Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite Your Budget.

"Don't let the bedbugs bite" used to be something

you said to your kids before tucking them in for a good night's


Now, after a decade of increasing numbers of complaints in New York

City, bedbugs are a property manager's biggest headache and can

cost thousands of dollars a year in pest control and property damage.

Bedbugs are normally found in temperate climates, and no one knows

when or how they first made their way north, but the blood-sucking oval,

nocturnal creatures less than one-fifth of an inch long have acclimated

quite well here.

So well, in fact, that in the last two years registered bedbug complaints to the city have doubled, reaching more than 9,000 calls in


Kaled Management Corp., a recognized leader in the property

management industry, with a portfolio of over 6,500 residential units

throughout Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester and

New Jersey, has several lines of defense to eradicate or at least

control the pest.

The first-line of defense in fighting a bedbug infestation is a

knowledgeable building staff. Early detection is crucial and may save

you thousands of dollars in pest control services as well as property

damaged by the insect. To educate its on-site staff Kaled held a seminar

two weeks ago in conjunction with SEIU 32BJ and New York City Department

of Housing, Preservation & Development. Topics covered in the

seminars include historical overview; biology and behavior of bedbugs;

inspection tips, successful pest management and strategies; and

liability and legal considerations. Having a staff in the know about

what to look for and what to do when bedbugs are found is half the


The second key to a strong defense is keeping up-to-date in the

latest pest management methodology, as well as hiring a pest management

company that uses the latest pest management techniques. A report in the

Journal of Medical Entomology recently reported that bedbugs in New York

City have developed nerve cell mutations that make them almost

impervious to pyrethroid toxins, such as deltamethrin, a commonly used

insecticide. Your pest management team should be aware of the latest

chemicals in use.


A member of your pest management team, who is a professional

licensed exterminator, should be called at the first sign of possible


Once bedbugs have been identified, treatment begins, along with

educating the tenant on how to eliminate the bug from clothing, bedding,

vacuum cleaners, and the entire apartment.

Bedding and clothes have to laundered and then stored in plastic

bags until the treatment phase is complete. Adjoining apartments on all

four sides of the invested apartment also should be preventively


Along with pesticide spraying, diatomaceous earth is also an

additional defensive option. The substance contains the chemical

diatomite, which absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of

insects' exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate.

It can be used in walls and around areas where bedbugs have been

spotted. This ensures that any bugs not killed by the pesticide die

later and do not infect surrounding apartments.

Another defensive method provided by Kaled is to provide its

tenants with mattress and box spring encasements. Bedbugs can't get

through the encasement to infect mattresses and box springs. If bed bugs

are already evident, they and their eggs are trapped inside the

encasements where they eventually suffocate and die.

It takes a lot of time and effort to fight bedbugs and property

owners should have comprehensive plan at their ready. This plan

includes: educating your building staff, use of professional licensed

exterminators and working with your tenants to assure they are following

the treatment instructions.

This methodology could save you money that you could be spending on

capital improvements or other building maintenance tasks.




