Bonded Leather Sofa Vs Genuine Leather Sofa?


1. Outfit ideas for the fall?

I am a freshman, too! Lol, I usually wear sneakers, skinny jeans, and a pullover, but that's just me :) Here is what a lot of people in my school wear: Tops: Leather or moto jackets over tees (plaids, too!) Buttonups or plaids by themselves Sweaters Hoodies Tunics Zipups Bottoms: Leggings Skinny jeans Sweatpants Shoes: Combat boots Flats Uggs Converse Vans Nikes Accesories Scarves Silver jewelry Simple necklaces Most of the stuff would go together in an outfit (but PLEASE do not do combat boots with sweatpants, lol), so have fun making them!

2. Are you a leather expert? How can I tell if my new leather chair and ottoman are 100% leather ?

slap it if it goes moo its leather

3. how to remove stains on my dockers leather wallet?

try scratching it off, if not that use a rag and as little water as possible, leather and water do not mix

4. leather for a knife sheath?

Just use plain old cowhide. Lace it with artificial sinew. You can get everything you need from Tandy Leather.

5. Should I buy white leather sofa?

Leather will oxidize over time just like a penny. It will also ingest dyes from fabrics like blue jeans. Once this happens nothing will fix it. They are great looking in your roped off living room with the plastic covers on the shades but not very practical for everyday use. The better leather sofas will have a maintenance and warranty but just for the frame. We are talking the several thousand dollar ones. Leather needs to be conditioned to hold it's moisture and cleaned. It is highly susceptible to damage from UV rays.

6. For Her: 11 Alternatives to the Iconic Birkin Bag That Don't Cost $10,000

Gifting a designer bag or wallet is one way to impress your lady on any occasion. But if you really want to go all out for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or a special anniversary, there's nothing better than the coveted Hermes Birkin Bag. Sadly, with prices between $11,900 and $300,000, this celebrity must-have is not within the financial realms for many shoppers. While the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians may get to enjoy the delights of an authentic Birkin, for most of us, the mythical bag lives only on the glossy pages of celebrity magazines. Although a real designer bag requires significant financial muscle, there are plenty of Birkin-inspired bags on the market. These equally stylish Birkin Bag alternatives suit every budget and are just waiting to hang off the arm of your girlfriend, wife or lover. She will love how close to the real thing these bags look and will surely appreciate the effort you made trying to make her Birkin dreams come true. Not as famous as the Hermes Birkin, the Michael Kors Studio Mercer Tote is gaining popularity. The luxury designer knows how to design a leather bag, and this useful option is no exception. Durable and versatile, the ivory leather is easy to match with most outfits. And the adjustable shoulder strap can be removed to transition the bag from day use to a more formal setting. It may not have the sophistication or build quality of a real Birkin, but if you want the famous shape without the price tag, the DELUXITY Women's Designer Top Handle Satchel will do. Made from faux leather, this bag features a removable shoulder strap as well as two handles and a matching wristlet. It's available in 40 different colors and patterns to match even the most outlandish of outfits. One of the major downfalls of the Birkin Bags for vegans is that they are constructed from genuine leather. Luckily, if you are an animal lover, there are several great vegan alternatives to the Birkin Bag (popularly called Virkins). One such bag is the K_elly Style Women's Designer Top Handle Satchel. The wrapped handle adds a touch of class to this bag, and the included bottom studs ensure this satchel can sit on the floor or a table without falling over. Ask any woman, and she will tell you that having a matching bag and wallet set is optimal. That's why the 1988 MMK Collection Women's Satchel Handbag dons our list of the best Hermes Birkin Bag Alternatives. Not only does this attractive, black handbag mirror the iconic silhouette of the Birkin Bag, it also comes with a matching coin purse. As an added bonus, the exterior of this bag features litchi grain PU leather for a casual, comfortable and durable style. The Dasein Handbag features a number of Birkin-esque elements with a price that's anything but. Featuring double-rolled, top handles and an adjustable 50-inch shoulder strap, the vegan leather bag allows for plenty of individual interpretation along with a number of striking color options. The most expensive Hermes Birkin Bag ever sold had a crocodile skin pattern mimicking the pattern of snowfall in the Himalayas. While not every genuine Birkin Bag is made from crocodile leather, that's the look most associated with this designer handbag. For a Crocodile Purse without the Birkin pricetag, the QIWANG Leather Crocodile Purse is an excellent choice. This Birkin look-a-like is sure to catch some attention thanks to its embossed cowhide leather fashioned in the style of crocodile skin. Moving up the price scale, the Tuscany Leather Handbag with Golden Hardware offers a mid-priced alternative to the Hermes Birkin Bag. This attractive satchel is made from genuine hammered Italian leather. The semi-rigid structure helps the bag keep its shape, while the jacquard lining protects the leather interior. The major differences between this bag and the real thing are the top zipper, the lack of the signature Hermes padlock, and $100,000. If you do not want to shell out for an authentic Hermes Birkin Bag, but you are still willing to spend a bit of money on a designer bag, consider the Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Candace Satchel Bag. Described as chic and boxy, this shoulder bag holds its structure much like the famous Hermes option, but the textured, pebbled leather is soft enough for casual use. Plus, the interior pocket is super useful for holding bits and bobs, and the bag sports a super handy removable shoulder strap. The Coach Serra Satchel is reminiscent of the Hermes Birkin Bag, but it still has enough of its own style not to break any copyright laws. The gorgeous, glovetanned leather means this satchel is visually stunning, while the genuine snakeskin accents give the bag a bit of personality. Plus, the crossbody strap makes for easy crossbody wear, and the outer pocket boasts an innovative slide tab closure for storing your valuable items discreetly and securely. This Tory Burch purse comes in two attractive colors: classic black leather and a softer tan leather. Named for Lee Radziwill, the younger sister to First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the bag features three interior compartments and is crafted from Italian leather. The Lee Radziwill bag is a great mid-range option if you are looking for designer Birkin Bag alternatives. Although it will still cost you a couple thousand dollars, the Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour Small is the most luxurious Hermes Birkin Bag alternative on our list. Saint Laurent is making some of the best designer purses right now, and this top-handle purse is no exception. The tubular handles, compression tabs and gold padlock echo those same elements found on the coveted Birkin. However, this bag has fewer metallic accents for a more understated look that can be worn both casually and formally. This is truly a bag to give the most important woman in your life.

