Have You Ever Loved Anything As Much As Chunk the Bulldog Puppy Loves His New Mattress?

Chunk the four-month-old English Bulldog puppy just got a new memory foam mattress for Christmas.And he's absolutely thrilled with himself.His owner posted a video of the first time he stepped into his new bed before Christmas and we think it's fair to say it's a hit.In fact, he gets so over-excited bouncing around on it, he wears himself out and has to take a moment. We've all been there.But after a dismissive turn around his old digs, he soon resumes jumping for joy on the new mattress, eventually - and somewhat inevitably - bouncing himself right off.Keep on keeping on Chunk.

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A Guide to Memory Foam Companies
Memory foam, the visco-elastic material that temporarily keeps whatever form you press into it, is mostly associated with memory foam mattresses. The most famous memory foam mattress brand is Tempur-Pedic, the very company that helped NASA to develop the material. It is one of the more premium brands, but there are at least two other quality brands worth noting.SensusSensus memory foam generally has a density of 5 pounds per cubic foot. This makes for a high-density mattress or mattress pad. It will last you at least 10 years, softening a little over time. It has an ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) of 14, which means it is a soft sort of foam. Sensus carries memory foam mattresses almost as good as Tempur-Pedic, at lower prices.SertaSerta is a large bedding company, formed in 1931. They decided to start offering memory foam mattresses and mattress pads in the 1990s, and their product quality is high, but their customer service is not very knowledgeable. If you buy a Serta memory foam mattress, go to a dealer or small retailer of their products, rather than the manufacturer.Tempur-PedicTempur-Pedic is the industry leader in memory foam. They offer three mattresses, each a different thickness, with different levels of firmness. The Classic is the firmest at 8". It has a base layer of 4.3". Air is allowed to flow through this base layer and the top two layers, with the top layer being the softest. The Deluxe is thicker at 10", with a two-level base layer that is doubly aerated for more airflow, thus allowing for a softer and cooler sleep. The Celebrity is over 13" thick - the softest memory foam mattress Temper-Pedic has to offer. Most other companies offer these variations in memory foam mattresses, but Tempur-Pedic was the first.
Getting Correct Mattress Which Is Suitable for You
Are you having problem in slumber or anguish from some kind of sleeping disarray? Do you maintain tossing and turning approximately throughout night? Do you tackle uneasiness every time you wake up in the morning? For you it might be restlessness, but it's honestly your bedding those requirements to be indistinct! And what alternate can be better than the fundamental memory foam mattress also known as the visco elastic foam. It has the gentleness of a coil-spring mattress while maintain of the rock solid floor, providing you the most impartial position when sleeping and maybe the only significant breakthrough made by NASA.Check some points before buying Memory foam mattress.Difference in the mattress:Not all memory foam mattresses are the similar some are denser while others are not, some are of superior quality while others are of lower, some are solid while others may be pliable. Therefore, do your investigate well at the first stage before you fall for the erroneous one and feel sorry later. Decide the mattress that convention suitable to your bodyDecide the kind of body you have and decide the mattress accordingly. The greatest obsession about memory foam mattress is that it's adapt built for every kind of body. For instance, denser mattresses can be a high-quality alternative for emaciated boned owing to their determination, while less dense ones can better support heavy masses. Sit on it for a pair of minutes to ensure the level of soothe it gives you. Also remember to choose the mattress that is in any case 6 inches more than your stature.Look for PriceTypically a memory foam mattress is luxurious to the conservative mattresses, but it's too a truth that the life survival of the previous is much longer also. Decide intelligently and appear for the mainly aggressive prices inside your financial plan, for your mattress is presume to provide you a feeling of recreation and you don't desire to overturn that feeling by lavishness on it.Look for BrandYou don't maintain on changing your mattress, so appear for a mattress coming from a dependable resource still if it costs you a number of additional pounds. Today, many sellers have about supplying UK pretend memory foam mattresses, whereas they are created in China or the raw material employed in those mattresses are introduced from other countries which can guide to a number of diseases counting cancer. So beware of the quacks and watch for faithful resources.Check warranty and return policyAsk the company you're purchasing from about the guarantee and return strategy. As a memory foam mattress might not be for everyone, and many populaces might sense uncomfortable sleeping on it. Though, take your time and allow your body gets used to the reassure offered by memory foam mattress previous to you create a choice to return it back. Usually a 2-3 weeks time age will inform you whether this particular mattress is your mug of tea or not.
