Change to Text Console Using Ssh

You will want to use wmctrl. It's a program which can mess with X windows. More information can be found here. Also: Wikipedia article and man page. This program can be installed on the target machine by running apt-get install wmctrl

1. What is the purpose of "Go To” in Developer Console

Go to button is useful to retrieve Symbol table for class or Trigger. I checked in my org and opened a trigger and pressed "Go To" then you will get symbol table if associated or you will get an error massage if not associated

2. Which next gen console is better?

PS4 it cost less and there's no ridiculous changes

3. Xbox 360 low memory console?

a lot of games have patches that they force you to download, unless youre not connected to the net, they can be quite big sometimes so youre better off with a hard drive

4. Which FTP client do you prefer and why?

Konqueror is pretty good, if you are using KDE. It integrates with KWallet to save passwords. Using Konqueror with Kate you can seamlessly edit files on a remote server. For console there is ncftp or mc.

5. If apple came up with a video game console ?

Nope. It's such a high barrier to get into the business, unlike 20-30 years back when consoles were a dime a dozen. Microsoft and the Wii (PS3 is not doing well at all) have such a strong foothold that apple getting into the business would be stupid. Also the demographic for apple would probably be identical to that of the wii.

6. What a decent "cheap" videogame console?

The wii is fun and interactive for the whole. and its the cheapest next gen console out right now at 250$. If you dont want to pay that much. I would buy a PS2 then. its still pretty good considering that they still make games for it. and they are too very fun.

7. Which game console is for us?

I am disappointed in both the wii and Xbox 360 kinect as moving multiplayer content. Most use I have gotten is out of a local multiplayer game is guitar hero/band hero. Kids can play and compete with adults since its a nice reaction based game. Full setup with mic stand, drums and guitar. Can also be played as a co-op...which requires you to enjoy the song more than competition. See if one of them has a few songs you would enjoy. My kids and wife love dance central games for the kinect.

8. Which console should I get?

I like the xbox 360 because you can get xbox live and play with your friends and chat with them. my opinion

9. im buying a console and need help?

With the xbox 720 rumored, the 360 may soon stop making good games. Wii u would be a totally new experience. You could play xbox at a friend's house and have a friend over for Wii u. It's the best of both worlds!.

10. Delete Firefox JavaScript console history?

Enter this in the console:

11. Lightning - OpenSubTab in Service console app

I was about to comment saying "Your code works on my org." Then I realized you are getting the recordId wrong. Well, technically you are getting the Id of already opened record. (DAWN HICKS record) That is why you are getting could not open subtab error. A tab with that record is already opened and it cant open same record tab inside.Instead of this:it should be this:

12. What console should I get?

You should get a 360, and I can not believe you had to ask. IF YOU HAVE TO GET A DS OR PSP get a DS

13. Switching from Console to PC?

Steam is your best friend for buying/downloading pc games through the internet

14. What is the best video game console?

um the ps3 is liek the same ******* thing as the Xbox so i would get the wii if ur looking for something different, but that ps3 is better than the Xbox because it has free online

15. Need advice in buying a console?

Get a Xbox, the Gamecube maybe cheap but it only has a very limited amount of must have games. The Xbox is for the more mature audience because it has alot of games that are not kiddy like

