Contemporary Console Tables - You Can Use Them Throughout Your Dwelling

Almost all of today's homes, whether brand new or having been lived in and loved by several different families over the years, will have the perfect spot for one of the many contemporary console tables on the market today. Having been in style and use for many, many years, console tables are now available in so many different styles, finishes and materials, that they have become a very contemporary item for your home.

Especially useful in a hallway, dining room, family room or den, contemporary console tables not only look good but can be an extra place for storage as well. And who ever has enough storage? Those featuring drawers are perfect for hiding your extra remote controls, coasters, or magazines or are a handy place to put picture albums you want to have available for easy access when friends and family drop by.

If you ultimately select one of today's contemporary console tables having shelves, they'll be useful for displaying ornamental items such as flowers, figurines or books or maybe even a radio or small TV. Hanging a mirror, painting or picture above one can give a room a breath of fresh air and a whole new look.

Still generally created in the ever-popular rectangular shape, contemporary console tables get a considerable amount of their uniqueness from the materials used to build them. Almost every type of material used in today's furniture making can be found in a console table. There are wicker ones for casual settings and wooden ones featuring granite or other contemporary tops for more formal settings or where added protection is needed for the table's top.

Glass alone or in combination with wrought iron is a very popular material. Of course, wrought iron may be used alone as well and is easily at home in an outdoor setting such as poolside or on a deck or porch. You might find contemporary console tables with mosaic tile lavished on their tops, creating a very distinctive finish with perhaps even the addition of a colorful handmade pattern.

A tiered look is also very modern and although similar to shelves, the tiers usually overlap the legs. Legs and tiers are then made of unusual material combinations, such as glass and aluminum or wicker and wrought iron. The tiers may also be held on with obviously over-large bolts or placed on legs of curled wrought iron or ornamental aluminum.

Bamboo, aluminum and black lacquered wood and curvaceous shapes or added curlicues of aluminum or wrought iron are just some of the ways by which this old stand-by has come of age. Once you have one in your home, you'll readily see why they've been so accepted and well-loved for lo these many years. They are ready to come home with you and add tons of style, while performing an important storage task, contemporary console tables will add a new dimension to your home's décor. You'll wonder how you ever got along without one!

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What Are the Must-haves If You Are Getting a Puppy?
Collar, lead, food, bowls for food and water, bed, flea treatments, worm treatments, toys, brush, dog shampoo (or a good groomer) somewhere you can take it for socialization and training, poo bags for cleaning up messes when you go on walks, money for vaccinations, de-sexing and check-ups1. What would be the best surface to paint liquid emulsion on for photography?Paper... but if the point of the assignment was to NOT use a unique paper, then it depends on the emulsion you buy. I have used and recommend liquid light. You can use a sponge or brush to apply, and the same goes for the developer and fixer if you decided to use wood. Glass wont work too well fyi, neither will plex. You might want to try a t-shirt, or just a piece of shear fabric. When applying, you can add a tiny bit of paper developer to the emulsion to make it more contrasty. If applying to wood, you may need it to cure 2-3 days to work properly. And if applying by a brush, the brush strokes will be visible. If you do not want this, you can try to apply more coats of the emulsion. You can get fabric, wood, or paper in hundreds of stores, depends where you are.2. how to brush teethbb nnn?Get a toothbrush and scrub them teefs, swish around with water, tada you are done3. Which MAC blush should I buy?i have light medium skin tone too. and i go for the natural look as well, bold make up is not the thing for me! especially if you wanna wear it to school. i use MAC blush Dainty. it's nice and light. really natural. you could go to a MAC counter and get a make up artist to try various light blushes on you. i apply with brush #129sh which is great!!! but very expensive. a regular blush brush should work just fine too:) or brush #116 fluff brush for MAC blushes.4. Can someone help me with a decopodge project?Take your photos and make copies of them. If you like black and white that is fine but you could do them in sepia (makes them look old). Michael's carries the decoupage and all you do is brush on a light coat of the glue,place the copy of the photo then brush on another coat of decopauge. After doing every photo this way, let it dry. Then do another coat over the entire machine and every photo. This seals yours project. The decopage comes in a matte finish or a gloss finish. Decopauge is basically a mixture of white glue and water. Do not try to mix yourself as it does not always come out right.5. Please give me your opinion on 6 panel door painting.?I just finished painting 8 hollow core creamy white doors myself because we painted the trim white semi gloss. I used a 1 inch brush for all of them just to save from using two different things. I found that the one inch brush was easier for the slanted parts than a two in brush. I had to prime them first of coarse. It's not a fun task but the finished product looks 100 times better!6. I need the recipe for fried indian bread?American Indian Fry Bread Yield: 1 Servings Ingredients 2 c flour 1/3 c powdered milk 2 ts baking powder 1 ts salt 3 tb lard, divided 3/4 c warm water 1 oil Instructions Mix dry ingredients. Cut in 2 T. lard until crumbly. Add water & mix until a soft dough forms. Knead until dough is smooth & springy in texture. Make into 12 balls. Melt 1 Tbls. lard & brush on each ball of dough. Set aside for 30-45 minutes. On a lightly floured surface, roll each ball to a 4" circle, then stretch to 7-8" in diameter. Poke hole in center. Fry in oil at 365 degrees until lightly browned, turning once. Serve with butter, honey or jam, or use as the bottom layer of an Indian taco.7. HOW TO APPLY COLOR PRODUCTSThe method of applying a protective gloves should be worn. Do not use a strong acid conditioner where red tones have been added to the hair, these can cause premature loss of red pigments. Plant-Based Color Hot water is added to this product prior to application; make sure that this has cooled down before applying on to the hair. From temporary to permanent, we take a look at how to effectively apply