Find Out Right Curtain Rod for Each Different Rooms

If you want to add the real touch to your bedroom or any other room, you ought to be a bit resourceful. If you do not feel confident, then asking for expert help is quite practical, or else you have the option of reading a few articles on window treatment. A house has different rooms with different purposes and you treat every room differently, especially when you go and decorate them. You have clear norms about its characters and features and want to decorate accordingly. For instance, you may never try a heavier decoration for your kitchen or study. Likewise each room has its own features and this is one reason you need to find out different types of curtain rods. Here are a few varieties which you can identify and utilize for your purpose.Single rod curtainsAs the name suggests, such drapery rods comprises of a single rod which holds up the window cloth. Though they come as single rods, you get a variety of styles including different shades and patterns. If you are creative, you can go ahead and give an artwork on to the rod with some paint or any other appropriate material. The best thing about this curtain rod is that they are easy to use with pocket curtains or tie top ones. This type of rods can be used in wash rooms, studies, kitchen, and store rooms.Transverse curtain rodsIf you have a home office, a transverse curtain rod can style the window perfectly. This rod has a pulley system with which you can open and close the drapery effortlessly. This provides convenience to the user. As you are not pulling the cloth every so often, it remains fresh and intact. You may find a wide spectrum of traverse rods easily and you can find out the one which goes well with the window pane designs.Double/triple rodsWell, this is designed for heavier drapery which usually adorns your living room or hallways. This will help you to have layered and patterned curtains. By selecting this decorative curtain rod, you are bringing a great style to your room. They look classy and elegant. This is commonly used for living rooms and bed rooms.Tension rodsThis type of rod is made with springs which help; the drapery to say in its place. Also, there are no worries about drooping or sagging. They perfectly remain in its place and give a decent look to the drapery panel. This is a type of rod that can be used anywhere you want provided you select the one which holds up the weight of drapery.Magnetic rodsIf you choose to use a metal frame for your window, then it is great to have magnetic rods. For such rods, strong magnets are used so that they help in supporting the draperies perfectly. However, light weighted fabrics would be appropriate for magnetic rods. This rod is good for kid's room or study room.

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Missing Woman Found Dead Under Hotel Bed
THE body of a Memphis woman missing since January has been found under the mattress of a hotel room where she had been living and had since been cleaned and rented out to other customers. On January 27 Sony Millbrook was reported missing to the Memphis Police Department after she failed to pick up her children from school, reported.Family members advised officers that they checked the hotel where Millbrook has been residing and she was not there.Millbrook had been staying in room 222 at a Budget Inn and was last seen there at 7am local time by a staff member who advised officers the room had been locked that day for lack of payment but all of her personal belongings were still inside the apartment.The case was assigned to the Missing Persons Bureau for follow-up investigation, however due to the nature of the incident the case was reassigned to Homicide in February.A Homicide Investigator conducting a follow-up went to the Budget Inn, and spoke to two clerks and a security guard. The investigator learned that Millbrook did not make a payment after January 26 and her belongings were boxed up and the room released for rental.On Tuesday, homicide investigators were called to room 222 where the body of a female had been located under the bed, after a report of a bad odour in the room. The body was identified as Millbrook's and it was apparent that she was the victim of a homicide. The cause of her death has not been released.The bed in which the victim was located is a metal box frame which sets directly on the floor and the box springs and mattress set inside the metal frame. The room had been rented approximately five times and cleaned by the hotel staff numerous times since her death.Homicide Investigators located Millbrook's boyfriend, LaKeith Moody, and interrogated him during the course of the investigation and later charged him with a gun violation.He is currently in Mason, Tennessee, being held on a federal gun charge. Mr Moody remains a person of interest in this case.
Glasses with Nose Pads Vs. Glasses Without?
