Does Anyone Actually Use the Quilt That Comes with Crib Bedding Sets?

When my son was old enough to sleep with blankets we kept it in the crib.Before then, we used it as decoration on the side of the crib

1. how many crib bedding sets do i need to buy for my baby?

buy one set and three-four extra sheets that match. easy

2. Does anyone actually use the quilt that comes with crib bedding sets?

No, I do not use mine. It is also draped over the back of the rocking chair in my sons room. I found it to be rough and stiff, and definitely to large to be put in a crib, even with a 14 months old. Biggest baby purchase I made would be the crib bedding set. Never used the bumpers are they are an entrapment and SIDS risk, did not use the comfort, although it looks cute on the chair, a much cheaper blanket would be cute as well. I do use the crib skirt, but I could have purchased a much cheaper one, and as far as the sheet, it only came with one, and considering I change my sons crib sheet at least once a week, I would have just boughten an extra crib, considering I needed anyways. $150 wasted on a pretty much a sheet and crib skirt, because that's all I use, I feel ripped

3. Crib Bedding Sets .?

I wanted the same thing too. But once my son started wiggling around we took the bumber out for safety concern(as was recommended to us by the MD). Then when he started rolling over we ended up taking the comforter out because I was afraid he would roll over and the blanket would cover his head. So we were down to just the crib sheet from about 6 months on. When he got a little bigger I put the comforter back in, but it just did not cover him very well, so we put an afghan in it instead. Now he's 2 and the cute matching comfy looking bed set just sits in a bag collecting dust. I do not know if that's helpful

4. Looking for inexpensive crib bedding sets?

babies r has some sets that are complete room-in-a-bag themes for around 100 bucks, but you get so much more than just bedding (22 pieces in total!)... a mobile, a lamp, window valance, wall stickers and more all come with the one I've registered for. Not exactly cheap but defnitely a great value! Also look at Target, they always have tons of baby stuff on sale or even clearance-priced.

5. Good sites and stores for affordable Crib Bedding Sets?

I think you should first read up on crib bumper safety, crib blanket safety, etc. Most people spend $200 on a crib set, then get nervous once the baby is there and box up the quilt and the bumpers... and are left with a crib sheet. Crib sheets cost $10. If you decide you really will actually use the bumpers and heavy blankets... try Target and Babies'r'us.

6. cheap crib bedding sets online?

Good luck with that one. Unless you buy used from craigslist or bargain stores like goodwill then I do not think there are cheaper sets. Although what you can do is get a playpen that is also a crib. I've seen my Brother in law put his daughter who is 2 and a good 30lbs in it without breaking. But I think there about $200. But it's a crib and playpen so you spend less

7. Which store sells a wide range of baby crib bedding sets IN-STORE?

Babies R US has a very large selection in store. ALL on display with there cribs. Almost too much to choose from. Good luck

8. Which Crib Bedding Sets do u like for Twin Boys?

I like set 1 the best. I have the first set (the rocket ships) and adore it Do NOT get the fisher price sets. They look adorable online, but are TERRIBLE quality in real life I am going to add that I Think you are full of crap. Seriously woman, 422 questions asking "WHICH NAME DO YOU LIKE"? Get a hobby girl!

9. crib bedding sets for girls?

first of all, just remember docs generally reccomend all those pillows and fluffy bedding bits be taken off of the crib when your newborn is sleeping in it to prevent suffocation/SIDS. It will probably spend most of its time in the closet. Then remember you are going to be washing everything that gets spit up on or peed in. I like bedding that is cute, colors or patterns I like, but a lot of these fancy expensive sets are only so costly because they come with a lot of extra pieces a baby just does not need. Have you considered making your own bedding? gives you a lot more options on fabric, and nothing is really all that complicated, sewing wise. or if you find a bigger-sized sheet set you like, just wrap the excess around the crib mattress and stick in the crib. No one's gonna know except you and whoever does the laundry (you).

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