Can a Family Members Depression and Anxiety Be Carried On?

Recent research has confirmed that mental health (including responses to traumatic events) is inherited. While there is no way to predict what you will inherit, it is imperative to 1) know your family history, 2) understand when you are experiencing unusual/adverse emotional changes, 3) learn coping strategies and 4) know that it is OK to seek professional help

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Why do people like Draco Malfoy (particularly girls)?

Draco is witty, charming, sweet and naive. He admires his father, he wants to follow in his footsteps. Not because Draco is evil, but because he does not know any better. He is jealous of Harry, who has a great group of friends and a pseudo family that cares for him (the Weasleys)I like Draco, because I pity him. Oh and I ship Drarry


How does the bass playing of The Band's Rick Danko's differ from that of Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones?

Well as far as pure bass playing goes they may have been equal. When it comes to vocal skills I'd say Rick blows away JPJ, but when it comes to pure musical talent and contributions to what each group gave us JPJ's talent exceeded every other bassist tthat ever played with the one possible exception of Geddy Lee. Again I'd say Rick Danko was a great musicians but in my opionion John Paul Jones was the most musically talented.


Are there people who are famous yet poor?

What makes you feel that fame comes only with money?Just look at the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today he represents 1.3 billion Indians and is immensely popular around the world. If even the world leaders see him as a Statesman it is quality, not money.

In every field, there are people who inspire others due to their quality, not money


Which one is correct: "a cow is a useful animal" or "the cow is a useful animal"?

Hahaha wow, nice question. We use the when we are referring to a specific cow , known species -Or cow that is known. While a cow is used to refer to an animal cow that is only known as a cow in the taxon of mammals not a specific breed or names of course people give animals names nowadays I.e Roxana no offense please bye bye


Which camera is best for selling photos online?

According to me its depend you how much you know about photography. If really wanna earn from photography not only camera will helpful for you other accessories are important. You can pick any more than 70k camera for photo selling point.

More you want to know which camera is suit you give link below.Best DSLR cameras of 2018: Top 10 cameras for any budget in India


Would it be safe to say that Led Zeppelin are the greatest metal band of all time?

No, its not a metal rock band. Led Zeppelin is an English Rock band. Metal Rock band and English Rock Band are different. I respect their music, very inspiring and I enjoy their songs as well.If you compare from the other metal rock band like Anthrax, Manowar, AC/DC, and etc they are really different, the way they wrote, the way they play, its a quiet different.


Is there any relation between "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin and "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC?

IMHO, with that 1979 album, AC/DC sure knew they were becoming the new HR/HM Stars, and, to me, the title could be a kind of, if not challenge, allusion to LED ZEP who, in the same 1979, published their last (and worst) album, In through the out door (but, IMHO, Pushed out through the back door would have been a better title)


Is Obama's IQ really 102?

President Obama's IQ is, to my knowledge, not publicly available.Just based on his career path, speech patterns, conduct etc., my educated guess is that his IQ is not quite as low as 102, but that he's no genius, either. I'd place him as a moderately intelligent man, with an IQ of maybe 120 or so, but backed with crazy money and connections


Are there US soldiers based in Nigeria now?

Marine Corps Forces AfricaU.S. Marine Corps Forces Africa is the U.S. Marine Corps component of U.S. Africa Command that supports efforts to increase African security capacity. The primary focus of Marine Forces Africa is engagement, through theater-security cooperation activities, to bring Marine Corps competencies to the table in support of the AFRICOM mission of building enduring partnerships, bolstering military capacity, and promoting regional stability with our African partners throughout the continent


What happened in the Deep South during the 1930s?

The Great Depression, just like in the rest of the country. Perhaps one of the biggest impacts was a massive migration of blacks from the mostly rural Deep South to northern cities, such as Chicago, Detroit, etc. I believe this flipped the white population into being the majority when the blacks were previously, not that the blacks as the majority population had much political impact due to policies designed to deny them voting rights.


