Can I Put 9 Fishes in 1 Coralife 29 Gallon PC/LED Biocube with 45 Pounds of Live Rock and a Live San

Coralife 29 Gallon Biocube Aquarium

1. What size belt will the holster that comes with the Mini-mag led 2aa accommodate?

That light's not bright enough for duty. Walmart has some Coleman ones that are pretty bright (115 lumens) for under $30, but you would need to find a holster for it if you do not want to carry it in your pocket. It also has a tailcap button that does not need to be pressed all the way down, so it's easier to operate in most situations. I've had mine in a jacket pocket for the past 6 months or so and it's still going strong (I've killed two husky flashlights in about the same timespan). Also, if you can make or find an oversized D-cell maglight ring, Husky has a ($30) 200 lumen "tactical" flashlight that's pretty hefty (Home Depot carries it).

2. Outdoor String Lights - What Kinds of LED String Lights Can I Buy This

Start with these 4 types. They are among the popular outdoor string lights this season: 1. Icicle Lights 2. Net Lights 3. Rope Light 4. Garland Light Icicle lights are good for decorating the exterior of your house while net lights are great for lawn trees & shrubs.

3. How to generate a synthetic infrared and red LED signal for SPO2 calculation

Short: (1.) Mindless and without understanding method that would work well.This is as quick and easy as is likely to be possible, should work 'well enough' and would be 'easy enough' to implement without any in depth understanding past ensuring that simulated sensor output characteristics (impedance etc) match those of the target sensor.(2.) The path to understanding - much harder. See "Real World sensor Outputs" below for a set of raw and processed sensor output signals for IR and visible red LEDs in an SPO2 measurement environment. Using the related evaluation kit (or an equivalent circuitry of your choice) would allow examination of SPO2 sensor waveforms at various SPO2 levels. From these it would be "simple enough" to provide analog levels corresponding to equivalent sensor outputs either at selected SPO2 levels or, potentially, continuously variable ones. Available on ebay. As noted below, the transferability of sensor signals from one system to others from other manufacturers is far from certain.Note: Below I have provided detailed information from a single supplier. I have no involvement with the company or their products. They seem to "know their stuff" and examples show that TI have used their equipment in their development work. Background: Simplistically, SPO2 is measured by comparing the attenuation of two wavelengths of red light by a portion of the body which has blood flowing through it. The wavelengths are chosen such that one is attenuated in a manner which is a function of Oxygen content when it passes oxygenated haemoglobin and the attenuation of the other is independent of haemoglobin oxygenation percentage. Oxygenated haemoglobin attenuation is a function of blood vessel optical path length and haemoglobins saturation versus Oxygen partial pressure "transfer function". Haemoglobin saturation versus oxygen partial pressure. The oxygen-unnaffected signal provides a reference attenuation against which the affected signal can be compared to deduce oxygen saturation level, after taking the factors mentioned above into account. For a much more complete and competent explanation see hereNot too surprisingly, it's not that easy. SPO2 assessment is a black art - far less straight forward than one might expect when considering the method used. I base this claim on an interesting and detailed Hewlett Packard report which I read many years ago, which said as much, and then set out to demonstrate how empirical the art is in practice. That this is still the case to some extent is amply demonstrated by the myriad internet pages and ads comparing brand x with the seller's brand Y and showing how unreliable the other brand is under various conditions. For example: Example: Brand A & Band B versus two of "ours"And again ...So - if I was required to build a SPO2 sensor simulator, in the absence of known good sensor signal data, I would take as many reputable SPO2 meters as I could find and observe the signals produced by their sensors under various conditions and displayed SPO2 values. An issue is that sensors and SPO2 meters may be to some extent matched. A sensor pair which works with brand A SPO2 meter may implement assumptions which make it unsuited for use with a brand B meter. Determining to what extent this is true is one of the first steps in evaluating algorithm performance.Fortunately, at least one company seems keen to help you do this ...Real world sensor outputs:To start - super cheap complete pulse-oximeters on ebay for about $US20 all up. Unbelievable - and performance totally unknown CMS50DL SPO2 Monitor OXYMETRE SATUROMETRE POULS METRE ECG OXYMETER OM1 - the "OM1" in the title is probably a hat-tip / pretend similarity to an APM model. Buy one. Test. IF it works (IF) buy several. Pull apart, bring out LED signals, use, play ... . and - much more "real" APMKOREA Home Page - easier to look at than describe - sensors evaluation boards, application notes, waveform photos, ... . APM provide both PPG (essentially pulse waveform) and SPO2 measurement equipment. By the time I realised they were overlapping I had somewhat mixed PPG and SPO2 references as they overlap. Sorting out which is which I leave as "an exercise for the student" as anyone interested enough to follow this up will probably find it all of interest and relevance. Likely of most relevance - APM's ICOM1 (RS232) and ICOM2 (USB) Pulse oximetry modules SPO2 and PlethysmoGraphy discussion looks useful. SPO2 modules APMKOREA " Leading PhotoPlethysmoGraphy Sensor Technology"Offer a wide range of emitters, detectors, reflective and transmissive (through tissue) sensors. Plus an sensor evaluation and development board which will work with onboard reflective sensors or external transmissive or reflective ones. And finally, the heart of what looks helpful is these example signals - presumably available from their evaluation systems for SPO2 levels of your choiceLarger version here - MUCH easier to readplusAppears to be very useful application guideNonin "Acurate Pulse Oximeter" Ecostore Wireless pulse oximeterRelated:Lung function and anaesthesia

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