the most popular color products.The method of applying a hair coloring product will vary depending on the desired effect, product used and hair type. There are however, general rules and techniques that can be applied in most instances; these have been developed for use in modern salons using the latest hair colors and lighteners. In all casesshould be worn. Do not use a strong acid conditioner where red tones have been added to the hair, these can cause premature loss of red pigments.Hot water is added to this product prior to application; make sure that this has cooled down before applying on to the hair. Start on top of the head by taking a triangle section Apply the product on the full section Place the section round the top of the head Work around the head, taking more sections and place them on top of the previous colored sections Work your way down until all the hair is covered Temporary Color Conditioners and lotions containing added pigments should normally be applied to pre-shampooed, towel dry hair. Excess moisture will dilute the product. Setting lotions or rinses should normally be applied directly from the bottle or applicator. Spread the product through the hair using a comb and process for the indicated time. Thoroughly rinse out shampoos and conditioners; setting lotions are leave-in products. In the case of coloring gels or paints, these should be directly applied to dry, styled hair. If necessary, use fingers or a styling brush to distribute evenly. Semi-Permanent Color This color group does not normally include added ammonia-based ingredients or hydrogen peroxide. Care should still be taken not to get chemicals on to the face or neck or on to clothing. Divide the hair into sections for overview Deposit the product on the hair with a brush or application bottle Use the tail of the comb only to divide the sections Demi Permanent Colors These products will normally use a weak hydrogen peroxide solution; apply a skin protection cream around the hairline and use protective clothing. Divide the hair into sections for overview Do not take sections wider than 1-2 inches, depending on hair thickness Deposit the product on the hair with the brush or application bottle Use the tail of the comb or brush to divide the sections Permanent Color Permanent color requires the use of peroxide-based chemicals, hence special care needs to be taken when applying these. Before application a barrier cream may be used around the hairline to protect the skin on the face and neck. A wide range of techniques are available to the hairdresser, these will partly be influenced by whether the hair has been previously colored or not. Oxidative Tints Divide the hair into sections for overview Do not take sections wider than 1 inch, depending on hair thickness Deposit the product on the hair with a brush Use the tail of the brush only to divide the sections of hair
Which Drive Do I Save Limewire and Other Softwares That I Download Off the Internet?
C is usually where everything is stored, and D is for recovery(just for that). So your C drive or you can saave it to your desktop(make folder for your things)1. What other softwares do I need to "beef" up my computer's security?download IOBIT security/free and IOBIT advanced system care/free...finds malware/trojans/worms/ protectes your pc2. Is it advisable to install only windows in C drive & all other softwares in other drives?i ought to first recommend resetting the kit fix parameters. by ability of default, kit fix makes use of a great form of disc area. My advice is to first turn it OFF (start up up, rightclick 'my computing device', choose for residences,, choose for kit fix tab and found a tick mark in turn OFF kit fix, click prepare. ) this would take a jiffy on the same time because of fact the clock icon exhibits. on the same time because it stops, bypass the slider each of how all the way down to 2% and untick the OFF field and click ok. Doing this common removes all fix aspects and frees all that disk area and then resets a minimum fix that keeps to be adequate for many human beings. next, visualize what you are waiting to truthfully bypass over interior the journey that your no longer easypersistent crashed. it particularly is mandatory because of actuality the day will come as quickly as you are waiting to lose a great form of the photos and various suggestion. My element is to actively get rid of what you could stay without and make certain that what is easily valued is on the externalpersistent. Doing defrags and various equipment wo not fix the authentic concern - it particularly is which you have lots of advice. Will take time, yet some hours of doing this would pay off great. good fulfillment3. Other softwares like Wine [closed]You mean to run Windows applications ? There's Crossover Linux, Crossover Games, & Cedega - but all are paid and use the WINE codebase. Another is Mono which implements the .net frameworks and runtimes on Linux4. Is it wrong to download movies, games and other softwares from torrents or P2P?I used to think it was okay, but not so much anymore. I, like you, try to buy the stuff if i like it5. Getting guitar hero 5... can I use with other softwares?every guitar hero guitar is compatible with any guitar hero game =]6. I changed my OS from Win XP to Vista XP. It's good but my other softwares don't work with it. Is there no....When programs do not run on my Vista OS, i just try running the program in compatiblity mode. 9 times out of 10, the software tends to work. I recommend you do the same, Until the necessary patches are available to remove the endless vista problems. Best of luck to you !!! ;-)7. What is the marketing term for when a company sells a software that includes other softwares?This is called a "Software Bundle" / "Software Bundling"8. any other softwares that do the same as photoshop??Certainly GIMP, it can do pretty much anything Photoshop can do with the right plugins9. What is the future of AutoCAD?In the immediate future AutoCAD is steadily going to make it more simple and user friendly because the amount of time taken to lean the software and the difficulty in converting a design idea into a drawing is currently difficult and not very intuitive currently.One has to spend weeks to learn the software.And drawings are usually made with input devices like keyboard and mouse. which is not very intuitive. But as gesture and voice based inputs become more viable, the future of not just AutoCAD but also other softwares will become easier to learn and use.Designers would be able to learn to use the software in a few hours and intuitively draw whatever they think and speak10. Are there any other softwares that I can use to make a movie/video?You can use pinnacle studio to make movies11. other softwares like itunes?Try some protable software, they do not need to be installed, so you can run them, even Limited accounts. However, only open-source programs are portablilized, seeing as you can edit the code
Will My Power Supply Work?