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Can I still Be Vegan If I Use Leather Jacket and Shoes?
Can I still Be Vegan If I Use Leather Jacket and Shoes?
You are already not a vegan if you eat honey and cheese, and most vegans avoid using leather. It honestly does not matter how you are labeling your diet though1. Would you ever wear a leather jacket/coat?Yeah I wore mine this morning2. My 14 year old son wants a leather jacket?some people at my school wear leather jackets. its fine. buy it. but only if you know he will wear it a long time, because if not, why wast your money?3. How do you artfully weather and wear a leather jacket?Leather will weather on its own over time, just make sure to clean and condition it once a year.As far as wearing a leather jacket artfully I have no idea, if you like the way you look in leather go ahead and wear it. SCREW other peoples opinion4. How do you get white spots out of a leather jacket?This could be due to several things and should really be looked at by an expert. Send some photos to the people below who will be able to give you a better idea.5. Where can I get a funky ¾ sleeve leather jacket and calf length funky flat black boots?Well I am not sure what you mean by "funky"... but Forever 21 has some cute leather jackets. sorry, not sure about the boots tho.6. Ladies!!!! Which leather jacket do you like best?option B is pretty hot.lol7. Is that weird for a 13 year old girl to wear a leather jacket?it's it. i do not think it's too out there and guys will definitely appreciate it8. Low-side, flat tire, interstate straightaway, 70 mph, helmet, leather jacket, jeans, gloves. Crash prognosis?death by the semi behind who nails the 8 ball in the corner pocket9. Can you wear a black leather jacket with brown cord pants?Brown Cord Jacket10. Can some ladies out there please help me find a nice leather jacket?Ferrari Cavallino Leather Jacket i think that looks hot on u but i dont know how u look lol11. Do a leather jacket is good enough for winter season in Toronto, Canada?No way... unless you live in Vancouver12. If I dyed my hair black, put on a leather jacket, and started smoking would that make me a "bad boy"?Yeah, that's a good start. You also need to join a gang and get into fights as often as possible. And ride a motorbike13. What kind of style is this?a pretty pink dress, leather jacket and sneakers? That's like 3 different styles14. How to get a stain off a leather jacket?It needs to be taken to a cleaners that specializes in leather cleaning and repairs. You should tell your friend what happened, apologize, and let her select which cleaner she wants to do the repair. You should not try to fix it yourself or make the cleaner selection yourself in an effort to hide what happened. Something could go wrong, and then it could turn into a worse offense and something that could not be fixed. Offer to take it to the cleaner she selects and, of course, to pay for it. If she wants to take it herself, offer to give her a ride there, and then ask her to give you the receipt when it's finished so you can reimburse her.15. Can I wear a leather jacket in the summer in New Delhi?NO, Its terrible hot here in Delhi during summers, temperature goes upto 45 deg and above16. Does the black leather jacket go with this dress?I do not really know, have no idea what the dress looks like. Sorry17. Poll: Do you own a leather jacket/coat?Used to but it was hard to maintain so I ditched it18. A guy walks around my town in the North with a leather jacket, is he trying to make people in Ireland believe he is a former member of the Irish Republican Army now that it's safe to lie about membership?I doubt you are 'old hat' with your leather jacket outburst. It was at one time the outfit of the Nazis. They revelled in this sort of uniform especially the SS in Germany. A bit before your time I am sure. It does not mean anything these days or lately
Google Wallet: a Revolution with Weaknesses
Google Wallet: a Revolution with Weaknesses
Google has released their newest and one of the coolest inventions: Google Wallet. This mobile application points to the start of a new era of mobile payment. Google has partnered with MasterCard, Sprint, Citi and First Data and the first trials are currently on in the cities of New York and San Francisco. Expansion to additional cities nationwide will be done in the future, but no date has been decided yet.Google Wallet has been the talk of the town since its release on 26thof May,2011. Tweets, blogs and articles about this newest payment method are everywhere on the internet. The release of this cool mobile app. after a long wait has stirred the excitement to take the fun ride with the technology. But still there are important questions which are unanswered. It is a revolution with weaknesses.Can Google Wallet replace the traditional Leather WalletDriver's license and other IDs were never taken into account by Google while releasing Google Wallet. Cash and plastic credit cards are not the only things we carry in our wallet. Most of us carry some sort of identification card, may it be the driver's license or some other form of plastic documentation. Even if the eco-friendly Google Wallet can take care of the credit cards and cash, how will it replace the driver's license So, we still need to carry our traditional leather wallet, just a little lighter in weight.Excessive use of technology can prove difficult to handle. What if the phone runs out of battery If we are only relying on the newest Google app. to make payments, we should always carry the mobile charger. We may put that in our bag/car instead of our pockets (in case of leather wallets), but still we need to carry them to make sure we can shop anytime we want. I guess a backup plan with a leather wallet is not really a bad idea!Cabs, vending machines, and other common retail outlets, which can accept payments using MasterCard PayPass, can be used for the newest mobile payment method. But what if I want to buy something from a lesser known store Leather wallet is the way out!I am pretty sure that Google will try to come up with solutions to the above mentioned weaknesses. But before that, they should convince Microsoft, Apple and BlackBerry for partnerships so that other mobile operating systems can also use the payment application. So, though this revolution has marked the start of the new era of mobile payments, there are miles to go before leather wallets can be completely removed. This might be similar like the tug of war between books and e-books.In order to know more about how this newest phone application works and the security system of Google Wallet, gohere.
