Halo Glow

Halo glow" channel letters, or "reverse-lit," have long been an elegant way to provide illuminated signage for that special client. However the incorporation of LED lighting into these letter types has created a new need for designers to understand and reevaluate the relationship between several factors here-the letter shape, the letter size, the letter depth, and (most especially) the quantity of light exiting out the back. The surface that a set of halo glow channel letters is attached to also plays a key factor in achieving uniform illumination. This necessitates adding some more factors to the discussion: What type of surface are the letters being attached to? What does the surface look like? What is the distance between the letter and the mounting surface? Have you ever walked through a mall looking at its illuminated interior signage and thought that you've spotted a real service opportunity? Or have you noticed how the letters in an airport concourse do not shine as brightly as they do elsewhere? There is no real criticism intended here, but there are some newer halo-glow letter styles that look just as good when their lighting is actually turned off. A portion of this situation can be attributed to the interior ambient lighting. To compensate, the illuminated sign needs some additional lighting to help it, compared to those letter sets installed under the darkness of the nighttime sky. This brings up one of those learning curve items that LED sign lighting has brought anew to the sign industry. How much light is enough light? Or how well do reverse LED channel letters illuminate in such lighting conditions? Unlike neon (a continuous light with illumination that radiates 360 degrees along the tube as the glass snakes uninterrupted through the letter shape), LED lighting starts as a point source light. So to make this LEDs work in halo-lit applications, you are going to need to look at direction, diffusion, and distance. In halo glow applications, you will need to point the LEDs inward so that the light exits out the back and is reflected a greater distance from the source to surface. Rule of Thumb #1 is to have plenty of light to start with. Compare ribbon LED lighting on the inside of a letter return versus a wired string of modules stuck to the inner backside of the face, as an example. Multi-row ribbons of LEDs also give the lighting a punch compared to a single-installed strip. Ribbon lighting may not be the trick for exterior letters, but the close continuous spacing of these LEDs will help smooth the illumination. You still wo not end up with a continuous light as you would with neon, but you will achieve lighting that's closer together. Some ribbon lighting systems have the LEDs aimed 90 degrees to the backing tape. The intent is to direct the illumination parallel to the surface (i.e., the letter return). Point these same LEDs inward with the interior painted white (a plus when the letter does not feature a lot of depth). Without the need for glass tube supports, neon tubes, and electrode housings, thin letters are much easier with LED lighting. You do not lose light when the direction is a reflection. One traditional halo glow option that will assist in diffusing LED lighting is a white polycarbonate backer. This also doubles as a simple method of attachment. Look at this as a channel letter in reverse. If you understand the depth required to make a face-illuminated LED letter look good-with smooth uniformity-simply flip it around. This style may require a letter with a thicker stroke, where the mounts and the LED modules could be centrally located and the reflected light exits backwards along the perimeter. Alternately the design could be illuminated with what we affectionately call "LED triple-headers." This type of sign lighting product takes several LEDs together as a unified group (arrayed modules) with the resultant output a wide spread up to 180 degrees. (Note: This is not a bad result, but keep in mind that the neon you are replacing and/or replicating is 360 degrees.) Lens LEDs with optics are another new sign industry solution. A lens over the diode takes the emitted light and alters the original beam, spreading and diffusing the point source. This is built-in LED light control. In some cases, the optics are created to pitch the light a longer distance (as would be installed in a long, narrow sign cabinet). In other designs, the lens serves to spread the light into as wide a pattern as possible. In fact, lens technology from several suppliers has created LED sign lighting modules that work quite well in letters as thin as three inches. Distance may be the method of creating uniformity in the LED lighting as light spill moves out letter to letter and hopefully around the mounting method. Further away, the glow spreads until it reaches a point of diminishing returns. In general, the further away from the background the sign is mounted, the wider and smoother the band of light. To experiment with distance, start with a sample letter flat on your workbench. Set it on top of a material that is comparable to the intended mounting location. How does it look just sitting there? If there is a thin line of light around the perimeter of the letterform, pull it away, increasing the distance from the surface. This distance check also works for testing the quantity of light. Use a symmetrical letter, like a Helvetica Bold "H." Install different brands of LED modules on the back of each side and compare; maybe even use different quantities to compare. Some experimentation is a necessary component in the LED mounting process, simply based on the variety of products available. The correct distance for LED illumination with halo glow letters is still quite a variable. You may consider closer to be beneficial, creating a defined glow that utilizes the letter shape to advantage. Keep in mind that the mounts for reverse-lit letters need to be thought out differently. Stand-off supports that simply hold the letter away from the wall may interfere with the uniformity of the illumination exiting the back of the letter and onto the wall behind. An acrylic letter back with threaded stud mounts that are centrally located is a solution to many halo glow lighting issues. This type of fabrication and illumination has worked well in the past with neon. Depending on the style of LED used, a removable letter with an affixed back should give the installer an easier time with the installation. Service would also be easier, even if marketing thinks of LED lighting as extremely long lived. LED halo glow letters with a full open back and perimeter L-bracket stand-off mounts can create unwanted dark spots (for both neon and LED) though. Clear letter stand-off mounting systems are available that are interesting attempts to eliminate spurious shadows while still providing an easy-to-mount shape. Then there is the soon-to-be-released Magic-brand Invisible Sign Supports that make one wonder what is actually holding letters off the surface. In fact, you may have to slide a hand in back to fully understand the trick. You know something is there, but you are just not sure what. Hopefully my ideas here have helped you to put your thinking in reverse when it comes to proficient channel letter illumination.