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Ideas for Creating an Attractive Foyer Area with Console Tables
Designing a beautiful home is an exciting task that involves drawing inspiration from various sources and implementing them into your home décor. You can create a lasting impression if your home has a tasteful design that appeals to your visitors. The hallway, or the foyer, is usually the first space that one will experience when entering a home. Having an attractively-accessorized console table can create a great visual impact in the foyer area. Here is a look at how well-decorated console tables can make your space look inviting and stylish. A well-chosen console table can be a very versatile accessory. Whether you use it in the foyer or in the living room, even a minimalist design can make a style statement. Consider the style of your home before making a choice. Choose from artistically-designed and flawlessly-finished console tables that complement the other furniture in the room. After you have chosen the table, think about ways to decorate it. You can opt for a minimalist look by placing just a few well-chosen accessories on the table. For a more decorative effect, add beautiful vases or candles of varying sizes and colors for a unique look. Place a large mirror above the console table and stack some of your favorite collection of books on it or let it reflect a stunning painting hung on the opposite wall. Create a symmetrical display with two oversized hurricane lanterns on either side or have a stunning lamp on one side and balance the other with a tabletop plant or a bowl filled with shells for an unusual asymmetric look.Table lamps can work wonders in adding to the aesthetics of your space. No matter where you place your table lamp, it can definitely create a warm ambiance and illuminate the area. Pay attention to the base as well as the shade of the lamp before making a choice. The base of the lamp should be strong enough to support the entire lamp. With a wide array of shades available today, you can choose a shade the complements the kind of look you want to achieve in your home. Choose from striking table lamps made of glass or steel featuring clean lines to accessorize a sleek, contemporary setting.
Stress Testing the Switch: Challenging Misinformation About Charging Nintendos Latest Console, Part
Edit: Part 2 is now up and can be found here! Despite it being “Part 2,” it’s actually better to read it first if you’re new.So how much charger do I need to charge the Switch?Short answer: Probably8.75 watts. For assured minimum viable charging performance, you’ll want at least a USB Type C (“USB-C”) charger (battery pack, AC adapter, car charger), or even better, a USB-C charger with USB-Power Delivery (“USB-PD”).Long Answer: Probably 8.75 watts under the most demanding of conditions currently available at launch. This means that the majority of the best available USB Type A (“USB-A”) chargers rated at 10 watts (5V 2.1-2.4A) still end up falling beneath this point, as part of the USB-A limitation is that the Switch will almost always only request 7.5 watts (1.5A) using USB-A (more on this in the upcoming part two of this article). In other words, a USB-A charger sits right at the point where the Switch may (1) lose charge with maxed-out settings, (2) hold its charge with dialed-back brightness, and also (3) slowly charge with yet more conservative settings. Only USB-C and USB-PD chargers offer a more certain guarantee for charging the Switch under intense gaming.Why so many different possibilities? And why does this run contrary to much of the charging advice already out there on the Switch?Well, this is actually a more complicated question than you’d expect, because the Switch’s power consumption when portable depends on a lot of factors — some that you’d expect like brightness, and others that complicate an otherwise straightforward answer.Let’s first take a look at the known factors that affect the Switch’s mobile power consumption:Screen brightness (auto brightness affects the min/max of the brightness setting, so leave it off for testing!)Volume (and whether the Switch is using speakers or headphones)Wifi/Bluetooth on (Airplane mode)Whether Joycons are attached and are discharged (the Switch appears to charge drained Joycons up to 50% battery when mobile and AnandTech found that drained Joycons increase charging demands.The CPU/GPU demands of the game being playedOn point 5, unsurprisingly, Breath of the Wild represents the most demanding launch title and is the current “best” worst-case scenario test— but it turns out that the power draw for BOTW varies, and is quite dependent on the complexity of the scene (more on this in a bit).So our ideal stress test setup should have full brightness with auto-brightness disabled, the highest volume setting, Wifi and Bluetooth on, with drained Joycons, running on BOTW in a location with the highest rendering demands. A charging setup that can successfully charge the Switch under these conditions, ought to be able to handle anything.For the purposes of my testing, I was able to get pretty close, but I removed the charging of Joycons as a factor (keeping yet another device at low charge reduced repeatability). For my BOTW location, I chose none other than the infamous Korok Forest. And as far as volume goes, the way I have my timelapse set up actually reduces volume (with the quick menu’s power and time shown). However, even with these caveats, the differences between the three “categories” of charging solutions are well illustrated in this test.Presenting… The Korok Forest Nintendo Switch Charging Stress TestIn the above timelapse comparison video, I first have a control test to show the Switch’s power draw in Korok Forest without any charging. Next, I have three timelapses using the three major categories of Switch chargers:USB Type A (5V 2.4A), using the Anker 60W PowerPort 6USB Type C (5V 3A), using the Google Nexus 6P USB-C chargerUSB “Power Delivery” or USB-PD, using the Google Pixel XL 9V chargerNote in the video that I’ve got an inline voltage/current meter indicating the actual/measured power drawn by the Switch. The relevance of the measured power is only touched upon here, and it will be the topic of a more thorough discussion in part two to this article.Without any charging, the Switch is losing close to a percent a minute (and under this test, one could actually expect 2:20 play time). Charging out of a 5V 2.4A USB-A is actually shown to slowly lose charge in the most demanding of circumstances, with a 3% battery loss over 31 minutes. The USB-C (5V 3A) fares better, getting positive charging over the 31 minutes, though slowly — gaining 4% in that period. The runaway clear winner here was USB-PD, bringing the Switch’s battery up by 17% over 25 minutes of charging (I got bored waiting), which when normalized to 31 minutes like the others, yields 21% charge.Given the fortuitous symmetry of the results, we can take a stab at figuring out the maximum power consumption of the Switch under the Korok Forest Stress Test — as it would stand to reason that the input power that