Memory Foam Mattress Accessories
To relieve pain, snoring and other sleep problems, there are also memory foam mattress accessories that you can buy and here are some of them.The first is the sleep mask. By putting this inside a dark blue cover, you will be able to cover you eyes as this conforms to the exact shape of your face.For those who are on the road and behind the wheel, they won't feel in pain the back anymore when they use the memory foam car comforter as this supports the spine here you need it most.Another thing you can use when you drive or when you are on a plane is the transit pillow. You have probably seen inflatable versions of these being sold in the market but unlike those models, this one also uses the same material that you can find in mattresses. The shape cradles the neck and holds the pillow in place.At home, you can use the bed wedge as this provides additional support when you are watching television, reading the newspaper or for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies.The bed wedge can also be used for those working in the office. But the lumbar support is much better as this fits perfectly to the curve of your spine as a result of the variable height adjustments, the anatomical shape and the pressure relieving properties.If you can't afford to buy a mattress, you can buy bed back support which is very ideal for women who are pregnant. Similar to this is the topper and although quite thin, it can still provide relief and support to the lumbar region.Not all the memory foam accessories support just your back. There are also a few models that support your pelvis and your buttocks.Take for instance the seat cushion. This helps distribute your weight evenly on the entire sitting surface making you seat comfortably for long periods of time.There is also the PC seat wedge. The nice thing about this is that it pushes your pelvis forward that automatically rings your back to an upright position.You can also try the universal pillow that can be used all around when you need pressure relief and support. This can be placed under the ankles, arm, knees, lumbar region or the neck.The leg spacer is another which you can put between your knees to give pressure relief or under the ankles for a additional support and comfort.An accessory that can provide all around relief is the universal pillow. It is a semi-circular pillow for pressure relief and support ideal for usage under the arms, ankles, knees, lumbar region and also the neck.The accessories mentioned can be complimented with each other so that not only one part of your body gets the relief it badly needs. For people who travel often, they can get smaller visions of these since these are sold as travel sets.Aside from the memory foam mattress accessories mentioned, it won't be long before others will be introduced in the market. This is because companies who are involved in manufacturing these products continue to conduct research and development to answer the needs of the market. If you want to know more about them, it is best to go to a store near you or check out what they have online.
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Improve Your Slumber
Are you ready to get a fantastic night's sleep? If you are, you need to consider memory foam products for your sleeping needs. The choices include memory foam mattresses, foam toppers, memory foam pillows and foam cushions. Foam cushions are typically used for wheelchairs to help people who are wheelchair bound sit more comfortably. There are many advantages to using foam products. The next few paragraphs will focus primarily on memory foam mattress toppers. Memory toppers are the most affordable solution for those who want to have the luxury of a memory mattress without paying the higher cost of the full foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses have become more affordable, but foam toppers are a great affordable solution for getting a restful slumber.There was a time when this kind of foam technology was reserved for the astronauts at NASA. The visco elastic foam mattress pad technology was specifically designed to support the astronauts upon lift off. After a few years, medical facilities were afforded the opportunity to use memory mattress pads and finally it was made public to the average consumer. At first it was not exactly affordable, but over the last few years, prices have come down and foam mattress toppers were developed as an even more affordable option. After the foam beds and toppers were introduced, it wasn't long until foam pillows were put on the market followed by foam cushion pads. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers help support your body by properly aligning your spine which reduces stress on your spine, helps you get a good night's sleep and helps to reduce back and joint pain.Foam mattresses and toppers are better than latex foam mattresses and toppers or traditional mattresses and pillow toppers as they endure machine washing better. They also provide allergy protection because they do not give bed bugs and dust mites a suitable living environment. Memory Mattress Toppers can also be covered with a waterproof mattress cover along with your mattress if that option is required.When you choose to buy a foam bed topper, you are choosing a higher quality bed topper that helps reduce aches and pains and allows you the slumber you need to feel rejuvenated. When you are sleeping well, you are more productive in your personal and business life. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers have become a number one seller over the last few years because they really do provide just the right comfort and support.