1. What's New in 2020 for Lighting Design?

At times, the most noticeable changes that you make to your home dcor need the least effort. Yes, installing new pendant lights or adding a unique lamp can make a world of difference in the look and feel of your home. If you are planning to update your lighting any time soon, you will want to catch up with the latest trends, lest your home ends up looking outdated. Here's what is trending in lighting design right now. Think geometric chandeliers for your kitchen Chandeliers add elegance to any room instantly. But you do not want anything too formal or heavy in your kitchen. Modern geometric shaped chandeliers that have a casual appeal are trending in 2020. You can hang them in any room and it looks great in your kitchen. People are obsessed with wicker pendants and for good reasons. They are eco-friendly and create a laid-back and chic vibe. Hang them in your casual areas like the living room or even porch. You can express your unique style, not just with your favourite piece of art but also with the lighting in your home. Share something about your style by placing a coloured glass table lamp on your coffee table. These lamps are fast gaining in popularity. If your living room is too conventional, add a playful style to your space with architect floor lamps. Not only are they trending, but they can serve as a task light while you curl up on your sofa and read a book. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a big bedroom. Luckily, wall sconces are in trend. You can pick stylish wall scones and illuminate your bedroom without the clutter. They are a functional and chic alternative to table lamps. Say yes to organic materials Already saw this coming? This trend is significant in the interior design sphere, and lighting design is no exception. People are more eco-conscious and on the lookout for natural materials. Whether it is glass, metal, wood, marble, and stone, blend them with lush linen shades to get an on-trend work of art. Industrial lighting has been trending for a while. But in 2020, the style is more polished that will effortlessly blend into your luxury home or style. Though tubes, filament bulbs, and pipework may be visible, industrial lighting has taken a more delicate style. You will see sleeker and more luxurious finishes. This lighting trend is an alternative for those who do not prefer geometric shapes. You will find the more swirling, free-form lighting shapes with no symmetry in many homes. They are bold and eye-catching. Designers are saying bigger is better when it comes to the 2020 lighting arrangement. Though light is functional, you should consider it as a significant design element. And currently trending are big, bold pieces. Think oversized ceiling lights, elegant table and statement chandeliers. The list wo not be complete without adding LED lighting. This trend is already immensely big, but it's going more significant in 2020. LED lights not only come in varied shapes and sizes to choose from, they also last longer and are energy-efficient, non-toxic and the ideal choice for smart homes. If you want to save energy bills while improving the aesthetic of your home, LEDs are a great option. There you have it. The most popular lighting trends for the year 2020. Which trend are you going to incorporate in your home interior? Whether you want a mid-century modern design, prefer to keep it clean, or simply looking to add some colour, changing your lighting can create the needed vibe or aesthetic. Plus, your lighting design can showcase your unique taste to the world and it does not need much labour and time. If you want to give your home a face-lift instantaneously, instead of painting it or going for high-end dcor, simply change your lighting. Author Bio: Richa Parmar is an architect and passionate in the field of designing and creativity. Presently, Richa works as a Senior Manager cum Architect Blogger at GharPedia portal. You can reach her at LinkedIn.

2. PC Not booting, Fan spinning and led lighting but never reaches bios?

First off make sure the CPU power cable is secure. If this cable is not connected all the way there is no post and no beeps. If the cable was secure then check your CMOS battery.

3. Interior LED Lighting in my 2004 Mistubishi Eclipse?

I do not know, but that sounds really cooool, if I was a 16 year old girl. Have someone do it, or you will bugger it up

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LED Lighting Is the Prime Choice of Interior Decorators
The growth of technology and necessity of better light sources gave us LED lights. The sources have evolved from the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights to LED. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights have the lighting consume 60% less energy and provide similar brightness. The architects and interiors designers are now having much better options with LED under interior lighting. They can now experiment a lot of new looks because the LED flexible strip can be operated on ultra narrow platforms. The LED strip lights can be installed anywhere without much of a trouble and produces warm or pure white light. They are extremely low profile and highly flexible to be bent in any degree. The LED lighting can be installed in many ways with the help of fixtures and give a much better glowing effect in the surroundings.The LED lights are widely used to enhance the look of the home or office. It is luxury form of LED interior lighting because they give a whole new outlook to the space where it is installed. The contractors and architects today use variations in the lighting to give attractive look. It is available in vivid colors; hence they can be used to suit the mood better according to the environment and color theme of the surroundings. They also give the facility to be modulated; hence the brightness can be controlled. This complements the area which is illuminated and hence has gone a step ahead as compared to xenon or incandescent lighting. The interior decorators always use new & better options to decorate the home, office or hotels. Be it a book shelf, garden patio, kitchen cabinets or ceilings, LED has become their prime choice because of brilliant color combination, less heat generation and low consumption. The LED flexible strip lighting can be accommodated anywhere without much of an effort.The LED interior lighting has become the first choice for many to highlight other sophisticated furniture. The dug in LED under cabinet lights are placed directly into the cabinet or shelf making them non noticeable. The LEDs are primarily installed in living room area for maintaining more artistic interiors. The LED lights can be installed in process hence the area should be chosen extremely wisely during installation. LED lights are also available in flexible strip and aluminium tube format that can be used in interiors for highlighting purposes. These LED aluminium tube lights operate on a remarkably less power. The LED tube lighting offers a variety of colors and can have their brightness modulated with dimmer as required. LED lighting can be used in extremely narrow spaces and still give the required luminance. The lights come as a bar or disk and can be chosen according to the requirement and the space available. The decorators also utilize the accent lighting to enhance the look and highlight the counter tops with LED lights. The LED lighting is also used as jewellery display lights because of their flicker free nature and no maintenance.Tired of traditional lamps that do not provide you eco-friendly lights, and consume so much energy as well? We at Bigeagle.com.au offer you LED lights that have ideal energy conservation with eco friendly solutions. We are the experienced expert for providing super bright LED lighting fixtures for interior design lighting applications. We aim to improve the quality of your home or business illuminations by installing high brightness led interior lighting. Find out more about LED interior lighting from at Bigeagle. com. au, where we offer valuable advises and tips for eco-friendly, energy efficient LED lighting productsWho does YOUR interior decorating?The pack of dust bunnies that live under my furnitureDoes anybody know of any great Interior decorating websites with pictures of painted rooms?a great one the best, I forgot how to spell it has 4 letters starting with b it advertises on tv, sorry best I can doDo your kids' rooms look like those in magazines and interior decorating books?As long as you and your kids are happy with the results, thats what matters. My kids room probably do look like they could be in an interior decor magazine. I enjoy decorating (its a hobby, not a profession) and I particularly enjoyed decorating my kids rooms. I let them have some input (my daugther just wanted lots of pink, my sons wanted superhero theme) and then I just went from there. I find its the accessories and window treatments that really pull a room together. Anyways, like I said, its a hobby for me, I look at a lot of catalogues and magazines and copy looks I like. As long as everyone is happy with teh room though, that is what matters.