allowed the Switch to maintain the same battery level would be this maximum power consumption. Assuming this is roughly the midpoint between the USB-A 7.5 watts (-0.10 %/min) and the USB-C 10 watts (0.13 %/min), we can conclude that the Switch’s most demanding power consumption is 8.75 watts.Interestingly, the conclusions of this approach appear to be consistent with AnandTech’s own findings on power consumption, though merely from measuring inline power draw at 100% battery in their case:Meanwhile cranking up the brightness to maximum increases the power consumption to 8.9W, or about 25%. In practical terms this means that going brighter definitely has an impact on the Switch’s battery life… Otherwise, keep in mind the 8.9W number. This is (roughly) the maximum power draw for gaming on the console when it’s undocked.Now to address the elephant in the room: Are you sure a USB-A charger loses charge? Why doesn’t that match my experience/Digital Foundry/etc.?If you search for threads and comments about third-party chargers on /r/NintendoSwitch, you’ll see redditors sharing their positive experiences with many USB-A chargers, Digital Trends noted, “we didn’t find any noticeable difference in charging efficiency between USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C,” and even very well-respected technical gaming publications like Digital Foundry make these same (technically incorrect) observations:Firstly, you don’t need a USB-C port on the external battery itself to make this work. A regular USB port with 2.1 amps output minimum will do the job, though much less is likely to not charge as the Switch as fast as it depletes. … Even in intensive areas, they supply enough power to run the game, and gradually top up the battery. Provided you’re running from a minimum of a 2.1A USB port as mentioned, there’s enough throughput to achieve this, though expect the charge to be very slow while playing.For me, the key revelation around reconciling this was recognizing that where you were in BOTW mattered just as much as making sure that brightness was maxed out. And this could be the difference between your battery draining, holding the line, or charging. And I suspect it’s this variation (as well other possible factors like auto-brightness) that has led to quite a bit of confusion with how sufficient USB-A is for charging the Switch. Digital Foundry even hints to this as well in their article:That said, this is proportionate to rendering load; Switch’s battery percentage rises faster in Zelda’s less demanding interior areas for example, like shrines. So yes, all power banks here not only keep the hardware juiced, but there’s a surplus of power that means they recharge the console while playing.…but it seems their testing scenario was not really the most challenging BOTW had to offer, thus throwing off their conclusions. I mention this not to pick on anyone sharing their battery experiences or to disparage Digital Foundry (which I think is one of the best technical gaming publications around), but to point out and explain how these previous findings are flawed.Some of my earliest timelapse testing with BOTW was around identifying that different areas of BOTW had different rendering demands, and yielded different charging results. For example, when I tested a 5V 2.4A charger at the Cape Cales/Muwo Jeem Shrine, a fairly non-demanding setting — the Switch primary battery held the line at 41% for over 20 minutes. But, when I tried Lakeside Stable (prior to my discovering Korok Forest), the result was a 1% drop in the Switch battery every 11 minutes — unsurprising given the significant rain, lightning, particle effects, and transparency/fog there.Also, looking at the power draw of the Switch when docked (as measured from the wall) gives us good insight into the variation of the power draw in different scenarios in BOTW. In informal testing, I was seeing as much as a 3 watt swing between the extremes of the most and least challenging areas in BOTW. For a USB-A 5V 2.4A charger that maxes out at supplying 7.5 watts, a 1–3 watt variation between BOTW locations could be enough to tip the balance between a slow Switch discharge and a slow Switch charge.It seems clear to me that for consumers interested in a future-proofing purchase, a charger with USB-PD is the clear winner, with a USB-C charger as a reasonable, more inexpensive runner-up. USB-A chargers are often good enough, especially if you already have one, but I wouldn’t spend new money on a new USB-A charger when there are plenty of USB-C options out there.However, using Korok Forest as a stress test is just that — a worst-case scenario stress test. At the end of the day, there is no “typical” way to play BOTW, and each player will likely run through a mix of both demanding and less demanding environs in BOTW. And so for most people, the 7.5 watt output of a USB-A charger may probably enough for them to get by — as even when it drops charge, the rate of decrease is much, much slower than if the Switch were running off its own power.If the above discussion left you still confused by all the charger choices out there and which charging combination is the right for you, don’t worry. It is confusing. In part two of this article, I’ll take a stab at (hopefully) clarifying this a bit. Until then, happy gaming!As an epilogue, it will be interesting to see if these findings will be refined over time. For all of its graphical splendor, many have nonetheless concluded that BOTW is not well-optimized for the Switch. Perhaps a better AAA title will come out in a year or two that pushes the Switch’s Tegra X1 even closer to the edge and increases the power draw further. There have also been rumors about future support for gameplay video recording and possibly live streaming — something that may add additional power overhead to already demanding titles like BOTW.BTW— if I got something wrong or there’s a flaw in my testing procedure, definitely drop a comment! I’m happy to get feedback and corrections.·RELATED QUESTIONIs USB type c charger good for battery.?Almost all phones use Lithium-ion batteries.The charging of a phone battery totally depends on the internal circuitry of the phone.It doesn't matter if you use type C or regular chargers to charge your phone, but what matters is using compatible accessories.This ensures that your phone is safely getting charged with maximum efficiency.Type C chargers are a modern technology that is gradually being adopted by new phones, providing a reversible pin in place of a micro USB pin.And so, the necessary modifications are made in the charging circuit itself.
Why Should I Change From Console to a Pc Gaming Computer ?