Buying Distressed Leather Sofas: How to Save Big
Buying Distressed Leather Sofas: Sofas In TroubleWhen doing the research for this aged furniture article, several sites popped up that explained what distressed leather is and how it's created. Some of them were so funny that they just had to go into this piece - at least for the entertainment factor they provide if not the information. One of the definitions out there is that it "has been scratched or rubbed or treated in some way to achieve a stylish effect". Like Sylvester after a visit to the cat salon Ooh, bad putty-tat! Another is "dyed with one color over another so as to create an artificially aged effect. Hey now they're talking about Grandma's new do - except for the 'artificially' part. Yet another one, states that it is "the simulated effect of age and wear". So now Steven Tyler is in on it But that's enough with the wordplay. Now to actually call it like it is, which is 'leather that has been artificially given an old and worn out look without any loss of integrity to the actual material itself'. Ah, now isn't that refreshingly un-spoofableDistressed Leather Sofas: Naturally Aged FurnitureBefore we run out of column space (or pixel points, as the case may be), let's get to the real point of this article. If you're out to buy a pre-distressed leather sofa to give your living room that perfect 'old money' look, there are some great places to look for them. Antique shops should be your first port of call. Naturally aged leather is the most authentic-looking kind. Even a 30 or 40 year-old leather and mahogany sofa will be sufficiently worn to give the desired effect. If older you're lucky, but you should expect to pay high four-figure or even five-figure sums for such works of art. These pieces will usually have been restored so no further treatment will be needed.Distressed Leather Sofas: Artificially Distressed FurnitureOn the other hand, if you're thinking of aging the pristine leather sofa that you just bought last month, here are a few methods you can choose from. The first way is to apply water liberally on the leather using a dishcloth or a bath sponge. Once you've done this, quickly blow-dry the leather on high heat, until you see the wrinkles and cracks start to appear. That's the first aging. If you want an even older look, do it again. Another painstaking way to distress your sofa leather is to apply either rubbing alcohol or leather balm, which is an alcohol-based microcrystalline wax, on normal quick-wear areas like the seat and arms, and then quickly and firmly brush it off with a rag. This will give your leather that dark oily worn looks that is typical of naturally worn leather. If you're going for a severely distressed look, then gently rubbing it with 240 grit sandpaper (very fine abrasive particles) should give you that bleached-in-the-sun look. You can also use wire brushes to achieve a worn effect.Distress-It-Yourself: D-I-Y WarningsThe risk of distressing your own leather sofa is that you might overdo it, and it could end up looking like it should be left out on the curb for someone to take away. Whatever method you use, do it on a small test area, like the lower part of the back of the sofa, to see if you like the effect. Many distressing methods are irreversible so when you work with sandpaper or wire brushes you want to start gently and go deeper once you're confident that it's shaping up to be what you expect. If all else fails and you think the end effect is dismal, you can use a leather conditioner to try and get it back to the way it was. However, that's not guaranteed.Distressed Leather Sofas: Buying Them Pre-DistressedIf you don't really want to go through the hassle of either Indiana Jones-ing through the neighborhood antique stores, or breaking your back to beat up a perfectly good leather sofa, then you're probably better off buying one that's been distressed already. There are some great furniture stores that sell distressed leather sofas, but remember, distressed leather is usually sold at a premium because of the additional effort in giving it that look. A leather sofa normally sold at around $2000 can be sold distressed for as much as $3500. Now that's distressing.
Girls with High Fashion/ Make Up Sense...are You More High Maintenance?