Light Quality Is Critical to Strengthen Adoption of LED Lighting-Made-in-China.com
To provide a more balanced portfolio of ENERGY STAR lamp products on the market and mitigate color quality as a barrier to wider adoption of energy efficient lighting products, Soraa proposed to the EPA a second high CRI tier with differential efficacy requirements taking into account the inherent lumen per watt trade-off as a function of CRI for phosphor converted white LEDs. Soraa proposed to keep the existing minimum efficacy requirements, but raise the color quality to a minimum CRI 90. For lamps with CRI between 80 and 90, Soraa proposes to increase the luminous efficacy requirements.Poll: Last time you cried ?I am crying as I type thisHave you ever cried because of a song?weirdly yes haha Hurt- Christina Aguilara the music video made me cry hysterically >What movies have you cried during?I am a guy and straight so yah my tears do not fall as easily. A League of Their own when the younger sister Kit wins and is being cheered by the crowd while dottie and to coach look on. This movie just got to me. Maybe it was the "theres no crying in baseball" line that got me going :PPOLL: Have you ever cried?LOL yeah. I cried so much I had this huge headache and then was like *cries* Why the hell am I even crying?! *cries*I cried on my first date ever!?Show your bad side (I would not say cry at the first date bad) if he still wanna be with you. Then he really wants to. Me and my met a month after i broke up with my ex. I told him everything happened between me and my ex and i was crying like a piece of **** but the best things is he still wanna be with me and promise me he wont dont the same as my ex did to me.POLL: Last time you cried?Earlier BQ: Frustrating lifeI cried while praying, is that normal?Dat's da holy spirit babby!why is there a difference if a guy cries and a girl cries?A bloke supposed to be tougher, not girlish cries, I think. I am totally agree with you over girls cries while guys do not know what to do but girls do. They offered me to hugs over their shoulder. Guess my knowledge is not help you, sorry!Who is Better Cris Angel or David Blaine?I'am watching that crap now!!!!!!Have you ever cried over the death of a pet?When I was young over a goldfish - ok, but it was about 14 years old4 month old cries all day long?If she has been on two strong acid-reducing medications and did not show improvement, then it is not likely a reflux issue. Start with the basics: is she getting enough sleep? At four months she should be sleeping about 16 hours total, between night sleep and probably three nap periods. She may not have a consistent schedule yet and that is fine, but sleep is critical for development and for temperament to even out. Babies who are not getting adequate sleep are cranky and moody, easily frustrated, and will often cry like they are in pain. Being tired is associated with headaches and stomach upsets, just like in adults. Being on four different formulas in three months can be difficult too. Her body needs to adjust every time you switch. It is possible she is sensitive to the milk-base of the formula, but the Alimentum should have resolved it if that were the case, or the Prosobee. She can also be sensitive to soy as allergies to soy are quite common, and it is possible that she is so sensitive to milk that the hydrolyzed protein was still intolerable. You can always get another opinion from another doctor if you do not feel like the situation is being addressed.Baby fusses/cries to get to sleep?Try babies magic tea when your baby is fussing and it will soothe baby from any abnormality in her tummy*cries* i need your help.. :?Shut the hell up, loser. No one gives a damn about your fake problems. I hope you have a lonely, miserable life.
RDECOM Soldier Center's Bright Idea for Lighting System Improves Illumination, Saves Energy
NATICK, Mass. -- The Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center's Expeditionary Maneuver Support Directorate, or EMSD, has developed a new lighting technology that provides better illumination while using less energy than fluorescent tube lighting. Under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Southern Cross Printed Electronics, Australia, and its U.S. representative BAM International, EMSD developed the Flexible Light Emitting Diode, or LED, Lighting System, which is also called MFLEX. The MFLEX system is part of EMSD's ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency and reducing the logistical footprint of expeditionary base camps. "Although there are several alternative LED lighting solutions available to the warfighter, all of which provide the benefit of saving energy, which ultimately translates into fewer or smaller supply convoys, the major benefits of these lights are reflected in three measures: 1) the amount of time necessary to setup and takedown a tent, 2) the transportation weight and volume, and 3) the quality of the lighting," said Melvin Jee, leader of the Soldier Center's EMSD's Expeditionary Command Platforms Branch. The Flexible LED Lighting System will replace the fluorescent tube lighting commonly used in the field. The system can be used in virtually any size tent, provides more illumination, and greatly reduces shadow area when compared to fluorescent tube lighting. "The flexible LED lights provide fairly even illumination, virtually eliminating heavy shadow areas, making the environment more comfortable for the warfighter by reducing fatigue due to eye strain," said Jee. By improving illumination and reducing the presence of shadows inside the tent, the system helps facilitate command and control functions. Soldiers often carry out various aspects of mission planning while in tents, including looking at maps and other information, and the improved illumination and reduction of shadows may help them better perform such tasks. Moreover, the system is more compact and weighs significantly less than fluorescent tube lighting. The Flexible LED Lighting System fits into a backpack-sized bag. This one small bag replaces up to four transit cases needed to light a single tent with fluorescent lighting. The cases weigh between 40 to 50 pounds each, compared with the backpack-sized bag needed for LED lighting, which weighs only 10 pounds. The backpack-size bag contains 12 meters of flexible LED lighting, complete with cables and hangers. The bag also contains the power supply and control circuitry, which allows the lights to be dimmed and/or switched from white light to blue/green blackout light. Warfighters do not require a specific Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS, to install and operate the lighting system. The LED system does not have to be taken down when moving to a new location, increasing ease of mobility and reducing setup and tear-down times. The system is being used by the 82nd Airborne Division. The Soldier Center has partnered extensively with the 82nd Airborne to gain insights into improving and developing appropriate tools, techniques, products and technologies for the warfighter. The division's feedback/input helped to shape the development of the Flexible Light Emitting Diode Lighting System. The U.S. Army Soldier Center is part of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, which has the mission to provide innovative research, development and engineering to produce capabilities that provide decisive overmatch to the Army against the complexities of the current and future operating environments in support of the joint warfighter and the nation. RDECOM is a major subordinate command of the U.S. Army Materiel Command.1. Cost vs Power: Checking out Some LED Lighting SolutionsEver wondered about the size of a salt grain? A single salt grain measures about three mil, which is a thousandth of an inch. Now, imagine a third of that size, placed on a printed circuit board (PCB). That is the size of the smallest LED available today. People do not regularly go for it, but it is heartening to know that something that small can also brighten something up. That is where the surface-mount device light-emitting diode (SMD LED) module comes into the picture. Now, you have a 0.65mm0.35mm0.2mm-size LED on a PCB that can be used for a range of different purposes. Wide viewing angles of about 145 and low power consumption add to the charm. An SMD chip is created from layers of man-made nano-sapphire and gallium crystal substrates. After growing these crystals, these are sliced, layered and bonded to a ceramic base. The chip can be then mounted in the required application. Applications of an SMD include everything from light bulbs to strip lights. One interesting use case would be the indicators on mobile phones. Over the years, SMD LED has continued to improve its luminescence in accordance with Haitz law. If a chip includes red, green and blue diodes, you have the possibility of creating any colour you want. This has resulted in SMDs becoming the prime choice for DC power applications, mostly due to the ease of use. A COB LED has great advantages of thermal resistance, larger cooling