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Sleeping Positions for Better Digestion |
The Mayo Clinic advises that you should refrain from eating at least two hours before you head to bed. If you do eat during this time period, it should be light fare only. Eating before bed can cause problems during sleep and prevent you from resting comfortably. If you eat fatty or spicy foods, you may experience heartburn that causes you to stay awake. If you do eat before heading to bed, choose a sleeping position that helps prevent heartburn and other sleeping interruptions.Elevate Your HeadIf you suffer from heartburn, The Mayo Clinic recommends that you elevate your head by 6 to 9 inches. You can do so by inserting a wedge between your box spring and mattress, or by using pillows to prop up your head during sleep. This position uses gravity to decrease the pain and discomfort associated with heartburn. It prevents stomach acid from flowing into your esophagus, which is the primary cause of this condition.Left SideA study conducted by the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia found that sleeping on your left side can also prevent heartburn at night. The same study found that sleeping on your right side can increase the discomfort caused by heartburn. If you can't maintain a left-side sleeping position throughout the night, consider getting a wedge or body pillow that will prevent you from turning over.Face DownAccording to Professor Chris Idzikowski of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, lying face down when you fall asleep can aid in digestion. The professor recommends lying prone in a face down or in a "free fall" position, with your hands positioned above the pillow.Medical HelpIf you have digestive issues and are curious about the most comfortable sleeping position for your condition, bring it up on your next visit to the doctor. He will help you discover the root of your sleeping discomfort, and may prescribe medication to help with conditions such as heartburn. He will also be able to help you make lifestyle changes that can prevent these issues in the future.
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Will $150,000 Buy You the Best Sleep You've Ever Had?
The Hästens Vividus bed does not come with a guarantee to quiet crying babies. It does not vow Peter Pan-like trips to Never Never Land every night. The tooth fairy does not leave $100 bills under its extraordinarily comfortable pillows-although given its nearly $150,000 price tag, that would be a nice perk.What it does promise is more in line with the recent wellness science: With a good night's sleep, you live longer, learn faster, functionbetter, stay in better shape, and look younger. For the cost of a high-end Mercedes or a collectible timepiece, you can take a dip in anall-natural fountain of youth every evening. Or so the thinking goes.I went to the company showroom in New York's Chelsea neighborhood to check it out in person.The price intrigued me the same way that pictures of explodedFerraris do: How can something that looks so ordinary be so valuable? And on first glance, the Vividuslookslike a typical bed. There's no wide-screen TV that emerges from underneath the box spring,no built-in refrigerator. It doesn't spin in circles like a jewelon display beneath a decadent mirrored ceiling.But before I can crawl beneath the covers, Hästens's vice president of global retail, Bob Cooper, walks me through the history. The first Vividus came out in 2006, aversion that took 160 hours to create and cost $112,900. In the 10 years since, the company has researched how to regulate body temperature and provide support to create what it callsa "perfect night's sleep" without using any heat-trapping rubber or plastic materials. They ended up doubling the amount of time ittakes to build the bed-now 320 hours-and the company uses just four certified craftsmen at Hästens's dedicated atelier in Sweden to make them. Each Vividusis built to order and takes a minimum of 10 weeks before delivery.How does this all add up to $149,000?It starts at the bottom. The woodenframe ismade from slow-growing northern Swedish pine. On top of thatsits a box spring, called the base, thathas pure steel springsand multiple layers of flax for soundproofing.Above that is the mattress, which holds more springs, layers of cotton and wool batting, and horsehair lining, stacked the wayyou mightmake a lasagna. The mattress pad, or "topper," has its own layers of cotton, wool, and horsehair.Horsehair is critical: The hair is braided by hand, then unwound, to give it even more bounce.Every single curled strand functions likea tiny spring, providing support and pliability. And because each horsehair strand is also ahollow tube (unlike human hair), the materialacts asa miniature airway to wick moisture away so there's no sweat buildup. The cumulative effect of all these layers is that when you lie down on the bed, you feel as ifyour legs are slightly raised, which, as doctors will tell you, is better for circulation and overall heart health. I get in, and I start to see what they mean. Articles such asthis one typically describe luxurious mattresses as "sleeping on a cloud," but the Vividus is not that soft. My feet aresupported unlike any other mattress I've ever slept on. It gives and holds in unusual, but always comfortable,ways. It takes me awhile to settle in, and Cooper says that the longer Istayin it, the more it willrespond to my body, depending on whether I'm a side sleeper or prefer staying on my back. Will it cure my Jimmy leg? I wonder.The longer I'm here, even the