You are pushing 250watts. What is your current PSU? It will probably be okay. has thermaltake 430watts PSU for $50 ; I am using one now1. Power supply current drawYou assume that the 41 amps also flow at the mains side. This assumption is WRONG. A 12V 41 Amps supply would be a switching supply. With such a supply 120 V 4.1 A goes in, 12 V 41 A comes out. Such a supply might be sitting in your PC. Current is charge flow per time indeed. With emphasis on the FLOW. The charge is not coming from the mains side. It's just the energy to move the charge that comes form the mains side. Heck, no charge comes to your house from the Power plant ! It is the movement of the charge that transports the energy !In a switching power supply, the electric energy is converted into a changing magnetic field (magnetic energy) and then converted back to electric energy (at a different voltage and a different current).2. Is a 400watt power supply enough?the top draw for the 8800GT itself is nowhere close to 400W. it incredibly is ridiculous. lots of the attempting out i've got seen exhibits the top draw for a gadget consistent with a center 2 Duo and 8800GT at around 250W. for my area, any custom outfitted gadget utilising a discrete GPU could desire to have a sturdy 400W PSU a minimum of, because of the fact this greater desirable than covers the flexibility intake for an get entry to-point gaming rig. Heck even a GTX 295 finished gadget power intake (load) basically comes out to around 350W in the time of benchmarking. yet to take heed to human beings tell it, you decide on a 1000W PSU to even think of roughly buying a GTX 295! If that's a superb high quality 400W PSU, that is going to have no trouble handling the 8800GT3. Help with a desktop power supply?U sure this is your power supply? It sounds more like the processor overheating. If it goes for a while and shuts off you can go into bios and change the shut down temp. More than likely you just have to blow some dust out of the heat sync over the processor.4. Power supply might have died?There may be a voltage problem effecting your CPU if it is a 45w processor it would be a dual core if it is a 85w processor then it is a dual channel 4000-6000 and may be needing a new power supply. Remember these computers only draw the wattage that they need. Have a nice day5. Will the power supply work?whilst a capacity furnish is rated at 4 hundred watts which capacity it may furnish as much as 4 hundred watts of DC capacity. the capacity furnish takes AC capacity out of your wall outlet at a hundred and twenty volts and converts it to 12v, 5v, 3.3v DC for the drives, CPU, motherboard, etc. .. the reality is that your pc will use around a hundred watts AC capacity or much less. A Kill-A-Watt meter could be offered for around $20 and that assist you to be attentive to the real capacity utilization of any equipment6. What Power Supply to buy?Most power supplies are fairly generic and will work with all motherboards. Dell used some different connectors in older boards but no longer. Get one big enough in watts to run all your cards and the motherboard. It will not use more current the larger it is and will only draw more when asked for. Cool power, Antec, and others make good power supplies and they are not all that expensive. A decent power supply adjusts for low wall voltage and high wall voltage and will filter most voltage spikes. As long as you buy a name brand ( I do like cool Power) you will not go wrong. Good luck!7. Is my Power Supply Unit bad?Start with the basics...Is the source of power, strip, wall plug etc? functioning? If so, was the PC plugged in? If so, was the plug to the PC itself secure...I know what I am saying can sound ridiculous ..but the sometimes the basics are what is wrong .
Buy Vegan Makeup Brush Set
Do you ever quest for the way your makeup brush is made up of? Makeup brush has become an everyday staple for women, that most of us do not give it a second thought. However, the truth is pretty brutal once we try to dig deeper. Makeup brushes are made up of real hair and fur that come from an innocent animal that did not give it up willingly. The cruel reality is that most of these animals are bred for this purpose, with many being killed and used on brutal ways to obtain the highest quality of fur possible. However, some manufacturers might claim that they received the hair through humane, painless ways, but the fact remains that these animals still had to be held against their will in the process. However, there is a better alternative to save you from being part of such cruelty is the vegan makeup brushes. Aashi Beauty deals with the high-end brushes that are made up of 100% synthetic fibers that involve no animal cruelty, giving both you and the animal peace of mind as well as sense of security. Therefore, if you want to buy vegan makeup brush set, then visit Aashi Beauty now. We also offer free shipping on all our potential products.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat brushes do professional makeup artists use?Professional makeup artists use very soft andsmooth brushesto achieve a good feedback that flawless to-die-for look with a set of useful brushes. A lot of brushes are used by a professional makeup artist for base makeup, contour, highlight, shadow of the eyes, etc. That are the following:-Cosmetic Professional Makeup Brushes:-It involves lovely powder blush, eye shadow makeup brush, blush brush contour brush, mixing brush made of copper ferrule that are durable, lustrous and very soft hair.Eye Shadow Brushes Tools:-It has 6 piece synthetic or professional make-up brush set that are more hygienic ,long-lasting and give an amazing softness feeling because these brushes bristles are made up of the soft materials. By using these brushes, you can do the makeup quick with the lovely eye.Mini Fiber Bristle Brushes:-It is smooth, user-friendly, will not damage your skin because they are very soft, not easy to lose wool, portable and convenient to carry anywhere in the bag.Professional Cosmetic Bamboo Handle Brushes:-It has so many characteristics that include loose powder brush function foundation, slightly round brush. It has smooth fiber that makes the makeup more exquisite or long lasting. They are user-friendly, more hygienic and last longer.Wooden Base Eye-Shadow Brush:-It is primarily used for brushing, has a lovely golden wooden base brush, foundation lengthy metal tube brushes that are natural, synthetic, non-porous talon bristles and will not harm the skin.Professional Pink Flat Top Makeup Brush:-It works naturally and its user's skin won't be damaged. It has a unique ferrule shaped waist, suitable for both fluid and powder foundations.