area, better lighting effect and high light efficacy. It is basically an LED built directly on the circuit board. P. Chow Reddy, managing director, Interleaved Technologies, explains, "A COB contains multiple chips within one large wafer. This allows a larger light output and a more even spread of light." It allows connection of the bare chip to the substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive and wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection. Due to fewer components in the LED chip, thermal conductivity is directed at the circuit board and without the traditional LED chip packaging structure. Heat emissions from LED chips are on average 25 per cent lower as compared to conventional LEDs, resulting in high efficiency and lower failure rates. And since the chip is built directly onto the circuit board, it reduces the need for spot soldering. After all, fewer soldering points mean less chances of failure. Need for traditional LED packaging parts and PC lenses has also reduced, resulting in an increase in light visibility range and a decrease in light loss from lenses. COB LEDs are generally larger than SMDs and range from a few millimetres to a few centimetres-square. At this small size, soldering these to the board becomes a problem. COBs are easier to place on a board. The pins in SMD require precision soldering An evolution over the conventional COB is the multi-chip-on-board (MCOB), for when one is not enough. It consists of multiple chips integrated into one larger single board. Assembly is cheaper compared to multiple single chips, making these suitable for applications in streetlights and high-bay lights. However, there is still some time before these can be used in smaller applications. Sharp Devices, Europe, recently announced a range of high-performance mini and mega zenigata COB LEDs with greater efficiency and enhanced hot lumen performance. HD6 mini zenigata are 12mm15mm with an 8mm light-emitting surface with 2500 lumens. BF6 series mega zenigata are sized at 20mm24mm substrate with 15mm light-emitting surface. Recently released are another two new blue LED chips from Light Avenue in 12V and 24V. Both solutions are sized at 140 mil to increase implementation in tracklights or high-bay lighting. Small-sized chips are clustered and packaged into a light bulb that is advertised as 'lighting always' or 'save power now.' Some LED manufacturers are able to reach 249 lumens per watt with a 20mA supply. However, this is not the story with bigger sizes. Light efficiency follows an inverse relation with chip size. Additionally, with an increase in current to the LED, efficiency is further reduced. One of the best things with the use of SMD and COB LEDs is that now you can get a much better looking LED display without having to pay as much for it-this brings in the matter of dual-in-line package (DIP) LEDs going out of fashion. DIPs have been around for more than 50 years, and are likely what you think of when you picture an LED. Though easy to use, these are much less efficient over other available options, and hence the reduced usage.2. Controlling light colour with DALIWhen planning lighting control with DALI, the focus nowadays is often on the pure function. Within HCL (Human Centric Lighting) there is frequently a demand for control of the colour temperature of accent lighting with saturated light colours. During the planning phase the user should always bear simple maintenance of the lighting installation in mind. It saves time and money if you can make adjustments yourself. But to do this you need expert knowledge. DALI is the standardized lighting interface in IEC 62386. Compatible devices are low in price, robust and easily available. There are stand-alone DALI lighting controls and numerous Gateway solutions in nearly all relevant building automation systems. For this reason DALI is aways a point of discussion in nearly every planning project for large functional buildings. However, even in the residential sector DALI is being used more and more, since, precisely when it comes to LED lighting, the function is guaranteed by being integrated directly in the DALI luminaires. There is no longer any need for complex compatible combinations of LED power supply, LED dimmer and LED module. The relevant functions are already integrated into the control gear. The strength of DALI becomes especially appparent with colour-variable luminaire combinations. DALI control gears are classified as standard in different types of device. LED control gears and luminaires are assigned to device type 6. Device type 8 is for colour-controllable luminaires. Colour control is standardized in DALI, which is especially important when colour control should span devices from different manufacturers to ensure that all the luminaires emit the correct light colour in the required intensity. It is possible to control in the brightness of luminaires in different ways using broadcast control or group and scene control. DALI operates according to the Master/Slave principle. The master can be a simple broadcast control device, such as the rotary control knob which can make a luminaire brighter or darker. The Master can however also represent complex lighting control. This might consist of many elements which communicate with each other in a superordinated network. If one DALI device fails, all project data previously saved, such as group membership, fading times or scene values have to be restored. In broadcast control all the luminaires which are physically connected to each other are triggered simultaneously with direct brightness values. In the DALI standard a broadcast address is set by default. All DALI luminaires obey commands which are broadcast-addressed, whatever address they themselves possess. Thus, it is not necessary to address and configure the luminaires. Faulty control gears can be replaced easily by new ones. In group and scene control the group allocation and the light scene values are stored in the control gear. The same is true for further parameters. Then the luminaires have to be addressed. When commissioning this is very complex because the luminaires must first be identified and then configured. As a rule, configuration of a DALI line is performed by the Master via PC software according to the principle of random address allocation. For DALI colour control with the conventional DT0 (fluorescent lamp) or DT6 (LED) a DALI address is required for each. The DALI luminaires have to addressed and grouped. The colour is defined via value control via several DALI addresses. When such a lighting solution is dimmed, the colour information is lost and commissioning is very time-consuming.3. How can I mount an 12V transformer for LED lighting inside a wall?You can not apply the low-voltage rules to transformers. Because half of the transformer is not low voltage, it is mains voltage. Anyway, you are talking about LED drivers or power supplies, not transformers. (a transformer is a real thing, it is a different thing.) Also, remember, the easy Class II rules for low voltage circuits do not apply if the circuit is over 55 watts
KMC Eyes Solar, LED Lighting for EM Bypass and Maa | Kolkata News - Times of India
Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is taking a major step to turn green compliant. After the successful installation of solar lights at Deshapriya Park, the civic authorities are now working on plans to convert all street-lights into solar and LED on the EM Bypass stretch from Patuli to Ultadanga and on the Maa flyover stretch under the 'Green Cities' scheme which would help the civic authorities save Rs 4 crore electricity bill annually. Solar power expert and former managing director of West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation S P Gon Chaudhuri has handed over the detail project report to MMiC (parks and gardens) Debashis Kumar at the KMC headquarters. "The proposal is to install solar power panels and LED panels on the entire stretch of EM Bypass and Maa flyover. It is a Rs 22-crore proposal in which 1.2 MW of solar power would be generated daily. The civic authorities would be able to save Rs 4 crore electricity bill per annum and this will also help reduce 12 tonne of CO2 emission per day," Gon Chaudhuri said. The other proposal that Gon Chaudhuri has handed over is to harvest 1.5 MW solar power from the Dhapa garbage field by setting up a solar plant. The solar panels here will be installed at a height of 10ft and vegetable cultivation could be done as well under the solar panels. This will ensure more moisture in the soil during summer. Kumar said the project will be taken under the state government's Green Cities Mission. "We had asked Gon Chaudhuri to prepare the report which we have received. It seems to be a very good project which will minimise our electricity cost and will also pave the way for a greener city," Kumar said. A total of Rs 40 crore will be spent under the scheme. After the installation of solar lights at Deshapriya Park, KMC authorities noticed a drastic 80% fall in electricity bill in the area.
