Cervical Pain: Best Cervical Pillows to Provide Neck Support

The cervical pillow supports the neck and help in relieving muscle tension around that area. Proper body alignment is essential while sleeping to ward off cervical pain and the cervical pillow does just that. These pillows conform to the shape of your neck and provides an everlasting comfort. Moreover, rolling or compressing the cervical pillows does not affect their foam quality. Here's a list of some of the best cervical pillows to relieve your cervical pain-The water pillow by Mediflow Image source: mediflow.comThe Mediflow waterbase pillow for neck pain is clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve sleep quality. These pillows feature StaLoft Dacron polyester fiber filling for extra resilience and the fiber floats on thin layer of water in order to offer a responsive support. This pillow is adjustable and its firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing water. Coop Home Goods bamboo shredded memory foam pillow Image source: coophomegoods.comThis pillow features a firm blend of memory foam and microfiber that provides just the right balance of support and comfort. The inner liner of the pillow is made up of a lightweight and stretchy fabric that allows to shape the pillow for different sleeping positions. It is ideal for side sleepers and the ones who enjoy a firmer pillow. Smarter Rest memory foam pillow Image source: tomoson.comThis memory foam pillow is crafted out of German memory foam material and does not flatten over time. It is soft enough to mold to the shape of your neck and hard enough to provide ample support to it. Its structure eliminates perspiration and stimulates air flow. It gently supports the neck and head at the correct angles and takes away the back pain. Tri-Core cervical support pillow Image source: core products.comThis cervical pillow provides maximum support and lasts longer than the traditional pillows. The trapezoid shape in the center of it delivers good orthopedic benefits by allowing the inbuilt neck roll to support the neck firmly. The comfortable side lobes support the head in its natural position while you are side sleeping. Moreover, its resilient fiber springs back when compressed to offer an exceptional comfort and durability.Sleep Innovations contour memory foam pillow Image source: sleepinnovations.comThe therapeutic design of this contour memory foam pillow adapts to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders to provide additional support and gently align to your need. Moreover, you have the option to choose between higher contour and lower contour as per your need. It is best for back and side sleepers. Last but not the least, these pillows strongly hold their shape for many years.

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Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review
For getting a good sleep at night the importance of a pillow cannot be described in words. And if you don't get better sleep at night then you'll feel drowsy and fatigue all the day long and your work will hamper. So, you must need to choose the best pillow for leading a healthy life. And memory foam pillows works very effectively in this regard and also different from the ordinary ones. Coop Home Good Shredded Memory Foam has added a new dimension to the world of the Shredded Pillow.It takes good care of your head and neck. People of all sleeping positions can use this memory foam pillow. FeaturesThis is 100% made in USA with Certipur-US certified foam which guarantees you the best quality. It also assures you that this Shredded Pillow is free from all types of toxics and chemicals.All types of natural materials are used in manufacturing this pillow. So, in this pillow there is no metal, zone depleters, PBDES, TDCPP, TCEP and other types of chemicals. It is really very much healthy.The fabric of this is made of Bamboo which ensures you to provide the best quality than the ordinary pillows.The measurement of this Shredded is also perfect for everyone and the measurement is 20'' x 54".The cover of this Shredded Pillow is a bamboo blend cover. The cover is made of Viscose Rayon Cover and also 60% Polyester and 40% Bamboo is used in this pillow. The memory foam pillow is dust mites resistant and and also hypoallergenic. So, there's nothing to worry, it is really very healthy. Benefits of Using Coop Home Goods Shredded Pillow Besides these amazing features this Shredded Memory Foam Pillow has so many advantages which all are not possible to describe. But among them some of the most important benefits are given below. Perfect for All: This Shredded Pillow is made in such a way that it suits with the structures of every types of sleeper and with their sleeping positions. You can also use it as pregnancy pillow because of the size and softness of the pillow. This memory foam pillow takes the best care of your health by providing you with the maximum comfort. Improves Health: If you are among those people who are suffering from neck pain, back pain and other type of physical difficulties then this Coop Home Goods Shredded Pillow is the best option for you. Since it is very soft, flexible and comfortable it doesn't give the chance of feeling the pains and thus it helps you to get a better sleep at night. Air-flow Technology: Waking up midnight during sleeping is not pleasant to anyone at all. And it actually happens because of sweating or feeling hotness in the neck. But this Coop Home Goods Shredded Pillow is very much conscious about the temperature. Because of the air-flow technology it doesn't let you feel hotness at night and thus helps to get you a better sleep. The technology of this memory foam pillow is much more developed than the ordinary pillows. So, it is really very much effective for giving you a healthy life. Pillow Cover: The cover of the pillow is removable. So, you can remove the cover and wash it very easily whenever you want. But it is actually better to get it and pillow cover washed twice a year. If the cover gets very much dirty then you can also clean it when you want. But remember that the cover is not machine washable. So, you have to clean and dry it very carefully. Warranty and Price: The company of this Shredded Pillow has given a 5 years warranty of this. And also they have give an extra advantage of 30 days trial. That means, you can change or return the pillow within this time if you have any objection with this. Price of this pillow is also very much reasonable. That's why, the pillow is becoming very popular. Check the current price on Amazon. Cons of The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Nothing in the world is flawless. In this way it has also come out with very least flaws which is very natural. And that is, when you'll uncover your pillow for the first time after buying you'll find an unusual odor in it. Though it is not a problem at all many people don't like it. But you can remove this odor by proper ventilation and air-outing Ultimately, this Shredded Pillow works really very effectively on your health and wins the heart of many user's. So, experience the ultimate comfort of this pillow and improve your lifestyle with the super soft technology.