It depends a lot on how the bridge of your nose is made. Many people can not wear plastic frames , which do not have nose pads because they just wo not fit. Metal frames with nose pads can be adjusted to sit away from the cheeks so you get better air circulation around them. Plastic frames tend to slip and ride down the nose a lot more than metal frames. In general , metal frames can be adjusted for a better fit than plastic frames , especially if one ear is a bit higher than the other , which is very common. So, unless the plastic frame is a perfect fit on the bridge of the nose, then a metal frame is a lot better.1. What is the best type of glasses frame for a strong prescription?The best frame choice for a strong prescription is a round frame because it is easier to shape a strong prescription effectively. No matter what you choose, just be sure your prescription eyeglasses fit well and reflect your individuality.1. Choose plastic glasses over metal frames. Plastic frames are lightweight and still customizable to fit your personality. They remain the most common and budget-friendly, and make lens replacement easier.2. Look for glasses that have a frame around the entire lens. In full-rim glasses, the lenses are covered on all sides with the frames. This helps minimize the appearance of the lens' thickness.3. Do not buy glasses that have a huge lens area. The further you get away from the focal point on a lens, the thicker the lens will be and the more distortion that will exist (a strong minus power will magnify your eyes, making your eyes look smaller on your face. a strong plus power will make your eyes look larger on your face)3. If you have a high plus power, try to stay away from long, narrow frames (frames that are long across the top), as the lenses will tend to pop out of those frames the easiest. What is the best type of glasses frame for a strong prescription?2. Simple, large, plastic/metal frames?Your physique length, no count number how huge can not make you fat. Fatness has certainly not something to do with physique length. in spite of the undeniable fact that, i am getting what you are saying. it style of feels multiple the girls in Hollwyood with larger frames like Rosie O'Donnnell tend to additionally be fat to boot. it somewhat is by way of the endermorph physique style, extreme lean mass AND extreme physique fat. yet i could say Serena and Venus Williams are sturdy examples of having a great physique and not being fat. they are of course very muscular to boot as great framed. additionally Beyonce who's rather lean yet not small, Kelly Osbourne who has slimmed down at present and Oprah Winfrey, yet she is often up and down along with her weight, so i am undecided if she counts3. Laptop Wireless Internet connection problem?This is quite common, one thing you can do is position the router high and away from any cupboards or walls and metal frames, magnets, monitors, speakers etc they will just bounce the signal in the wrong direction or absorb them completely. Rebooting the entire network often helps too, this resolves ip conflicts etc. Turn OFF every computer, then reboot the router (turn it off then on again) and then fire your laptop up, then all the other computers one by one.4. Can I buy metal frames for existing commercial steel doors?You can buy just the doors and leave the frames installed if you can find a commercial door supply that carries the doors that are hung to the standards of your frames. Cook and Boardman is a good example of a door company in my area but I do not know if they have a distributor in you area5. Where can I buy cheap picture frames of all sizes in bulk?They are very reasonably priced. They will make any size you need. If you buy multiples they will discount their all ready wholesale price. You can buy just the frames if you want6. Poll: Why do people always give excuses and leave when I invite them to my basement?I know. I try to make them feel at home by sealing off all the windows and showing off all my leather straps and metal frames. People are weird
Samsung Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force Laptops Launched
Samsung has launched its new laptop range-- Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force. The Notebook 7 comes in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch sizes while the Notebook 7 Force only comes in 15.6-inch display size. There are three models of the Notebook 7 and one variant of the Notebook 7 Force. All the models come with 8th-gen Intel processor. The Notebook 7 Force offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 and supports up to 24GB RAM and there is a dedicated 512GB SSD along with support for two more memory slots-- one HDD and one SSD. On the other hand, the Notebook 7 models offer up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. The new Notebook 7 range offer Dolby Atmos audio with 720p HD camera for video chats along with dual array mic. Connectivity ports including USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, and an SD card reader. Both the Notebook 7 and the Notebook 7 Force feature a solid metal frame design , the Notebook 7 Force measures 17.9mm in thickness. All the models offer FUll HD resolution with backlit keypads. There is an inbuilt fingerprint scanner as well in all the variants. The Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force will initially be available in Korea and Hong Kong, followed by the U.S. and Brazil later in 2019. The Notebook 7 can also be purchased in Mainland China. "The new Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force blend elegant design with impressive power and top-notch speed to give consumers an unparalleled experience. These devices expand our portfolio in new directions, giving consumers the opportunity to pick the device that perfectly suits their lifestyle," said YoungGyoo Choi, Senior Vice President of the PC Business Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.
Here's How the Nilgiris Tribals Contribute Towards Elephant Conservation
"I saw one just the other day," says S Vishnu Varadhan. "He was standing on the grassland behind our house." Vishnu is talking about an elephant. A resident of Kargudi, a hamlet within the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in the Nilgiris, he sees elephants almost every day, so much so that he knows their magnificent physique, the flap of their ears, bend of their trunks, and girth of their feet, like the back of his hand. The 25-year-old, who's from the Betta Kurumba tribe, is etching the elephants he's seen into life-sized ones made of lantana, an invasive weed. He is part of a team of 25 tribal artisans from the Nilgiris that is making lantana elephants to raise funds for elephant conservation. One hundred of the elephants will be auctioned in the UK and US in 2021. The project is a collaborative effort of social enterprise The Real Elephant Collective and NGO Elephant Family. Vishnu and the team have been working at a workshop in Thorapalli, a small town in the hills, that has elephants, tigers, leopards, and spotted deer for neighbours. The journeyThe lantana elephant's journey begins as a photograph. "There's a separate team for taking photos," says R Manikandan, who assists Tarsh Thekaekara, an elephant researcher at The Shola Trust, who brings his valuable expertise to the project. "I'm here to help the team take their own photos and set camera traps. The idea is to make them self-sustained in terms of camera usage." From the photo, the elephant's dimensions are transferred onto paper, and then given 3D form using metal rods.Welder K Yogeswaran is the man behind the metal frame. "I use 6 mm and 10 mm rods for this," he tells us, removing his dark goggles. He's working on the frame of a baby elephant, giving it shape, one spark after another from his welding gun. Each elephant takes a month-and-a-half to make. "Once the frame is ready, we take over," says AV Serappan, who's from the Paniyar tribe. "I did carpentry and painting work before this project; we've been working here since December 2017," adds the 48-year-old.Lantana, an invasive weed that's taking over our forests, was brought from MM Hills near Kollegal in Karnataka, for the project, according to Manikandan. For crafting them into elephants though, the shoots have to be boiled, the outer layer, peeled. This is when the women in the team, M Ramya, M Chitra, and B Lakshmi, come into the picture. "Boiling the shoots makes them flexible," explains Ramya, who's also from Kargudi. She too, like her fellow villagers, sees elephants every day. "We live right inside their territory, don't we?"How to name itVishnu says each lantana elephant has a real-life counterpart. He points to one labelled KK2. "Her name is Rani; she's from Kapikad." He knows her habits very well. "She's an expert at sleeping while standing," he chuckles. By her feet, baby elephant Messi is taking shape. Vishnu did odd jobs that came his way, such as being a guide with the Forest Department, before he joined the team. He says that even today, when he thinks of his job, he gets goosebumps. "I make elephants," he says, shaking his head. "I make elephants."
