there was mandatory. When we all reached there, we found a gathering of around 300 students, all of which were absolutely clueless why they were there. Then suddenly, in crowd, a few seniors started provoking people that DOSA was the root cause of the problem and we need to get rid of him. The senior who spoke to me was a very respected guy of Hall 2, so it was bipartisan to say the least. Then suddenly, the crowd swelled and we all sat and blocked the road from VH towards the basketball court. The crowd kept sloganeering, "DOSA resign karo" with very few actually knowing why. Director came out many times and tried to pacify by requests as well as threats of a lathi-charge, but nobody moved. It went all for the whole night. Then in the morning the Director called people to his lawns and one of the representatives put out the demands to him (He was the guy who contested against the then President of gymkhana, another example of bipartisan nature of the incident). He demanded a. Dishonourable expulsion of PEC team from Udghosh, b. Banning PEC from all further festivals, c. No action against any IITK students involved, and d. Resignation of the DOSA. Director rejected the last demand, but acting on expected lines, DOSA himself resigned. My personal opinion is that the too much unpopularity of the DOSA did him in. Almost everybody had some grudges or other against him. So, led by the Gymkhana President, everyone cashed on this God sent opportunity to get rid of him. Another trivia is that the post of DOSA stayed vacant for more than 8 months after this incident

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