Benefits of Having a Memory Foam Pillow
type of pillow as compared to the usual pillows that people use such as cotton pillows or feather pillows. Nonetheless, it has been gaining popularity since a lot of people who have tried to use it attest to how comfortable the pillows are. More than just gaining a good night's sleep, memory foam pillows are also said to give more benefits. If you are one of those who are thinking of changing your old pillows to memory foam pillows but are not quite sure if it's the right kind of pillow for you, try to understand what the memory foam pillow truly is and what it can bring.A memory foam pillow is made from visco elastic foam. This is the main material that used to stuff the pillow as opposed to cotton or feather. Visco elastic foam is a type of material that was developed to provide excellent support. The way this works in a pillow is that it detects our bodily heat and moves in such a way that it conforms to the pressure points of the body, thus, making it comfortable.This material as well provides excellent support which is why the memory foam pillow can help alleviate back pain. Most back pains that are caused by uncomfortable sleep can be solved by the memory foam pillow. This material is even known to be used for orthopaedic purposes. So for this with back pains, memory foam pillows and other beddings which uses memory foam technology is highly recommended. It is also said to help people who have trouble sleeping to sleep better at night resulting to a relaxed mind and body.In addition, if you are sensitive to dust allergens, memory foam pillows are also known for its inability to harbour dust mites, which often trigger allergic reactions. Dust mites are attracted to a humid environment and feed on our dead skin cells which we shed the entire day even during sleep. With the memory foam's material which is characterized by high density, it does not get humid which makes it undesirable for dust mites.You can purchase memory foam pillows in varying shapes and sizes. There is the v-shaped one which is usually for the neck, the standard pillow sizes, square-shaped and the like. No matter what shape or size it is that you choose, check the density level of the pillow. The most recommended density measures at 2.0 or 2.5 which should be indicated on the label. However, you can opt for differing density levels depending on what makes you comfortable.