How to Get Relief From Cervical Neck Pain with Homeopathic Medicine?
Cervical spondylosis is one of the most painful conditions. The patient suffering from this condition will find it difficult to do normal regular activities. The pain killers are found to give only temporary relief and at the same time, there can also be a number of side effects.It is therefore important to look out for options in which you will get long term relief and there are no side effects. It has been found that homeopathy for cervical spondylosis is found to give long term relief and there are no side effects.Symptoms of Cervical spondylosis:The patient will experience severe pain the neck and in the shoulder region. There will also be stiffness in the neck. The person will not be able to bend his neck. He will also have difficulty in turning his head. The pain in the neck and arms can be of varying intensity.Causes of Cervical spondylosis:· Degeneration can be one of the reasons for this condition.· This condition is also very common in the case of old people· Dehydrated spinal discs can also be one of the reasons for this condition· Bone spurs may also result in this type of condition· Injury can also be one of the causes of Cervical spondylosisHomeopathic medicine for cervical pain:I recommend you homeopathy treatment for Cervical spondylosisUse of homeopathic medicine for neck pain:· Spondin drop is one of the most effective treatments for Cervical spondylosis· It gives relief from neck pain and shoulder pain· It also gives relief from the stiffness that is associated with Cervical spondylosis.Mode of action of this neck & Shoulder Pain medicine:This medicine will act on the root cause of the problem and will make sure that the patient gets complete relief from the painful condition.Dosage of this homeopathic medicine:· Adults must take 10 to 15 drops of this medicine in half a cup of lukewarm water thrice daily.· Children have to be given half of the adult doseAre there any side effects of this medicine?One of the most important things about homeopathy treatment is that it does not have any side effects. In the case of Spondin drop medicine also there are no side effects involved. There are no contraindications or drug interactions and this medicine is also not habit-forming.How to procure the medicine cervical spondylitis medicine?You can order this medicine online from the website of Doctor Bhargava. You can place the order easily online and the medicine will be delivered to you at your doorstep.This is one of the most reliable and trustworthy company for homeopathic medicines. You can be rest assured that you will get only the best quality medicines from this company. They manufacture a number of different types of homeopathic medications for different ailments. Their medicines are available at competitive rates on their website·RELATED QUESTIONIs there any useful cure for cervical spondylosis?There are no cures for cervical spondylosis.In most cases, however, you can effectively manage its symptoms with steroids and/or narcotic pain meds.I have no idea why your question is tagged with homeopathy and Ayurveda. You wont find any more effective treatments in health frauds such as those
Things You May Want to Know About Classical Period
An Introduction to Classical periodThe Fortifications of Derbent (also transcribed as Darband) are one of the fortified defense lines built by the Persian Sasanian Empire to protect the eastern passage of the Caucasus Mountains (the "Caspian Gates") against the attacks of the nomadic peoples of the Pontic-Caspian steppe. Built in the 6th century during the reign of Persian emperor Khosrow I and maintained by various later Arab, Turkish and Persian regimes, the fortifications comprise three distinct elements: the citadel of Naryn-Kala at Derbent, the twin long walls connecting it with the Caspian Sea in the east, and the "mountain wall" of Dagh-Bary, running from Derbent to the Caucasus foothills in the west. The immense wall, with a height of up to twenty meters and a thickness of about 10 feet (3 meters), stretched for forty kilometers between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, thirty north-looking towers stretched for forty kilometers between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, effectively blocking the passage across the Caucasus. The fortification complex was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.what are your top ten favorite classical music pieces? of Classical periodClassical Period SongsHistory of Classical periodEarly periodThe earliest troubadour whose work survives is Guilhèm de Peitieus, better known as Duke William IX of Aquitaine (1071-1126). Peter Dronke, author of The Medieval Lyric, however, believes that "[his] songs represent not the beginnings of a tradition but summits of achievement in that tradition." His name has been preserved because he was the Duke of Aquitaine, but his work plays with already established structures; Eble II of Ventadorn is often credited as a predecessor, though none of his work survives. Orderic Vitalis referred to William composing songs about his experiences on his return from the Crusade of 1101 (c. 1102). This may be the earliest reference to troubadour lyrics. Orderic also provides us (1135) with what may be the first description of a troubadour performance: an eyewitness account of William of Aquitaine.Picauensis uero dux ... miserias captiuitatis suae ... coram regibus et magnatis atque Christianis coetibus multotiens retulit rythmicis uersibus cum facetis modulationibus. (X.21)Then the Poitevin duke ... the miseries of his captivity ... before kings, magnates, and Christian assemblies many times related with rhythmic verses and witty measures.SpreadThe first half of the 12th century saw relatively few recorded troubadours. Only in the last decades of the century did troubadour activity explode. Almost half of all troubadour works that survive are from the period 1180-1220.In total, moreover, there are over 2,500 troubadour lyrics available to be studied as linguistic artifacts (Akehurst, 23).The troubadour tradition seems to have begun in western Aquitaine (Poitou and Saintonge) and Gascony, from there spreading over into eastern Aquitaine (Limousin and Auvergne) and Provence. At its height it had become popular in Languedoc and the