Is THIS What the IPhone 8 Will Look Like? Concept Images Reveal Curved Edges, Stainless Steel Sides
It has been rumoured to have a dual-lens camera, augmented reality, a curved screen and even facial recognition - but what will these features look like in the iPhone 8?New concept images have revealed what one artist thinks Apple's next phone might look like.The concept is based on a succession of reports suggesting Apple is abandoning its aluminum casing in favour of a return to a glass and stainless steel design.Apple 's iPhone 8 may still be months away, but rumours about the highly anticipated smartphone are flooding the internet.Recent rumours from an 'upstream supply chain' suggest the Cupertino company is ditching the aluminium back cover for its next model.Instead, it will be designed with a stainless steel forging process that brings together two reinforced glass panels supported by a metal frame.It was first reported by Chinese newspaper DigiTimes , which revealed the new components would be ordered from Foxconn electronics US-based Jabil - firms who worked with Apple in creating the iPhone 4, reports 9To5Mac Now Industrial Design student Imran Taylor from Manila, the Philippines, has released pictures of what this might look like.Mr Taylor describes his concept as: 'Bringing back the classic iPhone 4 design language, with glass on the front and back constructed with a NEW liquid metal frame.' The concept shows a high quality Gorrilla Glass with a liquid metal frame, Mr Taylor says.The rear of the phone shows the glass back with a vertical dual-camera arrangement that hasbeen suggested in previous reports.The pictures also show an iPad Pro-style Smart Connector that has not been rumoured.Functions of the lower bezel, a word used to describe the circular button, display, shown, could vary among different apps A rumour that was leaked by Cowen and Company earlier this month suggests this year's tenth anniversary handset will have 'some form of facial/gesture recognition'.Written by Timothy Arcuri, a Cowen and Company analyst, the note was firest reported by Kif Leswing with Business Insider 'Other features appear to include some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera and, as expected, should also finally include wireless charging,' Arcuri wrote.Sources also speculated there will be a new 5.8 inch model, complete with a 'wraparound' OLED screen with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor underneath the glass.The lower display notifies and provides quick access to apps/notifications when the screen is off, Imran Taylor says
Historic Metal Casement Windows | Repair & Restoration Guide
With care and routine cleaning historic metal casement windows can last just as long as a modern day replacement. Whether cast, wrought iron or steel, corrosion is generally the primary cause of any issues that might occur. This guide aims to give a historical context to non-galvanised (pre 1950) metal casement windows and the distinct development of material and form over the years, advice on a best practise maintenance routine, signs of deterioration to look out for and likely restoration and repair techniques when metal windows are in need of intervention. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this guide is informative, this is not a definitive resource to historic metal window restoration and specialist advice should always be sought when necessary. The first metal windows in the UK were reserved for the noble or papal. Exceptionally expensive, glazing was not affordable for most meaning the earliest examples of metal windows in the UK are predominantly found in ecclesiastical buildings and country manors. Initially, windows were made by medieval blacksmiths from wrought iron. Installed directly into the building secured with copper or lead ferramenta bars, the windows were fixed closed and fairly simplistic in design. Casement windows, those with at least one light or pane that could be opened, required significantly more skill and craftsmanship, since they required mechanical components. The majority of 14th - 17th century windows took this form, made up of a series of leaded light panels, in diamond shapes (known as quarries) joined together using strips of lead (cames) to produce one casement glazed area framed with wrought iron. In the 18th century, wrought iron casement windows were predominantly superseded by the latest fashion - timber sash windows which we see so much of today. Still, metal casement windows with leaded lights continued to be used in ecclesiastical settings and in lowlier domestic houses, and a mini renaissance occurred in the 1800's with the boom in gothic architecture, the arts and crafts movement and the industrial revolution. The developments in manufacturing processes in the industrial revolution led to traditional wood sash windows being reproduced in cast iron. Once a craftsman's job, metal windows could now be mass produced by the new 19th century factories. The final stage historically in metal window development came in the 1850's when Sir Henry Bessemer, an English engineer and inventor, developed a new mass production process for hot rolled steel. This allowed for new innovations in the manufacture of casement windows and as a result they became predominantly made from steel. Through the Art Deco and World War periods, owing to the versatility of the material architecturally, steel window production flourished. One of the largest and most well-known producers of the time were Crittal - now a well-used term for steel windows - which are still in production to this day. To find out more about the metallurgy and a historical context of the particular metals used in these windows have a look at our tech spec guides for wrought iron, cast iron and steel. In the case of older non-galvanised metal windows made of wrought iron, cast iron or steel, a maintenance routine should be developed to ensure your windows last as they should. Some of the most prevalent problems that occur with metal casement windows include: Corrosion, although slightly different dependent on the fabric of your window casement, is generally the primary cause of any issues that might occur, and good care and routine cleaning will keep this to a minimum, protecting both the metal and glazing. If in any doubt, seek professional advice before attempting to clean metal windows. Check metal frames for sitting water - whether resulting from heavy rain or condensation. Gathering to excess can accelerate the corrosion process. Some steel casement windows will have small holes along their base (weep holes) to allow sitting water to drain away. Check these regularly for blockages and keep them clear of any obstructions Light rust can be removed by hand with a wire brush or sandpaper, however, more severely corroded metal windows may