Are Flat Pillows a Pain in Your Neck? Here Are the Best Pillows for Side-sleepers
Not all sleepers aren't the same, so why do all pillows seem to be the same? Some people are back-sleepers, a few special individuals are stomach sleepers, while others (myself included) are dedicated side-sleepers. More often than not, however, side-sleepers find that normal pillows simply don't provide enough support, being either too soft or too flat to properly hold up one's head. This can result in chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. Spinal alignment should be a top priority for any type of sleeper.It's not hard to see why this can be a problem: When sleeping on your side, your head is naturally going to be higher up off of the bed than it would be if you were lying on your back. If your pillow isn't holding your noggin up high enough, your head and neck will be lying at an awkward angle relative to your spine, which is uncomfortable at best (resulting in poor sleep and a stiff neck) and can cause lasting neck pain problems at worst.If you've tried doubling up on pillows or buying larger ones to no avail, then it might just be time for the right pillow - one made specifically for sleeping on your side. We've rounded up the best pillows for side-sleepers that comfortably give you good neck and head support.Tuft and Needle Pillow - $75There are a lot of really affordable pillows on this list, but not all of them offer the same support and comfort as this one from Tuft and Needle. Unlike a lot of cheaper memory foam pillows, this particular one comes with T&N Adaptive Foam. This allows it to maintain its shape without causing neck pain from being overly supportive. The Tuft and Needle memory foam pillow comes with a free 100-night trial as well as a 3-year limited warranty.If you're looking for a more detailed analysis of this excellent side sleeper pillow, we've actually had the chance to get our hands on it. Our Tuft and Needle pillow review can tell you whether or not it's right for you.$75 from Tuft and NeedleLeesa reversible hybrid pillow - $125Perhaps you've tried other side-sleeper pillows - maybe even a few that are on this list - and found them wanting. The Leesa hybrid pillow does double duty as a pillow for side sleepers and as a cooling pillow, with an additional inner layer that can be removed to help you find the best level of support for your head and shoulders. At $135 for a queen size, the Leesa hybrid pillow is one of the most expensive picks on our roundup, but it's not bad considering you're effectively getting two pillows in one (and it might prove to be the last you'll ever need to buy).$125 from LeesaParachute Home Down Pillow - $69-$139This down pillow from Parachute Home is constructed with premium European white down contained in a smooth sateen cotton shell. You can choose between soft and firm density depending on your preference, which also come in multiple pillow sizes depending on what bed you have. Though the comfort aspect is the most important factor, a 60-day trial and a 3-year warranty makes that initial purchase that much more painless. If you decide within that 60-day trial period that you still have neck pain, or that you and this pillow are not a good fit, you can return it for your money back.$69 from ParachuteWamsutta extra-firm pillow - $27This queen-sized model from Wamsutta features an extra-firm filling that offers great head and neck support when your favorite sleep position is your side. Customer reviews say that the "extra-firm" label is not mere marketing - the Wamsutta pillow is densely built for serious side sleepers and doesn't sag or let your head "sink" in, which can be a factor that leads to neck pain. The polyester filling sits inside a 300 thread-count cotton cover and the pillow comes with a generous three-year warranty from Wamsutta. It's also the cheapest side sleeper pillow on our list at just $27 from Amazon.Pancake adjustable layer pillow - $70If you're looking for a truly custom side-sleeping experience, check out the Pancake Pillow. The 300 thread-count cotton cover contains six inner layers that you can add or remove to dial in the perfect loft and firmness for you. Do you want medium firm, extra firm, or just some light firmness to help resolve your neck pain? With this great pillow, you can test each level to find out what's right for you. The Pancake Pillow is available from Amazon for $70 for the queen size (or $140 for a two-pack) and $90 for the king. It's fairly pricey compared to other pillows for side sleepers, but happy customers say it's more than worth it - especially if you've been struggling for years to find the best pillow for side-sleeping.Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow - $27If you're looking for the ultimate neck pillow, then a contour pillow is the way to go. These memory foam pillows were made to handle neck pain by providing therapeutic support right where you need it. The ergonomic design of the contour itself adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders to provide the enhanced support and gentle alignment you've been missing. Spinal alignment is the most important factor of any pillow that claims to alleviate neck pain, so if neck pain is your biggest reason for wanting a better head rest on your mattress, this contour memory foam pillow is an excellent option. Normally priced at $60 on Amazon. Other comparable Tempur-Pedic options can go for as much as $129, so $27 is a great price for a pillow such as this.National Sleep Products Premier firm density pillows (2-pack) - $38With a dense down-like polyester filling, the Premier pillows from National Sleep Products give you the plushy feeling of down along with the firmness and head support needed for side-sleeping. The down-like interior is also covered by a soft 230 thread-count sateen cotton case. Although the Wamsutta pillow is the cheapest single item on our roundup, the National Sleep