EMO/ Punk/ Gothic Bedroom Ideas?

Paint your room grey, put up posters for bands and movies you like. You can find these at walmart, FYE, hot topic, abd sny local punk stores. Also draw and write some stuff to put on your wall. Song lyrics poems and quotes are great. If you can not draw get a friend to help. Put all these things on your walls with tape. Also take some pictures! Hang these on the walls to. Find what you like. I have a grunge/emo friend who loves frogs. She has drawings and statues of them in her room. Also find some antiques from local shops. The older the better. Old dolls are also good to have. Try finding stuff at good will. Play some CDs all the time too. Just do whatever you want but be sure you make it unique. The grey walls are good because if if you want to change your room your room, color is not geting in the way. Have fun and rock on! m/

1. does anyone have good leopard bedroom ideas?

i wouold try a dark gray, tan , tope, or brown it will bring out the leopard prints - if it looks like this unless its a colored leopard print

2. Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas?

Do not spend too much money cos as a teenager you will have changed your mind in about 4 months. Got 2 living at my house you see

3. What are some bedroom ideas?

When you think of remodeling your bedroom then furniture and linens are most concerned subjects. Furniture is the one that can change the overall look of your bedroom and if quality designer linens are used then it add more style. You may have some ideas of bedroom furniture with the given source.

4. Whimsical/bohohippie/creative bedroom ideas!!!!?

just an idea- you can find complete bed sheet/comforter sets at kmart on sale very cheap a lot of the time. go from there to figure out the wall and shelf colors. the cheapest paint is at walmart.

5. Anyone have any bedroom ideas?

chic is the theme? ok I will help first you go with the little dark or light colors. bedroom, when we say that we should have playful colors but it is not the colors that hurt your eyes a lot. you should use the colors lavender,pinkish,baby blue, sky blue, dark brown,lime green for your walls second, the furniture! a four-poster bed or water bed may help. what do you think makes you more comfortable the most? choose the colors, for instance: if you used the dark brown for the walls, then lighten it up with white or black! it depends on what you like have 2-3 chairs just a little chairs not so big and small table. put lampshades and one window with a beautiful view, beside or by side your bed. the most important is use your imagination to make it more comfy,nice,and artistic and attractive! good luck hon! and take note of the colors and their contrast!

6. Help, I need bedroom ideas!?

Is it brand new you want? Or are you willing to buy used? For used, check garage sales, thrift shops, even the local want ads.

7. Any bedroom ideas for a teen girl?

new york city theme paris theme or just choose a color scheme

8. Cool hipster bedroom ideas?

try urban outfitters online they have some way hipster styles to choose from all the way from clothing to living furniture. way cool priceses as well. Good luck to you! M

9. what do you think of my bedroom ideas! best answer?

I think they are great ideas. The colors do seem a bit bright though. However, if you think you can wake up to them everyday, then get them. They may actually improve your mood. Just ry not to be too matchy-matchy. Throw in some small accents of another color like maybe a tan. Otherwise, I think you might grow tired of the look quickly.

10. what are some good bedroom ideas for my teenage daughters room? (australia)?

This web-site is great. I shop from it and refer it to everyone. You would think I worked for them!

11. Teenage girl bedroom ideas?

Oooh cute (: I do not think yew should make it a "theme" because what if, like, let's say one day you do not wanna be a director but then you want to become a veterinarian? You will be stuck with a room you will hate and you will have to live with it. I think baby blue walls would be cute but if it were me I would do one wall a focal point of a bright turquoise color and the rest a crisp white color Also the wall decal idea is really cute (: I am thinking of putting up two chandelier wall decals for my room too My room right now is in a transition stage because it was green and yellow (:/ uhh i know ) and now its going to be an edgy old victorian purple room with black and white! Make sure that yew choose a color theme or a theme that yew will like forever and that yew would be happy with forever until yew have to change or move out of course! Hope i helped a bunch (:

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