need to be cleaned professionally. Oiling moving components of window furniture regularly will help reduce the chances of rusting or fusing shut. A thin oil (such as 2 in 1) should be used on iron and steel window moving components to keep free. You can clean historic ironmongery gently with soft cloths or brass brush. Do not to use any abrasive cream or solvents and ensure you dry the ironwork completely after cleaning. Signs of Windows in Need of Intervention There are certain signs to look out for that may indicate some of the above conditions may be occurring, at which point, restoration/conservation advice should be sought. Fusing between catches, stays and pivots (never force windows open or closed if they are stuck!) Blistering to protective paintwork where metal underneath is corroding Lifting / falling out of putty around glazing Often, metal casement windows will look a lot worse than they actually are. Since rust by volume is greater than un-oxidised iron or steel, what looks like a terrible mess may in fact be fairly easily rectified by a professional. Once restored, metal casement windows can last as long as a new replacement would if maintained. Original historic metal windows bring character and aesthetic to your building, and should never be replaced with uPVC or other crude alternatives. Replication, where repair is not possible, should be sensitive to the character of existing windows using matching sections, original fittings, and where necessary, traditionally produced glass. An important note should be made on window furniture. It is of great importance that the existing furniture is both maintained and preserved where possible and re-used during any repair or alteration works. These points are even more relevant where the building is listed or in a conservation area and planning consents maybe required. In restoration, glazing and old putty will often need removing from the metal frames. Existing glazing will be carefully cleaned and reinstated and replacement putty installed. Where the metal frames are in need of attention, dependent on the fabric, dent-straightening, cold stitching (if thick enough), fire welding, modern welding and patching are typical repair techniques which may be used. Whilst light corrosion can be removed by hand, serious rust may require using acid pickling or shot blasting. Which techniques are employed will often depend on both budgets and the historical context of the windows. A zinc based paint will often be used as a primer to provide a protective layer to bare metal prior to painting with a suitable system. It should be noted, that removing all coatings from the metalwork can destroy evidence of previous historic paintwork. As such some paint samples should be taken and if possible layers should be left behind in a small area where rust has not occurred to provide a context for future owners. These restoration methods should only ever be carried out by a skilled and experienced professional. Click below for guides on other architectural metalwork features:1. I am a 13 year old girl. And i LOVE bands like Paramore and alternative music how should I decorate my room?Paint your entire room a neutral color. Find a wall screen of worn out brick, cover the wall behind your bed and the wall adjacent to it in the screen. Keep your floor bare. Put posters up of the band you like on the walls without the brick. Get a bed, desk, beside table, and chairs with metal frames. Also be sure to get a great stereo system. Hope this works out for you!2. Eyeglass wearers: Do you prefer plastic frames or metal frames?Plastic because they are not pliable and they show me as the geek I truly am :]3. A Guide to Choosing Glasses That FitAnyone who has ever worn glasses understands how uncomfortable a pair can be if they are not properly fitted and adjusted. While industry pros are capable of only slightly adjusting plastic frames, there are a variety of ways that metal frames can be adjusted for an ideal fit. Experts know that the one of the most common ways of adjusting metal frames is through the nose pads. Read on for a quick guide to some of the most popular types of nose pads used on metal frame glasses, and how an Optician can select the right ones for their client. While optical nose pads are available in a wide range of materials, professionals know that there are two types that are most common: plastic and silicone. Graduates of optician programs know that silicone is generally the most comfortable material for nose pads. It is soft and flexible, and moulds to the contours of the wearer's nose. However, silicone nose pads are not perfect, as their porous material easily absorbs sweat and dirt. Causing a slight discoloration to occur about every six months. Once you have earned your optician diploma, it is important to have your clients check in with you at least twice a year to have their silicone pads switched out for new ones. Plastic nose pads, on the other hand, have a much more rigid feel compared to silicone ones. Opticians know that nose pads made from this material tend to be much less comfortable than the silicone pads, and do not contour to the face the same way. Opticians Choose the Best Method to Mount Nose Pads Students enrolled in Licensed Optician courses will learn that there are several ways that nose pads can be mounted onto a pair of metal frame glasses. Dispensing Opticians always have screw on nose pads on hand, since these are the most popular type. They are held onto the frames by a tiny screw that slides through a hole beneath the nose pad and the frame's guard arm. If a customer should need replacement screw on pads, it is important to recommend that they see a certified optician. A screwdriver must be used and it can easily slip and scratch the lenses. Snap on nose pads are also quite common. They come in a variety of materials and are very easy to replace. They can be found at virtually any eyeglasses store and they simply click on and off of the frames. Professional Opticians Understand the Importance of Nose Pad Shape and Size Professional Licensed Opticians know that nose pads are made in sizes. Ranging from approximately 9mm to 24mm, and they come in many different shapes. It is important that an Optician select the right size for his or her client, depending on their specific features. Symmetrical nose pads are all identical and can be used on both the left side and the right. These are ideal for opticians as the guesswork usually involved in differentiating the left from the right pad is eliminated. Asymmetrical nose pads consist of a pad designated to wither the right or left side of a frame. Experts know that the flat edge of these pads should always face away from the face. Would you like to learn more about optical retail? Find out more about Stenberg College's Optician Diploma Program!