why should i change from console to a pc gaming computer ?in my opinion, i have not in any respect had the fashion of pc that could want to deal with the fashion of pastime performed on the console. besides to that, console gaming is the way it began. I were given my Nintendo, then the great, then the sixty 4, and then the Xbox and Gamecube. there is something cool about the custom of recent console wars, and a gadget that is designed extremely for video games. i like consoles— — — — — —Value of Xbox 360 console?Well are not you are smart little boy— — — — — —Console ConnectConsole Connect Inc. is a leading global Software Defined Interconnection platform that enables customers to privately interconnect data centres, clouds, SaaS applications and other businesses on-demand across 300 data centers and 40 countries. It is one of the first global platforms to fully automate switching and routing for seamless interconnection. Customers can spin up and flex connections via an easy to use portal across PCCW Global's MPLS network and benefit from high-speed performance and assured quality of service. HistoryThe company was a venture-backed startup, and claims to have raised $65 Million in venture capital as of the end of 2015. Founded as IIX Corp., in May 2016, IIX changed its name to Console Connect Inc. It went by both Console and IIX in various marketing and advertisements. In October 2017, it sold its global network business to IX Reach (comprising all customers and global network and physical assets), and its software intellectual property and development team were sold in November 2017 to PCCW Global. By October 2018, Console Connect reaches all major IaaS providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.— — — — — —Easy 10 POINtS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!?Well the console should be worth around $170 plus the games I reckon its worth around $340. This is considering the games are quite old so most would only be worth $23 (this is based on prices in england) Hope this helps :)— — — — — —PS3 OR XBOX 360 CONSOLE?actuallly jake is wrong ps3 consoles dont break down as much as 360's , they get overheated quite easily and also get the RROD after some time, ps3's have a better cooling fan which stops it from overheating. but i suppose you should get the console which has the games you want to play more, as that would be mine. i have a ps3 because of metal gear solid, resistance, heavy rain, killzone, gran tarismo, and more games (all of them exclusive to ps3) and because you can also play games in FULL HD on ps3's which is useful if you have a 1080p tv. you cant do that on 360, also you cant watch blu-ray movies. online is free on ps3, 40 a year on 360. also ps3 has the higher memory at the momenrt with 160GB beating the 360 elite with the 120GB drive. and is a quieter system than the 360 in my opinion, specially as the 'arcade' 360 is so loud i can hear it in my brothers room if our bedroom doors are open, and il be playin my ps3 aswell. and aswell ps3 bluray discs dont scratch as easy as the xbox discs which are a normal scratch-easily disc. i could go on all day with why ps3 is better like saying it has bbc i-player on the main menu, ps home, internet browser, download ps1 games (xbox doesnt have any of those) my opinion. .. there isnt any competition PS3 is the better console— — — — — —What is a Console?A console may refer to any of the following: 1. Alternatively referred to as a computer console, root console, system console, or terminal. Console is a basic computer or monitor and keyboard that is connected to another computer, server, or a mainframe over a network. It is used to maintain or monitor the status of the network or computer. 2. A game console, video game console, or console is a describes a gaming box or device that is primarily designed to play games that connects to a TV. For example, the Famicom, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Wii, and Wii U are all examples of consoles. The first video game console, called the Magnavox Odyssey, was developed by Ralph H. Baer and his team at Sanders Associates and released by Magnavox in September 1972. 3. In games and some programs, the console is a feature that allows advanced users or developers access to special features and an area to issue commands. If available, the console is usually accessed by pressing the tilde key while the game or program is running.
How to Write the Output of Blender Console Out to a File
On Linux/Ubuntu its ./blender > myLog123.txt from the working directory. ./blender &> myLog123.txt to include Stderr.In Python you can doto catch the console output while your script is running1. Can an xbox joystick be used on an xbox 360 console ?No they can not. Xbox 360 has usb outlets. Xbox does not2. Which console should I buy-a PS3 or an XBOX 360? ?ps3 better games3. Should I get gaming pc or console?I would get a gaming console because you probably wo not be able to play many games on it. Unless you are going to play casual games on it like civilization or sim34. How do I fix my 1950's console record player?try a TV repair them to see if they know where these types of things can get fixed5. What happened to my 1998 bmw 528i? The heater/air console buttons stopped working?It is lonely and has not seen a factory trained mechanic. BMW's seem to know that the dealership needs income, so they just do silly little things like this to help you realize that they are the only ones who can fix it.6. Best Console Audio Gaming chair with Speakers ReviewSound is one of the best features in the gaming chair, and the surround speakers are in-built into the chair. When you turn on the sound system of the chair, you can realize the amazing surround sound from the chair. The sound quality of the chair will lead you to immerse in your gaming, and these chairs are an unrivaled choice for the best gaming. There are a lot of higher-end gaming chairs available in the market; it also has the wireless speakers; you will able to enjoy the robust sound that will get you into the real gaming experience. Some of the gaming chairs have up to 4 speakers with powerful subwoofers; by this, you can enjoy the sound of your gaming and the movie. Some of the chairs also have the vibration motors feature that is synced with the audio bass tone of the game. Combined with the sub-woofer will calculate the full-body sensation. The gaming chair manufacture with this technology will help to realize the realistic gaming experience. If you are having a very small place in your room and you do not want a small gaming chair, the solution for this issue is using a gaming chair. There are a lot of gaming chairs are available in the market with the folding feature to be easily stored. If you are playing games in your living room, these folding feature gaming chairs will help you a lot to save the space. At the same time, if you have a dedicated gaming room, this feature gaming chair is not essential for you. Since the gamers may spend more than 6 to 12 hours in front of the screen, the gaming chairs are designed for their comfort, which means they do not feel tired or sore in the long period of the gaming session. Also, the gaming chair has excellent padding and back support: hence you can feel the difference at the time of replacing the old chair with your gaming chair7. help i dont know what console to get ps3 or xbox 360?I would get the 360 better games,better online, and more memory than the ps3 if u get the elite8. Why do PC gamers bash console gamers for playing on consoles?Consoles are PC9. What can you do if ants build a nest in your Nintendo Wii console and you can't get rid of them without breaking the warranty seal on the hardware?Ants nesting in your electronics?Your warrantee is already void. If you know how to safely open and clean it out, you may as well proceed10. My xbox had the red ring of death. I fixed it, or so I thought but now the console when turned on has no rings?The only explanation I can think of is that you may have gotten some of the arctic silver on some components and shorted them out. There should be lights showing if you just touched the processors because no matter what you do with those it should not change the ring of light. Another thing I thought of is it may be your power supply. Check the light on it and make sure it's not red. If it is replacing it may work but I can not guarantee it will.