regions of Rouergue, Toulouse, and Quercy (c. 1200). Finally, in the early 13th century it began to spread into first Italy and then Catalonia, whence to the rest of Spain and to Portugal. This development has been called the rayonnement des troubadours (pronounced[ʁɛjɔnmɑ̃ dɛ tʁubaduːʁ]).Classical periodThe classical period of troubadour activity lasted from about 1170 until about 1213. The most famous names among the ranks of troubadours belong to this period. During this period the lyric art of the troubadours reached the height of its popularity and the number of surviving poems is greatest from this period. During this period the canso, or love song, became distinguishable as a genre. The master of the canso and the troubadour who epitomises the classical period is Bernart de Ventadorn. He was highly regarded by his contemporaries, as were Giraut de Bornelh, reputed by his biographer to be the greatest composer of melodies to ever live, and Bertran de Born, the master of the sirventes, or political song, which became increasingly popular in this period.The classical period came to be seen by later generations, especially in the 14th and 15th centuries and outside of Occitania, as representing the high point of lyric poetry and models to be emulated. The language of the classic poets, its grammar and vocabulary, their style and themes, were the ideal to which poets of the troubadour revival in Toulouse and their Catalan and Castilian contemporaries aspired. During the classical period the "rules" of poetic composition had first become standardised and written down, first by Raimon Vidal and then by Uc Faidit.
Should Lightning Be Part of the Air Element, the Fire Element, a Combination of Both, Or a Separate?
I've always considered it part of the Air element, being that it generally originates from wind creating static electricity, which discharges. Fire is a side-effect of a lightning strike, but they are not the same elementally. There are some schools of thought that have lighning in a separate category, but that has never sat well with me. That's like counting Ice and Water as different elements.1. My bf is a fire element, and I'm air. Are we compatible?Fire is driven by air. The two are very compatible, and are quite a combination2. Does anyone else think that Capricorn has more in common with the Fire Element than they do with Earth?I AGREE. I just answered a question about how each sign is different in the same element. I gave examples and put scorpio leader, pisces muscles, cancer peace maker. For earth virgo the leader, cap the muscles and taurus the peace maker. The only one I disagreed with was air because I put Gemini as the leader, libra the peace keeper, and aquarius the muscle(the hardest one to do.) For fire I put leo the leader, aries the muscle and sag the peace keeper. 3 out of 4 is not bad3. fire is not an element??Fire is not an atomic element. It's simply a very fast chemical reaction, basically, like rusting. With fuel (like wood), oxygen (for the chemical reaction), and heat-energy (to speed up the reaction), fire is created. Basically, fire is just a release of energy (through heat and light). However, in many card games and such, it fits in very well as an element. =D4. How can I nurture or awaken my inner Fire Element?I would recommend awakening your fire element by trying to get angered, you know because fire is associated with the emotion of anger, and you should practice channeling your fire element. I would have a bucket of water just in case things go bad. God luck with awakening your inner fire element!.5. What can I use to represent the fire element on a wiccan alter?A candle is the usual representation. The wand also represents fire6. How to make fire element in the game furdiburb?Get a mushroom and eat it underneath the fire element statue thingy so the fire ball thingy goes there7. Im making a book that has fire as a element is it ok if i call the people firebenders or will i get sued by?Not completely sure. Actually I would not , because nowadays firebenders is so well know for The Last Air bender series that people may accuse you of copyright even if it is legal... And I may sound a little cliche. Use the term "elementalist" or make something up like "fire breather's" , its close enough to the fire benders term but not pushing it.8. What magical ability do fire element people have?Pyrokinesis is the ability to set fires with your mind. Thats not to say that he has the ability just because his element is fire though9. IS this FIRE ELEMENT energy ?lol....I needed the laugh....I actually thought this was a real question10. Fire Element Picture Representation ?im an air sign i blew out the fire picture when i looked at it...that sucks =/11. Which zodiac signs are the fire element?Leo, Sagittarius, Aries12. What is fire, an element or a compound?Really? Fire is neither, it is not a substance it is a process, a reaction, the visible evidence of combustion (oxidisation).The Alchemists of ancient history thought the world was made of 4 basic elements, one of which was fire together with earth, water and air.What is fire, an element or a compound?13. are volcanoes earth or fire element?Niether there are many elements involved: iron, hydrogen, silicon, oxygen, aluminum, magnesium and many others in various ratios, depending on what type of volcano it is.14. Which ruling planets give attributes that are most like a)the Fire Element b)Earth c)Air d)Water Element?Mars is like Fire, Saturn is most like Earth, Mercury is most like Air, The Moon is most like Water15. why are most of the best singers in history of the fire element?Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus are Sagittarius (not saying they earn the title of best singers-just stating a point-alot of famous people are fire signs). The first answerer's right. fire signs have this passion inside of them. They want to do their absolute best. They want to prove to the world that they are amazing. They want to shine and love attention-in fact they thrive off it. They are the ones who are not afraid to go after what they want-and that's what it comes down to. I was reading a magazine and it said Jessica Biel was discouraged because she wa not getting the parts she wanted ebcause of her looks. She had an interview and she seemed like a sensitive person.. she was not fighting for her aprts like a fire sign might do.. instead she was getting really sad and emotional. I looked it up and found out she was born on March 4-which makes her a Pisces. I just thought this was really interesting how astrology plays in to people's personalities