Best Road Street Light, LED Light, LED Lighting,& Road Lighting
LED is one of the best lighting options for Road Street Lights. It produces bright and effective light.There are many companies who are using it in their business in a multitude of ways, from marketing to retail to energy saving applications. They are leading the way and taking the lead in this as well as other sectors where LED has shown its benefits.Street lights are crucial for safety as well as for visibility. Since the lighting process is an important part of the street lighting scheme, it is important to choose LED lights that will last longer and provide better light output.LED lighting is one of the most cost effective options for street lighting. However, it is not suitable for everything and needs a little customization. In this post we will show how to select the LED street lights based on your business needs and target audience.LED Road Street Light was a revolutionary invention that led to the development of LED lighting. It brought many benefits but also came with some disadvantages.For example, when it comes to outdoor lighting, there are still many places where LED lights are not permitted. For example, in some countries, it is prohibited to use LED lights on office buildings because of health and safety reasons.While the benefits of LED light could have made this product successful in the market, its disadvantages were also responsible for its downfall. When you compare it with other major brands such as Incandescent (generally considered as a good light source), CFL (considered as best choice for outdoor lighting), or PAR lamps (generally considered as the ideal indoor light source), then there is no doubt that LEDs are a better option than halLED road street lights are a big part of city traffic, and they're also very useful for different purposes. However, the lights have an annoying problem: some of them are dimmer than others. In order to find the best one, we need to get a lot of information about LED road street lights.Street lighting is mostly about the LED lights. However, there are many other options such as solar powered light bulbs and sodium vapor lamps.We have to look at the current generation of LED lights and their advantages/disadvantages. Some of them can be used in areas that require street lighting, while others are not suitable for street illumination such as urban areas with high pedestrian traffic or traffic-clogged roads. There are also some options that can only be used in countries with specific regulations, so it is difficult to use them outside those zones.LED lamp is getting popular through the recent years. This article will help you make a decision on which type of LED Road Lighting is best for the street lighting system.It was found that a lot of people are living in cities and they have to face the problem of poor street lighting every day. This might be due to issues like pollution, traffic, etc. This article will try to help you decide on which kind of LED Street Lighting system can be applied in your city or neighborhood and give you information about different types of LED Road Lamps available in market today.LED lights are cheap, clean and energy efficient.We are currently using traditional street lighting systems that generate electricity either from overhead power lines or from large generators. The connections to the grid are a lot of wires, many of which are fragile and can be damaged. Also the wiring is not as flexible as it should be to allow for dynamic adjustments in light intensity, angle and even colour due to wind conditions and weather. LED lights could solve these issues by allowing us to move lights around on rooftops without having to rewire existing infrastructure, they allow us to adjust the light bulbs at will also by moving them around the roof (perhaps with a remote control) which means we can change lighting intensity for our vehicles without having to stop traffic or make repairs on the road.LED street lights are a great energy saver but they can be very expensive. They consume a lot of electricity and in the end they don't last as long as traditional street lights. Hence, using LED street lights is not cost-effective.A bright LED bulb costs less than an incandescent bulb and yet the light produced by them is about half that of a conventional light bulb. And thanks to the cool white color, it can effectively illuminate up to 20,000 square feet without needing to turn on any additional lamps or fixtures.
India LED Lighting Market (2017-2023) - Size, Share, Trend, Growth, Industry & CAGR
The northern region accounted for the largest India LED Lighting Market Share by revenues in the country in the year 2015-16, followed by the Southern region. The LED street lights installations are maximum in the Southern region followed by Andhra Pradesh. The government of India distributed LED bulbs under the 'UJALA' scheme with the maximum number of bulbs distributed in Gujarat.Bulb Planting in Maryland | Bulb Planting Tips | Planting Bulbs for Spring FlowersIt's not too early to start planning your yard for spring. As a matter of fact, now is exactly the time to start plotting (and potting.) what bulbs you want to plant. Some of the most beautiful plants that bloom each spring-daffodils, tulips, and Dahlias, for example-need to be planted in the fall in order to give them enough time to bloom in the spring. So how can you get the best results from your bulbs to have a stunning yard next year? The Maryland landscaping experts at Four Season are here to help. So you want to plant bulbs. Getting them to bloom so you can have a beautiful lawn is not difficult, you just have to follow the right steps and plan ahead. So how can you have a stunning lawn in time for next spring? Here are some tips to get you ready: • Timing is everything. Like anything in life, timing your bulb planting is essential. So when's the best time to plant your bulbs? You should start your plantings roughly six months out from spring. However, this is not an iron clad rule-there are mitigating factors to consider. • Check the temperature. When you are planting your bulbs, you need to make sure the soil temperature is cool enough. Bulbs are at their happiest when the soil temperature is between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A good rule of thumb is to wait for the first frost, which in Maryland is usually between early October and early November. • Watch for sunlight. Bulbs like the sun-no shock there. So when you are planting them, plan in advance for the spring. Make sure your plants will get good sunlight. That mostly means avoiding the shadows of your house and other landscaping features. Since most trees wo not have leaves when your bulbs sprout, you wo not have to worry too much about tree cover being an issue. • Check for moisture. Plants like to stay dry. When planting your bulbs, make sure you have soil that drains well. If not, the bulbs could rot and not sprout. When planting your bulbs, make sure you dig a hole between 5 and 8 inches deep. Err on the lower side for small bulbs and vice versa for larger ones. The first year you plant bulbs, they wo not need any special fertilizer or plant food, but if you plant a perennial bulb, you will need cow manure to cover the top layer of soil after the flowers die for the season. You can pick this up at any gardening center, and it will keep your bulbs happy for years to come. Four Seasons' nursery has all the best plants for your Maryland garden.light bulbs?They are a little spendy but use the GE Crystal clear bulbs. Not only are you getting natural yellow light but since the bulbs are not frosted they give off more light. This means that where you used two 60 watt bulbs, you can now use two 40's and still light the room quite well. Saves energy and they just look cooler tooHalogen Bulb?A 20W halogen bulb is just over 100W in an incandescent bulb. I believe the 14W halogen is closer to the 100W incandescent . so it would be between 100-150W in an incandescent bulb.is a fluorescent bulb the same as uvb bulb?There are fluorescent "tubes" that produce UVA/B light but not ALL will. It will say on the box whether or not it produces UVA/B light. Also, there are huge arguments as to exactly what type of light produces the best UVA/B output. You can post another question about that if you likeDo tulip bulbs make more bulbs?i am not sure about the tulips but if you are looking for a flower that will mulitply then lillies are really good i planted one in 2007 then last year when they came back i had 11 stems come up and i was able to split them up and have 11 seperate lillies, if you do that you have to make sure that when you split them up that you take one of the bulbs with the stem try going on a website about tulips all you have to do is type in tulips and that will get you the info you need
Cork Firm Looking to Capitalise on New EU Lighting Rules