Whitney Miller moved from a small apartment to a single-family home in Alexandria about a year and a half ago and inherited some traditional pieces from family members, including a baby grand piano. She wants to keep those older pieces but update the look of her 13-by-20-foot living and dining area to reflect her more modern tastes. She needs help blending the two styles.Designer Charles Almonte saves money by reupholstering the existing furniture with fun, modern prints, leaving room in the budget to splurge on transitional and modern accent pieces to update the space.Go for a light neutral paint with pink undertones to brighten the space. Try Savory Cream by Benjamin Moore. Add a modern touch with a sculptural console table with sleek accent lamps and a contemporary bowl. Choose a chandelier in a transitional style to help blend the antiques with the more modern pieces in the room. Use similar patterns in the two rooms to unify the space. When reupholstering the tub chairs, remove the tufting detail and hide the legs to give them a more contemporary look. A mix of old and new pieces can make a space more interesting and give it life, so embrace antiques, such as the love seat.SPLURGE: Gramercy crazy dot rug in pink ($1,400 for 8-by-10-foot rug,, left. SAVE: Hilda Sonja rug in gray and light pink ($665 for 7½ -by-9½ -foot rug, Olympia console in wood ($3,299,, left. SAVE: Architectural console table in gray ($799, Furniture: Tanner round coffee table in bronze finish ($449, Accessories: Antique bronze five-light, ­22-inch chandelier ($115,; Surya black table lamp ($296,; Sunset Street luxe rose bowl ($180,; dichroic burgundy bowl ($360,; Homestead soft gray Meredith chevron 7½ -by-9½ -foot area rug ($788,; Athens curtain panels in gray ($60 for set of two, Materials: Indoor/outdoor zigzag gray fabric for dining chairs ($9 a yard,; slate-gray upholstery chenille fabric for tub chairs ($18 a yard, More fromHouse Calls: Follow us on Pinterest. See answers to frequently asked questions about House Calls here Tell us about your own design challenge here See past room makeovers by local designers here
The Pathetic Syllogism and How to Console People in Grief
Imagine that a close friend of yours has experienced the loss of a loved one. Understandably, she is in grief. But this has been going on for a while now, and she risks not being able to get back to a normal, functional existence. How do you console her?Turns out, the answer depends on whether she is a practitioner of Stoic philosophy or not. And a strategy for each case was laid out more than two millennia ago by the second and third leaders of the Stoa: respectively, Cleanthes and Chrysippus.In his Tusculan Disputations (III.76), Cicero summarizes the two methods. We learn that Cleanthes approach relies on reminding the person who is grieving that death is a natural thing, and not really an evil, since the only true evils are our own bad judgments (and the only true goods are our own good judgments). As Cicero puts it, the intention is to teach the sufferer that what happened is not an evil at all.Obviously, this is going to have track with someone who has adopted Stoicism as their philosophy of life, but not with someone who hasnt. Indeed, I would highly recommend not to use Cleanthes method with a non-Stoic. You would come across as callous and insensitive, and your friend may begin to distance herself from you.But Cicero also tells us about Chrysippus method: to get rid of the persons belief that mourning is something he ought to do, something just and appropriate. For instance, Seneca, in his letter of consolation to Marcia, says that her grief over the death of one of her sons is understandable, but it has gone on for quite some time, and now she has began to neglect her other offspring, her husband, her friends, and her social duties. It is, then, time to set the grief aside and rejoin the world, for the sake of others, if not for her own.As it happens, the two methods are based on the two ways to challenge what Margaret Graver, author of Stoicism and Emotion, calls the pathetic syllogism. I love the term, but lets make clear what we are talking about.A syllogism, of course, is a type of deductive reasoning of the form:P1: X is YP2: Y is ZC: Therefore, X is ZWhere P1 is the first premise, P2 the second premise, and C the conclusion.For instance:P1: Spiderman is a manP2: Men are mortalC: Therefore Spiderman is mortalAs for the word pathetic, in this context it doesnt have the modern English meaning of miserably inadequate; of very low standard, but is instead rooted in the Greek word apatheia, meaning lack of passions. The passions (path) are the negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and hatred. As distinct from the positive emotions (eupatheiai), like joy, love, or a sense of justice.So the pathetic syllogism is a particular piece of deductive reasoning having to do with the negative emotions. It goes like this:P1: Thing T is evilP2: If an evil is present it is appropriate for me to feel distressP3: I am now confronting an instance of thing TC: It is appropriate for me to feel distressFor instance, in the case of our hypothetical grieving friend:P1: The death of a loved one is an evilP2: If an evil is present it is appropriate for me to feel distress, e.g., griefP3: A loved one has diedC: It is appropriate for me to feel griefWe can now see that Cleanthes strategy to deal with grief attacks Premise 1 of the pathetic syllogism, denying that the death of a loved one is an evil (though it is certainly dispreferred, in Stoic terminology).By contrast, Chrysippus strategy attacks Premise 2 of the pathetic syllogism, denying that it is appropriate (in this particular moment, at least) to feel grief at the death of a loved one.