Humidifiers Aid Comfort, Not Health - the New York Times
By DEBORAH BLUMENTHALJAN. 2, 1988 This is a digitized version of an article from The Times's print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Please send reports of such problems to . The Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into the health risks of humidifiers.Over the years, other studies have shown that humidifiers that are not cleaned diligently and often become contaminated with microorganisms that grow in the water reservoirs. These microorganisms, or bits of them or their byproducts, can cause illness when spewed into the air and inhaled, especially by allergy-prone people.The study by the commission, a Federal agency that looks into the hazards of products used in the home, is comparing the growth of microbes in the water tanks of different humidifiers and the number of organisms discharged into the air, according to Dr. Richard Tyndall, a researcher. The results of the study, the most wide ranging of its kind, will be available in about two months.Well over half a million consumers bought portable humidifiers last year to put moisture into heated indoor air, which can be drier than the Sahara's 30 percent humidity. It parches the nose and throat, and can leave the skin feeling taut. It also takes its toll on furniture, plants and paintings. The moisture that humidifiers add to air makes people feel more comfortable, perks up plants and helps keep furniture and paintings from cracking.But even though moister air may make people feel more comfortable, experts say there are no health reasons to use humidifiers. The nasal and oral passages are the body's natural humidifiers, and air reaching the lungs is thus always moistened to some degree. A Source of Molds and BacteriaAdvertisementIf the water reservoirs of humidifiers are not cleaned regularly, molds and bacteria can breed in them. Humidifier fever, a relatively rare pneumonialike allergic condition, has been caused by breathing air that is contaminated with microorganisms from humidifiers.Advertisement''People live very nicely in the middle of the desert without adding humidity to their air,'' said Dr. Harriet Burge. She is a research scientist at the University of Michigan School of Medicine who was a consultant to the study and has done extensive research on indoor air quality and humidifier contamination.Dr. Burge said no reliable research supports the idea that adding moisture to the air prevents colds or even brings relief to those with asthma or croup. Humidifier manufacturers agree. ''They make the air moist and more comfortable, but there are no health benefits,'' said Michael Murphy, marketing product manager for Toshiba, a manufacturer of humidifiers.In the past several years, humidifier technology has changed significantly. The new ultrasonic units, which range in price from about $40 to $400, are quiet and lightweight. In these, the inaudible vibrations of a dime-sized ''nebulizer'' that oscillates 1.7 million times a second break water into a fine mist.Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.Invalid email address. Please re-enter.You must select a newsletter to subscribe to.View all New York Times newsletters.Ultrasonic units are compact. Evaporative units that add moisture to air by fanning it through a water-soaked pad are more cumbersome; they can weigh 100 pounds when filled with water. An ultrasonic unit filled to capacity weighs only about 20 pounds. More compact still are the inexpensive cool-mist vaporizers, which use a mechanical impeller to propel coarse droplets of water into the air. Ultrasonic Units Have Fewer HazardsIn recent years studies by Consumers Union, a private, nonprofit organization, have found that ultrasonic humidifiers pose less of a health hazard than other types because they kill molds and bacteria. The reports theorize that this happens because the high-speed vibrations fragment microbes. But one report noted that ''an ultrasonic humidifier may still spew bits and pieces of mold and bacteria,'' which can affect people with allergies.The reservoirs of the evaporative units may become contaminated, and have also been associated with humidifier fever in some cases.Dr. Burge advised cleaning evaporative humidifiers at least once a week, using a cup of bleach per gallon of water. Then rinse the tank thoroughly with plain water before refilling. She said ultrasonic and other spray humidifiers should be cleaned this way every day.Anyone who is allergic to molds should not use cool-mist vaporizers or ultrasonic humidifiers, since both spray water into the air, Dr. Burge said. Cool-mist vaporizers pose a greater hazard since they can disperse live organisms into the air. Studies have linked the use of cool-mist vaporizers in hospital rooms with severe respiratory infections.Experts say that placing a clean pan of fresh water on a radiator every day is the safest way to add moisture to indoor air, though it is less efficient than a humidifier.AdvertisementThe comfort that comes from having moist air in overheated apartments and homes might be worth the effort of keeping the machine clean. The key lies in choosing the right one for particular needs and cleaning part of a daily schedule.A version of this article appears in print on January 2, 1988, on Page 1001046 of the National edition with the headline: Humidifiers Aid Comfort, Not Health. Order Reprints| Today's Paper|Subscribe
Introduction to Courtyard: Spanish Testament of Courtyard