high fashion is my life and my boyfriend could care less about clothes. he wears vnecks and solid colored tshirts. i could care less its all his personality i fell in love with. but girls with my fashion sense probably would date guys who wear baby phat or echo and stuff like that• Related Questionshow to make a group of friends in high school?Just go over to him and say "Hey I'm new can you show me around.Sure he will know you like him that starts the charm.Smile a VERY atractive smile like a side smile where one side of ur face is showing with a small smile.That otta get him!:).------What is your idea of a "bad boy"?I think a "bad boy" is mostly personality but appearance also. I couldnt look at someone and say "look at that bad boy" without knowing their personalty. And cover judgements can change with anyone once you get to know then or if you have a good or bad experience with then.------what do i wear with boy fit jeans?cuz they're baggy you'll want to wear a fitted top to balance it out. You shouldn't wear 2 baggy shirts or it will look like your trying to blend in. It's the same with baggy or loose fitting tops- you need tight pants so you don't look like a guy.------Do YOU Remember: "YOUR First Date"?Yep , the whole day exploring way back in the woods . There was a very large lake that we walked around . We saw wildlife, galore . It was a rather cool Autumn day , a little over sixty years ago . Our life started out story-book perfect , and got still better day by day to the present------Greaser girl from The Outsiders?Greasers are the bad-boy types- Picture then to be wearing leather jacketSocs are the good boy types- Picture them to be wearing jock outfit like in high schoolYou're probably in middle school I read that when I was thirteen years old seven years ago. Just wear 1950 outfits or google them------Who likes the Yahoo avatars?i wondered the same thing. what about older people? i'd like to see some grandma avatars. they all look like they're in their 20s. not everyone is. i like them but i wish there were more options for hair, age, etc. then people wouldn't look so similar to one another------Guys and girls : Do you hate it when girls wear guy clothings? ( Butch girls)?Not at all, there is nothing, and I honestly mean nothing, sexier than a well dressed stud/butch whatever you wanna call her. oh my lord, ain't nothing sexier than that. As long as she has the looks and style to go along with an amazing and loving heart, I'll love her.------I don't think he knows how to be in a relationship. He doesn't know what it means to be a boyfriend?I think he is afraid to fall in love with you thats why he leaves for 3 days. To make him recognize that he loves u you need to make him miss u like hell. Go for a travel and don't text him. When he asks u out, tell him that you are busy.------Title and Character Name help!?!?For the character: Kaylee/ Kayli Karlee/ Karli Haylee/ Hali Natalie/ Natali Amy/Ami Kensey/Kensi Kinsley/ Kinsli For e book: Epic Me forget approximately the Why not extra questions secret agent Cry famous man or woman secret agent no longer one supply up To the respond do no longer bypass, circulate In a minute------Do you like this jacket for a 16 year old boy?it's ok. try to find one that doesn't have the fabric elastic band around the bottom or a hood on it. Black leather jackets are great but not warm. Look for a North Face jacket. In usa, that is all we wear. Very warm! They are expensive but last about 2 yrs or more.------How can I make my self more attractive to boys?1. Don't look at the outside look inside, are you pretty ? What seperates you from other girls ? Unique ? Boys are looking at you but why ? 2. Do you want a Boyfriend ? They are more trouble, trust me. Be yourself or ask a cousin. Don't Ask a Boy lol!! You don't want the answer.------What kind of jackets are in style for boys. (need help)?- gilets- superdry- north face- hollisterAll those types of jackets are all in! Here are some links(for images, as i don't know whether you're in the uk or the us);Superdry-'s your style everyone?VintageShop at:Forever 21, American Apparel and Urban outfittersStyle:Acid wash skinny jeansDestroyed skinny jeansFloral Print dresses (eighties inspired)Floral Print topsV-necks plaid Button up shirtsleather jacketsAnd lots more thingsShoes:Just whateverSo yeah, I just like vintage girly things :)I rate your style an 9 or 10, sounds cute!------Do girls like country boys?You need to show the girls ur inside. Show them how nice you are and wat a gentleman u areassuming you are one. Trust me, pretty soon a girl will come around that's perfect for you, you don't need to change, just be yourself. I've learned that one the hard way. :)------How did rock & roll impact American art, politics, music industry, and culture?A small town called Tupelo, Mississippi made the greatest impact on Rock and Roll music. Without that town and its local speech and culture even the Beatles would not have made the scene. That town is what made the unique sound Elvis Presley had that combined blues and country and changed music forever.------Ladies, do you like the leather jacket and jeans look on guys?properly if the biker is wearing a sparkling t,denims and a advantageous leather-based jacket and shoes,i might easily like the biker-whether he has tattoos or regardless of.yet then i admire motorcycles(whether am a female). yet while the guy is like grimy and ragged with oily hair and all,then sorry-NO.