7 April 2021 - Cork firm Nualight, a leading Irish LED lighting technology company, has appointed Andrew Cronin as its new CEO as the company looks to accelerate growth following the introduction of new EU-wide rules to promote more efficient commercial lighting. The EU's new Ecodesign Directive and regulations, which came into play on March 1st, have banned the sale of the least efficient refrigerated appliances in commercial settings. The company this week announced that Andrew Cronin is to be its new Chief Executive Officer, with Peter Mazalon taking up the role of Executive Chairman of the Board. Nualight, which specialises in high-performance lighting solutions for the world's leading grocery retailers, refrigeration display case manufacturers and industrial sectors, is targeting the latest regulations as a platform for further business growth in 2021. Andrew Cronin takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer of Nualight after 13 years with the company, having most recently served as Chief Operating Officer. Cronin has been instrumental in the technical development and launch of Nualight's world-class LED Refrigeration Lighting product portfolio and overall operational efficiency of the business. His expertise in understanding the needs of the customer in this highly demanding market segment has led to significant growth in Nualight's customer base in leading grocery chains and OEMs across four continents. Speaking about the new appointment Peter Mazalon, Executive Chairman of Nualight, said: "Andrew is a proven technology leader with a track record of innovation, talent development and deep knowledge of Nualight and our customers. I am personally very pleased that we have been able to promote someone of his calibre. I look forward to working with him and the Executive Team over the coming years to continue the exceptional growth plan of our business." Commenting on his appointment, Andrew Cronin said: "I am very proud of the progress and results that we have achieved over the last six years under the stewardship of Peter. We have just closed our financial year, and the team is delighted to have delivered a third consecutive year of profitability for our shareholders. Even when faced with a challenging trading period, we will have beaten our sales targets and EBITDA forecast. Today we have a strong business plan in place to enable a doubling of both our revenue and EBITDA in the next few years. I am honoured to lead Nualight at this important time for the company and we will continue to have a hyper focus on our sales growth and operation execution, while continuing to develop our product leadership and innovation for our customers." New Executive Chairman Peter Mazalon will be replacing Per Langholz who will continue to serve on the Board. Peter joined the company in 2015 as CEO after several years in Senior and Board level roles in the lighting industry worldwide and was integral in turning around the business through the development and implementation of new strategies anchored around Nualight's world-class LED refrigeration lighting capability. Peter's leadership helped transform the company's fortunes which is now delivering operating profit and is poised for significant sales and profit growth in the next two years. Nualight is a pioneer in the category of LED lighting applications for refrigeration display cabinets and is the only LED lighting company in the world that specialises exclusively on LED lighting for food retail display cabinets. The company is aiming to become a global leader in this market segment. Led by experts in LED technology and food retail merchandising, Nualight is a powerful partner for global retailers who wish to increase the profitability of their food displays while delivering on their sustainability agendas. The company partners with the world's leading retailers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to create more profitable and sustainable retail displays.1. What are the cons of LED lighting for growing hydroponics?how do you light your dro with an led? does it make the weed more powerful?2. Is it true that LED lighting makes one appear orange, as Donald Trump said?Do not think so, during my days at the dancing hall that had multi coloured lights never made anyone on the dance floor change colour. Maby Mr Trump has a colour skin problem, if he has it's not been passed down to his childrenAlex McInnes3. What kind of technology can we expect in the next 20 years?Advances in mobile electrical energy storage technology. A graduate student in California has found a method by which to greatly increase the useable life expectancy of a small rechargeable battery . . perhaps up to 200,000 recharge and discharge cycles. Present rechargeable batteries offer 300 to 1,000 recharge cycles before expiring. Extending the service life of even small batteries (flashlight, portable radio, portable CD player, camping lanterns, electric toys, e-bikes) would greatly change the way we live . . . more people could install solar PV panels on their roofs to recharge such batteries that could sustain home LED lighting. A breakthrough in polymer chemistry could construct a porous super molecule capable of holding massive amounts of static electricity . . solid state electrical storage with perhaps 1-million or more recharge cycles
Top LED Lighting Upgrades for the 2014-2020 Subaru Forester
When it comes to reverse lights, brightest is best! Our 921-size XP50 LED Bulbs are the #1 backup light upgrade for the 2014-2020 Subaru Forester. As with all our LED bulb upgrades for the Subaru Forester, we prove the light output in our laboratory. At 410 lumens, the XP50 is one of the brightest plug-and-play backup bulbs on the market!Have you ever turned a family member in to the FBI? What led up to it?When I was 17 years old I gave them my fingerprints. I figured if I was not doing anything wrong and I ever got in trouble it might help. I was not thinking clearly, and not just because of who my dad was. A few years later I wound up in Mental Health for not thinking clearly. It took me many many years to recover. Would I give my fingerprints to the FBI now? Probably not, or if I did I would realize it could do me just as much harm. That's not to say I would not do the same if I was 17 years old though. The problem was not that I gave the FBI my fingerprints. No the problem was that I was not using good senseHas the reduction in children's play time outside led to an increase in mental health issues?This is not something I specialize in however it is proven that kids are spending less time outside, making less childhood decions for themselves and metal health problem is on the rise. Now that's not saying WHY this is happening .. for instance if a child is overloaded with school work it could very easy be the simply do not have time for anything other than homework. . is it because of video games? Or something else.. everyone even professional has thier own oppion and facts are pointing to all kinds of reasons why children just are not out playing.. not to mention society has changed from the days kids were out playing all the time.How do I get over a guy friend who led me on?You both lead each other on.One of the things for low self image is a person waits for someone else to do something and not be direct. They always waiting for someone else to say and do. They wait and wait and wait when they too have a choice to be direct. Then when nothing happens they behave as victims, blaming someone else on how the person used them and how they were lead on.You lead him on as well.You weren't honest either.You weren't direct and so that's why time went by and let someone else, your head up. If you don't have boundaries and if you wait for things to happen then you waste time. If you be direct then you polarise the person to quickly show their intent and if it's not good enough....you immediately walk away.So you are also responsible for showing vulnerability and being direct.You weren't because you fear rejection and so, embrace the part that he didn't lead you on. You liked the attention. You craved for it. But you feared losing it too and that is why you weren't direct with him for you to be lead on.Both of you then lead each other on.Both used each other for some craving and emotional stimulationWiring led's to xbox 360 help?dont worry about watts, those will never exceed the voltage from your xbox seeing it gets electricity from your outlet, which is attached to a grid. your safe. get a sautering iron or pen i prefer pen, and place the led on the silver metallic square, sauter until the metal is liquid and place led on. it will take 2 seconds to turn solid and there you go.Have you ever led a double life? If so when and how?I did back in the day. I spent some very interesting time working with the Air Force office of special investigations. This is actually the first time I have ever brought this up in public. I wo not go into it other than to say it is very weird to purposefully misrepresent yourself to others.