Spanish Testament of CourtyardSpanish Testament is a 1937 book by Arthur Koestler, describing his experiences during the Spanish Civil War. Part II of the book was subsequently published on its own, with minor modifications, under the title Dialogue with Death (see below). Koestler made three trips to Spain during the civil war; the third time he was captured, sentenced to death and imprisoned by the Nationalist forces of General Franco. Koestler was at that time working on behalf of the Comintern and as an agent of the Loyalist Government's official news agency, using for cover accreditation to the British daily News Chronicle.The book was published in London by Victor Gollancz Ltd. The 'Contents' of the book is in two parts: Part I describes the context in which he was captured, divided into IX chapters, each with its own title. Part II, titled Dialogue with Death, describes Koestler's prison experiences under sentence of death. This part was written in the late autumn of 1937 immediately after his release from prison, when the events were still vivid.In the second volume of his autobiography The Invisible Writing, written by Koestler fifteen years later, the following footnote appears:In all foreign editions, including the American, Dialogue with Death appeared as a self-contained book. In the original English edition, however (Gollancz and Left Book Club, 1937), it formed the second part of Spanish Testament the first part of which consisted of the earlier propaganda book on Spain that I had written for Muenzenberg. Spanish Testament is (and shall remain) out of print; Dialogue with Death has been reissued in England under that title, in the form in which it was originally written.------Amenemhat (chief of Teh-khet) of CourtyardAmenemhat was a Nubian official under Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III. He was chief of Teh-khet and was therefore a governor ruling a region in Lower Nubia for the Egyptian state. In the New Kingdom, Egyptian kings had conquered Lower Nubia. To secure control over the new region they appointed people of the local elite as governors. Teh-khet was a Nubian region that covered about Debeira and Serra. The local governors here formed a family, while the governor proper hold the title chief of Teh-khet.Amenemhat is known from several monuments. A statue found at Buhen indicates, that he started his career as simple scribe under king Thutmosis I before he followed his brother in office. He was appointed in about the reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III. Amenemhat was the son of the chief of Teh-khet Ruiu, while his brother Djehutyhotep followed Ruiu in office and was followed then by Amenemhat himself.Amenemhat's tomb was discovered on the West Bank of the Nile in the Debeira district. The tomb's superstructure included a mud brick built structure with a pyramid in the middle. Within the pyramid there was an offering chapel. In front of the pyramid was a courtyard. In the underground burial chambers were found different objects, including coffins and canopic jars. The latter bear the name Paitsy, this is the second name of Djehutyhotep; the brother of Amenememhat. Djehutyhotep might have been buried here.------Personal life and education of CourtyardDe Henriquez was born in Trieste to a father descended from Spanish noblemen of the Habsburg court in Vienna; her mother was of Turkish and Russian origin. She had one older brother, Diego, who went on to found the War Museum in Trieste. De Henriquez studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia under Arturo Martini.As a teenager she was a member of the Fascist Youth Movement, but during the Second World War she worked with the partisan movement and helped escort Jewish refugees to safety. This was due in part to her father's denunciation in 1935 as an anti-Fascist, for refusing to Italianise his surname.In 1949, she left Italy for England, and became a British citizen in 1953; she would live there for much of the rest of her life. However, she also returned often to her native Italy. In 1966, she purchased the ruinous hamlet of Peralta in Tuscany, and spent much time on its restoration as an artists' colony.De Henriquez was born intersex with ambiguous genitalia, and declared herself "proud to be hermaphrodite" and "two people inside one body". She had a brief relationship with German painter Kurt Kramer in the 1940s, but her primary romantic and sexual relationships were with women. De Henriquez affected an offbeat style of dress; in his diaries, Christopher Isherwood described her as appearing "dressed like a male peasant in Cavalleria Rusticana and announcing that she had a love for life."------Plot of CourtyardThe plot is based against a rural backdrop. Dayaram (Badal Das), an old man, in the hope to see a family flowering, had allowed Nilakanta (Saurav Hazarika) to settle down. Kalidas (Adil Hussain), a friend of Nilakanta, who had fallen for Ambika (Jaya Seal Ghosh) had informed Nilakanta that cupid had indeed struck. When Nilakanta informs Kalidas that he will soon be marrying Ambika, the gentleman in Kalidas ensures that he does not complicate matters and moves away on business.But after her husband passes away, Ambika, struggles for survival and brings up her children and an infant doing the odd menial work in the village. Once, on her way back home, she captures timid four pigeons which make Ambika shed some of her timidity. Kalidas returns after long years to frequently spend long hours in Dayaram's courtyard. Dayaram dreams that Ambika hunger ends soon. He wants to play cupid this time. Ambika too is aware of Dayaram's intentions. One day when Kalidas asks "Were you aware that my mother had gone over to your place to scout for you as my bride?" Ambika is dumb struck. Dayaram weaves Ambika baskets to take the pigeons to the market. He ensures Kalidas accompanies her. Dusk falls. The pigeons remain unsold. Ambika does not disagree to Kalidas's proposal to buy the pigeons for a meal in her household. The flickers of the market lamps light up her face.------Chteau de Bressuire of CourtyardThe Chteau de Bressuire is a ruined castle in the town of Bressuire in the Deux-Svres dpartement of France.The site has been inhabited continuously since the Celtic epoch. The castle was built on the site of an oppidum of the Gauls and was first documented in 1029, in a charter at Saint-Cyprien de Poitiers. It belonged to the Beaumont-Bressuire family until the start of the 16th century.The castle is a fine example of medieval military architecture. In 1190, the castle consisted of an enceinte almost 700 metres around, with 38 towers circling the first fortress, itself defended by eight towers.The visible remains date essentially from the end of the 12th and the start of the 13th century. The fortress included three enceintes, of which the outermost has now disappeared. The castle was broken up during the first half of the 18th century.In 1441, Jacques de Beaumont became Seigneur de Bressuire. He converted the castle into a beautiful residence. From this time date the large building closing off the courtyard, that has mullion windows, splendid granite chimneys in the private rooms and an elegant gallery, all intended to show the refinement of the owner. The castle subsequently belonged to a number of families but its maintenance was ignored. In 1876, the building partly collapsed. The Bernard family bought the castle the same year. In 1880, a neo-Gothic chteau was built in the castle court, set back in relation to the former building.The castle was acquired by the commune in 1975. It has been listed since 1996 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.