price-tag guilt starts to melt away.The whole thing isconstructed in the Swedish style, meaning dovetail joints instead of screws or nails, and the springs areconnected to the mattress interior using a step-stitching process, accomplished by hand with a needle about 18 inches long.Wool batting adds another layer of safetywithout the need for toxic chemicals: In case of fire, the naturally flame retardant fiberwraps around the cotton, suppressing oxygen. The bed is allergen-free and has a guarantee for 25 years, though Cooper says he has seen some mattressesthat are morethan 100 years old, often passed down as family heirlooms. Lying here, I'm doing the math, which at that rate works out to a mere 50¢ per hour of sleep. My advice:If you can afford it, buy it. Just don't tryit out, asI did, to see what the fuss was all about. I'm spoiled forever.
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It's being billed as the "World's Most Expensive Bed" and at $175,000, let's hope that's the case.VIDEO: take a look at the bed here.Unveiled in New York City earlier this week, the so-called Royal Bed by luxury bed maker Savoir takes 700 hours of labor to make. That's 700 hours for just one bed."We wanted to create the very best," said Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds."It's inspired by the beds of the 16- and 1700s of the British royal family. At that time, the bed was the center of everything. If you wanted to see the king you had to come to the bedroom. The bed was sort of like the throne. It was the only thing other than the throne you had to bow at."The box spring and mattress is made of Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere and enough specially woven silk to be strung from New York to Miami and almost halfway back again. That's not what most beds are made from. Not even close. You're probably sleeping on foam."Foam isn't good because it holds the body heat and you get too hot in bed," said Jonathan Mason, master craftsman with Savoir Beds. "Horse hair regulates your body temperature by drawing the heat out of you."I tested the Royal Bed -- not overnight, mind you, just for a few minutes -- and can say it was quite comfortable. But my preferences may not be that of another person's, and that's why the bed is fully customizable. Each side of the bed can be made with a different firmness depending on each person's size and whether they favor a soft or hard mattress.It also comes with a family crest -- or the crest of anything you choose. The crest alone takes 70 hours of labor and is made by the Royal School of Needlework, the same people that worked on Kate Middleton's wedding dress.Only 60 of the beds will be made, a nod the 60th anniversary of the queen's coronation. And who, exactly, is buying one of these $175,000 beds?"They're a person who has a number of properties and do a number of different things. They will be clearly very wealthy and enjoy the very best of everything," said Hughes.But the Royal Bed is more than a status symbol."Sleep is fundamental to it," he said. "Whatever it looks like, you need a good's night sleep. Sleep is so important to all of us. If you got into it and it was gold-plated and felt terrible, no one would want it.You sleep in it eight hours a night, hopefully." "Ultimately, it comes down to comfort," he said. "That's what people are buying into."
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Are Box Springs Necessary?
When you're in the market for a new bed, you will find that most of the selection is offered in sets with box springs and a mattress. However, you may find yourself wondering if you actually need to buy a complete set including the box springs or if you can instead only buy a mattress. If you do not buy a new box spring, you may find yourself in a position to afford a better mattress. Many times the mattress can get damaged or worn out long before the box spring has run out if its useful life making it sensible to just buy a new mattress.In recent years mattress that do not require a box spring have become very popular. This not only saves money but it also saves much effort as anyone who has attempted to moving a box spring can testify. In addition, with just a mattress your bedroom can have a streamlined look which many people prefer. The reason that mattress are sold in sets with a box spring is because that type of a mattress requires that kind of support. Without that proper support below, the mattress will not remaining comfortable for long and will quickly become unstable and show premature wear. It is indeed necessary for all bed mattresses to be given support, but the way to get that support does not have to necessarily be through a box spring. For example, if you put the mattress on the floor it will get the support and stability it needs. Of course most adults that are out of college do not like the look of having a bed right on the ground. Many feel that it gives their bedroom an unfinished look, besides making it more difficult to get in and out of. A platform bed has slats or a flat board that offers the support needed for a mattress without having to have a box spring. These mattresses are designed to be used alone. The frame that people choose for this style of bed typically is lower than a traditional bed. The look is less bulky and more modern. If you like this style you are in luck as it has become very popular and there are many options to choose from. You can save yourself several hundred dollars and completely update your room with a nice new platform bed mattress and frame.
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