Products pillows are the best value overall at just $38 for a two-pack from Walmart. Though these large pillows are great for head support, neck pain, and shoulder pain, their size and shape make them an aesthetically pleasing addition to any type of bedding.Xtreme Comforts Kool-Flow bamboo memory foam pillow - $50We featured the Xtreme Comforts Kool-Flow in our cooling pillows roundup, and it gets another mention here because it's also one of the best pillows for side sleepers. Not only will the firm neck-contouring memory foam support your head, but the aptly named Kool-Flow features a ventilated bamboo-derived cover that breathes so you don't get all sweaty - if you're a side sleeper who runs a bit hot, this is the pillow for you. Its hypoallergenic, mite-resistant design offers protection from dust mites and other allergens so you can get a good night sleep without worrying about anything going on within your pillow. Better still: These pillows are made right here in the USA. The Kool-Flow bamboo cover pillow rings in at $50 for the standard size, $55 for the queen, $60 for the hypoallergenic king, and $70 for the body pillow.Brookstone BioSense shoulder pillow - $151In contrast to most side-sleeper pillows, which typically use shredded memory foam as filling, the Brookstone BioSense features a large memory foam pad that's designed to contour to your head and neck. Also unlike most other pillows made for side sleeping, the BioSenses's large shoulder divot lets you get your head higher up on the pillow, which can aid with neck pain. The BioSense foam is ventilated as well, making it great for hot sleepers, and contains ingredients like charcoal and green tea extracts to neutralize bacteria and odors. You can grab the BioSense shoulder pillow for $151 from Amazon and add on a Coop Home Goods memory foam body pillow for the complete experience.Tempur-Pedic Side-to-Side pillow - $155When it comes to memory foam, Tempur-Pedic has really carved out a name for itself. Designed with side-sleepers in mind, this contour pillow gently cradles your head, neck, and shoulders to provide the support you need to get through the night. It's also designed with a cooling gel top to help you avoid overheating. At $155, this is the most expensive pillow on our list, and for good reason. This memory foam side-sleeper pillow is the ultimate blend of firm and soft, and it was designed specifically with neck and shoulder pain in mind.Looking for more great stuff? We've found mattress toppers, cooling pillows, blackout curtains, and more.We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and choose what we cover carefully and independently. If you find a better price for a product listed here, or want to suggest one of your own, email us at . Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.
Help! I Can't Sleep in a Hotel Room
googletag.display("div-ad-articleLeader");With my job, I sleep in a hotel room around 200 nights a year. Sleeping on the road can create additional reasons why I can't sleep. If you have trouble sleeping in a bed other than your own, consider these possible solutions:1. Bring your own pillow. My brother got me a memory foam pillow for Christmas a couple years back and I don't leave home without it. Not only does it provide support for my head and neck, it also gives me added assurance that I am not sleeping with someone else's germs. If you get an allergic reaction from industrial strength detergents and bleach, you might also try an organic pillow case that's been laundered in detergents free of perfumes and dyes.2. Ear plugs or White Noise. When sleeping at a hotel the number one sleep disturbance is the noise in the hallway or next door. Kids running up and down the hallway, slamming doors or your neighbor's TV is too loud are just a few external noises that can cause many a sleepless night. You can buy a good pair of ear plugs, but if you feel they are uncomfortable try white noise. White noise can drown out external noises and help you fall asleep faster. You can either buy a white noise CD or player, but a fan will work just the same.3. Keep the room dark and the temperature under 65 degrees. Too much light in a room can cause your body to produce less melatonin. Melatonin is a natural byproduct from our pineal gland that controls our sleep cycle. As we age we naturally produce less. Melatonin supplements are available at your local pharmacy or health food store. If you are big on blankets like me, keeping the temperature in your room at 65 degrees or less will deter you from waking up during the night because you are too warm. This is especially beneficial for those that have night sweats.4. Don't raid the vending machines late at night. Eating and drinking right before retiring can cause indigestion, acid reflux and a need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Curtailing food and liquids to a minimum will help you to stay asleep. If you need to snack, snack on foods rich of tryptophan. Tryptophan will make you drowsy. Foods such as; nuts, turkey, eggs, seeds, cereal and those loaded with carbohydrates are rich in tryptophan. If you're lucky enough to have a hotel room that has a refrigerator stock up on these items.5. Turn off the TV and computer games. To help you get in the mind set for sleep and off of your daily stress, bring a boring book, write in a journal or listen to some soft music. I can't sleep if I am thinking about how to kill Goombule in the New Super Mario Bros.6. Create a sleep routine for the road. If you make a habit of going to bed at the same time every night your mind and body will automatically prepare itself to fall a sleep easy. 7. Getting your roommate or partner on board. Sometimes on a business trip you have to share a room with a fellow employee or if you are lucky enough to work and travel with your partner, like me, you will need to set some rules of the road when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You both might not agree on when to go to bed and/or how dark or cool the room should be. My best advice is to be open about your needs and compromise, compromise, compromise. function articleAdMiddleLoad()if (typeof jQuery != "undefined") var lastPosition = 0;var minimumDistanceBetweenAds = 1200;var minimumDistanceFromBottom = 300;var adsToPlace = 20;for(var i = 1; i 0// element is after last placed ad&& !