Blue LED Always on with Led Light Strip

I have the exact same problem. I thought it was just when powered off that the blue remained but it is indeed always on, even when I select the red or green color. According to measurements I made with my voltmeter, the blue channel always has a tiny voltage (around 8 volts if my memory is good) ven when turned off via the remote. I found the programming tips (with the Fade 7 button on the 44-key remote) but nothing fixes this issue. I am still looking around for a solution but I am thinking more and more to buy a new controller & remote kit.

1. Is replacing the LED light from the xbox controller hard?

Nope my xbox has completely modded case and controllers

2. Can an LED light in a computer case raise temperature?

Led Lights For Computer Case

3. what would i need to power this whole led light strip?

LED strip lighting fixtures may well be used indoors or outdoors. it rather is available in inflexible or versatile segments, designed to be surely placed in virtually any region. it rather is elementary to place in and demands little to no maintenance over the years. it rather is available in any length, length, or type you are able to think of to verify any of your lighting fixtures desires. Its flexibility, mixed with its durable reliability and its less costly over the years, make it an remarkable decision for all of us upgrading their lighting fixtures or attempting to head in direction of a greener existence-type

4. Learn How To Make These LED Balloons To Light Up Your Parties

Are you going to plan a party soon? Do you want to amaze all those who are attending the party? If your answer is yes then we have the best DIY guide for you; LED balloons that are guaranteed to make you the most popular person in your social circle. These balloons will last for 24-48 hours and should be more than enough to bring some fun. Without further ado, let's jump into the guide. Items that you will require for this guide include LED lights or an LED keychain. You will also need a 5V watch battery and tape if you are making use of LED lights instead of LED keychain and the most important ingredient are balloons. First off, you will need the LEDs. Now it is up to you if you want to use LED lights or if you want to make use of an LED keychain. The positive part of getting the LED keychain is the fact that you wo not need any tape or the battery since it comes as a complete module. On the other hand, if you get LED lights then you would need a tape and the 5V watch battery (also known as the button cell). The LED light has two terminals; one short (negative) and the other long (positive). You need to attach the battery to these terminals and tape it so that the battery is secure. Next step is placing this assembly inside the balloon and then inflating it like regular balloon. You can inflate it with air or with helium; that's up to you. In case of making use of LED keychain you would need to make sure that it can easily be snug inside the balloon, in case that it can not be; remove the extra part of it and retain the module only. The only thing that you need to be careful of is that you are using LED light and not regular bulb since the bulb gets heated up and can cause the balloon to burst. With that being said; you are ready to go! Enjoy the party.

5. How do i get my LED light on my blackberry curve to turn pink, purple, blue & other colors?

THeres a free version of "who is it" and a paid.

6. Turning up tv volume changes led light strip colours?

Hi so it works on sound level hat is the whole point it is telling you it is too high

7. How can i install the blue LED light bars in the footwellson my Scion tC?

it mentions it in the instructions. i installed them on my car, and the on/off switch goes where one of those "knock outs" where the side view mirror controls are. there should be four. and it comes with what you need to do everything, except a heat gun, but you can use a blow dryer for that. but they are not that hard to install, you should see it yourself on the instructions. it should have one of those "taps" in the hardware. good luck.

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