(Premise 3 is just a fact: a loved one has died, so it cannot be challenged, unless it turns out that the person in question did not, in fact, die!)Its also obvious why Cleanthes approach should be deployed only with people who practice Stoicism, while Chrysippus line of attack can be followed in any case, with both Stoics and non-Stoics, but especially the latter ones. As Graver puts it, in Chapter 9 of her book: The Chrysippan method of consolation enables a Stoic philosopher to assist people who are not ready to accept his position on the value of externals. For Chrysippus it is the duty of the philosophical therapist to alleviate the emotional ills of all people, including those who adhere to the Peripatetic view that there are three classes of goods (goods of the body and of estate as well as of the soul), or to the Epicurean view that pleasure is the good. It is therefore very helpful, says Chrysippus, if one can proceed in a way that avoids confrontation with their evaluative beliefs.And here is the Master himself, from one of the few fragments we have of his now lost writings:For even if it should be that there are three classes of goods, even so one should work to cure the emotions. But during the critical period of the inflammation one should not waste ones efforts over the belief that preoccupies the person stirred by emotion, lest we ruin the cure which is opportune by lingering at the wrong moment over the refutation of the beliefs which preoccupy the mind. And even if pleasure is the good and this is the view of the person who is overcome by the emotion, one should nonetheless assist him and demonstrate that every emotion is inconsistent, even for those who assume that pleasure is the good and is the goal. (Origen, Against Celsus 8.51, from Chrysippus, On Emotions, book 4)I love this passage because not only it refers to a method of consolation that has the potential to work independently of the individuals philosophical commitments. It also reminds us that the Stoics care more about alleviating suffering than about purity of doctrine·RELATED QUESTIONhelp!!! my new guinea pig!!!!?your guinea pig is popcorning its a sign of happiness!
What Happened to Your Stereo Console?
Gosh, that's a good question. When I was first married in 1970, that was the first thing we bought together. And we liked it so much that we got another one for my folks for Christmas. Basically it was just a great big record player. I do not know what happened to mine, it may have gone to my husband when we were divorced seven years later. My mom and dad still had theirs somewhere in their house when they died. I imagine my brother, who got the house (a long, long story) got rid of it.1. What is a banned gaming console?A console that had been 'modified', to run programs that the manufacturers did not intend to be used on that particular console.For instance, Microsoft's original "X Box" console, was 'chip modded', which allowed X Box owners, to run programs, that were illegally copied, on their consoles. A lot of people also claimed the 'mod', allowed the console to run software from 'other regions', in effect, you could run programs from other countries, on your american X Box. Microsoft, took a very dim view of this practice of altering the X Box, and they took serious steps to stop the practice. Every console that was connected to the 'X Box' Live network, was scanned, and if it was determined that the console contained a mod chip, that console was banned. A couple of million X Box consoles wound up on 'Craigslist', and 'ebay', in the days that followed.2. Add a console to Stack SnippetsI bring news (and hope) from the inaugural meta.SE Community Town Hall chat event.Here's a partial transcript:Haney posted a comment on the town hall chat proposal:3. 2018 shift console ford escapeApparently it's just for show. I just took my 2018 back to the dealer and they said that the gear shift lights do not light up at night because everything is on the dash.4. Which Xbox one console is best?The xbox on x. The newest version is always the best as par as hardware goes5. Log console on remotelyFirst, log in as that user via Remote Desktop. You may disconnect, but the session must remain logged in.Then log in as yourself (over a second connection if needed), or use psexec to run the command below remotely if the firewall allows "file sharing" connections to the XP machine. Now run If you get "Permission denied" or related errors, or if you cannot give the password on the command line, use psexec -s to gain SeTcbPrivilege:Note: You might be required to use psexec, in fact. I had forgotten that XP only allows a single active connection by default6. Video & Online Gaming: Microsoft's Xbox One Vs Sony's PlayStation 4: Does 1080p or 60FPS Truly Matter?You can not see a graphical difference unless your sitting about a foot away from a 80' tv and even then its minimal. And to these "hardcore" pc gamers i do not have 3k to drop on a gaming pc so it isnt at all fair even comparing console and pc in this way7. Are there console controllers with accessibility in mind?There are some, but very few depending on what condition the user has. Really, there are no options if the user cant use their fingers.Are there console controllers with accessibility in mind?.8. Which is the best console?Definitely the wii, sure the system itself is kinda sucky, but that is no excuse to miss out on the best exclusives out there including: Mario Kart Wii, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros Brawl, New Super Mario Bros Wii, and countless others, you can not go wrong with the Wii! Also, the Wii U is at least 10 times better than all others systems, it has the Nintendo exclusives (like the wii) such as ZombiU, Scribblenauts, and New Super Mario Bros U, with the console quality gamers today expect such as a great online network, inovation (the gamepad obviously) and a great core controller (called the pro controller) You can not go wrong with Nintendo!9. closeTab on Save in Console; redirect not in consoleIf you just want a Boolean property to tell you if you are in the console, consider using an actionFunction or some similar mechanism to propagate that data from the client.MarkupController
Where I Can Buy a Stylish and Durable Console Table for Home Decor?
from Eleganc you can easily buy console table for home decor1. Cheapest place to buy Tobias Console Table?002. What is your favorite arcade style console or table video game from the 1980's?Dig Dug = best arcade game ever3. How I Built a $2100 RH Inspired Console Table for Free | ORC Week No. 6See how old reclaimed wood boards were used to construct a primitive style entryway table inspired by a very pricey Restoration Hardware version. It can be made more contemporary just by using smooth sanded boards from the hardware store over more rustic ones. While I was limited to the width of the boards I had, you can make your own console table as wide or narrow as you would like. The top could be made wider than the legs if that is a look you would prefer. The table could be stained, painted or left bare wood as I have done. HOW TO BUILD AN EASY ENTRWAY CONSOLE TABLE Wood screws - the length should be 1 1/2 times longer than the thickness of your boards Wood in your choice of type, width, and thickness , week six of the One Room Challenge is all about building furniture. (And in case you are confused about what happened to week five, the ORC was cancelled last week. So you did not miss anything!)As many of your might be, I am a huge fan of Restoration Hardware. They have some beautiful pieces of furniture and unique designs, but that comes at a hefty price. As much as I love the look, I can not think