My Metal Frame Bed Is Broken From One Side Where Is Was Joint Together with Headboard Leg.?
Tex person is right. regular glue would not hold such pressure. There is a liquid called JB weld (most hardware stores sell it). I would suggest you apply the JB weld, and then wire the frame back together for more support. edit: You might also support that part of the frame with a cement block or bricks. (for additional support) edit: AL Batty has a good point. But, if you decide to use L brackets, it might be a good idea to also consider wiring them in place afer you have drilled and attached them with small bolts and nuts. -- (depending on the way the frame has come apart)1. How do I age and distress a pressed tin/metal frame?You could paint it a base color and then once that's dry go over it with a glaze (paint mixed with water) to get all the indents. Or you could also patina it. They sell the actual patina mix at craft stores. It turns out really cool2. how do you figure wind load on a metal frame building (24 by 32) ?You need to know what city the building is located in, the importance category of the building, the exposure factor, the height, ect. You should consult the appropriate section of your National Building Code. In Canada, its in Part 4. The formula is given, and then, you figure out the various coefficients..and get a pressure varying with height.3. I have a metal frame that holds a sheet of tacky orange fabric as my airconditioning filter.where to purchase?Usually a home Improvement Store. Most you see now is green4. How to upcycle metal frame?No, It's not too heavy you just need the right hardware for the job. As long as you distribute the weight evenly it will stay in place until you decide to move it. Without seeing the Metal frame my best guess would be that you should use anchors or molly bolts. Another possible option would be french cleats, but that might show after hanging. Sounds like a unique vintage piece that just needs to be laquered or painted and will look great in a Rustic Cottage setting or work well with a Vintage Industrial theme. I like using pieces like that as make shift wall hooks for scarves and hats as well. Another excellent Idea is to make a shelf or end table out of it, since it's so large you could possibly use it as an end table by hanging it low and putting a sheet of thick glass over it5. metal frame or quick set pool??? PLEASE HELP?METAL FRAME! even an animal can pop a quick set pool. you do NOT want one. lol. they are not worth a dime to me. but you would be having a hassle to take a pool down every year, why do you need to though? blessings6. How can you attach metal screws holding a metal frame into a wooden table once they've come loose?gorilla glue!!!!7. 21.5x16.5 air fliter? Currently in it: blue mesh with metal frame (its gross!). Tried 20x16 but falls out?Yes, I think that this one was meant to be washable also. BUT, if it's gross, Home Depot carries a cut to fit blue filter material (under $10) that is stiff enough to support itself under the suction, is washable, and every bit as good (or better than) the throw-outs. Use your old frame and cut one of those to fit it. That should hold you for a few years.8. How do I get dirt &sand out of the bottom of a 18 by 4ft metal frame above ground pool from walmart ?You are pretty much stuck. Those alleged filter systems are not strong enough to operate a manual vacuum. Short of purchasing an additional pool pump for vacuuming there is not any way out. Sorry. Score another one for Wally World.9. Another 1911 colt 45 question?The 1911 has a better trigger, metal frame and is a legend. I do not like the scissor triggered plastic Glock10. How do I attach ceramic house number tiles to the metal frame so they don't fall out?Glue the tiles to the metal frame. Then, use bathroom tile caulk around on the front, where the tile meets the frame. That caulk will not only help hold the tile, it will give a more finished look
Plastic Frames Vs Metal Frames on an Asian Guy?
I was never a fan of plastic frames in general. I think anyone, girl or guy, no matter what race, looks better in metal frames. The plastic frames look a little cheap and easy to break. You should stick to the metal frames, they are not even nerdy :)1. where can i find nonprescription reding glasses that are REAL GLASS and have METAL FRAMES?what she sed ^2. Prescription glasses bridge, wide or narrow?Get metal frames as they will be easier to adjust!3. Any advice on shopping for poster frames?Hi, I have 10 years custom picture framing experience. Any custom picture frame shop will have Neilson metal frames you can use with your posters. I recommend a squared off top instead of a rounded top if you have reason to think they will be moved around a lot, as metal frames that large torque when moved and the squared off top profiles hold up better, longer. Neilson has some awesome wider profiles that will hold glass that large more safely as well. I also recommend making sure your framer actually realizes *cringes because they should, but some do not * that the frame lip will cover a quarter to a half an inch of the sides of the poster, but that may not be enough to make sure the fine print at the bottom does not show. It looks tacky when it shows or is cut in half, so make sure they know how to take care of that without cropping more than they need to or less than they need to. Also, it needs to be dry mounted if it's not signed or valuable so you wo not see ripples in it after condensation and humidity expansion and contraction have taken their toll. If it is valuable or signed and you want to preserve the value, it will need conservation mounted and matted. A good shop will warn you that dry mounting - even 'conservation dry mounting' will destroy the value of a signed piece and make you sign a waver if you insist on doing it