Dog Urine on My Sofa?

Have it professionally steam cleaned...they will use a stain remover that will rid the stain and any odor. It's not expensive

1. Mannequin on sofa in which movie?

Are you sure it was not that TV show. Rock Rivalz? That man was in love with that boy so made a mannequin of him. Creepy stuff.

2. How can I change the color of a couch and the type of material?

I actually have a microfiber (suede form) sofa and the salesclerk informed me to apply Neutrogena Oil loose pimples Wash...the orange stuff it is presented in a pump. It took ink out of my sofa. You squirt some on the stain, and then use a toothbrush to rub it in utilising a around development. Then, get a heat damp washcloth and apply it to the stain in a around development. enable it air dry

3. i have a narrow living room shall i buy a corner sofa or a 3 seat sofa and chair?

A corner sofa would make more room in the room. A three seat sofa is kind of crowded with three people on it.

4. How old is this sofa?

It looks like a reproduction of the Victorian period, but it seems to have Queen Anne feet. There used to be a furniture manufacturer in North Carolina that specialized in reproductions like this. Google it, maybe they are still in business.

5. Does anybody know how to clean a microfiber sofa?

yeah i know i use to hate to clean mine, that is when i use to have it. i use to use a damp wash rag. yeah i know that there is a cleaner for microfiber tho my friend had got it when she bought her sectional for free . try searching the internet

6. what color sofa set should I buy?

The chocolate sofa is a choice I think that you would not get tired of. Black will go out of style easily and tends to make people see just the sofa when they walk in and nothing else. If you have not picked out window treatments or throw pillows buy the rug that you love before you do that and match it all around the rug colors.

7. Do you say couch or sofa?

i say sofaa :P

8. Poop all over the sofa?

First determine whether the fabric will stain with water. If so, you will have to get it dry cleaned professionally. It would also be good if you can romove the cushion cover and clean the cover as well as the cushion. If the fabric does not stain with water, then you can use a mild liquid detergent (that you wash clothes in) and a lightly damp sponge after you've scraped as much solid residue off - even the tiniest residue will spread, so try to get that all off first. When the stain is cleaned, use paper towels to dry it by pressing them to the fabric. At last, use Dettol or some disinfectant spray on the area as any residual bacteria that is not killed will grow spores that will eventually stink - the disinfectant spray will prevent this. Good luck.

9. Metal Sofa at Best Price in India

Our company is well known in the market for the superior range of White Metal Carved Sofa Set which we offer to the customers, these White Metal Carved Sofa Set have been made using the best technology available in the market and they have been priced at very reasonable market rates. These White Metal Carved Sofa Set have been

10. Sofa or Couch & why?

I usually call it the couch. I've also heard divan and sofa. I've heard the type with the bed called sleeper sofa or pull out couch

11. What's the best way to clean leather sofa?

We use a leather cleaner purchased at Home Depot. An orange plastic bottle. Sprays on. It's kind of lotiony. Just rub it in with an old t-shirt

12. 7 Ways to Make Your White Sofa Not Boring

1. Punch in interest with pattern. Flip for more or less with dual-sided, print pillows. 2. Play-off preexisting elements. Here, light blue walls are complimented with similarly-toned throw pillows and a leopard accent pillow enhances green slipcover edges. 3. Already strongly devoted to a hue? Continue your tonal trend with rich throws and pillows in fresh prints and textures. 4. Make a luxe investment. Above, an Herms cashmere throw brings yet another layer to this diverse space. 5. Style a bold throw in a unique way. This white sofa gets a striped-effect in seconds. 6. Trim pillows in color and texture. This little update makes a big, fun statement. 7. Want to experiment but not commit? Let your pillows take on the trends. An Upper East Side apartment with loads of zebra print>> This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

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