What Are the Types of LED Lighting?
The LED lamp is a common lamp in the lamp. LED lamp, light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light, and it is also a common form of energy-saving lamps. There are many types of LED lights, including LED outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED safety lighting, LED special medical lighting and LED special lighting. Next, let us take a look at the complete list of LED lamp types.LED outdoor lightingTypes of outdoor LED lightsLED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED traffic lights, LED guardrail tubes, LED floodlights, LED underground lights, LED lawn lights, LED garden lights, LED wall washer lights, LED underwater lights, LED fountain lights, etc.Outdoor LED lights purchaseIt has good waterproof and dustproof performance; check the lamp identification, appearance quality, heat dissipation, driving power, power efficiency, lamp bead quality; perfect after-sales service.Outdoor LED light installationBefore installation, you must understand whether the electrical performance of the LED lighting system matches the power capacity of the installation unit. The core and the shell of the transformer should be well connected, and a grounding device should be provided. The high-voltage wiring and the connecting wires of the lamp fittings should use flame-retardant insulated rubber wires with a rated voltage not less than 15KV. During installation, the transformer should be fixed on the support frame, and the base must be made of non-combustible materials. When the lamp exceeds the surrounding buildings or exceeds 20 meters above the ground, lightning protection facilities must be installed.LED safety lightingLED emergency lightThe LED emergency light is powered by the emergency battery power supply. When the power is off, the explosion-proof lighting lamps for emergency lighting can be started immediately, and can also be controlled by an external switch. LED emergency lights are emergency lighting for workshops, warehouses, cable trenches, roadways and other places. It also includes LED safety exit indicators.LED explosion-proof lightsIt utilizes the characteristics of LED low heat generation to achieve intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and the LED light source has a long life; the battery maintains constant brightness at the end of full charge and discharge; the heat dissipation device is provided on the lamp housing to achieve effective heat dissipation of the LED module, To ensure the stability of use, suitable for lighting in various industries such as coal mines, petroleum, railways, flood control and so on.LED searchlightThe LED searchlight is used for long-distance lighting and search and is suitable for mobile lightings inflammable and explosive places such as troops, power, petrochemicals, oil fields, mines, firefighting, railways, and public security.LED special lightingLED medical lightingLED lighting is used for functional lighting inside and outside hospital buildings, that is, functional lighting other than medical resources, medical guidance and other information displays; peep lighting, which is used for lesion detection and observation; surgical lighting, which is used to provide surgery High-quality lighting tools; disinfection, sterilization radiation light source; light therapy, light radiation therapy light source; pathology detection light source, etc.LED photosynthetic lightingLED lighting is used for agricultural light sources. In addition to the characteristics of environmental protection and energy-saving, it has the characteristics of adjustable light quantity, adjustable light quality, low cooling load, and allows to increase the cultivation amount per unit area. It is a very suitable artificial light source for a closed agricultural production environment with environmental control, such as a plant tissue culture room.LED lightsThe LED lamp uses cold light technology, not only the temperature is lower than the xenon lamp, but also the brightness is higher than it, which can cope with different environments. Don't worry about the yellowing of the lampshade, and it's very durable. The main factor that affects the efficiency and life of LED lights is temperature. Therefore, owners who want to modify LED lights should choose LED lights with good thermal conductivity, and pay attention to the heat dissipation environment of the surrounding environment of LED lights during the installation process·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home's external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it's significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting's LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you're sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
LEDs: Quality Light for Quality Food
Avoiding spoilage, bacterial growth, and contamination are a foremost concerns of food safety. However, there are ways to improve the quality and safety of food that may not be as immediately apparent as properly washing and sanitizing equipment. High-quality lighting-made possible on a large scale with the rise of LED technology-improves food safety in a number of ways during the journey from farm to table. Over the past decade, LED lighting has transitioned from an expensive fringe-player in the realm of industrial and commercial lighting into the ideal choice for efficiency- and safety-minded companies. Rapid advancements in technology have driven prices lower, and, when combined with utility rebates and energy-efficiency tax incentives, upgrades to LED lighting can be cash flow positive from day one. When compared to metal-halide and fluorescent lights, LEDs can offer superior energy efficiency and energy savings of up to 50 percent. They also run cooler, last longer, and frequently have a better color rendering index (CRI)-a number which indicates an artificial light's ability to depict colors as accurately as natural sunlight. Additionally, traditional lighting dims quickly over the course of two or three years, plunging facilities into darkness without routine maintenance. The best LED fixtures can keep facilities at ideal foot-candle levels for up 150,000 hours, more than 17 years of 24-hour use, with little to no maintenance. While these benefits are important, those in the food supply chain will truly appreciate LED technology for ways in which it improves food safety across a range of facilities, such as food processing plants, cold storage, and restaurants. Organizations like the Illuminating Engineering Society and Penn State Extension recommend more than 100 foot candles for food preparation because workers are safer and do a better job when they can actually see what they are doing. (A foot candle is a commonly used measure of brightness. The average office space and home is typically between 10 and 30 foot candles.) In these spaces, which are filled with heat-generating equipment, grinders, slicers, and more, lighting should go above and beyond the OSHA minimum. Proper lighting can prevent costly mistakes, such as slip-and-fall accidents and other employee injuries. It can also help prevent employees from dropping or knocking small items, such as tools or bolts, into food processing machinery or raw materials. Proper lighting goes beyond brightness-high-quality LEDs also provide a higher CRI than traditional lighting, as noted above. Lights with higher CRI will allow food production employees to more accurately spot mold, discoloration, and other defects. A single incident can compromise food quality and require a costly recall; bright, clear LED lighting goes a long way toward mitigating this risk by increasing visibility and making misplaced items and defects easier to spot. Thus, while LED lights do not directly increase food integrity in the way an improved sanitization method might, they indirectly improve food integrity by allowing workers and technicians to perform their jobs competently and safely. Furthermore, LED fixtures do not use mercury-filled glass bulbs to house their lighting elements. Without bulbs, there is no chance of broken glass finding its way into food. In this way, an inherent feature of LEDs provides a direct safety benefit when compared to previous, glass-covered lighting fixtures. To completely eliminate any chance of debris falling into food, purchase fixtures that feature impact-resistant construction. While LEDs provide safety benefits in all food storage environments, their impact is most noticeable in cold storage areas. Traditional bulbs have to warm up to reach full brightness. This can take anywhere from a couple minutes for fluorescents to 15 minutes for metal halides. This warm-up time is even longer in a cold-storage environment-anyone who uses a fluorescent fixture is likely familiar with the dim, purple flicker of a cold bulb. Low temperatures also increase degradation and reduce the overall lifespan of arc-based bulbs.1. Holiday Lighting Safety Tips | Milton Electric, BaltimoreThis winter is certainly different from most and holiday gatherings are sure to be smaller. Still, many families have already started decorating this inside and outside of their homes for the holidays. In fact, since indoor gatherings are limited right now, many people are putting extra effort on fitting out their outdoor spaces with dazzling lights. From Christmas to Hanukkah to New Years, and other winter outdoor entertaining, glittering lights set the mood with magic and wonder. But, as lovely as it is to gaze upon, holiday lighting can present a fire hazard if certain guidelines are not met. Read on for holiday light safety tips to ensure that your holidays are merry, bright and safe. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), Christmas trees are the cause of upwards of 250 fires per year, resulting in over $16 million in property damage as well as personal injuries. Each year, fire departments throughout the country respond to hundreds of calls for house fires started by decorative lighting that is strung throughout the inside or outside of homes. Another source of electrical danger are extension cords. Throughout the U.S., approximately 4,000 injuries associated with electric extension cords are treated in hospitals each December. These statistics underscore the importance of following decorative lighting safety protocols in order to avoid damage to property and to keep your family safe. For many families, the winter just is not as festive without the dazzle of lighting. Fortunately, with some careful planning and care, it is possible to enjoy a holiday season that is both decorative and safe. Here are some holiday safety tips to keep you on track: Do not mix up or combine indoor and outdoor lights. Outdoor lights are specifically designed for exterior use, including exposure to rain, ice and storms. Using indoor lighting outside can result in damage and lead to fires or other accidents. When you pack up the lights at the end of the season, be sure to mark them "indoor" or "outdoor". This will help prevent you from unintentionally mixing up or combining different types of lighting in future years. Toss out broken or old lights. As you go through your boxes of holiday lighting, be sure to throw away any decorative lighting that has exposed wires, frayed or cracked cords or broken bulbs. The cost of replacing a few decorations is far less than the potential cost associated with a fire or other accident. Consider replacing incandescent lighting with LED lighting. Light-emitting diode (LED) lights utilizes less energy and are generally considered safer than traditional incandescent lights as they are both cooler to the touch and less likely to overheat. LED string lights are also more cost efficient, lasting longer and consuming 70 percent less energy than incandescent string lights. When purchasing any type of new lighting, be sure to only buy lights approved by an OSHA-certified laboratory, such as the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Observe string light rules. The number of light strings that can be combined (plugged in together) varies based on the wattage of the particular light string and the amperage of your home's electrical circuit. Because LED lights consume less power, you can generally plug more LED light strings together compared to incandescent light strings. To be safe, look for the UL note on the lighting box. It should indicate the number of lights that can be safely strung together. Do not combine LED light strings and incandescent light strings. Light strings are manufactured in a series to have the same amount of current running through each of the lights on a particular string. As strings are combined, they require (and pull) more current. Incandescent lights draw more current than LED lights. If incandescent and LED light strings are combined, the extra current will likely damage the LED lights and may cause a fire. Select your tree carefully. If you plan to decorate a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush, first decide on real vs. artificial. If you opt for real greenery, select a fresh tree with springy needles that are difficult to pull out. The drier the tree, the more likely it is to catch on fire, so water it daily and avoid placing it next to a fireplace or radiator. If you opt for an artificial tree, select one that is labeled as being "fire retardant". It is important to realize that fire retardant trees can still catch fire, but they will resist burning and should be able to be extinguished more quickly than traditional artificial trees. Ensure outdoor lights are grounded. Whether you are adding outdoor string lights to your lamp post, front bushes, fence, back deck or she-shed, always plug them into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. GFCI outlets offer protection from electrical shock. A licensed electrician can install an outdoor GFCI outlet if you do not have one, and can also answer any questions you may have about holiday lighting safety. Flip the switch before you leave. Of course, you will want others to be able to enjoy your holiday lights at night, but be sure to turn off all interior and exterior decorative lighting when you are not home. This will prevent the possibility of lights overheating and causing an accident while you are away. You might also consider plugging your lights into a timer so they will turn off automatically every night before you go to bed. Take care with extension cords. If you are utilizing extension cords for indoor or outdoor lights, be sure to observe the maximum wattage guidelines on the label. Extension cords can overheat when too many items are plugged in. When in doubt, try the "touch test" - unplug any extension cord that feels hot to that touch. Fire is not the only danger associated with extension cords, they can also be a trip hazard causing twisted ankles, broken limbs, lacerations and even concussions. Be sure to tuck extensions cords out of the way, or tape them down to reduce the risk of injuries. Be wary of power lines. Before decorating the outside of your home, look up to make sure you are not hanging outdoor lights near any power lines. Likewise, never raise ladders or extend objects into or near power lines. CALL MILTON TODAY AT 410-276-3420 AND FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP ADDRESS ELECTRICAL SAFETY ISSUES IN YOUR HOME OF OFFICE.2. What is CRI?in-lite has been designing and perfecting LED lighting for over 10 years. When you choose in-lite, you are guaranteed the best LED's with the purest light output and most optimal energy consumption. On top of this, all in-lite fixtures have a CRI of 90. CRI stands for the Color Rendering Index and is used to indicate how much color is seen by the human eye. During the day we see all colors in the yard perfectly. In fact, daylight has the highest CRI out there. Whereas LEDs range of between 70 and 95. High quality LED sources have a CRI of at least 90. This ensures you see all colors and contrasts even when the sun goes down. All in-lite fixtures have a CRI of between 90-95, which means that not only is in-lite leading the industry in providing quality LED solutions, but our lighting is unmatched for landscapes, greenery, and decor. Did you know: LED's consume around 80% less energy than halogen light sources. Keep that one in your back pocket ;) See the difference: One of the best ways to see the in-lite difference is to try it out in person. Using the SCOPE, for example, will allow you to see the difference CRI90 can make through a rich, high-quality lighting experience.3. How to use LED lighting strip on ceiling?While I doubt you will find anything built and marketed as exactly what you are asking for, you can certainly find suitable electrical boxes to connect and contain things safely, and then do what you need to satisfy an "appearance shroud" over them. Probably the best bet for the appearance shroud would be a simple light fixture (not to be lit - simply to cover "ugly" junction boxes)
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