anyways. Dry mounting is the only way to make it flat though since posters are so large and on such thin paper. Also to remember is if it's signed and you do not want matting, to have spacers put in so the signature is separated from the glass and wo not stick. I would also recommend plexiglass if it will be over a sofa or where a child could possibly break the glass bc it's so large. Plexi is expensive, UV proof plexi is even more expensive, but less expensive than slicing someone open with a three foot shard of glass. Another thing, poster ink fades notoriously fast, and so even if it's a cheap $5 poster and you do not want to pay for UV proof glass (or UV proof plexiglass) remember the frame is the valuable part here, and it will outlast the poster, and most posters are the same size, so you can reuse it in the future4. i want to get rid of my footboard?You could get one of them metal frames that you can attach the headboard to they only cost about $305. is it cheesy to wear duo plastic metal frames for those who have thick lens in spite of them being high index?if you have the option to try each than pick which suits you best if not than I would go with metal6. I just got a couple of really cool matted photographs that I need red and yellow metal frames for?eBay! You can find EVERYTHING on eBay. Careful...its addicting7. GlassesUSA review: Brand, service, and productsReviews for this brand are generally positive. GlassesUSA started trading in 2009, and they are an online eyewear retailer catering for adults and children. They offer designer and in-house brands featuring a wide range of frames and styles. All lenses, including sunglasses, can be either prescription or non-prescription, with the company claiming to have over 7,000 frames in stock. GlassesUSA have an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Of these reviews, 72% give the company five stars compared with 7% of users awarding them 1 star. Positive reviews mention the choice of products and affordable prices, while negative reviews frequently cite delivery issues. On the GlassesUSA website, individuals can search for frames and sunglasses by categories that include: A person can also narrow their selection using filters to show only the products suitable to their needs, such as frame shape, color, and price range. As well as their more affordable in-house styles, GlassesUSA stock a variety of designer labels. The company are a certified reseller of all the designer brands they feature. In addition to the different frame models and brands they stock, GlassesUSA regularly offer clearance sales and other promotions. People can upload a photo of themselves to the GlassesUSA website or take an instant photo with their webcam to see how their chosen glasses will look on them. A person does not need to login to the website or create an account to use this service. Once a person chooses their frames, they can upload a photo of their prescription or manually add these details. If this information is not available, individuals can download an application to their smartphone to scan their current lenses. The app will automatically detect the lens prescription. A person can also customize their lenses with protective coatings such as anti-scratch or ultraviolet (UV) protection. GlassesUSA products include a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of ordering and a 365-day warranty. They also have free shipping and returns, as well as 24-hour customer service. What to look for in vision products Below are important factors to consider when purchasing glasses. Many modern frames consist of plastic, a more lightweight material than metal frames that may be stronger and more hardwearing. Eco-friendly wooden frames are sometimes available as another lightweight alternative. Frames come in varying sizes, and a person's specific facial measurements will determine the fit they need. Glasses should fit nicely on the bridge of an individual's nose. If the fit is incorrect, the glasses may pinch, slip, or fall. A person's prescription will determine the thickness of the lens they require. Usually, a higher prescription involves a thicker lens. People can help reduce or avoid headaches and eye strain by ensuring their lenses have an up-to-date prescription. A retailer will frequently offer the following optional protective coating services: Anti-reflective coating: Reduces glare, prevents eyestrain, and could benefit those using screens for long periods, a well as those who drive at night. A found that glasses purchased online often did not meet a person's visual or physical requirements. However, a later found that the quality of lenses purchased online was similar to that in-store. The same was true for prescription accuracy. According to the , 11 million people in the United States aged 12 years and over require corrective lenses to see clearly. Regular eye tests are therefore essential for most adults and children. Recent research studying the importance of eyeglasses is limited. However, a of American Indian and Alaska natives found that glasses improve a person's vision-related quality of life. The National Eye Institute (NEI) report even though a person's eyes feel fine, it does not necessarily indicate optimal eye health. The organization recommend seeing an optometrist for an eye exam every 1-2 years. According to NEI recommendations, other ways to keep a person's eyes healthy include: finding out if their family have a medical history of eye disease The NEI also note that while eye exams and eye prescriptions can be expensive, there may be financial help available for eligible people. As many eye diseases have no symptoms or warning signs, optometrists can conduct a dilated eye exam, a detailed test that can detect some conditions early, such as:
Which Type of Pool Is Better, Metal Frame Or Inflatable?