Would you call Donald Trump a "moron" if you were his Secretary of State (as Rex Tillerson did)?

Whatever Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a fit of pique, when referring to President Donald Trump, clearly reflected his frustration from dealing with a man unskilled in statecraft. I have heard sentiments far more harsh than his.If I were in the same position as Mr. Tillerson, I would soon expect to be returning to life as a private citizen.


How can I convert things like my remote control to rechargeable batteries?

Simple! Purchase Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries of the correct size, AA, AAA, etc., charge them and put them in your device(s). Nothing difficult. However, NiCad and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) are only 1.

2 volts per cell. AA or AAA or D or C will only have 1.

2 volts so that is why you will want the Lithium batteries because they have the same voltage per cell as an alkaline battery has.Hope this helps


What happens if a 1k resistor is connected across an LED?

LED typically requires a current of 25 mA for its operation. It actually depends on the led size, its luminous intensity and color.For 5 volt, 25 mA a resistor of 200 ohm is sufficient. If we keep on increasing the resistance, current will further decrease and hence intensity of led will decrease when it is connected to 1k resistor


What is Led Zeppelin's most metal song?

Ive got to go with Whole Lotta Love. It was the first Zep song I heard on Top 40 radio, and was so different than anything else Id ever heard. To me, it truly was a paradigm shift in hard rock. Who wouldve thought to use a violin bow during a guitar solo? And topped off with Plants screams and moans, and Bonzos crashing drums, and JPJs driving bass. Just an incredible song.


What makes you trust/distrust Trump?

Except for Reagan, I've never trusted any politician. I loved Reagan's policy of Trust, but verify.But! Trump's an amateur politician. A completely different animal. Never elected to any other office. Takes $1 @ year as a salary.Some may dislike his policies, but you can't deny that he's either fulfilled his campaign promises or is trying. A real breath of fresh air!Therefore, do far, I trust Trump, contingent on his continued fulfillment of his promises


What song by Led Zeppelin has the best intro?

This is all relative. Each Zeppelin fan hears something different, of course.For me, least pedestrian intro, having a wonderful riff-within-riff, creative and unique, would be Immigrant Song.But then, my favourite, for the Rock of it, the bang of it, and the time it was released and I was infatuated to my quarks. Whole Lotta Love still takes No 1.


How do UK Conservatives compare with USA Republicans?

Hardly at all.The Conservative Party supports universal healthcare, and it was a Conservative government that legalised gay marriage. The Conservative Party supports the right of a woman to have an abortion.The word conservative really means something quite different in the UK than it does in the USA.

By UK standards, the Conservatives are a centre-right party, by USA standards they are a very left wing party, far more so than the Democrats


Why do my LED lights stay on, even when the switch is off?

Well, if youre hitting the switch that actually controls power to the lights in question, they wont.That being said, many white LEDs work by having an LED (usually UV) stimulate a phosphor to emit the white light. Those have a few seconds of afterglow as the built up stimulation in the phosphor dissipates. Usually its not too bright, but if turning off the light makes the room dark, its pretty easy to see


What happened to the Vikings? Did they disappear?

I have no idea what these other people are prattling on about. The Vikings have been in Minnesota since about 1960/1961. Its been awhile since theyve been to the Superbowl.

Fran Tarkenton one of the greatest Viking leaders ever.As far as these other people blathering on about Scandinavia, Iceland, Norway, and those other places? Id just go ahead and ignore them. They dont even play football in those countries. They play soccer.


What is the best way for the human race to delay extinction as long as possible?

Spread out into interplanetary and then interstellar space. Having all of us here is putting your eggs all in one basket. Moving us elsewhere in the solar system and the stellar neighborhood significantly lowers the chance we'll ALL be destroyed.

Sure, a tens of thousands of light years wide event like a Gamma Ray Burstar could us all in across interstellar space, but those events are quite rare


what is the principal clause in the sentence "I know that he is dumb"?