------What kind of person do you imagine with the name Damien?I used to imagine someone innocent looking but with evil eyes. Guess that movie with the kid named Damien stayed in mind whenever I heard the name. Now though, since we have a guy named Damien where I work, I picture someone completely different. Someone nice and not at all with evil eyes. lol------How did people dress in the 1950's?Poodle Skirts, saddle shoes, capris, cateye glasses, scarves and blouses. Just check out the movie Grease. Its a great one for style of the 50s. Here are some other ideas: am i so attracted to girls in leather jackets?Maybe because you like biker chicks...girls that look tough and rebellious and not sweet and innocent like they normally do?Girls have the same turn-on when they are into 'bad boys, who drive motorcycles and look rebellious. It gives them a thrill.So maybe that's why you like girls who wear Leather rackets?------I need exucses for this.?The best excuse was the dog got hold of it and chewed it to shreds. But realistically, no one is going to just rip up a leather jacket. Try it sometime and see how far you get. You might want to have him destroy the jacket some other way; ripping it up is not believable------Do leather jackets look good on teenage boys?Leather Jacket is some thing which add style statement in your persona. Leather is always consider high demanding as compare to other replica, so try this your parents will be glad to see electrifying change. you can also see numerous styling how well known people carrying and see their modification change. might help you :).------Help? I need names for a story that I'm writing!?Girl 1: Taylor , Jane , Leah , Zoey .Boy 1 (You said Boy 2 but there's two boy 2's so im talking about the one that's 'really cute , mysterious , dorky etc. ): Michael , Luke , Alexander .Boy 2: Tyler , Patrick , Zachary .Girl 2: Victoria , Vanessa , Dana , Selena , Amanda .Boy 3: Justin , Dylan , Scott , Dean .Hope I Helped (: Good Luck with yr Story !------Why are they doing this?did you just ask this question so you could insult people for their answers????? you need a towel for your leaking vagina????....insult this...take your meds you crybaby,,,and if you cant accept the fact that people are gonna drive like a**holes around you, maybe you should sell the bike.------alright GAGA fans, what the heck do I wear to her concert!?Aluminum foil hat shaped like a swan and carry a disco ballWear a pea green wig and purple eyeshdow, orange blush and black lipstickCover a white dress up in bubble wrapGet a pair of strappy up the leg sandals and put wings on them and spray paint them hot pink------I just can't help myself.....ladies ur opinion!!?Okay...role play! Have him come in the room with some shades on and a white tshirt and black leather jacket with cigarette butt in his mouth and....whew! Got carried away. Your marriage is fine. You love him and that's all that counts. It's just a phase. It will pass.------Can you turn a goth girl into a house wife?loli am a complete goth, always have beeni am a SAHM to 3, i make everything from scratch, i quilt, i preserve, i make soaps & creams (and when i worked i was a tattooist)my OH is the epitomy of an English gent, my polar oppositeso yes, to all your questions------What is a situation that you find really hot?i always imagine sitting on like..a high bench while the guy( a tall sexy funny outgoing guy with an AWESOME personality) is standing right there and i have my arms around him ....aaaah,yep! :^Danswer mines?? :^D;_yltAgdFmJfaA.WhApPTnD97acLsy6IX;_ylv3?qid20100716155009AAOZ2n9------Why do girls only go after the douchebags?Like Gina said, they feel like they can change them for the better. (I know cause I've done this) Like if they were with him that he would change for her and she'd be a big part of his life. That's what most girls like.. knowing and being important to someone------i cant stop thinking about this boy. what should i do?--they say opposites attract.--how to get over him: the way i get over a guy is find another to get him to notice you: try changing your style. into something that he likes. and how his girlfriend is. just try to talk to him as much as possible without being annoying.------Is there any way I can improve this excerpt from my book?You should add more detail. The boy will probably either end up dating her, killing her/er sister/some other person she cares about, or teaching her some important lesson.It sounds like a really good book though, are you going to post the finished version online, cause I might like to read it.------!!! THIS IS FOR THE LADIES AND GAY MEN ONLY!!!?I don't think it matters....Just as long as you like what your wearing and your having fun )Don't think about what other people think of you or what you wear...just be yourself!As for the Hot Topic don't have to be or look emo or goth P------Is it wierd to see a 13 year old boy in a black leather jacket?well boys dont have the options with clothing that girls have and now you want to take that as well . i think there great on boys or men. its maskaline. looks are sexy to./ james dean wore one . the problem is people. that dont have taste or fashion sense. as> you <know how------bow wow is sooo hooottt/ please help read on?there's WAY too many lil kiddies on Y! answers that need to be banned based on pure stupidity of age. you're one."and i'm like and that's like omg!" - go read a book and expand your vocabulary, no one cares about your podunk racist parents, lmao.....------What do you think about girls with short hair?Well it all depends on the girls face shape which dictates what hair styles look good on her. As far as the Leather jackets, she needs the personality and attitude to pull it off.I do think short hair and Leather jackets are very sexy :-)Especially slim petite girls with short dark hair, yummy!------What would happen if i said this to a girl?Yeah, she'll love it. But you gotta keep working it. I will take time though, cause you don't wanna just be the rebound guy. But if you are too slow you'll just be the support/friend guy, which is worse cause you can't easily shift from that to relationship status
Pros & Cons of Buying a Leather Couch?