of anything I've ever found that I would be willing to pay what they are asking to have.While putting together plans for my entryway and sourcing different console table choices, I found thethat was primitively constructed from just three boards and really loved the rustic look. But at $2150, it was way out of my budget and also too large for my space.Since I figured out, I decided this table was something I could totally handle constructing for my entry. I even has some thick "reclaimed" boards lying around that would be perfect.When I was a little kid, my dad made a sandbox for me in the backyard. Then when I got older, the sandbox was used as a raised flower bed. But age and weather began to take it's toll and the sandbox was deconstructed. One board was beyond saving, but I put the other three boards in the shed for a "future project." Being outside for probably 30 years gave the boards a nice worn, reclaimed wood look, especially where they were buried underground making them just what I needed for this project.This really is an easy style console table to build and can be customized according to your style and preferences.The boards were sanded, not so much to remove the weather and wear that I, but just enough to clean up the boards and take off the remnants of the paint that remained on the them.I cut my three boards to length using. I actually made this table pretty high at 35 inches, but you could choose any height that you want. The top board was cut to be 40 inches long so that it could be centered where the mirror will hang (in line with the light fixture).My original design plans were to useto attach the top to the sides. Easy. They form an L shape, you add two screws into the top and two screws into the side, and Home Depot (online) had some that came in black to stick with my style of the room. But the effects of the last few months reared their ugly head again, and this simple hardware store purchase was going to be backordered until the end of June.I needed to get this table done, so plan number two involved me cutting 1 1/2 inch wide strips from my leftover scraps to create my own brackets.I laid all of my pieces out on the floor making sure that the most rustic parts of the boards were most visible.Then using wood glue and 2 1/4 inch wood screws, I attached everything together. First, I applied wood glue to the two sides of the brackets that would be held against the table's top and sides.Before drilling the screws into the wood, I drilled pilot holes for the screws to go into. Because of the condition of the wood, these thin pieces were a bit fragile and the screw would have torn the wood apart without the predrilled holes. Predrilling makes the job easier overall getting the screws into the board.Then I screwed the brackets onto both sides of the upright "legs" of the table. With everything laid upside down on the floor, I then screwed the brackets into the underside of the tabletop.I wanted to keep the wood the natural, reclaimed finish so I've done nothing else with it. You may want to paint or stain the wood, or seal it with a clear polyurethane or wax finish.In my eyes, this handmade entry table is 100x better than that pricey Restoration Hardware version, both because it was custom fit for my space and because it was constructed of the wood from my childhood sandbox made by my dad. It's fun to see meaningful things getting a second (or third) life to still recall all the original memories.Cut your boards to the length and height that you desire. The average console table is 30 inches tall, but can range from 28 to 32 inches. (Or higher if you prefer!) Remember you will have to subtract the width of the top board from your desired height to find the length of your table legs. Cutting your boards is most easily done using a miter saw, but could also be done with a jig saw or hand saw. Or your local hardware store may cut them to length for you if you ask.Sand any rough cut edges on your boards.Measure the location for your corner braces. Two braces should be used on each inside side of your table. Mark the holes and drill pilot holes for the screw width you are using.Using a screwdriver tip on your drill (or by hand with a screwdriver), twist the screws into your predrilled holes in the sides of your table.Put your console tabletop on the floor, top side down. Again, measure for the location of your brackets and predrill the holes.Apply a layer of wood glue to the top edge of your console table leg. Set it in place and screw the brackets into the boards using your predrilled holes.Paint or stain your table according to your desired look.Links are shared through midnight Sunday.
Which Is the Cheapest Handheld Gaming Console for Kids Below 10 Years?
Sega genisis because nentendo was ran by a DVD copy of shark tales for a while and made the nes 200 so sega1. Which zelda handheld game are the best?The above is referring to Links Awakening on the GB and GBC and I agree its one of my favorites2. Can I listen to local CB radio from handheld 2-way radio?Not that handheld radio. The one in your link is a FRS/GMRS radio which transmits in the 462 and 467MHz. CB is in the 26 to 27MHz range. You would need a Radio Shack, Uniden, or Midland handheld cb3. What's the best handheld gaming device for my kids?We have been given the VSmile handheld for our son. It became into stable for about 2 years. he's 5 now and moved directly to extra advantageous and extra advantageous issues. He rather likes he cousing gameboy strengthen. i think of the V Smile continues to be stable for a three 12 months previous, yet be arranged to purchase something diverse in 2 years4. Can't focus an old handheld telescope?The lenses need to be in the right order, oriented the right way round, and with the right spacers between them. If any lens is in the wrong place or turned backwards, you can end up not able to properly focus the telescope5. has anyone used a handheld sewing machine?Awkward and cumbersome to try and handle material and machine. Small repairs possible with patience6. 25W HID Handheld Searchlight | Best 2020 Collection | AelightSearchlights: High power, lightweight and portable. Designed for law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, military & industrial users to light targets that flashlights cannot illuminate. These searchlights are widely used by professionals in need of lighting targets that regular high power flashlights can not reach. They are compact and illuminate large areas making it easier to illuminate targets from long distances. The intense beams of the HID Xenides Searchlights are good for self-defense as well as personal security. The HID searchlights are powered by a 12VDC power cord or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for portable applications where power is not available. Five HID models to choose from including Explosion Proof models: See for yourself how powerful these HID searchlights really are. Order yours online now. If you are involved with law enforcement, military, or other government agencies call for special pricing.7. Which handheld system should I get?get a vita if you want no