Metal. The inflatable ones are only popular bc they are easier. I think a metal frame one would last longer and look nicer1. can i paint my metal frame futon?Metal Futon2. What is the metal frame above the pilotu2019s head in the Su-35? Does it help for the ejection of the canopy?So I will attempt to answer this as good as I can. Modern military aircraft egress systems are initiated by what is known as detonating cords. Regarding the canopies they have a MDC or mild detonating cord. What that does is fracture the transparency so when the pilot selects eject he/she will travel through the canopy frame and egress the jet. The seats are SMDC or shielded mild detonating cord. The whole process takes approximately 1.4 seconds and the pilot will catapult on rails trip the detonating cords and trigger the rocket pack (5500 pounds of thrust) and eject. So what looks like a frame is actually a detonating cord. Good question.What is the metal frame above the pilot's head in the Su-35? Does it help for the ejection of the canopy?3. I have an oval face, long neck & wear metal frame glasses. I love turtle-necks. Can I wear long earrings?Not with a turtle neck , too much drama there4. Does the Walther CP99 compact have an all metal frame?Partly and part polymer5. what can i do to stop my sons metal frame bunk beds from creaking?have you tried putting some WD40 on the spots that squeak?6. Above ground pool advice on ring or metal frame & life span?We have an Easy Set also is 18' x 42 inches and it has lasted 5 years. Every winter I put it away, and roll it up and put in a 30 gallon metal trash can. Add a few moth balls for the spiders and then seal the lid with tape. Then got a Rubber maid cabinet for all the maintenance thing. I purchased extra the Krystal Clear Deluxe saltwater system for about $300. Since only add salt one time until it vaporises. The system creates its own chlorine & PH balance which you need to kill bacteria and algae. . The Machine will tell you to add salt or too much salt. Too much we add more water, then if it need salt a bucket at time. This pool takes 95 pound plus or minus a few. Guess what. no more chemicals and the PH and it it is crystal clear all summer so far. You do not taste any salt unless it is too much, but it will not hurt you. Once in a while you vacuum the dirt on the bottom which all comes with the pool. The pump filter I change every 2 weeks and can get 4 for about $15 or so. Can get them at Target, or anywhere or on line. I purchased mine on line at Wal Mart that has the best price and delivery was prompt and safe. Once you have the ground level like on grass, then have to spread it out, fill with 2 feet of water....wait a day so it will self level, then takes about a whole day to fill up. What is fun the kids can get in to fill it up while you set up the pump and assemble the ladder and things. It also comes with a cover and I bought extra is the solar blanket. This year bought a skimmer which works great keeping the bugs to go the pump. But have to remember it is not child safe until have fence built which I am going to do next winter. We take the ladder away and lock all doors leading to the back hard. Meantime we just love it and it is a lot better the the metal frame which take a lot of storage and the plastic fittings always break. Then love a $40K pool. . but we cannot do it, then this the best for the next 10 years. Nothing last forever so I take extra care of it. You can find nice instructions and a feel of that pool on You Tube. You can write and ask me questions if you like
How to Repair and Maintain Deck Hatches and Portlights
There are plenty of small maintenance and repair jobs that need to be done on your boat. Over the course of a year you could save yourself a small fortune by doing some of the work yourself rather than paying someone to do it for you. Some jobs are complex and worth paying for, but small jobs like repairing deck hatches and portlights could be doable with some basic DIY skills and a little research. Plastic portlight lenses are nearly always made from see-through acrylic (PMMA). Common brand names include Crylux, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex. Portlight lenses can also be made of tempered glass, which has better longevity and is also easier to clean. However glass is brittle, which means it should only be installed in a rigid frame. This means it is unsuitable for fixed portlights, because even portlights with metal frames flex to the contour of the side of the cabin. Plastic hatch lenses are often made from see-through polycarbonate (PC) such as the Lexan or Makrolon brands. Both acrylic and polycarbonate have pros and cons. Acrylic is shinier and cheaper than polycarb but easier to crack. Polycarb is more resistant to impact but scratches more easily than acrylic. Both of them are lighter than untempered glass, with acrylic being 4 to 8 times stronger than untempered glass. Polycarb is around 200 times stronger than untempered glass. Acrylic hatch or portlight lenses do not last forever. Over time they become faded, crazed, hazy and stop sealing. They not only make the boat look tired, but when the seals also do not work, it makes being below deck unpleasant. Everyone notices the hatch when they go below deck. Even if you restored or replaced every other part on your boat and neglected to revive the hatch, it will still look like an old, tired boat. A new acrylic lens can make all the difference to the hatch if the old material is well past its use by date, but in a lot of cases the acrylic can be restored to a beautiful finish. Gather your parts and tools and tackle the job. The biggest problem with acrylic lenses is crazing. Once see-through acrylic turns opaque and ugly with age but you can bring it back to life. The My Sailing website details how yacht owner David Bowden restored an acrylic hatch that looked unrecoverable from crazing. David worked on the acrylic windows of his catamaran in 2012 and, years later, the windows are still in good condition. He not only enjoys a better view, but he has saved himself the hassle and expense of replacing the hatch and windows. He concedes his technique wo not make the acrylic look brand new but you need to look hard to see the imperfections. By removing 0.5 mm of the acrylic you can remove surface crazing. If it's bad, you may need to remove up to 1mm. It only takes around an hour to revive an acrylic hatch or window (portlight). 1. Use a 150mm random orbital sander and a 40 grit paper. Move the sander in even sweeps in alternate directions. Wait until the craze disappears before moving to a finer grit paper to polish. 2. Start with 60 then move to 80, 120, 180 and finish on 350 grit paper. 3. Check the underside of the acrylic in case light crazing has occurred and if so treat with a fine paper. 