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1. Why am I getting a backache from a new mattress? Is it Normal?you also didnt sleep on the show room model. with some people a firm mattress is better than a soft one (though the soft is amazing). Your spine probably needs the firm mattress. What I would do if you dont want to take it back is find a few sheets of plywood to stack under your side of the bed to make your side a bit more firm. It shouldnt affect the rise in the bed, but make it a bit more firm------2. What is the best bed to buy?Eighteen months ago I purchased an 8" Memory Foam Mattress and steel stand at Walmart. At the time I was setting up a new apartment on a limited budget. The mattress and stand were very inexpensive so I went with it figuring I could upgrade down the line. Eighteen months later it still sleeps great, just as it did when I first got it. Frankly, it's been a far better mattress than most I've owned and for which I paid much more------3. What's the best, not too expensive, mattress there is?Symbol Mattress uses the state-of-the-art technology to manufacture their products. They operate their own innerspring manufacturing unit that creates and electro statically tempers a huge variety of steel coil units. As compared to other major manufacturers, Symbol produces their coil innersprings.Symbol also designs their own high-density polyurethane foam that is used for upholstering mattresses, box springs and hardwood foundations. Where their competitors buy foam after giving the cutting orders to their suppliers, Symbol cuts their own foam in-house.------4. Where can we buy a fairly cheap but good mattress?Queen mattressMemory Foam Mattress 8-Inch 200$Memory Foam Mattress 10-Inch 300$Memory Foam Mattress 12-Inch 400$I recommendMemory Foam Mattress 2-Inch 100$Memory Foam Mattress 13-Inch 400$Memory Foam Mattress 6-Inch 200$ for high qualityMemory Foam Mattress 8-Inch 400$ for high qualityMemory Foam Mattress 13-Inch 400$"Cheap Dorel Home Products 13-Inch Pillowtop Pocket Coil Mattress under25dollarsup"andMemory Foam Mattress 6-Inch 200$ for high quality"Cheap LUCID by LinenSpa 6 Firm Memory Foam Mattress 25-Year Warranty under25dollarsup"------5. May be the worst question of the week........but I'm going to ask anyway...?Mattresses question: Is a bed foundation the same as a box spring and can either be used with regular mattresses? typically, a box spring is a combination of wood and steel springs that act like a shock absorber. A foundation is more of a solid structure , for use with a latex or memory foam mattress.I got this from web. I'm a furniture maker for 48 years and this term was new to me so it shows you CAN learn something new every day.------6. What is the best way to cut memory foam?This Site Might Help You.RE:What is the best way to cut memory foam?I have a queen size bed, and i accidentally bought a king size memory foam topper. It is 4 inches thick. Once I got it out of the box and realized it was the wrong size, we couldn't get it back in to send it back. So we need to trim it down. What would be the best way to cut it?------7. Is it possible to use a queen size foundation for a king size memory foam mattress?You would probably void the warrenty on the product.Note from the table that the width of Queen is 16 inches smaller.Mattress and Bed Size Dimensions Name Dimensions Twin Mattress 39" wide x 75" long Twin XL Mattress 39" wide x 80" long Full Mattress 54" wide x 75" long Full XL Mattress 54" wide x 80" long Queen Mattress 60" wide x 80" long Cal-King Mattress 72" wide x 84" long King Mattress 76" wide x 80" longBelow is where I pulled the chart from.------8. HELP! WHAT LATEX TOPPER TO BUY?The toppers you find at Wal-Mart and discount stores are only as good as the mattress underneath. Please do not waste your money on those. I bought one for my queen size bed, as my husband needs a very firm mattress, but the mattress hurts my hips and back. The topper I have is less than 2 inches thick, and although it offers little relief, I wouldn't make the purchase if given a second chance. If you can afford it, get the tempurpedic mattress------9. Latex mattress or mattress topper?You should check out memory foam. Memory foam is supportive and conforms to the shape of your individual body to provide unparalleled support.Memory Foam has helped millions of people with conditions just like yours. It's thermally reactive which means it responds to your body heat to help relieve stress from pressure points.Check out Lasting Impressions Foam! They've got amazing deals on Mattresses and Toppers and you'll save a lot of money by buying with them because they are a wholesale dealer.------10. Which mattress should I buy?I have arthritis and a bad back and I LOVE my temper pedic! Best investment I ever made. They even make pillows, but get the good ones! Mine was two grand and worth every penny of it. I have had mine about 6 years now. The only time my back doesn't hurt is when I'm in that bed. Get a good frame to put it on and you will never know when your mate gets in and out . I will never have a regular mattress again------11. Where to find memory foam mattress zipper cover?I wish I had an answer for you. This is a definite problem in the industry. Many of these manufacturers build the memory foam beds with zipper covers that can be replaced. Some even go so far to use it as a selling tool making it more attractive to the consumer, then they turn around and don't offer them to retailers such as my self. I replaced half my selection with permanent covers that are durable and don't have to be replaced. Great Question by the way------12. What would be a good first time bed for me and my husband?My husband and i bought our bed off amazon. It's like a tempurpedic, but our queen only cost us $500. It's super comfy, too, tho it does take a couple of days getting used to if you've never slept on one before. I can't sleep on anything else now. If you want the link to our bed we bought, message me and I can email it to you. Otherwise just look up memory foam mattresses on Amazon------13. Do you like your memory foam mattress?I got a 120 double memory foam matress off ebay for my son, he loves it. His old matrress was well soft and you could feel every spring.Now thinking about a king size for myself, just need him to clean his room and go hide for a couple of days so I can try his first.They tend to feel warmer than a standard matress, so if you often feel too hot in bed may not be for you.