Pros & cons of buying a leather couch?Leave it by the window and it can get really cold. or really hot. It does not just shed fuss. Do not plan on sleeping on (very comfortable, but very loud). Cleaning is easiest.— — — — — —What can I use to keep my cat from scratching our couch?Cover the couchUse double sided tape where they like to scratchput a nice stable scratching post next to the couchUse claw capsRedirection when scratching the couch use a firm no and put it next to the scratching post and reward when they use itAnd if worst comes to worst I do not agree with this use a spray bottle I dont agree with the spray bottle method because it makes them afraid of you they know your spraying them but they do not connect two and two and understand you do it cause they are scratching the couch so they usually still do just not when your around— — — — — —How do I loose 50-80 pounds without working out?You do not , get off the couch and start walking or swimming or whatever is easiest on your muscles— — — — — —"Mothers always know when their child is gay." Is this your experience?No, my Mom was ill for years before she passed when I was 10. No one in my family knew until that one evening when they all came home from a vacation a day early to find me and my BF on the couch. They all walked in and stopped in silence. I did not know what to do so I jumped up and yelled out "SURPRISE". And that was that.— — — — — —my daughter got into fingernail polish how do i get it off of her and the couch?for the couch you use perfume (: not sure about her sorry— — — — — —Del Couch Music Education FoundationThe Del Couch Music Education Foundation offers children free access to music education, recording equipment and mentorship. The foundation is located inside the Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, Florida, where the program founder and director Del Couch conducts four levels of classroom training in music recording and production and providing performance opportunities through events and mentorships. Alumni of the program include 2014 fifth-place American Idol finalist, Sam Woolf, and singer-songwriter recording artist Matt Walden, Carolina Opry star Colton Cason, singer songwriter Taylor Zebracki, and more.— — — — — —How can I train a cat not to scratch a leather couch?You can train a cat not to couch a sofa. Just never declaw a cat, it hurts the animal like hell. Here are some ideas. 1) You can buy a scratching post that you put near the couch 2) Cats hate water. Spray the cat every time the cat scratches the couch 3) Block the cat from the room the couch is in.— — — — — —How do I teach my puppy to stop rolling her ball under the couch!?Hi Wabby, All your pup is thinking about is playing with the ball and having a good time like puppy are suppose to do. I would put something around the bottom of the couch when your playing ball with your pup. Maybe like a blanket and sort of stuff it around the bottom of the couch so nothing can get under there. You did not say what your pups name is??? I Love all Dogs they are my first choice in all the animal world. Lol Lol. A Friend. poppy1— — — — — —Is there any piece of plastic I can buy to protect the corner of my couch from my cat sratching it?Do not declaw, the alternatives work. Pin tinfoil to the couch. Spray the couch with strong citrus-oil Or try and find a thick plastic sheeting.— — — — — —How do I keep my cat from clawing our couch?Tape balloons onto the couch where she claws and once they pop it will scare her (but not hurt her) and she will stop! I had to do this with my cats!— — — — — —What should a parent do if their teen is leaving cum stains on the couch?Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold on a minute. Let me go anonymous for this.I'm taken back by your teenager.I believe you should passive-aggressively handle this problem. Don't confront him about it, because it may embarrass him. Clean the couch, and say something in front of all the members of your household like, 'Listen up.I just cleaned this couch. I don't want to see any stains, footprints, or any clothes left on this couch.Also, before you assume it was your teenager have you eliminated all other suspects.1.) Is it just you and your teenager living in the house? or are there other males?2. ) If you have a daughter, is her boyfriend leaving those stain?3. Maybe i'm just too cautious, but I clean up everything no matter where it lands. If it lands on the floor, I clean it before it dries. If it's on the bed, I get as much off as I can then, when it dries, I get a wet paper towel and make sure it's not visible.The only way this could be possible is if you have previously allowed him to do it, and now you just want him to stop
#001 : Hi, We Are Rakuni a Brand New Company Specializing in Comfortable IPhone Cases.
Hi, we are “Rakuni”, a brand new company specialiazing in iPhone cases. Our first product, an iPhone 6 / 6s & Plus case made of real leather has just launched.We travel a lot, and keep forgetting things a lot (who doesn’t?). So we made this product out of own necessity to carry less without clutter.There are two things we never forget these days when we are going out. A smartphone and a wallet. We asked ourselves, “Is there a way to make these two into one without making it more bulky?”.There are iPhone cases wihch looks like hardcover books but those are not easy to open and limited in how much cards and cash you can put in. We’d like to put more inside and maybe a few business cards too… So, with a lot of tries and errors, we came up with this design of putting the pocket on the back of the iPhone case.We chose true leather because it goes with any clothing and with time, it ages in a distinct way to show your personality.So, we planned and designed this case, drawing the blue print ourselves, making trial products over and over in the workshop of our partner specializing in Turkish leather, and finalized the product. BTW, Turkey is the second largest country producing leather following Italy, and is known for their quality not only in leather itself but also in color dyeing and sewing.We’ve been using the prototype of the product ourselves for couple of months and we’re very confident that it would be satisfying, or “Raku = a relief” to use. Please check our product page to see how confortable it is.Making our daily life “Raku”is our mission. We strive to make products which not only comforts you, but make it a relief from other bulky designed products out there.There are more produts to come, so stay tuned!·RELATED QUESTIONHas anybody ever taken weed through an airport without getting caught?Has anybody ever taken weed through an airport without getting caught?I’ve flown with my personal supply for decades-many many flights both national in the US and international.It’s simple..I pack in in a bandana scarf in my makeup bag, along with medications and shampoo and brushes etc and check the luggage with everything else.I don’t believe, with the vast numbers of people flying these days that the TSA or other LE people are the least bit interested in someones vacation stash.They are interested in large amounts of coke, heroin, opium, guns and terrorists.And, should I be confronted some day, let them take me in…I can see the headlines now!“76 year old grannie busted for carrying medical cannabis”Bring it on, Jeff Sessions
What Is the History of Artificial Leather?