4. Use a polishing and finishing pad as a final step. 5. Fit the acrylic back into the mounting frame. David recommends using a regular protectant if a full sun protectant is not available. The sun's rays, dirt and chemicals cause most of the damage to acrylic, so avoid cleaning with harsh solvents such as benzene or ammonia. Be wary about using plastic mesh sunscreens. A fabric cover is a better option than plastic. There is nothing worse than storing your gear under a hatch only to find it wet from spray or wash down. To make your hatch watertight again, try replacing the seal/gasket. Order the correct size gasket seal for your hatch. Once it has arrived, you can get to work stripping out the old and replacing with the new. 1. Pull out the old gasket and use a narrow chisel or knife to remove all the old adhesive. 2. Use Isopropyl Alcohol on a rag to wipe over the gasket area. 3. Pull the backing cover off the end of your new gasket and starting at a hinge, install around the perimeter. 4. Once you have covered the edge, carefully cut to create a butt joint. 5. Next take a new tube of super glue and cement the butt joint, being careful not to get any on the lens then allow to set for five minutes. 6. Apply pressure to the entire gasket to ensure the tape adheres. Use a marine silicone lubricant to extend the life of your gaskets, weather stripping and seals. Just like hatches, portlights will give away an old girl's age. Replace or maintain them to keep your vessel looking good. If you want to replace a portlight on an old boat, you may struggle to find a replacement one to fit the same aperture. You could be forced to install a bigger or different-shaped portlight. If you find a portlight that is slightly smaller than the gap left by the old light, fill it with plywood or foam skinned with fibreglass. However, there is a considerable amount of work with this option and, if not done well, it may leak in the future. It may be worth ordering a custom-made portlight so it fills the aperture and saves you time. To ensure you get the size right, remove the old light and make a template for the manufacturer. Sailing Magazine show how to replace an old portlight with a new one here. A common problem on older boats are leaks around or through the portlights. The leaks can cause plywood to warp and buckle. Much of the damage may not be obvious at first so do not leave a leaking portlight unrepaired. Always use a marine grade silicone sealant. Plastic leaks oil over time so a good quality silicone sealant is your best line of defence against future water leaks. You can read more about the types of sealants available here. 1. On the outside of the boat cut the old caulking by prying the frame off the boat with a putty knife. If the frame does not budge, try a small electric cutting tool to cut through the caulking before prying off. 2. Use a small sharp chisel to remove the remainder of the old silicone. 3. Move inside the boat and pry the frames off. 4. Use a scraper to remove all the old sealant off the frames. Remove any rough surfaces and contaminants from the edge of the hole in the hull. 5. Use an acetone solvent to clean off any remaining contaminants. Always do a patch test of any solvents. Clean the portlight with solvent on a rag to ensure both surfaces are perfectly clean. 6. Drill holes in the new trim. 7. Slowly spread caulking around the portlight on the inside and outside edge. 8. Put the screws in and use a scraper to remove the excess caulking that has escaped from under the light. 9. Finally, clean up the last remaining residue with acetone. You can watch a video of the process. Keep your ageing boat looking good by repairing and restoring parts as they show signs of wear and tear. You will not only enjoy a great-looking boat but it will keep your boat functional.1. When youu2019re driving in the sun, what sunglasses do you rely on?Thanks for the A2A. I like to wear polarized black tinted sun glasses similar to these by RayBan. The ones below are reflectorized, but I don't really care whether that is the case or not. I don't care one whit for fashion. For me it's totally about functionality and safety. I'm funny that way. I prefer the following in a pair of sunglasses, and I've listed the characteristics in order of importance:Polarized - This is the main thing. I will not buy a pair of sunglasses that is not polarized. Polarization reduces reflected glare off of the object your are viewing. When I'm driving, I want to clearly see the other vehicles on the road.Full size lenses - I want fairly large sunglasses like the RayBans below. I definitely don't want those freakish sunglasses that fit inside the eye sockets. I feel like those are not safe in an accident where your upper head strikes something. It's going to be bad enough recovering from a broken nose or concussion. I don't need scratched corneas or cut eyelids and eyeballs on top of that. Too me, that is just a common sense thing.Uniformly black tinted lenses - I don't like the lenses that are darker on the top and get gradually darker towards the bottom, as the bottom part will let in too much light. My eyes are very light sensitive, and I can get headaches from too much sunlight. I prefer the lenses to be fairly dark, but not super dark. If I have to take them off every time the sun goes behind a cloud, that's too dark.Metal frames - Plastic frames always seem to break pretty quickly. Metal frames last longer, and if they get bent out of shape, you can bend them back. Memory metal is not my favorite, because you can't bend them the way you want them.Position of the nose supports - The little oval plastic pads that sit on the sides of your nose must be far enough from the frames so that the frames are not cutting into my face. If there are on relatively strong wire rods as these RayBans are, that is a plus, because I can bend them away from the frame if I need to to keep the frame off my face.Black frames - The RayBans in the picture have chrome frames, but I prefer black. Don't know why, but that's what I like. The color is not a deal breaker, as I will buy gold-colored or chrome-colored frames, but I prefer black.Except for the chrome lenses, the above RayBans fit my requirements to a T. But if this was as close as I could get to my requirements, I would not hesitate to purchase them. When you're driving in the sun, what sunglasses do you rely on?2. Am i going to die?! Radiation exposure.?The fact that they call them X-ray machines does not mean they are X-ray machines! Sunglasses would not affect an X-ray machine but they could set off a metal detector if they have metal frames, so I would place a large bet on those things being metal detectors. You might have picked up some tropical infection so it might be worth seeing a doctor anyway. I think it's safe to say you are not going to die from it, whatever it is.3. does anyone have the metal frames to put in wet pant legs while they dry to leave a crease? Instead of ironinjust spend five minutes or less on a pant after washing dude, otherwise I have tried hanging khakis on a hanger while they are a little wet and moist and by morning they look great, good luck
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