$(this).hasClass("articleAdMiddle")// element is not an ad&& ($(this).position().top - lastPosition > minimumDistanceBetweenAds // enough space between ads&& $(".articleText").height() - $(this).position().top > minimumDistanceFromBottom// enough space from the bottom of the article|| $(this).prev().hasClass("articleSlideshow") // previous element is a slideshow))$(this).before($("#articleAdMiddle" i));googletag.display("div-ad-articleMiddle" i);lastPosition = $(this).position().top;spotFound = true;return false;);// If no spot can be found, stop the loop and remove any remaining banner slots.if(!spotFound)for(var j = i; j
Memory Foam Pillow Perfect Solution
Should you suffer from sleep loss and get out of bed often feeling sore even though you may were not through any exercising the previous day then it's probably as a consequence ofbed you are sleeping on. In the event that mattress is old and contains lumps it can cause pressure on the wrong acupressure points which lead to pain. For those who frequently have a headache and neck pain in morning the main reason could possibly be your pillow. Pillow like every other product does not satisfy the requirements once it is old. Your pillow could be either hard as rock or floppy. These two typically are notgood for your neck which happens to be linked to your spinal-cord. The spinal cord is the nerve center of your body with 1000s of nerve cells running through it. If you fall asleep in wrong position with undue pressure on your spine it can result in many medical problems at some point. Prolonged pressure could also bring about minor spine and neck injuries. So your pillow might actually be hurting you physically. A therapeutic pillow is actually a pillow intended to correct body posture while lying in bed. It really isdesigned in this manner it confirms to orthopedic guidelines to ensure the best support for your head and neck. Pillows were produced from cotton foam and fiber however these days these are manufactured from memory foam. Memory foam is a heat sensitive material that changes shape as a reaction to temperature. It could thus conform to your body when you lie on it and retain the mold for a short while before returning back to its original shape. This though very amusing can be described as essential property of memory foam. There are plenty of sorts of therapeutic pillows available several of which are - Contour pillow - This pillow carries a curved design that adapts to the head and neck of the user. It relives spinal pain as well as helps release breathing pathways thus reducing snoring. Neck pillow - this pillow incorporates a unique horseshoe design. This is to aid the neck of people that need to sleep while sitting up travelling hence it truly is also referred to as the travelling pillow. Lumbar pillow - This pillow can be described as crescent moon shaped pillow. They are placed at lower back to relief lumbar pain they may also be used under feet to elevate them and assist blood flow. Thus whichever type of pillow you buy it is certain to obtain respite from pain along with a good night's sleep.
How to Use a Memory Foam Pillow | EHow
Memory foam pillows are comprised of a space age foam that molds to body shape, while providing good ergonomic support to the head and neck. Memory foam supports the head and neck, while preventing pressure points. These pillows can be very uncomfortable if they're used improperly, and with a good-quality memory foam pillow priced at $100 or more, it's not an item you want to toss in the guestroom or in the pillow graveyard at the back of your closet. Like memory foam mattresses, it will take some time to become accustomed to a memory foam pillow and using it properly from day one will help hasten the adjustment process.Purchase a waterproof pillow cover if this item is not included with your pillow. A few high-end memory foam pillows will come with a waterproof pillow cover included; most only have a generic fabric pillow cover included. It's essential the pillow cover is waterproof so the pillow is protected from sweat, saliva, spills, etc., as memory foam pillows are not washable.Place the bare memory foam pillow outdoors in a dry, clean, shady location for several afternoons in a row. The chemical odor associated with memory foam pillows is often very strong and for some people, this makes it virtually impossible to sleep. Placing the pillow in the fresh air will allow the odor to diminish.Put the waterproof cover on the memory foam pillow (once the odor has faded), followed by a pillowcase of your choice.Remove other pillows from your side of the bed. Memory foam pillows are designed to be used alone.Place the pillow at the head of the bed, with the flat side down and the larger of the two curves facing the foot of the bed. Most memory foam pillows have a flat side, and a curvy side that looks like two hills with a valley in the center. Your head sits in the valley, and the larger "hill" goes under your neck. Some memory foam pillows come in a traditional pillow shape, and for these, no special alignment is required.Lay on the bed, place your head on the pillow and find a comfortable position.Do not switch positions for five to ten minutes, despite how "hard" the pillow may feel. Memory foam pillows may feel too firm at first, but like memory foam mattresses, the body heat and weight of the head and neck softens the foam and comfort increases dramatically within five to ten minutes.Launder the pillowcase weekly and launder the waterproof pillow case as needed.