Bought a Bonded Leather Chair and It Has a Weird Smell What Is It?

Yes, it needs cleaned. Try some murphys oil soap

1. i got this leather chair for my computer desk but its hurting my a$$ should I ditch it or keep it?

Well I have a leather desk chair too and I am sitting on a cushin. Cause I ai not gonna shell out another 300 bucks for another one.

2. How to remove a set in oil stain from a leather chair?

Choose a pro who is experienced with leathers and has the appropriate cleaning products and tools to successfully remove the oils without damaging the leather. Commonly, they will use a degreasing compound to draw the oils out. This can take several hours as the oils go much deeper than the discoloration that you see on the surface. Once all of the oils are removed, they will recolor the leather if necessary and replace the protective finish

3. my mom bulldog lick our leather chair?

I think that is pretty normal for that breed. Them and my x-husband

4. How can I keep my balls from sticking to the leather chair?

Spray Pam on it

5. Why we dont use human leather (from dead people) for producing leather chair and etc... We drive car with leather steering wheel.?

human skin is not leather

6. How do I get a black leather chair just like Dr. Evil's?

you have to go to the cold reaches of outer space and ask #2 will you please bring me back a big boy?

7. how can i get gum off a leather chair?

1 Scrape off any excess gum carefully with a credit card, plastic scraper or your fingernails. 2 Mix dish soap and water, using enough soap to create lots of suds. Dampen a soft cloth with the mixture and wipe the leather. 3 Wipe again with clean water and then with a dry cloth. If the gum is gone, stop here and follow up with a leather conditioner. 4 Dip a clean cloth in peanut butter or vegetable oil and rub it onto the spot. Let stand for 1 minute. 5 Use another clean cloth to wipe away the peanut butter or oil. The gum will be gone, with no damage to your leather.

8. How do I get candle wax off of a leather chair?

brown paper and a very cool iron. put the brown paper over the wax and rub the paper over with a VERY cool iron. it should be just slightly warm enough to melt the wax thro the paper and soak it up. it works on carpets too

9. I've got a leather chair at work, the type that swivels...?

Wash ur *** or too much fart. i think second one.

10. My husband got paint on a leather chair while painting an office. How can he get it out?

Goof Off or Goo Gone..It will not done dull the leather

11. How do I get the odor of cat urine out of a leather chair?

there is a special product you can get from the pet store. we have just bought it as we needed to get rid of cat urine smell. go to the pet store and ask for advice, if you dont want to try that try disinfectant but do a small tester patch first.

12. How To get Rid of dog poo smell on a leather chair?

Febreeze Reed Diffusers Glade Candles ( near couch ) Very strong perfume Body spray Dog spray Animal wipes You can also look on sites such as Walmart or Target and look for things that could help you.

13. how do i get scribble off my cream leather chair tried jif ,vinegar,lemon,polish,leather,cleaner,turps,white s

what is the scribble done in?? pen???

14. How do i clean cat pee of leather chair and wood flooring?

If its not wood that has a tough polyurethane coating over it, cat urine is next to impossible to get out of wood. Vinager or other products will NOT remove urine from a wood floor. You either have to replace the wood or seal it with Kiltz (clear). Leather can be cleaned with a leather cleaner.

15. How do I clean my leather couch and leather chair?

Tan Leather Couch

16. How could I slipcover a leather chair and keep the fabric from slipping around on the leather?

There is a product made to keep things from sliding around, I first used it in an RV in the cabinets to keep my glasses safe while traveleing. I have also used it on my leather seats in my car. I bought seat covers and they wouldnt stay put. I put some of the rupper product under the seat cover and its working PERFECT! You can find it in the section where the shelf liners are at walmart. Its usually by the rubbermaid stuff. (do not buy the cheaper one....spend the extra money for the thicker one, you will get better results)

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