Have Any Bedroom Ideas??? 10 Points?

if u like the color blue and water why not do something beachyy?! sea shells or starfish hanging with some picture frames of u and your boyfriend. get creative. if u do the beach theme there are plenty of different aspects of the water u can work with. plus its not too girl it is a somewhat neutral room idea. another idea is get bedding that u like and build from there. go from the comforter color or pattern u have and decorate ur room off of that. and 7 minutes in heaven is a middle school game im sorry..if ur turning 18 can not u go out a a club or something? are not you a highschool senior?

1. Cool bedroom ideas for girls?

i would try to do something that would best reflect you. example..i love stuff to hang so i hung lanterns and paper lanterns like the ones in tangled. i also love lights go i made lights wrap around my bed. in your case that french black bedspread and pillows that they sell at target might work. green and black look AMAzing together and it will look awsome

2. any advice on bedroom ideas?

get one item that u like that goes with the theme and then u can frame the whole room around that whole thing

3. teenage bedroom ideas?!?!?

Your color idea yellow walls and purple dots sounds good. I have an idea for fun and exciting room. Look what is your interest like your favorite sports, team, music etc. so you can give some touch according your interest too. If you like you can try it. By this way you can decor exciting room. Only this is my thoughts. If you need more ideas you can check it. Thx :)

4. 15 year old girl bedroom ideas? :)?

Paint your walls tan and aqua blue. Then maybe get some big palm tree stickers to put on your wall. Get a black and white bed spread and pillow cases, get some white, black, blue, or tan curtains.

5. Help! I need bedroom ideas!?

The best rooms ive ever seen is a white comfurter, with green splashes in the room so white and green is pretty good bu t if your a girly girl then id do pink

6. anyone with some funky bedroom ideas?

I am getting my bedroom done in a cream colour with random coloured polka dots on my accent wall

7. Teenage bedroom ideas?

Did not you ask this question already? You had like 8 different answers from people. Read those then

8. Teen Bedroom Ideashelp me please

well to start off pbteen.com and target.com have cute things for your room you could always cover your walls with posters (playboy bunny posters) and pictures you have taken.

9. Paintint my small bedroom - ideas and thoughts?

I am going to reply one paragraph at a time. You could do the honeydew in two sheens of the same color of paint. One eggshell and one glossy and I would go horizontal with the window wall in one of the sheens you choose. The stripes on all three walls. Put some curtains on the sides of your closet doors to make them look like a big window. You could put a wallpaper mural on the doors, or mirror tiles. Paint the closet one of the shades you choose that go with the room and get a couple of those battery lights for the inside. You could also use creams, grays, taupes. Just check paint swatches before you start. Check hgtv.com. They've done some of these techniques. Have fun and enjoy!!! Roxanne.

10. bedroom ideas for 14 year olds?

Sense your still a teen and your tastes will change soon i would stick with something more simple and easier to change. Check out sears.com though they have a virtual room designing thing you can do!

11. i need some bedroom ideas?

pbteen.com have lots of great colors and room ideas. good luck!

12. Pink zebra themed teen girls bedroom ideas 10pts UK?

you will have a significant shade and use %. as a trim or accessory shade so as that there's no longer alot of it. working example, your partitions must be consistent with risk a mushy violet shade with a purple border interior the middle of the wall yet going around the room. (as a trim, yet i do no longer understand what the border interior the middle is named in decorator words.) or you will have your room in one shade yet have framed photos of issues in purple on your room. as an occasion a purple argyle layout ina physique, or purple polka dot trend in a physique. in simple terms an concept.

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