I( subject ) know . ( finite verb and Predicate )Above is a clause without any conjunction at the beginning. Hence it is a Principal Clause.that is subordinate conjunction. And a clause beginning with this conjunction is a subordinate clause.He ( subject ) is ( finite verb ) dumb. ( adjective ) .Above is a subordinate clause.It is a Complex sentence with one main clause and one subordinateClause.


What have been the most important decisions you've made to improve your life?

Im not sure I made any of my important decisions; more like they made me.That a good school was worth working hard to stay in. See The Gift of Failure.That poetry is the most powerful personal tool in existence.

That striving to improve is joyous for its own sake in athletics, in science, in politics and in life generally.That science is not incompatible with poetry.That knowing how magic works doesnt spoil it.


Was Churchill's order for the British Royal Navy to attack the French Fleet at Mers-el-Kébir (3 July 1940) justified during WW2?

Yes.French navy had the opporunuty to scuttle at sea or come over to the British. The French didnt need to give up so quickly and form a traitorous Vichy government.It stated to the world that Britain meant business. In it to win it. British ruthlessness was demonstrated.

The whole point of ataying in the war was the RN blockadel of oil. French shipa negated that and easy ro seize ships at port


What is your opinion on Donald Trump's agenda?

I think he might be getting alot of help from God. I didn't think the curruption in government would ever be beaten the establishment is so currupt but Trump seems to be doing a great job and handling it better then anyone else would be able to. He knows what's broken and what is made to be broken. I just wonder will people wake up? I have never seen a president that was for the people until Trump


Why is it that the people who created C (Dennis Ritchie) and C (Bjarne Stroustrup) are not as famous as they should be?

Lots of people have answered this question to prove their point that they are famous in the programming world.

I mean no offence. But, the answer to your question is that although Bjarne Stroustrup DEFINITELY IS A GENIUS .. but he is not a great orator. This is a personal perception after I attended Bjarne Stroustrup's lecture last month.

Sorry Bjarne, this is what I felt.


How would World War 1 be different if Bismarck was chancellor of Germany?

There is a famous political cartoon to which the English title Dropping the Pilot is ascribed. This shows Bismark (the pilot) disembarking from the ship (the German state), while Kaiser Wilhelm looks on.The Kaiser forced Bismark to resign. Many historians see the Kaisers poor judgment (vs Bismarks caution) as a critical factor leading to the war.


Are public school teachers registered more as Democrats or Republicans?

For some special insight on why teachers are likely to register more as Democrats, please read this: Arizona Lawmakers Cut Education Budgets. Then Teachers Got Angry.Since it is the New York Times, there may be a firewall, but the article explains pretty well why teachers (even in red Arizona) tend to register as Democrats. One wonders whether Republicans think public education is any sort of priority.