2. its A1. Do kindle cases made of artificial leather crack easily?If you buy high quality item it does not material's type does not really matter. Problem is many manufacturers drop the price but the quality suffers2. What Is The Difference Between Pu And PVC Fabric?What Is The Difference Between Pu And PVC Fabric? For example, PVC and PU leather are generally called artificial leather or imitation leather. PVC and PU are both polyvinyl chloride (one of the plastics), but the manufacturing process of these two products is different. PVC leather in the process of manufacturing plastic particles melt mixing into a paste, in accordance with the provisions, the thickness of the uniform coating on T/C knitted fabric bottom base, and then into the foam foaming furnace, make its have can adapt to produce all kinds of different products and different requirements of flexibility, while out for surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, extinction, grinding surface polishing, burr, etc., mainly in accordance with the specific product requirements for). PU leather on the manufacturing process are more complex than PVC leather, due to the PU backing is tensile strength good canvas PU material, in addition to the coating on the top of the base cloth, also of knitted fabrics can be contained in the middle, the watch is not exactly the existence of the cloth. The physical properties of PU leather are better than that of PVC leather, with better resistance to torsion, softness, tensile strength and breathability (PVC is not available). The pattern of PVC leather is made by hot pressing of steel pattern roller. The pattern of PU leather is to use a kind of decorative paper to press on the surface of semi-finished leather, wait for cooling down, then separate the paper leather and do surface treatment. The price of PU leather is more than double that of PVC leather, and the price of some PU leather with special requirements is 2-3 times higher than that of PVC leather. The pattern paper needed for PU leather can only be used 4-5 times, which will be scrapped immediately. The usage period of decorative roller is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather. There are also some differences in the scope of application between the two materials. In footwear, PVC leather is used for lining or non-weight parts, or for making children's shoes. PU leather can be applied to the fabric of shoes or the parts that bear weight. In the aspect of bag bag, PVC leather is more suitable. This is because the items in the bag do not emit heat, unlike the feet in the shoes. You do not have to bear your own weight. The difference between PU and PVC is relatively easy. From the side corner, the base cloth of PU is much thicker than that of PVC. PVC has a harder feel. You can also burn it with fire. PU tastes much lighter than PVC.3. Soccer cleats that are made of artificial leather?well u can go to a dick's sporting goods store they have really good cleats4. Which multibagger stock would you recommend as your Diwali pick in 2017?Thanks for A2AThe stock we recommended at below link namely Nestle and Mayur Uniquoters both achieved their target in short term but in long term Mayur Uniquoters is a potential Multibagger.Recommendation LinkTechnical Analysis for September2018 Nestle, Rel Infra and Mayur UniquotersWhy Mayur Uniquoters could be a MultibaggerMayur Uniquoters is a unique company and market leader in artificial leather. The ban on leather imports from China and also cow slaughter ban is also benefiting the company. Pure leather products are quite unaffordable for masses and people have now started looking forward to artificial leathers. Use of latest technology and new product portfolios are supporting the business.The stock is in uptrend and can give 1000-1200 levels in 2-3 years. Technical AnalysisA very huge accumulation happened circled in green in below chart. The stock would face resistance around 415 levels (bearish bat completion) which I strongly feel would be broken and the stock would make new highsThe money you invest is hard earned do not invest a single penny based on others recommendation learn how to analyse in our free telegram group and make your own decisions.Thank You for reading !!!Which multibagger stock would you recommend as your Diwali pick in 2017?.
Schools Asked to Encourage Students to Wear Canvas Shoes
In a move to sensitise students about the environment and animal welfare, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an advisory to schools on encouraging students to wear canvas shoes instead of leather ones.The advisory, issued last week to heads of all schools affiliated to the CBSE, states that schools should be encouraged to consider the "eco-friendly canvas shoes which are more resistant to wear and tear, more comfortable and relatively inexpensive".It added: "The production of leather from animals involves highly toxic chemicals, use of which can be reduced sizeably if the usage of leather shoes is not made mandatory in schools."The advisory also said that this would eliminate the need to maintain multiple pairs of shoes.The move has been welcomed by parents and heads of institutions.J. Anantha Padamanabhan, principal, Kendriya Vidalaya, M.G. Railway Colony, said that shifting to canvas shoes was not only a good move from an ethical point of view, but also from the point of view of comfort. "The concept of the uniform is only to bring equality among the children and we need to ensure that the uniforms are comfortable for students," he said.Swarupa Shivananda, a parent, said the move would ensure that students were sensitised about the environment and animal welfare at a young age. "Leather shoes come at a cost. I appreciate the move to urge students to switch to canvas shoes. As an animal lover, I think it is important to make sure that such ethical concerns are instilled among children at an early age," she said.However, Zeeshan Athani, a class 11 student, expressed concern over the durability of canvas shoes. "Canvas shoes get worn out easily and we will have to buy several pairs in one academic year. Leather shoes last longer," he said.Shoe shop owners have, however, said that the black shoes were available in leather as well as polymer. "Urging students to wear canvas shoes may not be cost-effective as they do not last long. If the board wants to discourage leather, they can ask students to switch to shoes made of polymer or synthetic leather as they are more viable," Raghavendra R., a shoe shop owner in Sheshadripuram, said.