------Aklo of CourtyardAklo is the name of a fictional language that has been used by many authors from its first reference in 1899. The language is said to have mystical powers.Aklo was first mentioned by Arthur Machen in his 1899 story "The White People". Aklo was mentioned but not described in detail by Machen, being noted in passing by the story's narrator as part of a secretive game or ritual.H. P. Lovecraft admired the Machen story, and used Aklo in his Cthulhu Mythos stories "The Dunwich Horror" and "The Haunter of the Dark". The authors who have used Aklo have played into the fiction that the language has magical powers, and so have not included much detail to prevent "some careless reader from incanting a spell capable of calling forth evil".In The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, Aklo appears as a language used in Black Masses and by the Illuminati.Alan Moore later used Aklo in his Lovecraft tribute short story and 2003 comic The Courtyard, in his 2010 comic Neonomicon and again in Providence. In his adaptation, Aklo is not just an alien language, but a key that opens doors inside the human mind which is "connected to Moore's general view on actual magic and the role of words in modifying a human's perception of reality."The Pathfinder RPG, published by Paizo, uses Aklo as the language of several subterranean, otherworldly, or otherwise Lovecraftian species in the game's universe, such as aboleths, gibbering mouthers, and shoggoths.non-primary source needed------Initial building of CourtyardHaydarpaa High School housed in a monumental historic building from its establishment in 1934 until July 1984. The building was commissioned by Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II (reigned 18761909) for use as the "Imperial Medicine School" (Ottoman Turkish: Mekteb-i Tbbiye-i ahane). It was designed by the French-Ottoman architect Alexander Vallaury (18501921) and the Italian architect Raimondo Tommaso D'Aronco (18571932). The construction began on February 11, 1895 and was completed in 1900. It was situated in the area between the 1828-built Selimiye Barracks and the Haydarpaa Military Hospital. The ceremonial opening took place on the birthday of the sultan on 15 Sha'ban AH 1321 (November 6, 1903).The building, built on a 80,000m2 (860,000sqft) land, has a rectangular plan. It has a construction area of 24,000m2 (260,000sqft) with a courtyard of 80m 140m (260ft 460ft) inside. It is a two-story building with a basement. Aisles run on two floors of the building around the courtyard, and classrooms were situated at the outer sections in the south, west and north wings. The walls of the building were covered with granite plates brought from quarries in Hereke and Bilecik. Hydraulic lime, imported from Marseille, France, was used as lime mortar.After merging of the civilian and military medicine education, the building became Haydarpaa Faculty of Medicine in 1909. The Faculty of Medicine moved to the European part of Istanbul after the 1933 University Reform. The building was handed over to the Ministry of National Education. It served half a century as Haydarpaa High School between 1934 and 1984. It became then Marmara University's Faculty of Medicine Haydarpaa Campus.
Are LED Lights Eco-Friendly?
Light-emitting diodes are an eco-friendly lighting choice. LEDs are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs, which waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat. Other energy-efficient lighting options include halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. All incandescent and fluorescent lights produce light that flows in all directions, wasting light as well as heat.LEDs are a rapidly advancing technology that uses energy more efficiently and can save energy in indirect ways, such as with air-conditioning costs (see References 1). LEDs use small, powerful sources of light that illuminate when electrons move through semiconductor materials. They shine in only one direction, produce a small fraction of the heat of fluorescent and incandescent lights, and lasting longer than other types of lighting.Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, labels LED lights that meet its energy-efficiency guidelines. Although LED lighting design creates efficiencies, poorly designed LED lights do not meet the potential of the technology. Energy Star guidelines require that LEDs consume at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer. In addition, the bulb must turn on instantly.LED low energy-usage saves money in utility bills. As of 2011, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb has an average operating cost of $1 per year. That compares to annual costs of $1.20 for an Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent bulb, $3.50 for a halogen incandescent bulb and $4.80 for a traditional incandescent bulb. In addition, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb's longer life -- ranging from a minimum of 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb to a maximum of 25 times longer -- means there is much lower turnover of bulbs in your house. (See References 2 and 3) Technological advances with LEDs raise hopes for significantly reducing electricity usage in the United States. LED lighting could cut the electricity demand in the country by 1/3, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The estimated savings from that adoption would total $265 billion, including preventing the construction of 40 new power plants.
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