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How Can India Get Back the POK and Aksai Chin Region?
Yes, certainly both !!! but why only PoK & Aksai Chin will fall itself & come under India's domain by it's own people - but so also Gilgit, Baltistan, Baluchistan & Sindh will try to come & seek India's domain & union type of Federal Rule, on it's own !!!There is no need for India's Aggression & forceful takeover of neighboring provinces, as these Citizens are fed up with current style of ruling & highly exploitative nature of Governance, without any benefit going to these provinces & to its Citizens !!!There will be revolt in these 4 - 5 neighboring provinces & will pose serious attraction from the outside World like, UN, USSR, USA & other European Union Confederation on atrocities & terrorism bestowed upon them by Current Ruling Regime & from past regimes since Independence period of respective provinces !!!• Suggested ReadingWhy are people against Jehovah Witnesses?I am not opposed to any religion although i may appear to be critical of some faiths this is due to the fact that they have for years been scathing themselves of other faiths due to the freedom of speech act, any one can pretty much say anything provided it does not promote hate or violence. 1st main reason would be cause people dont like having someone preach at their door. 2nd would be that they already have their own faith and dont want to change. 3 rd sometimes if they talk to the church pastor he will advise them not to talk with the witnesses. 4th cause people view religion in general as very hypocritical they dont want anything to do with any religion------Why is it so hard for people to believe that God really exists?Good question! I always wondered myself! But the proof of Gods existence has been here all along! The universe itself is the proof; it exists & we exist inside it. God is its creator. A creation cant exist without a creator. But who or what created God? According to the Holy Bible, God created Himself! (That truth doesnt seem to make sense, but paradoxes are like that. Anyway, God can do anything because Hes omnipotent!)Also, God is usually unseen. Invisible things that dont interact with others are difficult to distinguish from things that dont exist. However, being omnipotent, God can change His appearance; that means that maybe we sometimes see Him but cant recognize Him because He appears as we dont expect Him to appear!.------Is it possible that I might never catch SARS-CoV-2? How possible? What are the odds?Right now, there are 2 million cases in the US, out of 328 million people, so in a very rough (and maybe meaningless) estimate, there is about an 0.06% (6 cases per 1000 people) of catching the virus. It is likely much higher if you do not mitigate (6 feet), live in a densely populated area, live with many people that go to different areas during the day, and so on. So there is currently an 0.06% chance of catching the virus, or 99.04% chance you wont - but DO NOT stop mitigating.I, OTOH, live in a 6400 person small town on the central coast of California. (It is bright and sunny today, 70dF, light breeze coming off the ocean What you might call, Paradise. ) We do not know the actual number of cases because the local health department wont reveal the real number if it is 04. (Dont get me started.)------If electricity flows positive to negative, then how can the resistor come before the LEDDiodes require a current limiting resistor in series with it. Usually a light emitting diode (LED) sits adjacent to the resistor, and is called a series resistor where the two other components in that circuit node are an LED and a voltage source.-V--------series resistor-LED-OR-V--------LED-series resistor-Either of these work. When there is no current limiting resistor on either, the LED will probably light up once then dim, or the semiconductor junction inside has been destroyed.If the circuit has other active components associated with the LED, then the conventional rule is to still place the series resistor adjacent to the LED on the anode, which is either marked () or the anode is the lead which is longer in length of the two legs or leads------Why do many consider Kurt Gu00f6del the greatest logician of the 20th century despite the fact he was a theist?Religion and theism is an extremely personal matter. People often forget how intimate, private such a topic is. For many, it is outside of realm of logic and objectivity. Its just faith as the saying goes.Also let us assume that God is not real. If a person believes the Pope is based in France, it does not necessarily imply that he is wrong about other unrelated topics. Hitler could state that killing Jews is wrong and he would be right. Being a massive hypocrite does not invalidate your points.I am not qualified to comment on his arguments for theism and particularly his ontological argument(s) for God. I suspect you may have a harder time than you expected trying to de-bunk them.Gdel's ontological proof------What rights do the USA, Russia, and other countries have to attack on Syria so blatantly?In reality NONE just the blocks BULLY boys inflicting pain and suffering trying out all the new advanced weapons in their arsenal. I think we have all dealt with bullies during our growing up years so this just takes it to another level. Africa with all its wealth oil, gold and diamonds is just another example of being ruled by bully dictators over the years stripping it of the wealth belonging to the people who live in abject poverty. The UN nobody steps in to help. Mugabe after 37 years of robbing raping and murder gets to ride of into the sunset with immunity. It truly is a sad state of affairs around the globe. At 79 years of age I am glad its close to check out time.