Elivebuy Leather Wallet Power Battery Case Review
For the past week, I’ve been testing out a rather unique mobile phone case. It combines my two favorite case types — the wallet case and the battery case. EliveBuy makes a very smooth, stylish wallet case with battery pack for the iPhone 6.My first impression of this case revolved around one question. “Why hasn’t this been thought of before?” The outer case is slim and is really just there to hold the wallet. When closed, it does offer protection against scratches for the screen of your phone, but if the battery weren’t there, there would be virtually no protection against any sort of impact. One feature I particularly like is the magnetic closure. The flap wraps around from the front to the back ensuring that the case remains closed until needed.The next piece of this puzzle is the battery case. It’s a pretty standard battery pack for a mobile phone. First of all, it’s a 3400 mAh capacity battery, which is strong enough to provide nearly a full battery charge to your iPhone. The phone slides into the case with no problems and the top panel snaps into place easily. I never once had an issue with my phone connecting or charging. As a standard, the case recharges via MicroUSB.Now, let’s talk about the combination of these two styles of cases. I think it’s genius because it makes this the only thing you have to carry with you. You don’t have to carry your phone, wallet, and spare battery separately. They are all in one product with this case. It’s no more bulky than standard battery pack for the iPhone 6. The wallet portion of the case is so slim that it doesn’t add any additional bulk.One thing I want to touch on is the magnetic closure. Because this is a wallet case, one would assume that people would want to carry credit cards within it. I did carry two credit cards in the wallet and did not notice that my cards were in any way damage from the magnet.This is really a unique combination of great case types. If you like to be minimalistic and carry as little as possible, I would recommend that you check out this case. It really helps you consolidate what you are carrying with you.15·RELATED QUESTIONHow do women typically store and organize their cosmetics collections?Get lipstick holders/organizers/shelves, the one I have is on the wall at the foot of my bed. Saves up so much space and makes it easy to display and choose my bullet lipsticks and smaller glosses glosses. (It only fits glosses on the top row and two ends of 2nd row). I like it better than the plastic drawers because having it on the wall saves so much space to store my other makeup, art supplies, music and books. I kept the packaging on the Morphe bundle I got because it displays the color when I pick out what I wanna wear.The large black makeup bag has nail polish. The thin black makeup bag next to the grey organizer on the glass shelves has Morphe foundation, blender, eye primer, eye brushes. I got it as a bundle.Grey organizer is something I put what I want in it, for easy access and it’s portable.Red box has hair ties.The large space in my closet is cleared out for mason jars (with brushes and lip glosses and eyeliner) as well as plastic drawers (with stuff I use less often). Large palettes I don’t use are in drawers, ones I do use are on the right. Also stacked creams and lip masks. I like using this space because it’s out of kind, out of sight, and I can close the sliding door on it.Edit: It took me about 2 years to get this much makeup. The only high end makeup or any makeup I have lost since I started collecting (some items are just for collecting like Sugarpill) was an Urban Decay lip gloss in shade Midnight Cowgirl. RIP Midnight Cowgirl!!!!!Also this question says “women” but I know all my guy friends who do makeup honestly have better organizers for makeup than I do!You can get super cute, cheap and useful makeup organizers on
How Do I Get Ink Off of a Leather Sofa?
Rub it with a little bit of alcohol on a cloth, if not, try clorox wet wipes... if not, try nail polish remover... Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!1. how to remove scuff mark from brown leather sofa?Mr Clean makes a sponge that will work called a magic sponge. Available at any grocery store in cleaning isle2. What did the band Cake mean with the following lyrics from Italian Leather Sofa? No obvious answers please?If Mr. Happy calls "it" a sofa...I will oblige3. What colors work best with a mint green leather sofa?The beige carpeting and cream walls you have now as well as your wood furniture are great for mint green leather furniture. Most of the time when dealing with greens and beiges, I will adivse clients to stick to nature for their search in colors. That's exactly what I suggest here for you. So, here is my suggestion: Curtains: go with a dark espresso coffee color. Aim for the same dark brown as your tables. Area rug: do the same as above. Look for a dark brown rug but with a white pattern in it. Since your couch is streamlined, go for a bold geometric and modern look for the rug. Tie it all in with some silver accessories: lamps, vase, mirror frames, etc. Add three cushions to your couch: one white, one brown, one beige. Keep them plain and simple. Feel free to email me by clicking on my avatar and I will help if I can. Sorry you had to go thru a fire. It's such a devastating trauma. Hope you are okay and are not having bad dreams...4. Is it OK to get a new leather sofa before I get my house painted?Go ahead and get it now if you want it. It's no problem at all to cover it with painter's plastic. I cover ALL furniture when I paint for someone. Never had a call back for splatter. hope this helps5. What is a good asking price for a black leather sofa at a garage sale?Well depending on the condition you could probably ask up to $200. at a garage sale. If it's extra large and perfect condition I would put it on Craigs list instead. You could ask and get more from Craigs list.6. What kind of leather sofa can I get that my cats will not destroy?The type of couch you get wo not matter,they will tear leather to shreds, if puddy is scratching furniture then its discipline that they need. sternly rep remand them vocally when they scratch and get them a scratch post where they can scratch their hearts out. There is also a spray that repels cats, maybe try spraying that where you do not want them scratching and put cat nip where they can scratch. Best of luck7. How do i take ink off a leather sofa?you can get a stain remover from an upholstery shop8. Would this rug go well with a black leather sofa? Would red walls go as well? What should I do for curtains?I would do two walls red and two walls a matching shade of the blue from the carpet, and then do floor length curtains in another color picked out from the rug. I am tired so I could not really see too much from the carpet. A nice dark brown would look good. Good luck!9. how do u remove permenent marker from leather sofa?I like $$$jithi answer. Liquid hairspray works great to remove a lot of stains. It will bleed the stain just keep wiping up the stain with wet cloth10. Anybody know of a quality leather sofa brand (or best furniture store to shop at)?I would try Pottery Barn. Good luck!11. what colour on the walls in my living room ..with black leather sofa's and red carpet?Go with calm neutral colors. You have 2 bold colors so you do not want to add more color. Go with the same family of colors, vary the shades. to make the stripes, pain the wall the lighter color, after it dries use masking tape to make your sections and paint the darker colors.
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