------14. i want to buy a memory foam mattress?I have a feather mattress topper which is forever shedding its feathers through the cotton cover. This makes it really prickly and uncomfortable. The answer to this is to put something substantial between the topper and the fitted sheet e.g. a blanket or mattress protector. We bought a new bed with a built-in topper , which gives a much better night's sleep. "Eggshell" foam might be a better option rather than memory foam . It is lovely to sleep on------15. Does anyone have a memory foam mattress topper?I got one a while back for a queen size bed. I had it for a couple years before buying a Tempurpedic king size bed.The topper did provide quite a bit of memory foam effect. It isn't quite like having the whole memory foam mattress. But, I thought the $100 or so I paid for it to be well worth the investment. The king-sized bed cost about $2200, but was worth every penny. I will never have any other kind of mattress.------16. What type of mattress would be best for a person with back problems and another who wants a soft bed?Hi there,I have also had some bad back problems in the past and decided to invest in a 2 inch thick memory foam mattress topper. I absolutely LOVE it. It's firm and supportive, yet comfortable at the same time. I got mine at Wal - Mart for $70, but that was for a Queen mattress. But you might want to check that out, I know that I have definitely not regreted purchasing it!Hope this helps!Good Luck!**hailey**------17. What are some cheap, decent beds for teens/young adults?This Site Might Help You.RE:What are some cheap, decent beds for teens/young adults?I'm a college student, but I live with my dad at the moment. As of now, my room is the once guest room; my dad has a queen sized bed in it which I sleep in. It's nice and everything but it takes up WAY too much space in my room! I need room to study and whatnot and I just can't do that...------18. How do you buy a mattress?I would recommend learning a little bit about the used car biz.. I mean the mattress business. Check out past issues of Consumer Reports. It is enlightening to say the least.A great mattress forum to do some research in is Mattress Buyers Asked If They Would Buy It Again??? As of July 1 2007 all mattresses nationwide, including crib, must be flameproof and contain toxic chemicals. ------19. Question on a Full-Size bed?Pffft, I favor my mothers and fathers were cool with me staying at a men abode. bahah. Anywho, i might want to probable move with finished length. certain, it expenditures extra. certain, it takes up area. yet whats up! you'll wanna finished length eventually, you're literally not gonna favor a twin length perpetually. you could get it now and could not should be worrying about it later! purely my opinion (: i'm positive although you pick wil be superb, hun! :D------20. What do you think about Foam Memory Mattresses?I have a memory foam pillow and I love it. I can't afford the mattress but if it is as comfortable as the pillow than I'm sure it is worth it. I would try to find a place that has one on display and lay on it, like a mattress store or even a department store might have one. They are more pricey though. The prices might go down a little for Christmas shopping season------21. Foam (springless) vs. Traditional Spring Coil mattresses - which is best?I bought a queen size Serta memory foam bed on sale it costs over $1600 USD with a mattress cover and 2 foam pillows.. unfortunately it is much softer than the bed I laid on at the store and unless I am EXTREMELY sleepy I don't sleep as well as on my old spring mattress...also wake up with sore back from lack of support..actually slept on other bed more than my new bed...But when tired the new bed is very comfortable------22. Thinking about buying a new queen size mattress, what kind do you prefer?The best thing you will NEVER regret buying, is MEMORY FOAM! I have it and it makes my bed SOOOOO much comfortable to sleep in. My back NEVER hurts, and I sleep so much better on memory foam. I will never get rid of it, it's that good! It's so squishy, unlike the regular beds, are hard to sleep on. I got my bed from American or Colder's. And I got my memory foam from ShopKo------23. How much does adjustable temperpedic beds usually cost?i got this queen size memory foam mattress which isn't temperpedic. it was about $400 or so at overstock.com. i've never tried temperpedic but this one just does the job. i have a shoulder problem and had to sleep on my side or i would wake up with a terrible head ache. now i've been sleeping on this mattress i can sleep in any position and no headache! i've been sleeping much much better too------24. How do I make my mattress more comfortable?I had the same problem and with our mattress after about 5 years and we bought a memory foam mattress to put on top and then a very thick mattress cover over both. It's just as comfortable now as it was when we did this 3 years ago. I saved a fortune on a new mattress by buying the memory foam. The one we bought was from Costco. Hope this helps. I know how miserable sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can be
Why Did Nasa Develop Memory Foam Mattresses?