------What role, if any, did the EU play in Britain's decision to leave the EU?Toe of the boot.UK is much better off in the very much richer EU. She would have benefited a great deal in the long run, but she was too insular and too stubborn to drop the in favor of the . She can't have it both ways, otherwise she's conning the EU. England must drop some of those English ways.Also there is the money laundering problem. The Cayman Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory. As a tax haven, it doesn't fit into the international fair trade paradigm, 181st in the world in export value, 92% of GDP in services. Switzerland, the world's actual financial center, ranks 17th in the world in export trade value.Once a pirate always a pirate, I guess. This stubbornness of theirs will be their undoing.------As a Christian, how do you feel about yourself when you successfully convert another person to Christianity?Like many others who have already answered, I have not converted anyone of my own ability or design.I merely give testimony of how God has solidified my faith through personal experiences throughout my life. I put down the Words that God leads me to put down. I do my very best to relate to unbelievers what God has told me to relate. And let The Holy Spirit of God do the rest.God is the only one who can show someone that He IS. God Commands and man chooses whether or not to obey. God gives evidence(on a personal and subjective level) and man interprets that evidence to his/her own benefit or detriment.Only God can quicken the spirit with discernment, understanding, and Faith. And then, only if the person has Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy in his/her heart.All Glory goes to God Almighty------Who ultimately caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?Friar Laurence was fully responsible. First, he married two young teenagers who barely knew each other, from feuding families, with no consideration whether their families might have an opinion about it. Then he gave Juliet a poison that made her appear dead and put her family through that nightmare. And then he didnt stay with Juliet to make sure she was okay. He relied on an undelivered letter and went back to tending his plants as if he had no further responsibility. If hed been watching over Juliet, as he should have done, he could have told Romeo when he showed up that he could wait a few minutes and shed wake up. How Romeo and Juliet could have dealt with their families after that, I cant imagine. But the Friar is guilty, for sure.------Why weren't Hong Kong & Macau given back to the Republic of China instead of People's Republic of China? ROC still exists today!Because the PRC threatened to invade when Margaret Thatcher met with them to discuss renewal of the lease. It is not clear that PRC knew the terms of the lease or the expiry date (or whether the lease needed renewal as it was in perpetuity) but the UK approached them about it. PRC were not prepared to discuss renewal and so issued an ultimatum, either hand HK over or they would invade. Handing over HK was completed but those wishing to leave born before 1997 could apply for a UK passport and leave.The PRC have so far broken the terms of the agreement and have continually undermined HK autonomy. I believe the above are factual, unlike much of the PRC china propaganda posted by their paid government snoops.------Why did early hominids stop climbing trees?It wasn't so much that hominids stopped climbing trees as it is that they committed to habitual bipedalism. The changes in anatomy associated with being habitual bipeds simply made climbing trees much harder than it was for our nearest relatives.Have you ever seen a chimpanzee climb a tree?They quite literally walk up the trunk. This style of climbing is greatly facilitated by having a divergent big toe to help wrap around and grasp the trunk. Further, having a lot of mobility in the ankle is beneficial. Having relatively short legs compared to arms helps.Humans can climb like this too, but it is far more awkward.The traits that make us good bipeds make us lousy arborealists: we have a big toe in line with the rest of our toes, we have much less ankle rotation, and our legs are exceptionally long compared to other apes------How long did your 'dark night of the soul' last?About 6 years.Constantly.It was brutal at times but letting go has been a grief process after grief process. There was no choice. I couldnt do any formal meditation practice.All I could do was watch the feelings and make sense of what was coming out.I have no regrets. The peace and stillness is lovely. And the insights I gained now help me to empathise with others in new areas of life and to share the methods I created to get me through it.Ultimately its all appearance but I find there is a natural flow to it.Im writing a book about how meditation methods can be adapted to help with recovery from abuse. Quora is proving useful in prompting content.Thank you for posting the question------What was/were the reason/s behind the decline of the Indus Valley civilization?Shortly after 2000 BC when an era of drought pretty much brought an end of this culture. The Sub-Boreal climatic era began in the BlyttSernander sequence of Holocene climates. The climate was generally dryer and slightly cooler (by about 0.1 C) than the preceding climate, but still warmer than today. In the Indus valley at the city of Harappa, Indo-Aryan people had began cultivation by irrigation.The Late Harappan civilization shifted from the Indus basin about 19001300 BC to the Ganges River basin. These were Indo-Aryan people known during the "classic" Vedic period. This archaeological culture is called the "Cemetery H culture" which was a Bronze Age culture in the Punjab region. It spanned from Pakistan and northern half of India and gave rise to the Vedic Civilization and the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization.
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