games to play. 3ds is the way to go so many great games zelda between worlds pokemon x and y ,animal crossing new leaf, mario kart 7. smash bros., so many vita is good for nothing but store credit8. Which Handheld Gaming Devices would you recommend for a 13 year old girl?go for PSP hanna Montana or PSP pink it will be best for u.......... PSP ROCKS DSi SUCKS.......9. Is microsoft ever making a handheld system?probably not. the fact is that it's going to be tough. nintendo pretty much rules the handheld market. now you got iphones and other android devices joining the battle, ms will be in.a losing battle. wii u is not a handheld per se. the controller looks like a handheld but it's still a controller.10. Many people, particularly teens, seem to be taking videos with a handheld smartphone while driving. Does anyone have real-life stories or facts to contribute that could be used to discourage this potentially dangerous activity?Maybe I am just cynical, but whether people are taking videos, selfies, texting, posting on social media, or just speeding, it does not seem to be helping much to publicize these terrible situations. I have not done any research on it yet but I can only hope the tide turns.This just happened. They believe that Snapchat was in use:Teen was driving 106 mph in senior skip day crash that killed best fri | Atlanta: News, Weather and Traffic.11. 10 Best-Selling Handheld Gaming ConsolesLast time, we've shared a list of the top-selling video game home consoles that were released in the market. Today, we are about to share the top-selling handheld gaming consoles as of 2020, which shaped the way we play games now. In its literal sense, handheld consoles combine speakers, controller, display, and hardware in one device. Apart from unique features, these compact gaming consoles have brought portability to the users and made gaming more accessible and mobile to all ages. Author's note: The list is arranged by units sold from lowest to highest. It is based on the recorded number of units sold worldwide. We also gathered the latest records shared publicly by the involved companies. Nokia combined the features of a handheld game console and mobile phone in N-Gage, which was released in 2003. It even brought out a redesigned version to address the design issue. However, its lifespan was shortlived, with only sold 3 million units worldwide, including the N-Gage QD. Sega's 8-bit, fourth-generation handheld console was made available globally in the early 90s. It features a backlit screen in full color with a landscape format and supports Master System games through an adapter. However, it did not match up on the battery life and diverse game library that Nintendo's Game Boy offered. This affects its sales performance, with only 11 million units sold in the market. The second-generation handheld console from Sony comes in a larger, multi-touch OLED display, backward compatibility with most PSP games, and optional 3G connectivity. It was intended to bring advanced technologies from home gaming consoles, which paved the way for mobile gaming. From its worldwide launch in early 2012 to 2019, it around 10 to 15 million units. As a successor to Game Boy, this handheld console has a colored screen and doubles the processor speed. It is battery-operated, comes in different bold colors, and offers backward compatibility of previous Game Boy titles where some can be played on a selectable color palette. Officially made available in the market in November 1998, it sold 49.27 million units globally. Categorized as a hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch can be connected to smart TVs or bring anywhere as a handheld gaming device. It has wireless Joy-Con controllers, a docking station, and a standalone display. Debuted in March 2017, players may download Nintendo Switch Games online through the Nintendo eShop or purchase flash-based ROM cartridges. Counting in the sales of its lighter version, the Nintendo Switch Lite, it sold 55.77 million units worldwide. We can expect the numbers to go up as these devices are still sold in the market. The classic Game Boy, which was the second handheld console produced by Nintendo in 1989, combined the hardware of the Nintendo Entertainment home system and its predecessor Game & Watch. It is classified under the 8-bit handheld console, and is equipped with a black and green reflective LCD screen, an eight-way directional pad, two action buttons (A and B), Start and Select buttons, and plays games from ROM-based media contained in cartridges. It became one of the most recognizable devices from the 90s, with 69.42 million units sold across the world. The successor to the Nintendo DS levels up its display by adding support to stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories. It also features backward compatibility to all games under the Nintendo DS family, from Nintendo DS to Nintendo DSi XL. From its initial launch in 2011, it has sold 75.77 million units, including Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 2DS XL, and the previous and current generation Nintendo 3DS XL. It is one of the current handhelds of Nintentod next to Switch. Sony gathered all the elements that gamers can find on a PlayStation and employed it on its seventh-generation console. Sporting a large screen that's capable of running titles with intensive graphics, the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, allows players wireless connectivity and options to extend its display on previous PlayStation consoles, as well as Windows and Mac desktops. It also has a dedicated Universal Media Disc drive for playing games and movies and Sony's Memory Stick Pro Duo for storing multimedia files such as videos, games, and music. The PlayStation Portable made its debut in September 2005 on Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia and sold around 80 million units, including its Slim & Lite, Go, and Street versions until December 2014. In terms of hardware, the fifth unit under the Game Boy family of Nintendo has brought a significant upgrade. It has a switch for backward compatibility of previous Game Boy titles and can be connected to other devices through a specialized cable. Fans also used to love Game Boy Advance's color variety from regular to special editions. Since its release in 2001, it sold a total of 81.51 million units worldwide, including the flip variant Game Boy Advance SP. Launched globally in late 2004, it was Nintendo's first handheld gaming console to feature a clamshell form factor and support wireless connectivity. Its acronym, DS, stands for Dual Screen (one regular LCD and one touchscreen) and Developers' System. Its backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance titles catapulted its fame to consumers, recording a total of 154.02 million units sold worldwide, including the Lite, DSi, and DSi XL variants. And that's pretty much it. Without these handheld consoles, gaming smartphones would not be born. Have you played some gaming consoles from our list? Share with us your experience in the comment section below!
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