These days Memory foam mattress is quite famous. Memory Foam Mattresses are being used all over the world, not only for their comfort but also for all the health benefits they provide. Largely it has revolutionized our life. Actually, NASA had created first memory foam mattress. There purpose behind creating memory foam mattress was quite different. NASA started this program to help the astronauts so that they may reach the heaven with having profound night's sleep. They started heading towards this creation with the aim of creating such foam that would be able to sense the body temperature and body weight as well. These researchers were trying to create such memory foam that would have the quality to gently conform to the shape of the body. That would enable an astronaut to have coziness. Such kind of foam would provide a perfect amount of support for a long period. This whole research was aimed at helping daring astronauts to grab the space and boldly go where none had gone before this. This mission gained momentum in the early 1970's by NASA's Ames Research Centre. This mission was very sanguine about creating such foam that would be able to help astronauts to overcome G-forces during the lift-off of space shuttle etc. The specialists of NASA's space program created a new foam material known as visco-elastic and that foam material was able to conform to a person's shape. Some people think that memory foam mattresses have some business with memory that is wrong. Memory foam mattresses do not have a memory but the cells of memory foam mattresses get deformed by evacuating the air when they are suppressed. Now NASA does not have monopoly over the Memory foam mattresses. These days, memory foam mattresses are being produced for commercial purposes. Fagerdala World Foams of Sweden is the first company that started producing memory foam mattresses for commercial purposes in the year 1980. In the year 1992, the same product was launched in North America and similarly, received excellent results.With the success of Tempur-Pedic, other foam manufacturers in Canada and the United States began to develop their own visco elastic memory foam material to offer Mattress. Upholstering and specialty product companies allow consumers a wide variety of products and prices to choose. Now many other companies have surged to produce memory foam mattresses and now anyone can think of buying memory foam mattresses. Many medical institutions especially for osteopathy and physiotherapy purposes are using memory foam mattresses as memory foam mattresses have unique quality that improves blood circulation and help to reduce the sores that are caused due to pressure. These memory foam mattresses also give relief to those patients who bed ridden either due to burning or due to thief illness. Memory foam mattresses are no less than a boon to those who do are deprived from enjoying profound sleep and go on tossing and turning in the night and in the morning too present a sluggish look and feel drowsy in the day.
Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cover
It is best to use a memory foam mattress topper cover with your memory foam mattress topper. All the good brands selling these toppers also sell covers for them. These covers are available in different materials. However, most of them are made from 100% cotton so as to allow moisture to escape. These covers give a luxurious feel to your bedding, as they are usually very soft due to high thread count of 200 and above.The covers allow your mattress toppers to breathe. This ensures that you neither feel very hot in summers nor very cold in winters while sleeping. If you use these covers, you also increase the lifespan of your toppers as well as your mattresses. This is because it keeps your toppers free from dirt, sweat and body oils. Since, the memory foam is susceptible to early damage due to exposure to body oils, sweat and dirt; these covers enhance the lifespan of your toppers. The cover thus ensures that you get support and comfort from your toppers for long. The covers are available for all topper sizes like king, queen, and twin and single. It is best to buy the cover while buying the topper so that you get the right size. There are different kinds of covers available in the market. The most common one has a zipper to it, so that you can easily cover your toppers with it. These covers are fully washable. Hence, you can always ensure that your bedding is clean. These covers are also useful for people susceptible to allergies. A good cotton cover keeps you dry and cool and protects you from skin allergies and other skin ailments.Many good brands sell antibacterial covers. You can check the wide range of covers available in the market before buying one for yourself. A memory foam mattress topper with cover ensures that you get a comfort and a good night's sleep.
Nectar Mattress Is on Sale at Amazon, and We've Never Seen ...
Time is already ticking away on Amazon's one-day deal on the top-rated Nectar gel memory foam mattress.The queen-sized bed normally retails for $824, but today only, Amazon is marking down the price by a whopping 40 percent to $489.30. We've never seen a price this low on the CertiPUR-certified bestseller. The massive savings isn't the only part of this deal, either: Customers will receive two free premium Nectar pillows (a $150 value) with their purchase.Nectar has an industry-leading trial period of 180 nights and a lifetime warranty. If you're not completely happy with your mattress after 180 nights, Amazon shoppers are eligible for a refund. Reviewers who are fans of the mattress rave aboutits comfortable level of firmness, support and coolness."This mattress has changed my life! I'm a busy mom of six, I NEED good sleep. My husband and I were sleeping on a horrendous torture device from another company that made me feel about 112 years old every morning," explains one reviewer. "I can only describe my feelings as PURE BLISS. This mattress is not too soft, but not too firm either. The foam kind of "absorbs" any tension you might have and just perfectly supports your body ensuring a perfect night of sleep. I have never slept so well in my life! Along with the pillow from Nectar, this mattress makes me fall asleep instantly, no tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position. In the morning I wake up refreshed and without any pain. I can't recommend this mattress enough. Thank you, Nectar!"Another explains, "The mattress has done a great job of dissipating heat. I tend to sleephot, and used to wake up sweaty on my old spring mattress unless I kept the air conditioning set to 65 degrees. So far, I haven't had an issue, even with my apartment reaching 70-75 degrees with the air turned off."So if you're in the market for a new queen-sized mattress, the Nectar could be your answer. Keep scrolling to shop the marked-down mattress and browse other mattresses on sale.Shop it:Nectar queen gel memory foam mattress with two free pillows, $489.30 (was $824) at AmazonThe editors at Yahoo Lifestyle are committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. At times, we may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.Get 15 percent off any mattress and free shipping.Get 20 percent off sitewide through Mar. 19.Get $200 off a new mattress and free shipping during the Sleep Week sale event.Get $125 off a Helix Luxe mattress.Get $75 off a Helix mattress.Get $100 off a mattress and a free pillow with your purchase.Get 20 to 60 percent offand an extra 10 percent off select mattresses during the VIP sale event.Take $200 off any mattress.Get 30 percent offElite and Luxe models, a $300 instant gift with the purchase of a powerbase and 15 percent off a TEMPUR-topper.Read More from Yahoo Lifestyle:Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.Want daily pop culture news delivered to your inbox? Sign up here for Yahoo's newsletter.
Getting the Rest You Need: Memory Foam Mattresses
Everybody wants to have a good night's rest, right?It's not a very difficult concept to grasp, and one that everyone is constantly searching for.A better night of sleep makes everything seem better and makes the day easier to get through.That leaves you with the question of how to find the best mattress to sleep on. There are a lot of mattresses out there--spring mattresses, air mattresses, water beds, memory foam mattresses.So how do you choose? Spring mattresses have long been the mainstay of bedding, but for many people they just don't do the job.Springs can bend over time and lose their shape, and body contouring simply does not happen with them to the degree that it can with memory foam mattresses.They're great if you need a place to sit or lay down on for a little while, but long-term sleep comfort is not their specialty.They're definitely more economic than other mattress options out there, though, which can really make or break it for you and your budget. Air mattresses claim to offer greater back support, but in reality the air is shoved to the sides and doesn't provide any additional support.Compare this to memory foam mattresses that conform directly to your body without the loss of support.If anything, it's more like sleeping in a hammock: nice to have it on hand when you need it, but hardly good for the long run.They just don't cut it if you're looking for a good, quality mattress that you want to lay down on to get the rest that you need. Water beds have increased by leaps and bounds since the modern version was designed in the late 1960s.The water allows muscles to relax a great deal more than traditional spring mattresses allow for, which in turns gives your body the chance at a better night's sleep.However, most water beds these days are heated.Heating requires electricity, oftentimes comparable to the amount that a refrigerator uses, which means that you have to factor in additional costs for powering the water bed to maintain the proper temperature.Your cost of living just went up.And that's not even getting into what can happen if the bed springs a leak. So what's your best bet?Memory foam mattresses.Originally developed by NASA back in the 1970s to ease the strain of leaving of the atmosphere, this technology was adapted for commercial and introduced to the public at large in the early '90s.It's proven to be much more effective at providing sleeping comfort than any other type of mattress on the market as its foam technology adapts to your body's specific shape and size.Memory foam mattresses have been shown to reduce stress and pressure on muscles and joints , which allows your body to truly rest at night.This provides the crucial recovering time that your body needs to take care of itself.Support is evenly distributed and won't change based on where you lie like on other mattresses.